Chase Eliminates Excluded Car Rental Countries; Israel Now Covered On All Chase Credit Cards!

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Update: 01/26/14: Some people reported problems getting the car rental agency in Israel to waive the CDW purchase requirement because the Chase letter of coverage didn’t specifically mention that Israel was included. 

I’m happy to report that you can now request a letter that specifically states that coverage in Israel is included.  Just call the number on the back of your card to be forwarded to the department that can instantly email you a letter of coverage.  You can also try calling 888-880-5844 to get that letter of coverage. That number is intended for the United card but should work for all Chase cards.


Originally posted on 11/01/13:

Effective today all Chase cards, Visa or Mastercard, now offer free car rental CDW insurance worldwide!  Gone are the exclusions on rentals in countries like Israel, Ireland, and Jamaica.

CDW covers any damage or theft to your rental car.

If you renting a car outside of your home country you will receive free primary coverage on rentals of up to 31 days, so Chase will cover you even if you have your own insurance without having to file a claim with your own insurance.

Additionally Chase will now provide primary coverage on leisure rentals on business cards when renting outside of your home country.

Additional drivers that are listed on the contract are covered as well.

Secondary cardholders also get primary coverage when they rent.

Note that in Israel even if you decline the CDW all agencies still require to buy liability insurance for damage to other property or people.  But you’ll still save money by having a card that provides its own CDW coverage.  Israeli car rental agencies are notorious for charging over and over again for the same scratch.  Even if you buy the CDW from the car rental agency you’ll still have to pay for the scratch as they have a high deductible on their own CDW coverage.  When you use your Chase card and decline the car rental agency’s CDW coverage you’ll have zero deductible.  If you do not decline the car rental’s CDW coverage then your credit card will not cover your rental.

-The best card to rent a car with abroad is the Chase Sapphire Preferred. It offers 2.14 Ultimate Rewards points per dollar spent on all dining and travel expenses, including car rentals. It also has no foreign exchange fees, so you’ll always get the best possible exchange rate without any fees.  You’ll have free primary coverage when renting anywhere outside of your home country and secondary coverage to your own insurance when renting within your home country.  If you don’t have your own car insurance policy then coverage is primary worldwide.

-When renting within the US the United Explorer card is the way to go thanks to its primary coverage. It also is one of the only cards that comes with primary rental car CDW insurance in the US.  Almost every other card only has secondary coverage when you rent a car in your home country. This means that if you damage your rental vehicle you must file the claim with your own personal insurance policy first, and only if they won’t cover the damage will the credit card cover the damage.

Of course if you do rent on a United card and you return the car with no damage you can have the car rental agency counter change the card to Sapphire Preferred so that you get the 2.14 points per dollar spent.

Sample Chase cards that have no foreign exchange fees:

-Chase Sapphire Preferred
-United Explorer card
Chase Ink Plus
Chase Ink Bold
Chase British Airways
-Chase Marriott Premier
-Chase Southwest Premier

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Great News! Do we still need to get a letter of coverage?


So if I understand you correctly the exclusive benefit on the united card (being your primary insurance) is now applicable to all chase cards?


Does this apply to liability or are we only talking about comprehensive? Also does the united card provide primary liability only in the US or internationally also?


make sure to take off cdw (its included by default in most rentals in israel with deductible of 500 usd) if you have cdw from them ur credit card will not cover (this is from experiance with world master)

Can i see

Dan, can you post the link to chase where it anounces these changes


Only outside your home country


AFAIK rentals in israel include liabilty




Will Amex match this?


That’s always a good idea. Especially if you rent with a Visa that has never covered Israel until today!

No, primary is only when renting outside of your home country.
United Explorer is primary within your home country.

No credit card covers liability.


@Can i see:
Chase sent out these changes to all cardholders within the past few months.

I called the numbers for nearly all of my Chase cards (I have 14) and confirmed with each rep and even a few supervisors the same thing, this change applies to every card that Chase issues.

Feel free to call for yourself!

Highly doubtful.


