Chase’s Highest Ink Public Signup Bonus: Chase Ink Business Preferred Offering 80K Signup Points And…Cell Phone Protection


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Chase has launched the Ink Business Preferred card.

If offers 80,000 points for spending $5,000 in 3 months.

It also offers 3 points per dollar on travel, shipping, internet, cable, and telecom, and advertising on social media and search engines. You can earn 3 points per dollar on $150K in spending per cardmember year.

There is a $95 annual fee. If you apply for the card in a bank that fee may be waived, though you should be able to request via secure message that the fee be waived to match in in-branch offer. Additional cardholders are free. There are no foreign transaction fees.

One unique protection that the card comes with is cell phone protection. If you pay your cell phone bill with the card you’ll get $600 per claim against theft or damage to your cell phone with a $100 deductible, valid for 3 claims within 12 months. You can make a claim for any cell phone that’s listed on the bill!

The Ink Plus card is now discontinued, though the no-fee Ink Cash card is still alive and offering 5 points per dollar on office supplies and telecom.

Applying for a business card and the benefits of business card spending:

The Ink cards are business cards. But you may be already running a business that qualifies for a business card and there are several huge advantages that business cards have over consumer cards as you can read here.

The Ink cards are subject to 5/24, though getting an Ink card doesn’t count towards your 5/24 count as AMEX/Chase/Citi business cards don’t show up on your credit report.

If you’re like me and you run more than one business you can signup for multiple of the same card for each business to manage each businesses expenses separately.

For example if your name is Joe Smith and you sell items online, or if you have any other side business and want a credit card to better keep track of business expenditures you can just open a business credit card for “Joe Smith Sole Proprietorship” as the business name. You don’t need to file any messy government paperwork to be allowed to do that.
Just be sure to select “Sole Proprietorship” as the business type and just use your social security number in the Tax Identification Number field as well as in the social security number field.

A great thing about these business cards is that they don’t report your spending on your personal credit report.

On personal cards if you spend money on your card your credit score will be hurt even if you pay your bill on time. A whopping 30% of your credit score is based on credit utilization. You can pay off your card before your statement is generated to avoid that, but that takes effort and laying out money well before you have to. Additionally it’s good to have the statement close with a few dollars to show the card is active and being paid every month.

On a business card it’s just not reported, so you can wait until the money is due without it having a negative effect on your score. Plus if you close a business card it won’t ever have an effect on your score.

Cash back:

Ink cards can be registered for Visa Savings Edge.

With that program you earn cash back on top of points. For example you’ll earn 1% cash back at Chevron, and Texaco, 2% cash back at TigerDirect, 4% cash back at Alamo and National, 5% cash back at B%H Photo, Lenovo, and several hotel brands.

Point Currency:

Chase Ultimate Rewards offer instant and fee-free transfers to top-notch mileage and points programs at a 1:1 ratio.

You can also use them with a 1.25 cents per point value on travel. If you have a Chase Sapphire Reserve card you can transfer the points to that card and get a 1.5 cents per point value, which would make the signup bonus worth at least $1,200.

Or you can transfer points into miles.

