Final Day For Chase Freedom Increased Signup Bonus


Update: The limited time increased bonus on the Freedom Visa will come to an end today.  As long as you see the $200 offer (20,000 points) on the application you can still apply and get the offer. 

It will go back down to $100 (10,000 points) tomorrow.


Originally posted on 11/17:

The Chase Freedom Visa now comes with a 20,000 point signup bonus for spending $500 within 3 months.

This is marketed as a $200 signup bonus, but is actually 20,000 points that can be used for $200 cash back, though the points are more valuable when transferred into airline/hotel/train miles.

This is double the previous signup bonus and is available for a limited time only.

Additionally it also offers another 2,500 bonus points (marketed as $25 cash back) for adding a free additional user, for a total of 22,500 points.

Typically if you applied within the past 90 days Chase will match your bonus to the current bonus offer.

Chase Freedom is one of the best no annual fee cards.  It’s an easier card to get that most other Chase cards as it doesn’t require a Signature level $5,000 credit line. The real beauty of the card is in the quarterly 5% categories. Again, while they call it 5% cash back you’ll really get 5 Ultimate Rewards points per dollar spent which can be worth much more than 5% cash. For $1,500 in spending per quarter you will earn at least 30,000 Ultimate Rewards points (7,500 points per quarter at 5 points per dollar spent).

2014 bonus categories:
Q4:,, and Department stores.

2015 bonus categories:
Q1: Grocery stores, Movie theaters, Starbucks
Q2: Restaurants and more to be announced.
Q3: Gas stations and more to be announced.
Q4: and more to be announced.

I coined the term “Chase Trifecta” several years ago and this is one of the last times to take advantage of it.  It refers to having a Chase checking account, a Chase Freedom card, and your choice of either a Chase Sapphire Preferred card or a Chase Ink Plus Card,

Through 02/2016 Freedom card earns a 10% annual point dividend in February on all points earned during the previous calendar year if you have a Chase checking account.  That means you’ll earn an effective 5.5 points per dollar on purchases from the 5 point categories and you’ll earn an effective 1.1 points per dollar everywhere else.

Freedom alone can’t transfer points into much more lucrative airline/hotel/train currencies, but if you or your spouse has a Sapphire Preferred or Ink Plus card then you can transfer points from Freedom to one of those cards and from there to your favorite travel currency.  You can read at the end of this post which currencies they can transfer to and why those points are much more valuable than just taking cash back.  The Freedom card can also keep your points alive for free if you do close one of those cards.

If you use those points for a trip worth where they are worth 2 cents each and then you’ll have effectively earned 10-11% back on those “5 point categories.” The sky is the limit of the value of airline miles as they aren’t tied to the cost of a ticket.

Other Chase cards you can apply for at the same time include the Chase British Airways (Which has no fee for the first year until 12/31 only, 50K signup points, 1.25 Avios per dollar, and an annual companion award ticket if you spend $30K+ in a  year), Chase United Explorer (30K signup points plus another 5K points for adding a free additional user, and it gives free luggage, free primary car rental insurance including in the US and Israel, expanded saver and standard award ticket availability, priority boarding, and more), the Chase Marriott (with 50K signup points plus a free night upon signup and a free night every subsequent year upon renewal) ,the Chase Sapphire Preferred (40K signup points plus another 5K points for adding a free additional user, no fee the first year, free primary car rental insurance including in the US and Israel, plus 2-2.14 points per dollar on travel and dining with no Foreign Exchange fees), the Chase Ink Plus (50K signup points, 5 points per dollar on telecom/office supplies, 2 points per dollar on hotels and gas) and the Chase Ink Cash (which has no annual fee and gives 5 points per dollar on telecom/office supplies and 2 points per dollar on dining and gas).

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Any idea when this expires?


I haven’t even than 60k freedom points by i didn’t apply yet for the preferred or ink card where would I be able to transfer my points as of now?


I got the Freedom 92 days ago and closed it since to get other cards approved. I guess I’m out of luck this time. 🙁


If I already have the Freedom, can I apply for another one? I.e. will I be approved?


Can husband/wife each sign up for their own and add the other as an authorized user?


@Salo: Sure (I did it).


Dan do my wife got her first cc a gap visa card about a month ago, do you think she would get approved so fast for a freedom card? or should she still wait? (she does have an additional freedom on my account and au on amex)


My understanding is (correct me if I’m wrong) that one can apply and report his/her income even tough that income is actually earned by his/her spouse.

So question now is, on the application you have to fill out the source of income and the employer. Are you then reporting the source as Employed and the Employer is your spouses employer Or you should report the source as Other and specify that its your spouses income?