@yaks “You’ll have free primary coverage when renting anywhere outside of your home country and secondary coverage to your own insurance when renting within your home country.”
@ Alpicone “Note that in Israel even if you decline the CDW they still require to buy liability insurance”



Post was edited after my comment. Thanks.


just to clarify, is this only on Chase Saphire or also on
Chase Ink
Chase Southwest Premier

You list these other cards the post but only say that they have no foreign exchange fees


Read the first line of the post.


Timing is everything. I’m leaving to Israel on Sunday and I was fretting having to pay for the insurance since chase no longer offers a MasterCard. Thanks Dan. Yu dah man, once again.


Thanks was all busy trying 2 work out rentals in Israel 4 chanukah.. Separate note: u think u can do a citi post 1 of these days? Been a whole since we heard updates about aa cards & 3bms with citi as well as thier limits on cards u can sign up 4- thanks dan



Citi killed 2/3/4BMs.
More info on Citi AA:


Dan, black centurion amex card from uk covers liability


My knowledge is limited to US credit cards. Thanks for sharing.


@Dan: “Citi killed 2/3/4BMs.”
Please clarify, there’s 84 pages to read through in that thread! what will happen if i do a 3bm?


that is a link for freedom visa signatures new benefits T&C.

Anyone have any other links for other cards?


When is this effective?
even the freedom card?


Hey, does the freedom card also get coverage?
Also is there a difference between freedom and freedom signature?


You won’t get more than 1. Other strategies are in that thread.

I have over a dozen paper packets 😀




@Dan: united explorer also has no foreign currency charge. which makes it more worthwhile for those thta want to have only one card as this would cover them at home and internationally.


@moshe: i think the uk plat does as well


WOOOHOOO!! Perfect timing for my upcoming Israel trip.


How can you even rent a car outside the US if your driver’s license is US license ?. Do you have to go apply for a certain special license that will work internationally?


Does this mean there is no more advantage to renting with the united explorer card?


Does it include the chase amazon card?


Here is the SMS I got back from Chase when I asked about the rental coverage
What do I need to bring to Israel to prove I have coverage ?

I confirm that your account carries free auto rental
insurance when you use your Chase credit card to reserve
and pay for a rental vehicle. This insurance provides
coverage for damage due to collision or theft of most
rental vehicles within the U.S. and most foreign

The details are as follows:

damage due to collision or theft up to the actual cash
value of most rental cars, when renting for up to 31
consecutive days in the U.S. and outside the U.S. When
renting for business purposes, coverage is primary. When
renting for personal reasons, coverage is secondary in the
U.S. and primary outside the U.S. for rentals up to 31
consecutive days. You must secure and charge the entire
eligible rental to your card, and decline the Collision
Damage Waiver / Loss Damage Waiver offered by the rental
agency. Coverage is provided to you and other authorized
drivers as permitted by the rental contract. Additional
terms and conditions apply.

For more information or to file a claim, call the Benefit
Administrator at 1-888-320-9956 (outside the U.S. call
collect at 1- 804-673-1691).
Thank you,

Anthony Rodrigues
Customer Service Specialist


Account is owned by Chase Bank USA, N.A. and may be
serviced by its affiliates.


Thanks perfect timing for our trip in 3 weeks!
I called chase a few times to convert my SP to a Master Card and they said they don’t do that anymore…i guess it’s really true;)


Hey Dan, does amex spg cover car insurance in my country (us)? Is it worth signing up for the premium coverage- it’s like 25 buck per rental…? Thanks for everything


YY- request a letter. I did and within an hour or 2 I received it.


so Dan what do you do about liability if no card covers liability? you rely on your personal policy? risky no?

Yosef B Chicago

@ Dan, United explorer card doesn’t have foreign exchange fees either, correct? Why not use that on an Israeli car rental?

Also, is it better to take out money with a credit card in Israel (cash advance – presumably no foreign fee) than with a Chase debit card?


Does that mean the Chase Sapphire Preferred card CDW benefit now valid for rentals of 31 consecutive days up from 15?


Are additional cards on the account also covered?


@Bern: Never mind. called Chase and it is 31 days.


Hey Dan- You are the best! How did you get Chase to change its policy and offer CDW coverage world-wide. Does Amex Delta cover USA collision?


