Chase Ink Bold Business Card: Get 50,000 Points For Spending $5,000 Within 3 Months!


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Chase Ink Bold Business Card Linky

Chase has raised the bonus offer on this card from 25,000 to 50,000!

It is a business card, but anyone can apply for it.  If Joe Smith sells items on ebay and wants a credit card to better keep track of business expenditures he can just open a business credit card for Joe Smith Sole Proprietorship.  Just be sure to select “Sole Proprietorship” as the business type and just use your social security number in the Tax Identification Number field as well as in the SSN field.

A nice perk of a business card is that spending doesn’t show up on your personal credit report. While spending on most cards will lower your credit score due to your higher credit utilization, spending on a business card will no affect your personal score.
Additionally when you close a business card you do not have to worry about losing the credit line (which can also hurt your score) as it was never even reported in the first place on your personal credit score!

This is a card that is part of the Chase Ultimate Rewards portfolio.  Each of these cards come with their own unique value proposition.

You need either a Sapphire Preferred Consumer card or an Ink Bold Business card to be able to transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards points into miles with airlines like Continental (for Star Alliance awards), BA (for OneWorld awards), or Korean (for Skyteam awards), into hotels like Hyatt, Marriott, or Priority Club, or into Amtrak.  Continental and Hyatt generally offer the best redemption values.

You can freely transfer points between your own Ultimate Rewards cards or even to other people’s cards.
You can also transfer points to anyone’s airline or hotel mileage account. Points will post instantly in the mileage account when transferred. Plus unlike with American Express Membership Rewards points, Chase does not charge a tax for transferring points into airline miles or hotel points.

Here’s a quick roundup of Chase cards with Ultimate Rewards:

Chase Ink Bold Business Card
-Get 50,000 bonus points for spending $5,000 within 3 months.
-Allows all Ultimate Rewards points to be transferred into airline/hotel miles/points.
-Annual bonuses: Once you exceed $25,000 in net purchases you will receive 7,500 bonus points.
Once you exceed $50,000 in net purchases you will receive an additional 15,000 bonus points.
Once you exceed $100,000 in net purchases you will receive an additional 25,000 bonus points.
-No fee first year, then $95.

Chase Sapphire Preferred Card
-Get 50,000 bonus points for spending $3,000 within 3 months.
-All points, including signup bonus points and double/triple bonus points are subject to a 7% point dividend every January, so your total points earned for opening the card and spending $3,000 will be between 56,710 and 63,130, depending on what you spend the $3,000 on.
-Allows all Ultimate Rewards points to be transferred into airline/hotel miles/points.
-1.07 points per dollar spent everywhere.
-2.14 points per dollar spent on flights, hotels, car rentals, and dining (Charges made in airports, with travel agencies, at caterers, and on timeshares, trains, buses, taxis/limos, ferries, bridges, tolls, and parking also all qualify for double points!)
-3.21 points per dollar spent on travel booked via the Chase booking tool.
-No foreign exchange fees.
-A customer service rep will answer right away whenever you call so there’s no automated phone-tree maze.
-A metal, eye-catching card, with just your name on the front and the number on the back is sure to get noticed when you use it!
-No fee first year, then $95.

Chase Freedom Consumer Card
-Get $200 cash back or 20,000 points for spending $500 in 3 months.
-You earn 1 point per dollar spent and 5 points per dollar spent in rotating categories. Yup, that means 5 miles per dollar spent when you transfer the points to Sapphire Preferred or Ink Bold!
-If you also have a Chase checking account you get a 10% bonus on all spending and you get a bonus 10 points for every transaction made, even if the transaction is just for a penny!
-What does that all mean? Let’s say you spend $1 on Gas, Hotels, or Airlines this month or $1 on Dining, Department Stores, Movies, or any Charity next month. You’ll get 5 points for the $1 spent in a rotating category, .1 points for the 10% checking account holder spending bonus, and 10 points for the checking account holder bonus transaction bonus. That’s a total of 15.1 points for spending just $1. Then you can transfer those points to your Ink Bold or Sapphire card to transfer them to Continental or Hyatt, where you can easily get a value of 2 cents per point, or just over 30% back on that $1 transaction. Extreme example? Perhaps. But it does illustrate just how lucrative you can get if you are careful about where you use which credit card. Sure, the Starwood card is great, but for some spending it can be worth getting creative!
-Allows all Ultimate Rewards points to be redeemed for cash.
-You can transfer Freedom Ultimate Rewards points to Sapphire Preferred Ultimate Rewards points or Ink Bold Ultimate Rewards points and then transfer the points into more valuable Continental miles or Hyatt points at a 1:1 ratio. You can also transfer the points to someone else who has a Sapphire Preferred card or Ink Bold Ultimate Rewards Business card.
-No annual fee.

