Chase Sapphire Mega Bonus Offers Will End On Tuesday, April 3rd At 10am!

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Update: Today is the last full day to get the 50K preferred or 25K non-preferred offers for the Sapphire card!

Originally posted on 03/30:

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I just received word that the 50K Sapphire Preferred and the 25K Sapphire offers will end on 04/03 at 10am.  Sometimes it can be pulled even earlier than that, so don’t wait if you want to get in on the mega signup bonus.

Chase Sapphire Preferred 50K Signup Bonus Linky

Chase Sapphire (Non-Preferred) 25K Signup Bonus Linky

The current public offer is 40K for the Sapphire Preferred and 10K for the Sapphire non-preferred, so I would imagine that’s what the new offer will be on Tuesday.

You get 50,000 points after spending $3,000 on the Chase Sapphire Preferred card.  Because all points earned on the card, including spending and bonus points, receive a 7% dividend every February, you’ll actually receive 53,500 points total points for signing up (50,000 x 1.07=53,500). Plus of course you’ll receive between 3,210 and 9,630 points for the $3,000 in spending depending on where you spend it.

There is no annual fee for this card for the first year, but it’s $95 after the first year. Chase allows you to downgrade to other free cards like Freedom or the “non-preferred” version of the Sapphire card which has no annual fee. However be sure to transfer your points into miles before downgrading as cards with no annual fee do not allow transfers into miles!

You will receive 2.14 points per dollar (2 points x 1.07=2.14) for spending on the Sapphire Preferred card on dining, airfare, hotels, car rentals, charges in airports, travel agencies, caterers, timeshares, trains, buses, taxis/limos, ferries, bridges, tolls, and parking.  Book travel and hotels when logged into your account at and you’ll get 3.21 (3 points x 1.07=3.21) points per dollar.

There is no foreign exchange or foreign transaction fee on when you use this card overseas.

The Sapphire Preferred card isn’t your typical card. It’s made from metal to give it a great feel and has the numbers on the back of the card. When you call customer service a live US based rep answers right away with no phone tree maze to navigate.

Chase Sapphire points convert into British Airways (Oneworld), Korean (Skyteam), Southwest, and my favorite miles by leaps and bounds that never have any fuel surcharges, United (Star Alliance).  They also convert into hotel points like Marriott, Priority Club, Ritz-Carlton, and one of my favorite hotel point currencies, Hyatt.  They also transfer to Amtrak if train travel is your thing. All points transfer instantly at a 1:1 ratio with no fees at all.

You can transfer points into anyone’s Chase account or anyone’s airline or hotel mileage account.

You can also use points for 1.25 cents each towards travel, but you’ll be able to do much better than that by transferring to airlines or hotels.

A term I coined here last year that has caught on in the blogosphere is the Chase Trifecta. When you have the Sapphire Preferred (or Ink Bold) card along with Chase Freedom and a Chase checking account you can truly maximize your spending and rewards.
You can put all spending on dining and travel that is $10 or more and all overseas spending on the Sapphire Preferred and then put all other spending on Freedom where you earn 10 points for every transaction and and 10% bonus points for every dollar spent and 5 points per dollar in rotating categories. Then instead of cashing Freedom points out at a penny per point you can transfer Freedom Ultimate Rewards points to Sapphire Preferred Ultimate Rewards points to transfer them into much more valuable airline or hotel points.

The Sapphire Preferred card comes as a Visa, but I converted mine to a World Mastercard as that gives free rental car insurance in Israel. I then reapplied for another Visa and was approved, as I told reconsideration there are some stores I frequent that only take Visa.

There are lots of other great chase cards to double or triple it up with in multiple browsers for just 1 hard pull, such as:

-United: 30,000 bonus miles for spending $1,000.

-Ink Bold: 50,000 bonus points for spending $5,000.

-Freedom: 20,000 bonus points for spending $500 that can be easily matched to 30,000 after a secure message.

-Marriott Premier, 50K bonus points and free cat. 1-4 night certificate for spending $1,000

Chase Slate, 0% APR on purchases and balance transfers for 15 months and zero balance transfer fees for 60 days.

