Chase Offers Ending Soon

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Update: There may be just 2 days left to grab some Ink cards with the lowered spend requirements.  Nothing confirmed at this point, but that’s the word on the street.

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Great card offers don’t stay around forever.  These offers are around for a limited time only.

-Chase British Airways. 50,000 bonus Avios for spending $1,000 in 3 months, an additional 25,000 bonus Avios for spending $10,000 in 12 months, and another 25,000 Avios for spending $20,000 in 12 months for up to 100,000 bonus Avios.
Earn 2.5 Avios for every $1 spent on British Airways purchases and 1.25 Avios for every $1 spent on all other purchases. No foreign exchange fees. 10% off paid BA tickets. Every calendar year that you make $30,000 in purchases, you will earn a free companion ticket when you redeem Avios for a flight on British Airways. (If you can swing $30,000 in spending in 2013 on a new card you’d have at least 137,500 Avios and the companion cert) $95 annual fee.

You can read more about Avios in this post (and don’t miss the related links there either).  Along with United and American it’s one of my favorite currencies due to 4,500 mile one-way award tickets, no expedite/close-in fees, an awesome infant lap child policy that saved us $1,000 when we flew to Argentina in first class earlier this year, and now surcharge free awards to Israel for 30K each way.
The Ink business cards used to require $10,000 in spending but were lowered to $5,000.

Getting 2 cards that requires a total $10,000 in 3 months isn’t all that daunting.

-You can load $5,000 of Vanilla Reloads (that can be bought on a credit card at stores like CVS) on Bluebird per month and from there you can pay off your credit card bill.  You can also load Vanilla Reloads onto Vanilla Debit cards and you can take out a cash advance (with no maximum limits!) from your Vanilla Debit card for free. Plus of course there’s Amazon Payments which lets you send and receive $1,000 per account per calendar month for free from your credit card.

-Or just stock up gift cards to places like gas stations, airlines, clothing stores,, and much much more from an office supply stores to meet a spend threshold while earning 5 points per dollar.

-You can combine strategies by buying a $500 gift card from Office Depot for $4.95 and cash it out via Amazon Payments (see this post for the trick to do that).  Buy $10,000 of those on 2 new Ink cards and you’re looking at 150,000 points for a total cost of under $100 for some $2,800 worth of miles.

-Or you can buy prepaid gift cards and just use them for your everyday spending, thereby earning 5 points per dollar (less a small fee that amounts to the value of perhaps 0.5 points per dollar) everywhere!

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-Chase Ink Bold. 50,000 bonus Ultimate Rewards points for spending $5,000 in 3 months. Points transferable to BA (OneWorld), United (Star Alliance), Korean (Skyteam), Southwest, Hyatt, and more or for 1.25 cents each towards airfare. 5 points per dollar on up to $50K per year on wireless, landline, cable services, and at office supply stores.  2 points per dollar on gas and hotels. 1 point per dollar elsewhere. 2 free lounge visits per year for primary and for all free additional users. No foreign exchange fees. No fee first year then $95.

-Chase Ink Plus. 50,000 bonus Ultimate Rewards points for spending $5,000 in 3 months. Points transferable to BA (OneWorld), United (Star Alliance), Korean (Skyteam), Southwest, Hyatt, and more or for 1.25 cents each towards airfare. 5 points per dollar on up to $50K per year on wireless, landline, cable services, and at office supply stores.  2 points per dollar on gas and hotels. 1 point per dollar elsewhere. 2 free lounge visits per year for primary and for all free additional users. No foreign exchange fees. No fee first year then $95.

The difference between the cards is that the Bold card is a charge card that must be paid back in full every month while the Plus card is a credit card that offers 0% APR on purchases and transfers for 6 months and best of all carrying a balance on a business card won’t hurt your credit score.  That difference can help you get approved for both cards if you need to call Chase’s awesome Reconsideration department.  Reconsideration can also move part or all of the credit line from personal or business cards to approve a business card.

You can call reconsideration to get your cards approved as soon as you are done applying.