Chase Ink Classic Business Card
-Get 15,000 points for spending $1. Get another 10,000 points for spending $5,000 in 3 months.
-You earn 5 points per dollar on wireless, landline, cable services, and office supplies, 2 points per dollar on gas and lodging, and 1 point per dollar elsewhere. Yup, that means up to 5 miles per dollar spent when you transfer the points to Sapphire Preferred or Ink Bold!
-0% APR on purchases and balance transfers for 6 months.
-No annual fee.

Chase Sapphire Card
-Get 25,000 points for spending $3,000 in 3 months.
-You earn double points for dining and on travel booked via the Chase booking tool.
-A customer service rep will answer right away whenever you call so there’s no automated phone-tree maze.
-No annual fee.
-You can also downgrade your Sapphire Preferred card to this no annual fee card after your free year is up, but you won’t get the signup bonus for downgrading.

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Hey dan, thanx for the consice sumnary.
Just two quick question
1) can I do a 3BM with two personal cards and one business card?
2) can I shift credit lines between personal cc’s and business cc’s – (in order to get approved )?
Thanx a ton!

Btw your Florida trip notes are great!


Warning: If you try to get a business card, you might be asked to prove that you have a business at that address. They may ask you for a bank statement or utility bill with your business name on it.


1. I did one last month and got approved for the 2 personal cards and the business card.
2. Not sure, but I didn’t have to.

If you apply as a sole-proprietorship with your name as the business name and say you are starting your own business and want to keep separate track of business purchases you should not need those items.


with only one pull, correct?
Also, in order to avoid the annual fee, will I be able to downgrade from ink bold to ink cash?

I should be posting these questions in the forum instead of here, but I couldn’t find a thread dedicated to chase business cards.
Thanx again

cant believe it

I closed my one pass and united cards a month ago, is it to early to do a three browser? is there any reason why i would lose out on getting approved for one BECAUSE of the other two apps?


“You can freely transfer points between your own Ultimate Rewards cards or even to other people’s cards”

How does one transfer UR points to another persons account??


In my experience chase recon did offer to let me move biz credit onto a personal card to open it.

mikel v

do you need to have a better credit score to get approved for a business card vs a normal card? will a 740 be enough?


I haven’t checked my report this month so I’m not positive. But it did work to get all 3 approved without too much hassle.

You can downgrade to the fee-free Ink card.

@cant believe it:
You can apply now.
For future reference don’t close down cards though. Instead apply for 3 new cards and use the old cards as leverage to get approved for the new cards if you close down the old cards.

In Ultimate Rewards go to combine points, transfer to “other” and then enter the person’s card number and last name to make the transfer.


@mikel v:
740 should be good enough to be approved for most cards.


Thanx. I plan on doing a 3bm this week. Ill post my results either here or on the forums.


dan,i had the ink cash for years now and they consistently claim it isnt in the UR program. has something changed?


HI just wanted to thank you for this amazing site, i literally wait for the next deal to arrive:}
i am kinda novice to the whole credit card business and would love to have one of my own and attain credit so that i will be able to rack up miles. I’ve been having trouble getting approved
1 i did try opening with gap, marshalls… and wasn’t approved.
2 i have been an au on my parents card for over a year and they have a good credit history.
3 i opened up a chase bank account (checking) and applied for the freedom card hoping to get approved and was just rejected:{
i do have an account with sovereign and have a debit card through them which i use daily and get no miles for it!!


I already have a sapphire preferred. Can I apply for a second one? Will they give me the bonus points? If they won’t allow me to get a second one, should I close the first one ant try for a second one?


Right, the card you want is the free Ink Classic card. They should be able to switch it for you, but you’ll still need Ink Bold or Sapphire Preferred to transfer into miles.

Try calling Chase reconsideration or credit analyst.
You can also go into a Chase bank and try to get a banker to fill out a reconsideration form for you.

You may need to first get a secured card to build up your credit.

They probably won’t let you have 2 of the same card open at once. Why not go for the Ink Bold?

cant believe it

dont worry, I shifted the lion share of my available balance to a sapphire to use as leverage. If I dont close them I cant reopen right?


Any idea how long the ink bold bonus will be offered?


Thanks Dan< i need to call chase for recon for United with 30k bonus. now i see that i want the ink with 50k bonus. what is the best move for me now?


dan, if this card doesn’t show up on my personal credit score, is there any reason why i wouldn’t open it and then just close it after i get the miles?

btw, i just got a starwoods card this week, would that affect anything?



does sapphire (not preferred) have international fee? thanx


1. I think you can do that, but why not move over the CL to your personal card and use it for leverage in the future.
2. It might if Chase pulls from the same bureau. Search the forums to find out where they pull in your state;
if Amex and Chase pull from the same bureau, freeze it – as explained in the sticky in the credit card section of the forums, to improve your chances of getting approved.