Can someone answer this? How can you rent cars outside the US with US drivers license? What license do you need and where can you obtain such license?


United Explorer gives free primary in the US.

I have my own liability insurance.

@Yosef B Chicago:
You can but Sapphire Preferred gives the same coverage and more than double the miles. And they’re not locked into United.

Cash advance fees will kill taking cash out of a credit card anywhere.


AMEX coverage is secondary unless you pay $20 extra per rental.

I always rent with my US license without issue.


So the text I pasted from my SMS response would not qualify as a letter ?
What would be considered a letter, is there a epcific name for it so they would know what I am talking about ?


Points aside why is it better to use the
United explorer card when renting in the us? Do they cover more ? Thanks in advance


@Dan: “I have over a dozen paper packets :D”

I want to see online version, so i can see it myself. They didn’t send me any new T&C in the mail. They only emailed me the Freedom Visa Signature T&C that I posted above. they didn’t email me any other links for all the other chase cards i have. Did anyone else get such an email from chase regarding any other cards?


Ok I got the letter and spoke to chase as well as have the paper packet.
It is true the exception for countries of Israel has been removed from the text but there it still says “most countries worldwide” are covered. The person I spoke to from Benefits department at chase confirmed that the exception Israel text was removed as well but warned that it depended on the rental company and country and specific rental conditions whether the coverage applied.
The letter from chase also seemed to confirm that I am eligible for the CDW benefit, if all terms and conditions are met.

This seems a bit risky to me.
Has anyone been able to confirm with an actual rental company in Israel that they will accept this coverage and that there are no exclusiions ?
It sounds like either way you would pay for any damage and then make a claim with Chase CDW coverage and hope for the claim to be paid.


you can call the benefits administrator 888-320-9956 and follow the prompts.
They will ask for your Credit card info and confirm whether you are eligible for the benefit


The reps all clearly say Israel is covered.
If you bring the coverage letter and the rental agency refuses to recognize it you can have them call the number on the letter.
If they still won’t recognize it you can always do a chargeback…


I got in a accident in Israel with having my chase shaphier preferred MasterCard and they just don’t respond to master card to provide the info of the appraisal etc. I tryied a charge back but it’s been more then 180 days don’t know what to do its like $580 please give me some advice . It’s very up annoying

Dan's the man

@Yitschak Why are just dealing with this now. You should have just sent a certified letter to the benefit administrator and it would have been taken care of in days.


@Dan’s the man: is it too late to do that or call them etc what is a certified letter?

A Canadian

Does anyone know if I can get car rental coverage with any US credit card if I have a Canadian drivers license?

a renter

So, i have chase saphire prefered, and I am talking to them right now, and they are telling me that CDW is covered in Israel.

Meanwhile, NOAH emails me the disclaimer that I must present a document stating that CDW is covered in israel

Chase is making issues sending me such a letter

any idea


I reserved a car online & declined coverage because I have a Chase card. At the eurotel rental office in Israel, they insisted that I needed to buy their coverage. The insurance cost more than the rental! Do I have ny recourse?


They’re asking me to bring along written documentation that the cdw is covered. Can you provide a link for that?

“Thank you for choosing HERTZ in Israel

Dear Customer,

We would like to provide you with the best service
possible and avoid delays at the rental counter.
In order to do so, we kindly request that for your exclusive rate
you provide a document verifying that your credit card
company provides full coverage for damage in Israel for
the duration of rental.

We wish you a safe journey and look forward to serving you in Israel.”

Thanks Dan for all you do!


I hit some car when renting a car in Israel. There was no damage to my car, but there was (very ) minimal damage to third party. The rental company charged the deductible for when the third party will sue them. Can they do that? I thought the deductible only covers damage to their car.

The most annoying thing is that the third part hasn’t used them yet (it has been a month).. But they still want to keep the deductible. This is bordering on fraud.

Brad A

We just rented from Avis/Europcar. They said no problem with other insurance BUT they would only rent the car if I signed a “hold” on my credit card for $54,000 shekel!! the full value of the car. And if any damage they would charge my card and I would have to take it up with the credit card company! Somehow that didn’t sound like a great idea. Is that commonly the way it’s done?