There are also Ink cards with no annual fees like Chase Ink Classic and Chase Ink Cash. These cards give 20K bonus points for spending $3,000, down from the previous threshold of $5,000. These cards also give the incredible 5 points per dollar, though it’s capped at $25,000 per year instead of $50,000.

Getting a business card is quite simple.  You don’t need to be a traditional “business owner.”

For example if Joe Smith sells items on Ebay or on Amazon, or has any other side business/hobby and wants a credit card to better keep track of business expenditures he can just open a business credit card for “Joe Smith Sole Proprietorship” as the business name.  You don’t need to file any messy government paperwork to be allowed to do that.
Just be sure to select “Sole Proprietorship” as the business type and just use your social security number in the Tax Identification Number field as well as in the social security number field.

I’ve had business cards since I turned 18 as a Sole Proprietor and never had a problem getting approved with reconsideration if needed.
You can reach Chase business reconsideration at 800-453-9719.

-If you need more inspiration for a Chase 3BM you can check out this post on how I got 105,000 miles and $100 cashback on a Chase United consumer and business card (click on “are you a business owner” in the top-right). The fee waiver for the first year, the free checked bag, expanded United saver and standard award availability, priority boarding, elite upgrades on awards, free club passes, and primary CDW rental car coverage that almost no other card offers are just gravy on top of that killer signup bonus.
-Other favorites of mine include Chase Sapphire Preferred for the 40K signup bonus with the fee waived for the first year and 2.14 points per dollar on all travel and dining with no forex fees, Chase Freedom for the Exclusives program and the 5 point per dollar program on a card with no annual fee, and Chase Hyatt for 2 free nights worldwide (which includes a portfolio of $1,000/night dream hotels) along with other useful benefits and an annual free night.

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U wrote matched united from 30,000 to 55,000 how do u get to 110,000 ?


A consumer and a business card. Read the post I linked to.


How long do you think we have until the Ink flavors go down in bonus points? i signed up for a bunch of new cards about 3 months ago, I want to wait a little, but not if I will lose out on the 50,000 bonus. Unless u think it will be higher? Or is this the best bonus offer?


Do the Bonus miles apply to spending on an ‘existing’ card, or only for a newly opened one?


Also, I wanted to know: Regarding business cards; does one need to wait until it posts to pay the bill or it doesn’t matter? Because I remember reading that in order for credit report to look good, one should wait until it’s posted before paying it off. Does that apply by business cards as well, or can we just pay it off right away?



Lots of questions!
1. So just to confirm, I can apply for a consumer and business card with only 1 credit pull since I’m doing it a same time or same day?
2. I live in NY so chase pulls from experian. I can freeze that account so they pull from another agency. Do I need to call them to tell them which agency to use? Do I do this B4 or after I apply? Also is there a charge to freeze and unfreeze? And do you have the number to freeze and unfreeze?


Dan , Have you actually ever gotten or used the companion ticket on BA.. it obviouslly seems like a great value – especially on a business/first class flight.. Im just wondering if it works on their partner airlines (like Air Berlin) to avoid the hefty taxes and fees ?


If I cancelled my saphhire last year April, when can I reapply & still get the 40K bonus?

chase british airways

are the miles your posting for obtaining a new card, or if you currently have the chase British airways card you can get the mileages by making the corrected spending’s?

Jack L

“Or combine strategies by buying a $500 gift card from Office Depot for $4.95…Buy $10,000 of those on 2 new Ink cards and you’re looking at 150,000 points for a total cost of under $50.”

How do you buy twenty $500 gift cards for a total cost of under $50? Thanks.


Apply before the end of the year, though I don’t have an exact date yet.
The offer will get worse.


That’s incorrect, you want to pay off consumer cards before the statement closes. Though there is a benefit to leaving over a few dollars to pay after it closes.

With business cards it makes no difference, none of your spending is reported.

1. With AMEX most people mix and get 1 pull. With Chase most people seem to get 2 pulls if they mix personal and business.

Freezing is really advanced stuff and not for most people, hop on over to the forums to learn more about it:

It only works on BA, so you will be paying for fuel.
Still getting 2 $15,000 first class tickets for half the miles plus the fuel is a great deal.

