Chase Freedom Unlimited And Sapphire Reserve Is The Best Card Combo Around For Now

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Chase has made the Freedom Unlimited + Sapphire Reserve combo tough to beat these days.

  • Sapphire Reserve’s $300 travel credit can also be used to buy groceries and gas through 12/31/20.
  • Sapphire Reserve’s points can normally be used at a value of 1.5 cents each towards airfare, hotels, car rentals, and other travel. Through 9/30 they can also be used for statement credits that will reimburse your grocery, dining, and home improvement purchases that were made in the past 90 days at a value of 1.5 cents each. You can click here to redeem your points for statement credits against dining, grocery store, or home improvement purchases.
  • Grocery purchases (including Instacart) made this month earn 5 points per dollar on up to $1,500 in spending, plus they qualify for the $300 credit, and you can use points to offset them at a value of 1.5 cents each. You can stack all 3 of these together!

Freedom UnlimitedSapphire Preferred is also a good combo, but with that card your points are worth 1.25 cents each and you earn 3 points per dollar on groceries.

Freedom Unlimited earns 1.5 points per dollar everywhere. By transferring points from that card to Sapphire Reserve you can normally get a value of 2.25% towards paid travel, but now you will get 2.25% back as statement credits to offset for grocery, dining, and home improvement purchases. And that’s on top of earning up to 5 points per dollar and getting $300 back.

Freedom Unlimited also has 0% APR on purchases for 15 months.

That’s quite a combo! When redeeming your points for a statement credit, you’ll effectively earn 2.25% cash back on everything (1.5 points per dollar on Freedom Unlimited), 4.5% cash back on dining and travel (3 points per dollar on Sapphire Reserve), 7.5% cash back on groceries (5 points per dollar on Sapphire Reserve), and 15% cash back on Lyft (10 points per dollar on Sapphire Reserve).

If you don’t have enough grocery, dining, and home improvement purchases to cash out your points you can always buy gift cards for those stores, Visa gift cards good everywhere, or gift cards for hundreds of other stores like Amazon. Plus many grocery stores even give rewards for buying gift cards, on top of the 5 points per dollar, the $300 in credit, and cashing out your points at 1.5 cents each to pay for the gift cards!

You can also upgrade a card to Sapphire Reserve to take advantage of cashing out your points at 1.5 cents each for previous purchases.

Of course this all comes on top of other Sapphire Reserve benefits:

  • Ability to transfer all Chase points into airline miles and hotel points, where they can be worth even more than 1.5 cents each.
  • Reimbursement of Global Entry/Pre-Check fees.
  • $60 Doordash credit in 2020 and 2021, plus you can use points at a value of 1.5 cents each for statement credits even if the purchase was reimbursed.
  • Doordash Dashpass membership through 12/31/21, a $9.99/month value.
  • Priority Pass lounge membership with 2 free guests and restaurant/food/drink credit.
  • Lyft Pink 1 year free membership, a $19.99/month value.
  • Free roadside assistance.
  • Primary rental car insurance worldwide.
  • $10K/item Purchase Protection for for items damaged or stolen within 120 days.
  • $10K/item Extended Warranty Protection
  • $500/item Return Protection
  • Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption Insurance
  • Lost Luggage Insurance
  • Baggage Delay Reimbursement
  • Travel Accident Insurance
  • Emergency Evacuation and Transportation due to injury or illness on a trip
  • Repatriation of Remains Insurance
  • Emergency Medical and Dental Benefit while traveling

Do you have a Freedom Unlimited + Sapphire Reserve combo?

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Ah..a post to make my day! Cards that I actually have


Dan we have chase sapherie, Chase inc, and Chase business inc, what’s my next card for miles for Israel?


Classic Question! Glad it came as the 2nd question.


Maybe include the link for redeeming points?

El Capitan

If you don’t have enough grocery, dining, and home improvement purchases to cash out your points you can always buy gift cards FROM those stores,



Would it work to buy visa gift cards from staples with the ink cash card earning 5 points then transferring them to the reserve effectively earring 7.5% cash back on all purchases?


