Chase Partially Relents On IHG Anniversary Nights, Signup Now And Get An Unrestricted Anniversary Night!

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The Chase IHG card has long had one of the best annual credit card benefits, a free night every card anniversary valid at any IHG property worldwide.

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Previously, I wrote how the anniversary night was going to be restricted to properties that cost 40K points per night or less for certificates issued on 5/1/18 or later. That excludes most of the nicer Kimpton and IHG hotels.

In that post I wrote, “Perhaps there’s a chance that Chase will give one renewal certificate valid at all properties to new cardholders? Otherwise, it sure seems like they would have a valid claim if they applied for a card that promised a renewal certificate good for any property and were then told that there will be a cap.”

And now Chase is partially relenting. They confirmed to me that if you opened or will open an IHG card from 1/1/18-4/5/18, you will get a free night on your card anniversary that is valid at any IHG hotel, including those in Bora Bora, Hong Kong, London, and Paris that go for 70K points per night.

I have no idea why they won’t honor the unrestricted certificate for people that opened an IHG card from May-December 2017, as they too will not be able to take advantage of the unrestricted benefit even once. You should definitely write to Chase for clarification if you fall within that group as it seems illogical for them to be excluded.

Otherwise, you can still apply now and get 80K points for spending $2,000. Click Here to get more details on this card and compare to other hotel cards!

You’ll also get an unrestricted anniversary night in 2019 and an anniversary night at properties up to 40K points in subsequent years. Properties that cost up to 40K include the Crowne Plaza Tel Aviv Beach, Crowne Plaza Jerusalem, Crowne Plaza Eilat, Holiday Inn Resort Aruba-Beach Resort & Casino, Holiday Inn Resort Los Cabos All Inclusive, Holiday Inn Potts Point Sydney, Crowne Plaza Los Angeles Airport, InterContinental Presidente Cancun Resort, InterContinental Bangkok, Kimpton Schofield Hotel Cleveland, Kimpton Hotel Monaco Baltimore, Holiday Inn Miami Beach-Oceanfront, and more.

The IHG card is not subject to 5/24 restrictions, so you can get approved even if you have opened 5 or more consumer cards in the past 24 months.

Will you apply for an IHG card to take advantage of the unrestricted anniversary night?

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Approved and got matched to 80k after 2k spend!!


What argument to use in secure messaging for up-offer to 80k? Was that the recent offer?


Applied last month for the wife and I and both were approved. SM on both accounts for the 80k and both succeeded on the first try. Like Dan said, just tell them you found the 80k offer and want to know if you can be matched.


Just got approved for the card. I tried sending message and asking for the 80,000 offer but got declined. Should I try calling and asking for the 80,000 offer?


I just SM’d this morning and got declined too. Maybe they are no longer matching as of April.


Anything is possible but I matched my wife’s account on the 1st.


My annual fee comes due this month. The free night is already in my account. Is the free night still valid if I cancel the card?




Book before you cancel


Why? Is it a proven requirement and the free night will be removed if not booked upon the card cancellation or you are suggesting this just to be on the safe side?
Thank you for your clarification in advance.


mine wasn’t removed when cancelled.


How likely am I to be approved for another IHG CC, if I currently have one? I was paid a bonus on it in July 2015.


If my annual night was issued in January 2018 (not a new sign-up) will it be valid for any property or be subject to the new limitations?


Yes, you are fine as long as the FN cert was issued before 5/1/2018.


Can one have two IHG cards?


downgrade to the no annual fee version, less benefits and less points per dollar, then apply again for the one with free night
you might have to speak to retention for this version of card. i have a no fee version as well as the AF version


So when applying today and tomorrow, you can get 2 free nights anywhere over the next 2 anniversaries and then it goes back down to a limit of 40k?


No. Supposedly only 1 free unrestricted night in a year, and on your anniversary #2 your FN will be capped at 40K point hotels.

David M

Should I use chase secure messaging to complain if I signed up for my ihg card this last November?


If I apply for this card and the af free ink will that count as 2 pulls?

Avid Reader

Dan, you need to check this link out. A lot of the Hotels are being excluded from the future redemptions including some that you listed above.

Mountain Man

I signed up in July 2017 and haven’t gotten the free night yet. I’m a little annoyed that it’s not for anyone that applied in the prior year.


I’m in the same position as you


How do I access Chase secure messaging to ask about the 80k offer?


On or in their Mobile App there’s an option to SM.


Dan, already have the card sin d 2016
Since it’s not counting 24/5
Can I apply for a 2nd or will I get denied because I have one already?
If yes. Should I get a new Ihg account or keep the same to accumulate the free night?

Jerusalem Hotel?

Will the new luxury hotel in Jerusalem be up in time to use it there?


Got rejected- too many recent requestes ( got the ink preferred and CSP in the last two months)


My husband just got rejected because he already has an IHG card.


I opened my IHG card last June and have not yet received a certificate. Am having a SM exchange with Chase now about the new restrictions. They will not confirm that applicants earlier this year will get an unrestricted certificate, and are saying that this new policy is being implemented the same for everyone.


Dan when clicking on your link I don’t see the IHG card showing up ?


Is today included or is it too late to apply and get the uncapped free night?


If you go to the IHG website the 80k offer might popup as it did by me.


I think it’s a different card it’s the premier


Has anyone had any luck with this? I just got off the phone with Chase and they are saying its an IHG issue and to call them. That IHG issues the certificate not Chase. Somehow I don’t believe that. What are my options? My anniversary date (i.e. the date my $49 fee kicks in and I’m due to receive the 1 night free certificate) is not until August 1, 2018.


I opened my IHG on 7/25/18 and got the downgrade anniversary night letter over the weekend. When I go to chase’s website:
it shows a current offer of 80k+5K bonus and anniversary night with no restrictions (in fine print).
Anything you can advise?


I got this card in August 2017 so have yet to receive an uncapped night.

I filed a complaints with the CFPB Sunday, and just got a call from a very understanding person in the Chase Executive Offices. She acknowledged that they have quite a dilemma on their hands and that’s product managers are working on it, and any resolution will be applied to all cardholders.

So I guess wait and see, but I urge everyone to file a complaint. It was very easy.


what did you write to them?