Just called Chase last night, and the best thing they can do is mailing me the Terms & Conditions… I am on the phone now after the update to this thread and they still don’t know they can do that… they are now transferring me to Mastercard and I’ll see if they can send me this email/letter that specifically states that Israel is covered.


@Brad A:
54K shekel is much cheaper than the cost of a car in Israel.
But, yes. They would charge your card for damage and Chase insurance would then reimburse you.

Try calling 888-880-5844.
They sent me a letter of coverage for Israel on Friday.


If I get a card that has secondary insurance but I don’t have any private car insurance.
Does the card still cover me?



moshe d

Please help me, Dan.
Does this new rule mean that I don’t have to pay any of the insurance charges on rental cars in Israel? Or does this just get me to the $12 per day level?


What if I rent using amex with the 20 premium charge and nothing happens to the car. When I return it can I ask to use a different credit card instead of the amex? Well I still get charged the 20 fee?


@moshe d:
Read the post. You still have to buy liability in Israel.

If you change the card you won’t get charged of course.
Note that AMEX does not cover Israel.


@Brad A:
i rented from hertz in ben gurion last month – they accepted my CDW coverage from my citi thank you card (i provided a letter from citi which showed that the coverage includes Israel), with no holds or anything special required. I’ve heard very bad things about europcar in israel so they might not play by normal rules when it comes to these things.


Note that this only goes up to 8 seaters. If you rent a 9 seater, Chase will not cover CDW.


When u coming to miami beach to give a seminar.
Everyone is waiting here for it?


for US rentals, I use starwwods extra coverage ($25 per rental) then when I return I have them charge it to another card.
is the chase better then that?


I’m on break 🙂

1. You won’t have to switch cards.
2. Sometimes they’ll claim damage after you return. If you changed cards and they do that then you’re on the hook.


I called Citi for my ThankYou Premier at this number 1866 934 1138, and received two hours later via email, a letter from Chubb confirming that the coverage applies Worldwide including the Republic of Ireland & Israel.


How is AMEX insurance comparable with the United explorer one for rentals in the US? Amex is know for hassle free coverage, is the United one good enough as well or will they take you for a ride?


@dan thanks Dan! I finally got it… they also gave me another number… and thanks again for the Wideroe deal 🙂

The department I spoke to was the Card Benefits Services dept @ 888-320-9961


I had the letter; European didn’t care.


dear dan, i tried calling chase and the answer was that as of today Israel is still on the declined list if you have a letter stating different please post link

thank you


@Carrentals: please if possible to post a copy


Call 888-880-5844 or 888-320-9961.

It’s a personalized letter.

Chaim Casper

I asked for this letter around November 2013 for my January 2014 trip to Israel. They gave it to me right away, no questions asked.
When I got to Israel, the people at Hertz asked me for the letter. I gave it to them and we were all set.
The final test will come tomorrow, Monday, January 27, when I return the car.


About time!
I had some fight at airport in Israel over this crap!
Even called Chase last Feb while in Israel, nothing they could do for me at the time. Guess enough people complained.


I rented in Israel through Noach with the insurance they provided, and did not take any other insurance but did not decline the CDW. Do I have any recourse with CITI?

Dan's the man

It’s best to get the letter in advance stating specifically that Israel is covered. If you don’t have it when picking up the car. Have them call Chase in the US collect (so it won’t cost the car rental company a penny) or if they won’t call. You call from a payphone collect (use the toll the number on the back of your card). Chase will accept the collect call and you can be connected to the benefits department at Chase that will confirm coverage for them/you and they probably can even fax them written confirmation.


Dan, does this include car rental in Australia & New Zealand as well ?


I presume the United Club card does not offer the same benefits as the United Explorer card which you reference in your post?



United Club and Presidential Plus also have primary worldwide CDW coverage.



Just to clarify – the coverages offered by the UE and UC cards are equivalent? Thanks.


I rented with Budget in TLV recently and had no issues with the standard Chase letter, dated Nov. 1 (first day they they changed the benefits to include Israel, I called for a letter).

The did give me quite a beater, though 🙂 I spent some time documenting scratches, dings, and missing hubcaps but they didn’t even inspect it when I turned it in.