Even if you have a Sapphire visa now you can switch it to a mastercard and then apply for a visa right away. You may have to close the mastercard, but you get the bonus again.

@chase british airways:

@Jack L:
You don’t make posts too far past midnight.
I’ve corrected the post.

Jack L

The default Chase Sapphire is a Visa card, yes? If I had that card and closed it, can I now get a Sapphire Mastercard and get 40K? If yes, do you have a link or pointer to it? Thanks.


@Jack L:
You can get the bonus on the sapphire visa card again. I’ve done it several times myself.

Jack L

Thanks Dan, that is surprising and good news!


If I had the BA card more than a year ago, can I apply again?


Is the annual fee on the BA card prorated? If I cancel after a month will I still have to pay the full $95 fee?


If you cancel any credit card within 60 days of the annual fee being billed you get a refund


@Dan: Dan, can you send me a link to learn more about paying credit cards before and after posting, etc? Thanks!


So i applied for ink plus, ink bold and BA card. I have a freedom card for years, and have a sapphire that i opened in August.
After calling chase i was approved for the ink plus and bold by moving some of my credit lines, but on calling back about the BA they said that since I had 3 cards approved in the last 4 months and normally they only do 2 in 6 months they could not approve the BA even by moving credit lines.
I forgot to mention i’m a chase banking customer as well and always pay my bills ontime… Is it worth it for me to call back on the BA card based on this or should I just wait a few months and reapply?
I did the 3BM as well for these 3.


Just keep calling Recon until you get a rep to help you out. If you have lines to shift around or cards to close this is even easier.


Thanks. Should I can close the sapphire card – should I close it first or call and offer to close it as soon as they pick up? Tried offering to shift lines but the guy said he couldn’t do it. I assume if I call back multiple times it does not result in multiple credit pulls, right?

Thanks for your answers and info!!


Call back and offer to move over part of its line (or to close it and have the entire line moved over) to approve a new card.

Lol, multiple calls won’t be multiple pulls, no worries there.


I applied for the Hyatt card and did my spending. I was charged the annual fee. I sent a SM and called 2x to get it waived for first year. They all said no. Should I HUCA, SM, or if I cancel card and move the credit line, will I get to keep the 2 free nights?


You don’t lose the nights if you cancel.


@Dan: I had my sapphire preferred downgraded to the non preferred version to avoid the AF Can I reapply for the preferred again and get the 40k bonus




mean mean chase!! Called back and they said even though ive had cards with them fro years and never missed payment and would close one card to move over they won’t give me another card. Lady saw I called earlier and just gave me the same run around.
Any other ideas?


If you keep on trying you’ll find someone to help you, trust me.
Try a different department number:


It worked!! Had to close my chase freedom account that i’ve had for 5 years 🙁 (didn’t want to lose the UR affiliated with Sapphire card)
The application reconsideration and credit analyst reconsideration numbers both were answered by the same people btw.

Thanks for all the help!!!


Dan when I wanna use my miles at united to israel with business class any special procedure how to do it or simple call?


How do you know if you actually got the promotion applied? Is it simply wait and see if you get 50K points after $1,000 spending?


Call or go online.

On which card?
If you use my link for the BA card you’ll get 50K for spending $1,000, yes.


Did you apply with a blank mileage number?
I wouldn’t risk confirming, just spend $1,000, hope for the best, and let us know.


Nope – put it in before i read about it…:-/
I’ll update if/when i know what happens


That’s too bad. Definitely a long shot in that case.



I bought a Vanilla Visa Debit Card to cash out using Amazon Payments. I got the message that I exceeded my credit card allotment for the month. How does this work?

Please let me know.



You can only send and receive $1,000 per calendar month.


Can i use the vanilla cards on the BA card as well?
Also if i am in college is there any chance i will be approved?