Transfer partners include:
United (Star Alliance) is an excellent currency. They never charge fuel surcharges, have very flexible routing rules, they allow one-way awards for half the mileage, they have short-haul awards for 10,000 miles, they often run discounted award promotions, they allow for a stopover and an open-jaw so that you can really maximize a single award ticket into several free trips, and they have dozens of partners to fly on, most of which can be booked on their website.
British Airways (OneWorld) is awesome for short-haul awards, though partner American has been stingy with award space of late. Awards start from just 4.5K miles. Flights to Israel on Air Berlin are just 60,000 miles round-trip with no fuel surcharges. They allow one-way awards for half the mileage. There are no close-in or expedite fees. You can cancel an award for as little as $5.60. Infants are only charged 10% of the miles on international trips instead of 10% of the full fare like US carriers charge. Plus they don’t collect fuel surcharges on American within the western hemisphere, on Qantas from or within Australia, on Air Berlin, Aer Lingus, Alaska, or LAN and you can transfer points to Iberia to limit fuel surcharges there as well.
You can read more in this post on everything you need to know about BA Avios. And you can see 110 places you can go to nonstop from NYC with Avios.
Korean (Skyteam) offers unbeatable first class availability (A380 First Class Trip Report here) and they also have true bargains on partner travel, just 30,000 miles to fly round-trip on Hawaiian or Alaska to Hawaii in coach or 60,000 miles in first. And it’s just 20,000 miles to fly to Alaska in coach or 40,000 miles in first. You can even get a free stopover on the way to or in Alaska! If there is Delta saver award space you can fly to Hawaii round-trip for just 25,000 miles in coach or 45,000 miles in business.
Air France/KLM Flying Blue (Skyteam) offers promo awards from rotating North American cities to Europe, Israel, and Russia from just 12,500 miles each way. Regular awards to Israel are just 25K miles each way, though some fuel surcharges apply on most airlines except for Delta.
Singapore (Star Alliance) offers private walled-in first class suites that can only be booked with their miles. A suite one-way from JFK to Europe is 57,375 miles. Travel to the US48, Hawaii, Alaska, Europe, and Israel can all be had on the cheap. There are no close-in booking fees and changes and cancellations are very cheap. Fuel surcharges apply when flying on most airlines besides United. More info here.
Southwest offers a value of about 1.7 cents per point towards award travel, though that rate can now vary. Plus you get 2 free checked bags, free flight changes or flight cancellations. and you can even get a point refund if the price of your flight goes down.
Virgin Atlantic has some niche uses with awards on Delta and often has sales for discounted awards to London.
Hyatt is a very powerful hotel currency. They have a cash and points option that offers some excellent values and more importantly those stays earn points, elite stay credits, promo credits, and you can use suite upgrades on cash and point stays as well. It remains far less expensive for high-end hotel stays than any other hotel program.
You can also funnel points through Hyatt to Southwest to qualify for a free Southwest Companion Pass which gives you a free companion every time you pay for or redeem for a free ticket.
-You can also transfer points to Marriott, Ritz Carlton, and IHG.

Will you be signing up for Chase Ink Business Preferred?

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Dan, does Chase typically allow a customer to own 3 of their business credit cards? I currently have Ink Plus and Bold.


I have more than that.


Is there any way you can create a list of where/when to best use each credit card (i.e. CSR, Ink cards, BA…) It would also be amazing if you can list which points would be best used for tickets to Israel. Thanks in advance and thanks for your terrific and informative posts!!! (Oh, and if you can also….lol)


I’m just about to exit the 5/24 woods, is there an advantage of doing a 2bm here so I can get the reserve card too?

Meir Brevda

Hi Dan how are you able to sign up for additional credit cards after you reached the 5/24? It seems that you have an infinite amount of credit cards.


dan what stinks here is this also falls into the 5/24 restriction

i dont get it– how are people still getting these cards?? who out there still hasnt opened more than 5 cards in last 24 months??


@dan got the #sapphire in august 100k promotion personal name
can i get this on my business ( they do check the persona name linked) ?


So my wife has a InkPlus card, what happens to her card now?
I have the InkCash card, it seems that is stays put?

Can i apply for this card despite owning the above cards and still get sign up bonus?


Any info on when this promotion ends? And how can you tell whether or not you reached the 5/24 limit already?


I think the banner on the front page on this site should be that NYC-TLV RT in Y is a generally a bad redemption of miles.


You can get both.

InkPlus/InkCash stay the same.
You can get this card as well.

I haven’t seen a published end date.
You can get your report from for free and see how many cards show that they were opened in the past 24 months.


#sapphire? Really? Is that your standard vernacular? Maybe go ask @TPG.


@Dan: Thanks! That was a very clear post-just what I was looking for. Any thoughts on best option to fly with party of 6 to Israel? Which point currency would come out cheapest? Thanks again


#sapphire? Really? Is that your standard vernacular? Maybe go ask @TPG.”
dont understand
got the amex delta need to sell the points quick

i did learn a new word today “vernacular” thank you


@Anonymous: Might be true for some though not for all ;0


Just depends on your exact dates and if you have a Sapphire Reserve or business Platinum.