Barry Graham

Discover (which you can use in Israel wherever you see Diners Club) apparently also does not exclude Israel. Discover is one of the best kept secrets in that you can use it overseas where Diners Club is accepted, with no commission, and it also covers CDW. You might want to double check to see if Israel is really included, although the Discover rep I spoke to see it was.


dan when i rent for a moth to ?


sorry month!!!

Shaya Lerner

Just rented at Ben Gurion. Agency told me that Chase doesn’t cover Isreal. Called Chase # on back of card. They emailed a letter with: 1) my name 2) card # 3) Statement that all countries are covered.
Had the car 20 mins. later


Avis at Ben Gurion never has a problem with it. They don’t even ask me for the letter, but I recommend you have it just in case. What you want is to speak with MasterCare through the Mastercard number you call. They email you the letter within minutes.


Phone number for British Airways Chase Visa –
Benefits direct line. 877-631-0919.
From Israel Call collect 804-673-1691


Received a personalize email letter within 5 minutes. Chase Visa Signature benefits 877-631-0919 (I have a BA card, but this number probably works for all Chase Visa cards.


@dan I will be renting a car in Israel for 2 months. Is there a 31 day limit period, or ist it per rental? Can I return after 31 days then re-rent for 31 days and be insured?


Dan, your post says: “When you use your Chase card and decline the car rental agency’s CDW coverage you’ll have zero deductible.” But now in negotiations with Eldan in Israel with my Chase Mastercard which covers Israeli rentals, that company maintains it still withdraws what they call the “deductible” from your credit card if you have an accident/theft/damage. Viz: “Please note that by not taking collision damage waiver insurance, you (the lessee), and not the credit card company, are responsible for any damage or loss to the vehicle. All related expenses will be charged to on your credit card. We can not delete the word deductible from the voucher.”


The credit card insurance pays you back for those charges if you waive the CDW coverage from the company.


@Dan: any clue about my question; renting in Israel for more than 31 days? best way to do that while getting chase visa insurance?


Return and rent again.


@dan when i rent for a month to???


Does anyone have experience with Eldan in Israel?
I just made a reservation with them for 14 days and it came out $50 cheaper than avis, sixt, hertz or through Noahrental.


If you have a Chase Sapphire Preferred Credit Card and need documentation from Visa confirming your eligibilty of coverage under the CDW for either Israel, Ireland, Northern Ireland, or Jamaica, call 888-320-9961. They will provide you with a letter via mail or email (you choose)confirming coverage for all of these Countries.


Clarify, is this change good for all the Chase credit cards? Even The BA visa and southwest premier visa card?
or just the MasterCard versions?

shlomo Grafstein

Perhaps this is personal to you.
Dear Dan,
I have admired your great work from a distance.
HaShem has given you chachmah to help so many people.
Case at point: My chaver was able to get many miles, cash them in for $ and buy his wife a sheital. He did it twice.
You have aumented greater shal*m bayis without even knowing it!!
As an objective observer, is it possible that credit card companies such as AMEX have been viewing your wisdom and then the gap has been closed (change of policy) for renewal of free points for renewal for new cards??
I humbly suggest that not everything should be posted on your web-sites, or they should be posted obtrusively not to catch the attention of credit card companies and airlines…especially when there special loopholes that you have discovered…. Of course posting El Al’s faux pas was a benefit for all
Perhaps, there can be an opportunity for people to sign up for special deals that are nopt open to all… with the AGREEMENT that they sign that they will not tell or pass on information to an airline or credit card employee who MIGHT close the consumer benefit.
Or even if you do not want to do this… that prior to opening your cite, the individual checks off to agree not to disclose the information to any of the companies.
Loopholes and benefits are there help make our lives more pleasant.
Dan, I thank you,
Shlomo Grafstein


Coverage seems to be good on amazon chase visa as well. Got a benefits letter clearly stating that Israel was covered!