And more can be found by clicking here.

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After converting my Sapphire preferred to a world MasterCard and then reapplying for a sapphire preferred again, I was told by the Chase rep that after I spend 3000 on my world MasterCard I will receive another 50000 bonus points as its a new card with a new number. Do you have any previous results that would confirm this one way or another?


I have received the 50K points every time I applied for a new Sapphire card, but not for converting a card over.
That said Chase had a glitch where they downgraded me from Preferred to non-preferred when they converted me from Visa to Mastercard. They fixed it right away, but gave me 5,000 points to make up for it.


whats best way to convert visa to MC? SM or call?


Call and it may take a few phone calls.


whats the # to check on aplication ?


Hey Dan, is it worth waiting for a potential 75k-100k card coming out in the near future or is 50k the highest we’ll see the rest of the year? I’m not sure whether to go ahead and get the United card at 50k or wait and hope for a better offer. Thanks!


Lots of good numbers can be found here:

Take the 50K offers and run with them. I don’t see any public 75/100k real mileage offers coming out for anything but maybe BA anytime soon.

Either way it’s not too hard to earn signup bonuses again for that same card…

I think 25K-40K will be the new norm, and the Sapphire Preferred move down confirms that direction.


Could i reapply the same day that i convert my exsisting card to a MC,? also do i need to transfer out my points from my account before i convert? what happens with my points that i earned on spending will they still post to my account? is the MC also a prefferd?
thanks dan your the best.


Yes, but you will need to convince a reconsideration rep why you need a Visa and a Mastercard.
No, your points stay as it’s the same account.
It is available as a preferred card.


My credit history is still fairly new and I want to know around how much of a negative impact opening the preferred card and cancelling it within a year would have. Can you help dan?


i just got mine converted to a WMC. both the visa and my mc still show up on my online account. also i didnt receive my new card yet. too soon to apply for visa?


There is no practical impact (at least not for at least a decade or more) of closing a card as long as you transfer the credit line to a new card, or use the credit line as leverage to get a new card approved.

Both the Visa and MC are just a mirror of each other online. You can remove the Visa yourself so that you don’t see it and get confused.
I applied and was approved for a new Visa right after I did the MC switch, though it took a couple phone calls to the reconsideration and credit analyst lines (see comment 7 for those numbers) to push it through.


i got turned down for another chase saphire visa because they said i already had one.
will they give me another one ?


one more thing, i wanna do double browser with united. i have a CO mc. any reason why i would need both a mc and visa united card?


I have a capital one venture card (1.25 per dollar) with a lot of points built up.. do you know any options to transfer points to new credit card while gaining the 50,000??


You need to explain why you want a Visa dona a Mastercard.

Ditto to what I told Eli.
For example Sams Club only takes Mastercard, only Mastercard covers you in Israel, and many dollar store chains only take Visa, etc.

That’s a shame. Capital One points are worth just a penny each, not even close to what real miles are worth.
You can’t transfer Capital one points anywhere.

Mark The Shark

Don’t forget the American Express Mercedes Platinum with a 50,000 point promo after spending $1,000 and all of the perks of the Platinum card ($200 in airline credit, free global entry, Gold SPG status…), as well as the USAirways promo from Barclays for 40,000 points with the first spend, annual fee waived the first year, and other perks. Mommy Points has links for these cards.


Dan, I tried the Chase Saphire offer and it told me this offer is no longer available. has anyone else had this?


could i apply for the preferrd and non preferred in 2 browsers? also whould it work if i don’t get approved for the visa sapphire to ask them to close my other sapphire that i just converet to a MC or they’ll tell me that i should stay with my old prefferd and they will convert it back to a visa


Dan If I recently opened the SP and didnt reach the spending threshold, can I still call to convert it and will still receive the bonus even though I will be spending on the WMC to reach the 3k threshold?


I wouldn’t recommend that. Apply for any other of the great cards with it.

Yes you’ll be fine.