You would have to report an income to be approved. You may be able to include household income if you use your home address.


how do I explain to chase reconsider that i need both a charge business card and a credit business card(ie. Ink Bold and Ink Plus) what are the main uses of one that you cannot get from the other


Bold must be paid off in full every month, Plus allows you to carry a balance.


so what is the advantage of paying off in full every month(Bold card)


Keeps you disciplined 😀


Dan, how much minimum revenue per year do you have to declare for Chase business cards to get approved and if they do not get approved because lets say you declare only 10000 revenue a year have you heard of what one cay say to be successful when calling chase recon to change their mind


I was approved for the personal Chase United card and added my wife as an AU for the extra 5,000 miles, so can she apply for the same card and receive the 50,000 miles from the spending requirement and an extra 5,000 for adding me as an AU?


never had an ink card,
can I apply for a few at the same time,
which do you suggest


Your entire household income is just $10,000?


Yes, you can.


Was just in chase today, i wanted to get the freedom but im not 18. The banker there said that if im on a joint card it will NOT build up my credit. Someone else told me to ask Dan. Any comments?


I had the Chase United, but cancelled it around 6 months ago. Can I apply for a new one and get the 55k bonus again?


He’s wrong.

Make a new mileage number.


what is the most proffitble way to use BA miles? can they be sold for how much? can i transfer them to KLM for a better rate?


hey dan if i sign up for an ink bold and ink plus and a ba card with a 3bm and then do all the required spending on buying vannila reloads at cvs will that raise a red flag with chase? tia


Whats my best option for getting some points/miles in? I don’t want an annual fee nor do I want to spend more then $1000 in the first 3 months. I would try a 2BM/3bm pull


If I apply for Ink Bold and Ink Plus at the same time, when I call back the reconsideration department, do I mention them both at the same time? Or call twice? I also just applied for a US bank card back mid October. Do you think it would be okay to apply again, or should I use my partner’s name for the Ink cards?


Dan you’re KING!!!!
I just did a 2BM for chase ink bold and chase ink plus.

I instantly called recon and got accepted for 10k on the bold and 5k on the ink plus.

I think i’ll go for an AOR now.
What do you recommend next?
I was thinking citi AA business card (since I have been with city for a long time!)
Or maybe Starwoods preferred personal and business?



I’ve been doing heavily that with no red flags yet.

United, Hyatt, Freedom?

I mentioned both in the phone call after they approved one.
It all depends on the rep and your feeling about them. If you’re nervous then just call back, but if it’s a good rep then go for it.

For BA leave it blank. For United make a new one.

Congrats, 100K is awesome!
You can also go for the United Business if done today you won’t even get a 2nd pull for it.
Click on “Are you a business owner” in the top right.

I got that matched up to 50K+$50 cash back.

The 2 Starwood cards are great, and just 1 pull for both as well. Maybe throw in a Gold or Platinum charge as well for the same pull.

And get those Vanilla cards ready!


Is there a minimum time frame to wait after canceling a British airways or united card before reapplying?


You mention in the main post that you can move credit from one business card to another (“Reconsideration can also move part or all of the credit line from personal or business cards to approve a business card”)

I tried closing my wife’s SWA business card recently and transferring the credit line to her remaining business card. Chase advised their poicy is not to move credit lines from one business card to another, so we had to lose the credit line.

Why the inconsistency – can they do it or can’t they? And if they could have done it can I still call up and tell them to add to the old credit line to my wife’s business credit card, or is it too late?




If you just want to move credit you need to call the special credit reallocation line (see DDF).

Otherwise when you apply for a new card they can approve it by moving over part or all of the credit line.


Can you convert a chase card at the end of the year to a free card to avoid the annual fee? Is there a credit pull associated with that?


how long do i need to wait from when i close my united card to reapply for a new one and get the bonus points? thanks!


also, if i need to apply for a morgage in like 2 weeks, will opening up credit cards now hurt my chances of getting approved for one? thanks again!


I got 2 citi AAdvantage personal visa cards, will i get the 50k bonus for each one?


@Dan Thank you


Was using a diners club master card to cover CDW in israel. Which would be best World master card to switch to that would cover CDW in israel.