If this is already discussed in any form you might want to direct me to that post if that’s easier for you. TIA

Dan's the Man

@Eli: Why out of luck? Just apply again mow 🙂


If I was approved 2 months ago for Chase Freedom, how can I get them to match the current offer? Does it happen automatically?



You or your spouse need a premium card to transfer points.

You can still apply.

Tough to get approved for 2 of the same card.


She should be able to get it.
Might take a call to Recon.

I’d just write employed/other.

SM them.


how does a chase checking account factor in to the trifecta?


can this be 2BM with the British airways card?


Checking account holders get a 10% bonus in February for all Freedom points earned during the previous year.

That will work for 2015 and 2016 before its phased out.






If I would need to call Recon what can I say already have no c/l to shift


Thanks Dan. Applied using the option as you suggested and got approved for 25k


Is it possible to get a 2nd Ink Plus card for the same business??
(I already have the Ink Plus and Ink Cash and that gives me 75k office spending at 5x, but it’s not enough)


Is there a limit on the Ink cards how many a business can have? would they give a new ink plus if the business has already ink cards?


Dan, is it possible to pull off the trifecta with Chase checking, Chase Freedom and, Chase United Explorer?



Explain why you want the card and why you’ll spend within your means.

More tips here:


Open in a spouse’s name?

No hard limit.

You wouldn’t be able to transfer the Freedom points to airlines with that combo.


If I open a Chase Checking Account now will I earn an extra 10% on all points I got before opening the Chase Account?


Yes, it will be retroactive for the entire year.


can my wife use my chase checking for freedom or would she need a separate one?


A joint checking account should work.


problem is it’s just in my name you think I would need to convert to joint?


Just a quick Sapphire question if that’s ok: Is there any significant difference between Sapphire Preferred and the non-Preferred in regards to the card benefits? Thank you.


Does a Chase Business checking account work for the trifecta, or only personal?


Would a second cardholder for the same business get another 50k to spend at 5x


Hi dan,

I’ve asked a question several time and I only see it on my mobile device but not on a computer so I think it isn’t going through. My question is, I sent my wife a referral for this a few weeks ago and she hasn’t applied yet. Problem is, when using the referral link, the offer is only 10000. Any way to use the referral link AND get the increased signup bonus of 20000?



Good question.


If it says 10K with that offer then you’ll get 10K.
Not sure what your question is.


I applied for the Freedom less than 2 months ago. What can I write to them in SM to match the bonus offer for me?


should i try again????
chase shut down my checking account a year ago and i went and closed my cc out of fear that if they close it its gonna b bad for my overall credit, i tried to open a checking account a mouth ago and the rep in the branch told me that im blacklisted and he can not open me an account, should i try for a cc or its the same as a checking account and i would only waste a pull???


If i apply through that link and then SM them afterwords will they honor it?


Why does the signup link not show 20,000 points only $200? does this mean that they only give it in UR if you ask for it?


Can I open a Chase checking account if there are no branches in my state? I have heard conflicting information. If so, I assume I would have to visit a Chase branch to do so?


thanks dan
any spending required ?


What is the going rate to sell the Chase points? I just was quoted .15 today from an adverister here which seems low.


@Dan: Did anyone applied for chase ink after 70K promotion ended and got the 70000 through SM?



“Typically if you applied within the past 90 days Chase will match your bonus to the current bonus offer”.

I just called and they made it sound that there is no way that I can get the new bonus. Does it pay to try again?


It’s 20K points that they hope you will redeem for $200.

I was able to back before Chase came to CLE.

Read the post?

Between 1.4-1.6 though obviously they’re worth more if you use them for travel yourself.

Like I said, you need to SM.


what gas cards are sold at cost at amazon?
don’t shop facncy places, more local heimish supermarkets, bakeries etc. cant see what gc can be useful. no home renovations either.


What are these points good for ( other than cash back at 1%)? Are they UR points?


I closed my Freedom account in July I believe. Will I get the bonus if I apply?


I got approved 2 month ago on a amax SPG of $8000 credit line. Do u think think it pays me to try to apply now for a freedom card? And also what do u think is better to apply freedom or sapphire?
Before i got my amax card. I tried to get approved by chase. And they didn’t approve me. On nothing.



I sure did and it does not mention the spending requirements …


They are UR points, please read the post.

Based on my experience, yes.

Freedom is the easiest Chase card to get approved for.
And the 5 point categories kill Starwood.

My apologies. Fixed.


Is there an expiration date on this?
If not, what’s your best guess?



Dan you are the man! You just gave me $100! Thank you so much!