@Dan: numerous times they have refused to convert the card telling me to just apply for the other one


@mendy: might be worth it to leave it open for leverage


If I need to close 1 card on reconsideration for leverage, for the Bold Card, should I close the united or the continental, considering they are soon going to merge?


I got this card over a year ago and cancelled it. Can I apply again?


@cant believe it:

Nope, but it is a limited time offer.

You should be able to get both as you need a card for your consumer as well as business expenditures…

You still get a credit pull, but the credit line utilization or loss won’t affect your score.
But by all means, 50,000 miles is great, go for it!

The Starwood card should not affect it.

Only Sapphire Preferred has no foreign exchange fee. I don’t know of any other Ultimate Rewards cards that don’t have that fee.

Well, sounds like you should do that 🙂
Even if you are denied just call Recon to have them close out the old card to approve the new one.

Doesn’t make a difference. The only difference between the cards is that one is a MC and the other a Visa.

Sure, you can always apply again.


Thanks for the advice
can you please explain what a secured card is (i’m new to cc’s)


dan, i opened a spg card by recent promo only got 1000spending limit now how do i spend 4.5k in 3 mo if i cant pay bill more then once ea billing cycle they wont increase limit within 60 days?also does increasing credit post as hard pull/


btw for those with the Southwest credit card you get a free 1000 points for watching this 3 minute video


Google it. It’s a credit card that is prepaid instead of postpaid that get help improve your credit score.

You can pay your bill once a day. Just call up AMEX to make a payment whenever you charge your card.

Got to the end and said I wasn’t targeted even I have a SW card.
Oh well.


What is the code for this card offer in case they give me a problem with the points later?


i want to open a cc, which one would u advise the chase saphirre preferred, or one of the amex cards (or any other) i spend bet. 1,000 and 2,000 a month not on travel?


I don’t know of an offer code, but it’s always a good idea to save/print a screenshot of the offer you applied for in case of problems later on.

I would go for the Starwood AMEX if you spending is domestic, isn’t on travel or dining, and can be done on an AMEX.

Plus you’ll get 25,000 points when you spend $5,000 on that card within 6 months and 20K points can be transferred into 25K or 50K miles.


1 why starwood amex if the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card
gives you 50k and 7% bonus back?
2 on starwood dont i have to spend 15k to get 25k points?
3 what do u mean by 20K points can be transferred into 25K OR 50K miles how do u get 50k
4 how much “extra” credit do i have to have in order to be eligible for a new card?
thank you so much for your time-i really appreciate it!


question. I have the chase sapphire. can i convert this to the sapphire predered and get the bonus points?

also if i convert will my existing ultimate rewards balance be able to transfer to miles, or only new points I earn?


1. Because with Starwood you can use them for hotels or transfer into 1.25 or 2.5 airline miles.
2. No, just $5K:
3. Most airlines are 25K. LAN, part of OneWorld gives 50K.
4. Not sure what you mean here.

No. You can apply for the preferred card though if you want the bonus points and transfer the line of credit from the old card to get the new card approved.

All your points will then be able to be transferred into miles.


thanks for the quick and accurate responses.
i researched the starwood card and it looks pretty good-thanks
1 about transfering $ through amazon i read up about in the forums and came out more confused-whats your take is it safe or not?!?!
2 i will probably want to use the points for a ticket to isreal and with LAN u get the most for your points “Using LAN kilometers, from 44,800 Starpoints
-If there is availability on Royal Jordania…” what do u mean by availibility is it rarely or just have to be more flexible.
3 what i meant by the previous post is that i am opening a new card and want to know if i have enough credit to do so, therefore how much extra credit do i need to have so that i will be able to open a new card.


Dan- I have read on other blogs that their will be a united card offer for 60,000 points not targeted, coming out OCT 4-6, and you will only be able to get it on those dates. Did you hear about this?


Hi Dan,
you wrote for the chase freedom consumer card:
-If you also have a Chase checking account you get a 10% bonus on all spending and you get a bonus 10 points for every transaction made, even if the transaction is just for a penny!

is there a place that you know of (online) that you can just spend a penny?


i got turned down for 3 reasons 1. too many inquiries
2. too many cards 3. too little credit history
called recon and they pushed it thru!!!!!


Dan, Git Moad,
Any idea when this 50k offer for the Ink Bold Business is due to expire?


Hi I know this is an old thread but if you get a business card will the actually fact you have the card show on your credit report. Also if I get let’s say the ink bold when I sign into my personal chase account will the business card show up?

Joe smith

Hi dan, just wondering if I sell on ebay a few items here and there, how much income I should write my “buisness” makes?