For sure


How do you share points to a family member that has the sapphire reserve?


reserve has hefty AF so even with $300 credit you come out at a loss?


Anyone else having errors when trying to redeem the groceries with points?


Was getting one. You just need to go to the top left of the screen and bring down the options, and press “pay yourself back”. It will reload the same page, and should work. I think it’s just an issue with the link being used.


Chase ink cash +reserve is a better combo for those who buy visa/mastercard gc’s amongst others from Staples for our everyday spend. 5 points per dollar 1.5 cents per point = %7.5 back on all spending!


1.5 cents per point for all spending? or certain categories?


How do get 2.25% for ALL purchases?


1.5 times 1.5


yes but 1.5 Reserve redemption rate is only for certain categories


1.5 on everything on the Freedom Unlimited and then transferred to the Reserve

Frankjamin Benlin

Hey Dan,

I know the Amazon Chase card is not part of the Ultimate Rewards program and you advise to make purchases using amazon gift cards bought through ink business cards, however before I got those ink cards I still attained some points on the amazon prime chase card .. what would be the best use/value of these points?


Thats a Canadian card and was discontinued

Frankjamin Benlin

not a canadian card and not discontinued, see comment above


Can I apply for both in 1 time?


Will Walmart count as a grocery


It was eligible for reimbursement by me


Really? they usually come up as discount store


I redeemed points for a walmart purchase .. Dont know about earning points


Walmart stores qualify for earning 5 points, but not You can buy walmart GC’s in store and use them online.


If I pay for groceries on a different chase card, can I still apply my reserve points to pay myself back?


In the following post you mentioned you are torn between whether to cash out or not. Has that point changed or is it the same question here?

Also, I don’t see the 50% redemption savings point mentioned here?


Dan, what’s the best card for a small business I’m starting?


I know I’m not Dan but if you could spend $15,000 in 3 months then the chase ink preferred is great, 100k point bonus and 3 points per dollar on travel, shipping and some other categories $95 annual fee, plus 1.25 cents per point when redeeming for travel plus you transfer to partner hotels and airlines. If your doing a lot of spending in office supplies stores chase ink cash is great, 5 points per dollar at office supplies and 50,000 point bonus, no annual fee, but you cannot transfer points and only 1 cent per point, unless you already have a sapphire card.


“that were made in the past 90 days” up to 9/30 I imagine?


I have an old ink business plus. Does anyone know which card that is in today’s world (I think there is an annual fee and my limit (for something) is capped at $50k, as opposed to $25k…)?

oy vey

i have reserve and freedom cards, should i just swap to freedom unlimited, or should i open a new one ?


Open new one for sure.
Freedom is a great card too and doesn’t cost anything to keep + you can get a bonus if you sign up for a new Freedom Unlimited.


Sapphire reserve is 5x points for groceries is this new?


Any chance Chase will increase the signup bonus later this year given the COVID-19 lack of travel happening everywhere?


I assume there’s absolutely no way to sign up and get the bonus for Reserve if I got the Preferred abt 2 years ago?


Could you please clarify? I currently have both reserve & freedom cards. Which one am i better off putting charges on? Can i only maximize if i apply for a brand new additional freesom freedom card? Tia


Hey Dan thanks for your help! Thinking about opening a reserve,how long after I got my preferred can I get the bonus for the reserve? Can I get the bonus if my preferredastill open


Dan (or if anyone else knows)
if I dont have any of these cards atm (just a chase ink unlimited buisness), can I still try apply now for the preffered to get the higher bonus and then upgrade right away to the reserve to use this grocery cashback option?
Or is this only for existing card members now to apply the 1.5 cents for groceries and home improvements too…?
And what are the chances of being approved for a new chase card now in the Covid-19 era?
Appreciate any input here.


1. Officially, Chase doesn’t allow upgrades or downgrades within the first year of opening.
2. The 1.5 redemption is for new and existing cardholders.
3. I got approved for a sapphire preferred 3 weeks ago.


I have Chase Ink Business Cash, Chase Ink Business Preferred, Freedom Unlimited, and Sapphire Preferred; what’s the best card to use for everyday purchases (i.e., not things with specific benefits like groceries, travel, etc)? I am past the point of having sign-up bonuses and double points promotions. Thanks!