“Thank you for your contacting Chase concerning the 20,000
points enrollment bonus offer.

I am pleased to inform that I added 10,000 points to your
account so that it receives a total of 20,000 bonus


Quick Question! I have chase Freedom and have lots of points. What is the best way for me to capitalize on airplane deals. Someone told me that I can transfer them for avios is that true?


@Mordy: I don’t have Chase Ink


Dan, we just requested
That our chase sapphire cards be downgraded to chase freedom bec we didn’t want to pay the annual fee. Would we get the points?




You or your spouse need a premium card, read the post.

If you’re approved you’ll get the points.


Dan I have a chase ink plus card would chase let me down grade my card to this chase freedom and get this 20000 bonus offer?


Ink Plus can’t be downgraded.
And you don’t get points for downgrading Chase cards anyway.


On chase preferred the points are ur?

moshiach now

applied with your link , got a pending review , what now ?


Dan, I just received the US Airways Premier and CitiAA Bus Plat Select WMC(about 1.5 wks ago). I would like to get the Ink Plus and Freedom (before it expires). What are my chances of getting the 2 on the same day? Or should I have done all of this on the same day of applying for the US Air and CitiBusAA? And should I use the 2BM method?
I also still have the Mileage Plus Select. What benefit is this card to me? If none and I need to negotiate w/ them about the above, can’t I use this cc as a bargaining tool?


How do you know the BA AF waive is for a limited time?
In Chase’s website, it says very clearly that the double bonus for the Freedom is for a limited time, but I didn’t see anything on the BA


Also, does it mean it will be available on the 17th itself?
(I want to apply as late as possible)


Dan, would I be able to do a 2BM with the Chase Freedom Visa and the Chase business card?



@moshiach now:

It was announced as limited time when it launched.


Yes, but YMMV as always.


On the British Airways website it says
“Apply before December 31, 2014 and take advantage of the $0 introductory annual fee for the first year, then $95.”


Wow, thanks!


Does Chase allow me to transfer from my daughter’s Freedom card (living at the same address) to my Ink, or is it only a spouse?
Thank You

For comment 53 I think the correct answer should be “no”. You usually don’t get points for downgrading (maybe things changed?).


Yay! Got the tweet!


By the way I just received some Twitter Messages from “Dansdeals” to my phone. Looks like it’s been fixed.


Dan, closed SW. If re apply immediately, will get again BM?


got em! for myself and wife. thanks Dan.


Will an added free additional user earn the signup bonus as well?


If they get their own card?


@Dan: Would that be in addition to 2500 points?


I applied for my wife for the freedom card online (she little credit history) and they responded by thanking for the application and they will get back within 30 days. Is this standard or do they sometimes accept right off the bat?


Everyone who opens a new primary account and adds any additional used gets 22.5K points.

Standard for most.
Call them up if you want or wait it out.


I applied for the card and they declined me do to low cc history and age of credit card. I calles them 5x they said no but I wanted to know if someone puts me as there authorize user for chase sapphire preferred card or an amex card will it help me in the future when I apply again to them hopefully ill get approved?


@Dan: Would the added user get a 20,000 point signup bonus as well?
Because if not it makes sense that they just sign up for a card of their own and get 20,000 miles. For example, a married couple – would make sense for them to sign up separately and get a total of 40k points vs. a joint account where they only get a total of 22.5k.
Thanks for the replies!


Build up your score first,

Jacob can open a card and have Rachel as an AU.
Rachel can open a card and have Jacob as an AU.
Total will be 45K points.


Are Chase Freedom points transferable to brokers on their own or would you need to first have a Sapphire Preferred or Ink Plus to transfer them from?

chana k

@Eli: Read the whole post.


@Dan, I got a pending approval. (I applied for the British card and got approved in seconds, don’t know why I didn’t get approved for this one…) Does that mean I won’t get the signup bonus if they approve it tomorrow?

Yechiel Kaplan

@Dan, nevermind. I called and they said I’m denied since a first time customer they only allow one credit card in the first 30 days. (I assume you know that.)


That’s not a hard and fast rule.
Call back, offer to move over part of the credit line from your new BA card.


The offer is still active seemingly on their website….


hi dan –
I know this offer is not valid anymore, but I had downgraded my sapphire card to freedom during the promotion. When I called they told me that the offer is only valid on new accounts opened, so I was not eligible for the promotion. do you know of any way to get around this? thanks!


Of course not. Why would they give you points for downgrading??


thanks – I didn’t think so. the only reason I thought so in the first place wqas bc of commen number 53 and 54 (you replied that yes, they wld reward the points.)


Date of the bonus december 2015 resuls