Mark The Shark

@Dan: These offers won’t help for the 2bm/3bm pull, but they’re very competitive, and because they’re with another company besides Chase, you are more likely to get approved if you have too many Chase cards.

I haven’t received the points yet from USAirways, but I have the screenshot, and hopefully the points will come shortly. If not, I’ll have to call them. Did your wife call them when they didn’t honor the promo?

The Mercedes Benz is a great card. The bonus points came right away, and as AMEX usually does, everything was done well. The new Global Entry program is a real perk. This is especially useful for the USAirways and Starwood promos that expire tomorrow, as you can apply for the card today and borrow the points as you have suggested in the past.


whould it work if i don’t get approved for the visa sapphire to ask them to close my other sapphire that i just converet to a MC or they’ll tell me that i should stay with my old prefferd and they will convert it back to a visa


I just tried to apply for a mc and the rep said I could nnot get the intro offer of the 50,00 miles because I already got it from my other cards. Should i now call reconsideration???? thanks as always!!!!


I have answered my own question I calleded reconsideration and debbie said that I have to pay off my balance ( so that it should be zero) and they will close the acccount and I can open a new mc and receive the promotion. I’ll see on monday if I have succeeded.!!!!!!


@Dan: Hey Dan, I just booked a trip to London on BA last night but didn’t take the 100k offer because I live on the west coast and didn’t think it would be smart to take on that credit card even though it was very tempting. Was that a bad decision? If so, should I contact them and request if I can still grab that deal? Thanks!


The BA 100K deal has been dead for 10 months now.
Rumor has it that it may come back again, so just sit tight and hope it turns out to be true!


Will the price on the “market” for chase points go up once the signup bonus is decreased?


can i just apply for the chase sphore preffered and when i get turned down il have them close my old one, do i need to change the old one to a mastercard?


It’s possible.

They won’t close an old one to get the exact same new card approved.


hi dan i have the chase ba card from the 100k offer n i wanna sign up 4 the saphire 50k offer shud ihave them transfer my credit line or jst apply straight for it ? thanx


@Dan: Well when I got to the payment screen as I was purchasing my ticket, they offered me 50k points if I signed up for the card and paid for my ticket with it, and then an extra 50k a year from now. So technically it was 100k plus double points for my flight which would’ve come out to 124k. But like you said, it’s not worth the fuel charges to fly internationally with BA from the west coast.


Apply for a Chase card (or 2/3) and then call reconsideration to have them approve a new card by closing out the BA card and shifting the credit line to the newly approved card.

Interesting, but last year’s 100K offer didn’t require keeping the card for a 2nd year.

Ben Wyatt

Sorry to be new at this–but where does one send the secure message to ask for the point upgrade? I was going to do the Freedom card to take advantage of the new quarter’s categories, but I’d love to start out with 30k instead of 25k.

mike fein

Dan- just to let you know I got a decison pending and immediately called chase as I am going to israel after pesach and did the car rental argument and by closing one of my 2 united accounts was approved and confirmed the bonus.


Dan do you think it would be best just to keep capital one card until I spend my points AND open another credit card for points values.. My whole budget is put on credit cards…


@Ben Wyatt:
After you get approved for the card it will show up at Just click on secure message center.

@mike fein:

I wouldn’t waste any more spending on that card if it were me.


Does Chase often waive the $95 fee for subsequent years if you call to cancel the card because of the fee?


They do often give retention bonuses like that:


sorry to bother dan but wudnt they already give me a seperate credit line when i get approved instantly online


If you get approved instantly then yes.
That’s the reason to try for 2 or 3 cards as you’ll need to do some juggling with reconsideration to get all of those approved.


I have great credit but Chase does not approve me for any of their cards as they say I had opened to many cards to quickly (about 9 months ago) is there anything that can be done?


Do you have any Chase cards? If you do you should be able to move part of the credit line from that card to get a new card.