So, Why Care??
I’ve been excited many times about saving CDW charges. But I’m afraid Israeli companies always win:
1) If I waive $13 CDW, they demand $12 TPLC. Is $1/day really worth it? (Tell me if TPLC is really that good.)
2) I still face “your card’s no good,” “50K NIS deposit” etc.
3) Searching CDW-included vs CDW-waivable rates, some rates WITH CDW included seem even better (compare Hertz israel to Hertz int’l pages, using a US code)
So, IS THIS REALLY A DEAL WORTH REJOICING OVER? Help me understand, please, dear friends. Thanks.


1. Their CDW has a deductible that makes it worthless, CC CDW has no deductible.

2. Show them a letter of coverage.

3. Call Noach for better non-CDW rates.


Do i still need this letter or by now it is already in their system ?


Hi, I’m 20 Yale are old and I want to rent a car in Israel. This card will cover my insurance? Also you know a company that rent to 20 years old in Israel?

Thanks so much!


I just called my chase card and they said they do not give primary care with CDW in Israel, Ireland, northern Ireland and Jamaica … have they changed their policy since December 2013?


The insurance isn’t provided by Chase, have them connect you to the insurance company.


I just called chase, they sent me the letter by email instantly.


@Dan, In the last year, I have rented cars in Israel from Budget about 5 times and from Sixt twice and never had any claims from them about dents or scratches. In fact, the Sixt guy who checked out my car told me that they used to give people a hard time about them but it was costing them business so they stopped.


I just called Chase and they initially said Ireland wasn’t covered for the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card. But I called back again and they said Ireland was covered. They immediately sent a letter of confirmation of car rental insurance coverage. Be persistent. Chase customers are covered!


1. Do you know if all this applies equally to those with an Israeli passport?
2. Do they check your non-Israeli passport for the entry stamp in order to also waive the VAT?


Does the freedom card also cover?


Called Chase 888-320-9956, and was emailed the necessary confirmation letter almost immediately. They mentioned that they familiar with such request, and keep the needed form handy for distribution.


Question about liability Insurance.
I have chase sapphire preferred and so I am covered with CDW and theft. However, I understand I would need to cover liability (third party). Insurance companies in Israel have jacked up this charge to combat the CDW coverage by Chase. I know I have liability coverage in the States, I just don’t know where it is hiding and which can be used in Israel. Umbrella insurance, Geico or Chubbs excess liability. Help out this over insured guy so I don’t get ripped off yet again. Thanks


I’m in the same boat as Eli. I have Chase Sapphire plus Geico liability in the states. What can I do to completely avoid paying liability in Israel?

Chase card benefits

The chase number to call for the letter is 1-888-320-9956


does this apply to amazon reward chase card?

ER Seidman

Sorry kids… but that letter may NOT help you. I had a letter from Chase Sapphire Preferred (Visa Card Benefit Services to be exact) and Shlomo Sixt still said no and I had to pay an additional ~$140 to cover CDW & TP!!!!

On 13 Sep 2017 Shlomo Sixt would not accept my Chase Sapphire Preferred card for CDW & TP at Ben Gurion airport. My price went from the $138 reservation price for 5 days to $241!!! It was 5 AM and no other car rental company would give me a better price telling me I had to have made my reservation in advance (and/or from outside Israel) to not pay CDW & TP. Took the rental from Shlomo Sixt. Communicated with their customer service (not much service!) via e-mail. Was told they canceled that “contact” two weeks earlier with Chase. Called Visa Credit Card Services after I got my SIM card that same day they said there is no such thing as a contact. It is up to any merchant to accept or refuse terms. I pushed Shlomo Sixt as on my reservation it said make sure you contact your credit card company (which I did) to see if they cover CDW & TP in Israel. Chase Sapphire Preferred does. Ultimately the woman I was dealing with at Shlomo Sixt said they don’t even accept Chase Sapphire Preferred for payment. A lie as it was on my card statement! As month later I am still fighting with Chase as they say “the services were provided”!!!! So look elsewhere and not with Shlomo Sixt if you want to use your Chase Sapphire Preferred card for CDW & TP! Also customer service at Shlomo Sixt sucks. And maybe use some other card other than Chase as they are of no help either. Good luck!


dont rent from shlomo sixt…


Is this still true today that all chase cc’s (even ones that charge 3% foreign exchange fee) cover cdw in israel?