Dan, @Dan:

Any recent reports of cpc working? I got denied yesterday despite having success w CSR in September. Wondering if it’s worth trying again.


HUCA is always worth it.


Dan, I love United but how come they have become so stingy with business saver award nothing/nadda/0 from nyc-lax from now until at least march!



I’d be interested in data points though. Don’t wanna waste my time.


Just applied and go “decision pending further review”… let’s see what happens.


@dan about the cell phone protection do you know if they will ask you to send back the claimed phone



Update: success, although probably w a second pull since my app was yesterday. Should have applied w frozen EXP to get 60k and 80k on the same day


Dan you mentioned that each business can have its own card, does that mean your putting your SSN for each of those business applications?
Also, does each business have its own 5/24 limit? Or combined for all your businesses?


re chase ink business card offer:
can I apply for personal not for a business? can I enter my ss# instead of a ein?

Mo K

Any details about how the phone claims work? Proof of damage? Returning broken device? Etc..


@Dan: I have the Sapphire Reserve and planning trip for this summer. Any advice is appreciated.


Will I also receive 3 x points for advertising within amazon (amazon sponsored products?


from post “Korean miles also allow for 2 free stopovers….”

can go from chi-nyc-hawaii for 25,000 chase points RT on delta?

Lena Salvacion

Hi Dan,

Do you know the cut off Chase uses when counting number of accounts opened in previous 24 mos? For example if account is opened Dec. 4, 2014, will it be dropped from new account on that date or by end of December?

Thanks so much

Mo K

@Lena Salvacion: an agent told me the end of the month when I dealt with the sapphire Reserve. Although you can test it and worst case is you will need to call back reconsideration after the end of that month

Trump Fan


You write “The Ink cards are subject to 5/24, though getting an Ink card doesn’t count towards your 5/24 count as AMEX/Chase/Citi business cards don’t show up on your credit report.”

Doesn’t Chase know about the business cards that it provides. Won’t they count their own Business cards towards the 5/24 rule, since they know about those cards and don’t need the credit report to know about it.


You said that taking yourself off as an additional user on another card can have it removed from your credit report. Does the same apply to canceling a regular card? Can that then be removed from your report and not count towards the 5/24 rule?


I would like to get a business credit card. I was wondering if this is the best business credit card that you would recommend or do you think there is another on I should get? thanks


I always get approved for credit cards, somehow on this one I got a message that it’s pending approval…. I’ll hear form them in 7-10 business days, do you think I should call reconsideration or wait?


Hi Dan, thanks for all your help over the years. Firstly, FYI and all followers, Virgin America points cannot be used anymore for Virgin Atlantic flights to London and maybe elsewhere as of a few days ago.
Question. Do chase points transfer instantly to virgin Atlantic or does it take time? Also how about Amex?

Jack out of the box

Although I do have a real business, I don’t spend $5k in three months for business expenses. Even though I could get the spending done in other non-MS manners, I won’t be applying for this card because of the T&C. Says “By becoming a Visa Business Card cardmember, you agree that the card is being used only for business purposes”. Even before the Google story I would’ve taken that seriously. At least I finally got approved for CSR!


Dan you mentioned that there is an in branch offer to waive the 95 annual fee I tried through secur messaging but they claim no such thing?


Can these points be transferred to another person’s Chase Sapphire Reserve points?


Hi Dan. I just applied for this and by accident put “non-profit” instead of “sole proproetorship”. They said to call them and pending approval. I called and they told me they need an EIN # and I told them to change it to sole proproetorship and they didn’t let me. They said I must either provide documents to change anything or reapply. I put my SS # … should I re-apply? Does this show as an inquiry on my credit report and affect my credit score? Thank u!


I have Ink Business, will I be able to earn the points on this card? Thank you, Dan.


just applied and got the following message – any insights that you can provide?

We have received your request for a Chase credit card. We’ll let you know our decision by U.S. mail. This could take up to 30 days.


What is currently the best way to utilize the 80,000 point signup bonus?