Is Chase No Longer Matching Increased Credit Card Signup Offers?

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Chase has traditionally been very good at matching signup offers when they go up within 90 days of applying for a card.

Unfortunately it seems like those days may be over.

At least a dozen DansDeals readers, forum, and facebook members have reported being denied a match to the new 80,000 point signup bonus on Sapphire Preferred, despite just recently applying for the previous 60,000 point offer.

Rejections have been reported via phone call and Secure Message.

Have you tried getting your Chase signup bonus matched to a better offer as of yesterday? Share your results in the comments!

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Yup messaged them yesterday got a flat out no!


Yes I tried and got denied.

Mo Mo

Yes, I was denied (I signed up 9 months ago, so not surprised). But I am in a FB group band dozens of people reported being denied, even of they signed up a week ago or a few days ago.


Got declined


Was turned down this morning for the Sapphire Card 60,000 to 80,000 match up. Last month I was approved for the Southwest Card 40,00 to 65,000 match up. Either it’s a very new policy or it only applies to this Sapphire offer (I hope ).


I’m on a FB group and at least 2 people said they were successfully matched to 80K.


I signed up to a freedom card right before they added the promotion for the 5 points on grocery purchases. I was able to get this added to my account 2 weeks late. This was around 1 month ago.

A A Moskowitz

What about matching the public offer to the referral offer, which is also only 60k. If someone signs up with that now, will they match it being that the current offer was up at the time of applying


I got denied via secure message.


Also told NO.
Additionally, can only have 1 sapphire card at a time.
Is that true?


You will not get approved for a sapphire card if you already have one. However, if you have one, you can product change a freedom or freedom unlimited to a sapphire card and then have more than one.


you can have as many as you want
bonus points for opening (in 48 months) only once


I don’t think so- but the truth is, it probably doesn’t matter much. There is no benefit in having 2 at once, since all the bonus categories are uncapped, so you’d be paying the AF twice for no reason. As for signing up for the second one just for the bonus- that’s not allowed in the terms, you need to product change the old one to a non-Sapphire card first.


Is there any difference if minimum spend has been reached yet?
If it hasn’t, can I cancel and reapply? Will that add to 5/24?


Got approved September 8. Found out about the 80k offer on September 14, before I even received the physical card. Called, and was told I would receive a decision by mail. So I tried a secure message, and got turned down flat. And I’m a Chase Private Client.


These days Chase Private Client seems to offer only exactly what it says on paper, no other benefits or special considerations. While Chase is a great bank in many ways, one thing they seem to excel at is being really snobby.


Chase excels at being profitable. Lately they have been absolutely horrible to deal with. That is why I decided to take my 401K to Schwab. Much better customer service.


If I have the Sapphire card and never got the bonus because didn’t spent enough money on time. If I apply now would I get the bonus?


@Dan – given the unwillingness to match, you owe it to your readers to provide details on what the previous high sign-up bonus offer is/was (so we can make a more informed choice whether to sign up at any given time)


I tried via phone and via secure message and was denied they said the promotion will be through November some time.


Yup, happened with the United explore card. They came out with a promotion for 60K 2 days after I applied and they said they will only give me the original 40K and not honor it.


I got denied via secure message


This was my response

this pageDeleteReply
Hello Aron,

I am glad to assist you about matching the new 80,000
signup bonus points on your Chase Sapphire Preferred
Credit Card account.

Thank you for providing the necessary link for our

Aron, I see your credit card account ending in 2630 does
not have nor is eligible for this new promotional offer of
earning 80,000 bonus points after you spend $4,000.00 on
purchases in the first three months your account is open,
as you requested. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this
may cause you. Our credit card offers vary and change, and
new ones become available on a regular basis. We hope
you’ll continue to check with us for available offers that
apply to your account.

The original offer you applied for(as mentioned below)
remains on your account.
— Earn 60,000 bonus points after you spend $4,000 on
purchases in the first three months from account opening.
— Purchases do not include balance transfers, cash
advances, travelers checks, foreign currency, money
orders, wire transfers or similar cash-like transactions,
lottery tickets, casino gaming chips, race track wagers or
similar betting transactions, any checks that access your
account, interest, unauthorized or fraudulent charges, and
fees of any kind, including an annual fee, if applicable.

Please accept my sincere apologies for all the
inconvenience caused.

We appreciate your business and welcome every opportunity
to serve you.

Thank you,

Chase Email Servicing
AOC: 6530


Got a Yes in 5 minutes – way to go!


Annie can you provide more details?


I signed up for the Ink Preferred in January at 80,000 points, right before it went up to 100,000 points. Was denied the match via SM. In that case there was a big difference in spend requirement for the higher offer, $15k instead of just $5k, so I chalked up the denial to that difference (even though in the past, reps would match on condition that you later met the higher spend). But with all these denials now, I’m wondering if this is a new change, maybe even as far back as January.


I signed up July 2, 2020, and no matching for me, via a secure message.


I hope this email finds you well. We understand you are
interested in a different bonus offer and reviewed the
application you submitted.

Yehuda, I regret to inform you that your account is not
eligible for the new offer you requested. Our credit card
offers vary and change, and new ones become available on a
regular basis. Even though your account is within 90 days
the 80,000 bonus points offer is not applicable for
existing customer’s

Also please know that :
• May see a different offer each time the site is viewed
• Changing offers after the application is submitted is
not available
• Customers receive the disclosed offer at time of

We hope you’ll continue to check with us for available
offers that apply to your account. We appreciate your

We appreciate your business and thank you for being a
Chase customer.

Thank you,

Texas Totty

Denied via secure message


I am an additional user on a sapphire card on which the primary user received the signup bonus last year am I eligible for the signup bonus?




Signed up and approved for 60K program last week. Saw new 80K offer and called today. Customer service supervisor confirmed that they are not matching and she stated it’s even written in their policy. I asked about cancelling and signing up again and she said the cancellation usually takes 30 days to clear the system before you can try to sign up again.


I asked to speak to a supervisor and he was extremely rude and denied my request.


Got matched to the new IHG offer- opened my card in August


Did you get matched via SM or did you have to call? I was approved for the IHG card on 9/13 for the 125k offer and when I SMed yesterday to get matched to the new 140k offer I was denied.


got matched on the united business explorer for the new 75k bonus- instead of the original 60k bonus


Dan, per mine, and many others (commenters on the Ink article), experiences on the Ink cards, it seems they are matching offers.
Maybe it’s a matter of business cards they are, and personal not, but I don’t know.