If you don’t then you may want to look into credit freezing as a strategy many have used successfully on DDF:


thanks just did it again for time #2


I applied for another VISA Saphire before converting my existing. I of course received a letter from chase that I already have a VISA preferred. My question is can I transfer my existing NOW to a MCand then call back reconsideration asking for a VISA or will they require a new app again?




I recently closed down (about 3-4 weeks ago) a Chase Saphire account on which I already earned (and sold) 50K bonus offer. Can I apply for a new one now and receive the 50k bonus offer again?


How soon do they start calculating the three months spending period – from the time the card is issued or from the time the card is activated? I opened a few credit cards recently and I still have to meet those minimum spending amounts to collect points, but this offer seems to good not to miss. Can I order the card and wait until I’ve spent $3,000 on my other cards before activating the Sapphire and then have another three months to spend $3,000?



From when they send you your card, but you can secure message them to find out the exact deadline.
Use Amazon payments to help you spend money on the card for free.


i just applied for a Saphire but i didnt get the card yet can i convert it to a WMC b4 i get it and then apply for a new card or i have to wait till i get the card?

Me, Of-Course

Dan, I just did a 3BM with AMEX, they took 1 request from Experian, perfect! If I do another 3BM now with Chase will that be ‘too many recent inqueries’?


i was interested in signing up for the saphire with another card or two with them only doing one credit check, can some please explain what the process is for doing this


A got approved for my first chase cc (United mileage plus explorer) and month ago, and attempted to apply for sapphire preferred, I get a letter from chase that I got denied as “a result of multiple requests for credit with Chase”. I called to have some credit transferred from my United card (they gave me $12,000 on the United) in order to open this one, and the rep told me that “it doesn’t have to do with credit line, Chase won’t issue me a new card until 6 months from now, partially because most of my credit is relatively new(2009)”. Anything I could do about this?
Thanks for your response.


Was just approved. How long until I get the card? Even if they change the offer, since I was approved now, I’ll get the bonus?


@Me, Of-Course:
You’ll be fine.
Just be ready to call Recon to get em all approved.


HUCA (Hang up, call again)

Also stress that you really want a card with no Forex fees when you go abroad and would really like to just shift part of your credit line from UA to Sapphire.

Maybe a week. You will definitely get the 50K, but it’s always good to keep a screenshot of the 50K offer.


I want to do apply for the Chase Sapphire preferred and also do an application for the Chase United Explorer card that apparently offers 60K (50K after first purchase and 10K more after 25K in spending). I found the link to the United offer on another website. Can I do the 2BM/3BM for these 2 offers on different browsers? Also, how valuable are the Chase United Points and can they be transferred/ combined with Sapphire preferred miles?


You can transfer Sapphire points to be combined with United miles. They’re both very valuable currencies.
You can do a 2bm/3bm with Chase, sure.

You can use the United link in this post and Chase will be happy to match it to that same 50K offer by just sending a simple secure massage from once you get the card, and I’d be most appreciative for the support.


Plan on doing Sapphire preferred and Southwest,
what would you recommend for the 3rd?

( already have United, Freedom and Hyatt)


Try converting the United or Freedom from Visa to Mastercard and apply again?


ever tried it with those?

Great Deal

How fast will they change my SP Visa to a MC? Will I still be able to catch on to the 50k bonus?
Also can I ask them to change to the MC via SM or does it require a phone call?


Can I apply for the sapphire while overseas? I will not be back till Wednesday. Also is 30k for freedom a good shot?

love this blog

My first cc I applied for was Co and got approved (got after that united and Sapphire preferred ). Is it worth to pay the fee in order my credit score shouldn’t go down?


@Great Deal:
It requires a phone call.


@love this blog:
Try getting a retention bonus for not cancelling it. If that doesn’t work you can downgrade it to a fee-free card .


Hi Dan,

I currently have a SP Visa. What is the fastest way for me to get in on the 50k offer before it ends?

If I convert to MC, will they give me the 50k for the MC?


All I can say is this, I have opened up the SP Visa multiple times and every time I have received the signup bonus. In fact I’ve never been rejected for a Chase signup bonus (though with the airline cards like United you need a new mileage number when applying)

You can call to convert and you’ll probably get a letter asking why you want 2 SP cards. By then you’ll have your MC and will need to explain why you also want a Visa, as explained in previous comments.