Hi Dan,

Regarding the BA card you were promoting with the 50K – I really don’t want another card with an annual fee but I saw you wrote that if you cancel within 60 days they refund it. However, do I get the 50K even if I cancelled??


Another question,

Regarding Chase Ink cards – you mentioned the 50K points can be transferred to BA avios- Do I lose some points when I do that?


Generally yes.
However you’d be better off getting a new card with points and using the old card as leverage to get it approved.

There’s no tie period.

You can call to convert a Sapphire Preferred Visa into a World Mastercard.

As long as you spend the $1,000 right away and it posts to your BA account it will stay there.

You do not lose any points when you convert.


So based on above suggestion I’m going to go for the Ink cards and business united card. Since I have the other united card do I need to leave my frequent flyer # off or since it’s different card I can put it on? I might need to move this cards credit line to get approved.


Also are any of those cards ok to use in Israel w/o conversion fees etc . like sapphire preferred? Thanks


How much credit is generally granted on a business card? What does 2bm, 3bm and 4bm mean. Thank you.


Hi Dan, Question regarding end of year 7% divided on Chase Sapphire. Does the dividend only work on Sapphire Preferred cards or also on Eg, Ink Bold? And can I transfer my Ink or Freedom points to my Sapphire card in order to get the dividend? Thanks, as always!!

samm n

Is there any ba card with no annual fee?


Dan is it ok to shift credit lines from personal to get approoved on business card? Also got 1 business card 2 months ago chase can I go for more now? Thanks so much

high flyer

do you need to have a business checking account with chase to sign up for the ink’s? or any of the business accounts?


hi. welcome back from vacation. i am looking into closing my united card and am trying to figure out if i should do three business cards or three consumer cards in one pull. the question is do i have to actually sell something on ebay or amazon or is the desire to do so enough. i actually opened a business card without doing anything along the business lines. can they ask me to send in any proof. thanks and am i taking a risk by opening another few business cards?


Just applied for a business Ink Bold. They said
Thank you for applying. Your application requires further review before making a decision.

Here’s what you can expect:

Our goal is to notify you in writing within 10 days; however, in some circumstances it may take up to 30 days.
If you are approved, you will receive your card and other important information in the mail.

Can I call recon right away or do I have to wait for their decision first? What phone # to call?
I have several personal Chase cards with excellent credit. But this is the first time I applied for a Chase bus. card.
My bus. is on my home address and tel #. I hope that won’t matter.


About to take advantage of some of the end of the year offers, and considering going for the 4BM for *4* Chase cards – do I dare? Considering doing:

Ink Bold
Ink Plus
Sapphire Preferred
United Explorer Business

Currently have 4 personal cards with Chase and will of course try to have them reallocate if necessary to approve, just not sure on the chances of getting 4 new cards approved (3 business and 1 personal).





My experience with Chase Southwest card:
My year is up and I was charged $69 and given a 3000 pt. bonus.
Since I don’t actively use this card (just wanted the 50,000 pts for opening card) I asked if I could downgrade to a non-fee card. The answer was no, but I was offered another 3000 pts. to keep the card open. I’m wondering if that is good value. I have till end of Jan if I want to cancel card and get $69 refunded. Would they then take back the bonuses totaling 6000 pts?
I was also told that if the card is open, I could use my points for internat’l travel, but if I close the account, I could only use the points for domestic travel (which I don’t need) or for gift cards. Does that sound logical? Or did I misunderstand something?
Now since I have only under 60,000 points I would need to transfer points from Sapphire to have enough for int’l travel. Is that worth it.
What do you suggest?
I’ll have the same spiel with my husband’s card next month.
They won’t let us combine the points.


are any of these cards mastercard world cards with car rental insurance in israel?


hey dan: i followed what you said dan, i have a 771 middle score!!! (775 highest) i applied for a chase sapphire 3BM, 2 browsersd sapphire prefferd private and 1 browser INK PLUS for business I WAS DECLINED ON ALL 3! one sapphire said DOUBLE APPLICATION….. the other sapphire they dont wanna give me cause i had a cc with chase 7 yrs ago that i settled with them, the ink card, i called they asked me questions i said the bzns is 3 yrs bla bla bla they said bznd too new. HELP ME DAN PLZ… TY!