Is walmart, target. costco, or Bingo coming up as grocery for 1.5 points Reserve redemption value?


“That’s quite a combo! When redeeming your points for a statement credit, you’ll effectively earn 2.25% cash back on everything (1.5 points per dollar on Freedom Unlimited)”

2.25% on everything? or this: grocery, dining and home improvement?


Great post, just a little typo.

You can also upgrade a card to Sapphire Reserve to take advantage of cashing our your points at 1.5 cents each for previous purchases.

It should say “cashing out”


Would the Ink Preferred and Sapphire Reserve combo offer the same benefits?

the big x

i haven’t seen this discussed,how does the $300 credit work? is it like the previous travel credit where it was automatically applied to your purchases as a credit (without your choice)? Also,would you get the 5% back on groceries? & can you double dip and use that purchase to cash out your points?


Can I switch a Chase Freedom card to a Freedom Unlimited?


Chase site says the grocery benefit is good until June 30, not 9/30.


I applied for the Freedom Unlimited 2 months ago and made about 5K purchases on home improvement and grocery. I called today to upgrade to Reserve in order to cash out my points to pay for the 5K using points. However, the representative told me I cannot upgrade since you Freedom is on a 15 Month interest free plan. Is there any other way to use my points a 1.5 cents per points to pay for my 5K purchases?


A little of topic.
Besides for the signup bonus’s, Is there a point in having both the sapphire reserve and amex business platinum and you them both as spending cards?
Or is it best to choose one and focus on it?


And even better when you add the chase freedom as well. They just announced Q3 categories that includes amazon and Whole Foods


Why is that better then buying amazon gift cards at grocery stores with Sapphire Reserve?


Will the Reserve earn 5% if it is part of the $300 statement credit on grocery stores. I thought you couldn’t double dip on travel wouldn’t it be the same?


I have Chase unlimited and chase Sapphire
How do I make the most of my points?
I don’t fully understand

Bruria Draiman

Dan– I have a Chase United MileagePlus Awards cards. Can I upgrade this to one of the 2 cards you are recommending here and get the reward points? I live in Israel but do much of my banking in the U.S. Is this a good idea for me? I’m pretty much a beginner at this and trying to follow all of your advice but it’s a challenge!


Can I transfer points from the Ink Business Preferred to the Reserve?


anybody know if you upgrade from freedom to reserve or preferred how quickly AF hits and can you always just downgrade back eight away?


when redeeming for a statement credit for groceries, will that negate the points i earned on those purchases?


When I transfer points from Chase unlimited to sapphire. Do I gain anything?


Dan, are these charge cards similar to the Amex business platinum card? The reason I ask is that with the charge card, I can pre-pay as much as I want on the card and make much larger purchases than my credit limit allows. Regular cards usually don’t allow that. Any experience in this regard?


Repost not on telegram, @Dan still a feature?


Would this benefit apply to Ink Unlimited and Sapphire Reserve card combo?


If I buy groceries today On my reserve, can I cash out my points on it at 1.5 or is this ONLY for previous purchases?


I have the Chase Freedom card and really like the quarterly 5% bonus categories. If I want a Chase Freedom Unlimited, do I have to switch or can you have both?


Not getting 5 points on groceries with my chase freedom unlimited only on saffire reserve, am I missing something?

Lkwd girl

Hey Dan, hope you get a chance to answer this- would it make sense to transfer my existing freedom card into a reserve in order to get the $300 shopping credit and be able to redeem my points for 1.5 cents each, and then downgrade again after 9/30?? Thanx soooooo much Dan!!!

Lkwd girl

Please????? Jst wanted to make sure it makes sense b4 I do it!
Thanx so so much Dan!!!!!


Gotchya my bad!


how do i sign up for this combo?


Could I get both the freedom unlimited and freedom, and use the freedom for the 5points on the bonus of that quarter and use freedom unlimited for the rest of my purchases and use them all as chase sapphire preferred points?


can i get the statement credit with my sapphire reserve on a purchase made with my wifes card?