Just wondering if I never had the sapphire can I apply for the visa and also would i get the bonus twice if i apply for the mastercard using the other link?


You may be hard pressed to get the Visa and MC at the same time.
Why not try for another card, like United or Freedom?


Bec. the 50k is ending. Would I technically get the 50k twice if I applied this way? I have those already.



Please explain: Should I convert to MC and then reapply for the Visa today (on the same day)? Or, can I just convert to MC, and I will receive the 50k for the MC?



If you get accepted, sure.

Convert and reapply.
Just converting will not earn 50K, though if they mess up and give you a non-preferred card and then have to upgrade you again to preferred then they will give you free bonus points for the hassle like they did for me 😀


when they convert you is it done instantly?


I just convert the Sapphire preferred to non preferred. Can I reapply for sapphire preferred and get the 50k bonus again?


Do you think the BA 100k offer will come as a result of saphire?


They process it when you call and you get the new card in a week or so.

You’ll have the card by the time you get the letter asking why you need 2 sapphire preferred cards.

You can certainly try. If they approve you you’ll get the bonus.

We may see a 100K BA offer this year, though that has nothing to do with Sapphire.


hi. i wanted to book a ticket new york- detroit with my british airways miles and there was nothing available for a month from now. is there a way, such as going directly to american airlines or calling up that there will be a bigger availability? also, how do i get a new mileage number for united before opening a new card?


Search on for an award ticket.
If there is a nonstop flight at the sAAver rate on then can book that ticket, though you have to include partners on to see it.
What dates are you trying to fly?

Just go to and open a new account.


i just converet my visa to a master card they say could take up to 7 days do i have to wait to apply for the visa again or i could apply allready?

More Miles

I heard you can downgrade to a non preferred account and then reapply for a preferred account and get the sign up bonus again. Has anyone had that experience, and if so how long did you have to wait in between.


i see on the ink bold application it says that they give 5x bonus points on evreyday businiss spending. does that mean any spending on the card or only specific spendings?


I just applied for a card friday and got approved can I convert it b4 I get the card and then reapply?


can i apply for both the preferred and non preferred sapphire and get both bonuses ?


Can I get the 50K bonus if I got the Sapphire Preffered Visa this past January?


In post 12 you say “You can remove the Visa yourself so that you don’t see it and get confused.” How does one do that (if it’s not too complicated)?


How long do I need to wait since my I got my last SP to be able to apply for a new one?


You can apply already.

@More Miles:
Yup, and there’s no need to wait, though you’ll have to convince them why you would need both.


Login>”Manage Accounts” on the right side>Show/hide accounts.

There isn’t a time limit.


just opened a freedom card; should i request the 30,000 points now or after i spend the first $500?

Also, I opened a united card 6 months ago, is it too late to have them match the 50,000 points?


You can request it now.
You can only get matches within 3 months.


If i merge my existing Saphire into my existing Freedom (ie close it), can i thne go ahead and open another Saphire?
How long do I need to wait?


If I have the Chase Trifecta, what’s the best way to actually get money from my points? Transfer them to airline points (I’m in Mileage Plus) and sell?


There’s no official time limit.

They’re worth more to a broker as Chase points than United miles.


thanks. do you have an email for sending chase freedom a secure message?


guys its past 10 am and the app is still working. is it 10 am pacific maybe


I want to close my BA card, I do not want to pay another annual fee. If I close it will I loose my Avios points?


@Jesse no


” Dear Elisheva …,

Thank you for contacting Chase about your enrollment

As you requested we have added 25,000 enrollment miles to
match the 55,000 enrollment bonus and $50 credit. You will
see this adjustment on your next billing statement. ”

Awesome, thanks Dan


Hey Dan,

Just received my visa sapphire preferred. I sent them an sm to give me more points than what they are currently offering (40k points) but they dont want to. Whats your suggestion?