@Elaine: You can get the business card on the same number even if you have the consumer card.

Yes Ink Bold and Ink Plus among others.

Sapphire only. No.


@high flyer:

You can call Recon now.

Yes, but it may only cover business rentals.

If you have stiffed Chase in the past I wish you luck. They have a long memory.
Keep trying to find a sympathetic rep.


@Dan: SO I applied for the 3 cards, denied all of them and so far got 1 approved. Need to call for the other 2. Since I applied without United mileage # (you didn’t respond since you were on vacay!) I can merge the new number with my old # – right? How do I do it – online or call United?


@Dan so which cc would u recommend me BESIDES Chase? I have already a bluebird…


I applied for the BA card and received it. I saw Dan post that springtime might have a better offer. If I do not activate and just cancel will I be able to get the better offer in spring?


Dan, we have chase sapphire preferred card with annual fee due now so we would like to “close card.” What is better would you say to shift remaining credit line to our Freedom card or to downgrade the current chase sapphire preferred to the non-preferred version. any better suggestions/options? Thanks


Just a heads up to everyone else, I applied for the Ink Bold, Ink Plus, and United cards and was told they could only approve 1 of them with a minimum $5k credit by moving $5k from my personal SWA card (that had a $17k limit). Apparently if you have new biz cards (was approved for a SWA biz in December for $5k) they only allow $10k in biz credit total until you’ve established some sort of payment history. This is despite me having some old personal CC’s on Chase with perfect payment history!


You were misinformed. Try calling back a few times.


I called back and had to stretch the truth on why the Ink plus app was denied, but while he was able to re-open it and re-submit the app it needs to go through more verification (meaning I have to call back tomorrow when the verification office opens), all at the cost of lowering my SWA personal even more to $7k (started the day at $17k). I guess that means I’m at my max credit limit with Chase compared to my gross HH income?

I asked about the United card and he essentially said my business doesn’t make enough to warrant 3 cards. So if I call back again, I’ll probably need to stretch the truth on how much revenue my side-businesses generate, which seems shady. 🙁


whats the min line for ink plus? can i do a 3bbm?


I applied 3bm was told on ink that BZNS was too new… I said its 2 years. any advice when recalling recon?


Dan, can you kindly get back to me we have chase sapphire preferred card with annual fee due now so we would like to “close card.” What is better would you say to shift remaining credit line to our Freedom card or to downgrade the current chase sapphire preferred to the non-preferred version. any better suggestions/options? Thanks


Approved for the Ink Plus, but shot down over and over for United because “my business is too new and it doesn’t make enough”. Basically your business needs to be >3 years and you need to be making a “substantial amount more” than $5k a year on side-gigs to have more than 3 business cards with Chase. I already had the SWA biz card so that didn’t help. I even told them I would cancel my personal United card or transfer the credit limit but that didn’t help.



If I know i will most likely get denied by chase, at first but have a chance with reconsideration. should I stick to one business app for now? or still go for the 3bm?

(i have a few charge offs from 5 yrs ago, clean record since than, applied for ba 6 months ago, and they told me to get a cc from another lender first to prove my responsibility. got one from citi. its now six months later, and would like to get a business card from chase)


Plus. What’s the whole advantage of doing a 3bm?? Is it just to avoid multiple hard pulls? Or is it somehow bypassing the system, resulting in them not realizing ur requesting multiple cards which they wouldn’t have approved u for?? If so when calling for reconsideration, wouldn’t that all fall away ?? For they will see all the applications


citi told me even if i apply for a few at a time. it will def make multiple hard pulls


Hi there, can dan or anyone else help me on this: I have a sapphire preffered visa and applied through a link that I thought was for mastercard and got a letter that I already have the sapphire credit card. How do I go about this? Also, what reasons can I give why I want a mastercard besides the visa? Thanks


Just had first statement close and lo and behold i got the 50K avios!!
Thanks for the link!