Chase Card Improvements: Freedom Now Offering A 20K Signup Bonus And Sapphire Preferred Now Offering 40K Points + 5K Points For Adding An Additional User!


Update, 4pm: The Freedom 20K offer is now dead.
Originally posted on 11/18:

Chase Freedom

Chase Sapphire Preferred Linky

Chase has sweetened the signup bonus on 2 of their excellent consumer cards.

-On the Freedom card you can now get 20,000 points worth $200 cash back.  This is double the previous signup bonus and is available for a limited time only.

-On the Sapphire Preferred card you can now get 40K points for opening a Sapphire Preferred and spending $3,000 plus an additional 5K points for adding a free additional user and making a single purchase within 3 months.

The Freedom card has no annual fee.

The Sapphire Preferred’s fee is waived for the first year and is then $95.  There is also a non-preferred version of the Sapphire card that you can downgrade to if you don’t want an annual fee.  After 12 months you can also turn a Sapphire Preferred card into a fee-free Chase Freedom.

I coined the term “Chase Trifecta” several years ago and it still applies today.  It refers to having a Chase checking account, a Chase Freedom card, and a Chase Sapphire Preferred card.

The Freedom card earns a 10% annual point dividend every February on all points earned during the previous calendar year if you have a Chase checking account.  Plus it offers lucrative 5 point per dollar rotating categories throughout the year (For 2013 Q4 those include and department stores. For 2014 Q1 it will include gas stations, Starbucks, and movie theaters).  That’s bumped up to 5.5 points per dollar thanks to the dividend.

Thus all spending inside the US should be done on Freedom if you have a Chase checking account.  However Freedom by itself is unable to transfer points into more lucrative miles, you need a Sapphire Preferred for that. Though the business Chase Ink Plus, Chase Ink Bold cards can do that as well.

You’ll want to do spending in Sapphire Preferred bonus categories and spending outside of the US on Sapphire Preferred as Freedom has a 3% foreign transaction fee.

By default new Sapphire Preferred cards will be issued with an EMV chip so that you’ll be able to use your card in more places when abroad. You can call to request this for your existing Sapphire card.

The Sapphire Preferred card is still made from metal and feels awesome.  Plus when you call the number on the back of your card a human being answers right away. No phone maze to fight with and no hold time.

Besides for the Sapphire Preferred’s excellent signup bonus the card also offers:
-No foreign exchange or transaction fees so you’ll always get the best possible rate.
-Primary car rental insurance everywhere outside of the US, even in Israel!
-2.14 points per dollar on all airfare, including tickets bought from travel agents and online agencies.
-2.14 points per dollar on timeshares (just in case you’re a real sucker)
-2.14 points per dollar on car rentals.
-2.14 points per dollar on hotels.
-2.14 points per dollar at restaurants, fast food, coffee shops, bars, lounges, and cafes (3.21 on the first friday of the month)
-2.14 points per dollar on catering (3.21 on the first friday of the month so pay that wedding bill on December 6th!)
-2.14 points per dollar on transportation including trains, buses, taxis, limos, ferries, bridges, tolls, and parking.
-1.07 points per dollar elsewhere.
-The Sapphire Preferred earns the 7% point dividend even if you don’t have a Chase checking account. The Freedom earns a 10% dividend only if you have a Chase checking account.

Sapphire Preferred also offers protections including very generous travel protections when the trip is charged to your card:
-Trip cancellation insurance ($5,000 per individual trip or $10,000 per family trip).
-Lost luggage protection ($3,000 per person)
-Trip delay protection ($500 per person for trips delayed by 12+ hours or that require an overnight stay)
-Baggage delay protection (If delayed 6+ hours: $100 per day per person up to 5 days)
-Travel accident insurance
-Price protection ($500 per item that drops in price within 90 days of purchase)
-Return protection ($500 per item for 90 days)
-Purchase protection ($500 per item damaged or stolen for 120 days)
-Extended warranty protection ($10,000 per item for an extra year on original warranties of 3 years or less)

Points can instantly at an equal ratio transfer to:
-United (Star Alliance)
-British Airways (OneWorld)
-Korean (Skyteam)
-Virgin Atlantic (and from there to Hilton with a 100% bonus)
-Ritz Carlton
-Priority Club

Other Chase consumer cards you can simultaneously include the Chase British Airways (50K signup points, 1.25 Avios per dollar, and an annual companion award ticket if you spend $30K+ in a  year), and the Chase United Explorer (which gives free luggage, free primary car rental insurance including in the US, expanded saver and standard award ticket availability, priority boarding, and more).

The Chase Ink Plus and Chase Ink Bold business cards both give 50,000 signup points and offer 5 points per dollar on telecom, cable, and office supply stores, 2 points per dollar for gas and lodging, no foreign exchange fees, free lounge visits, and a waived annual fee for the first year.

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HT meshugener?


Does the additional user bonus on Sapphire preferred work for old cards?


Will Chase match my freedom card to the 20k offer if I got it on July 15 this past year?


so I have both cards now, any way I can apply for another freedom and sapphire or no chance of getting approved?


can I get the 5k AU bonus if I already have the SP?


Freedom link not working. Any idea what is the length of time that one can ask for the extra 10k bonus match on the freedom? 30 days? 90 days? 180? is it worth it to ask is more than 30 days?


You know what happened last time I did that on a credit card 😉

The language says within 3 months of account opening.

I think Chase will only match offers for 60 days but you can always send a secure message and ask.

Unlikely that you would be approved for 2 of the same consumer cards.
If you have multiple businesses than you can have the same card for each business, but that doesn’t really work for consumer cards.

Should be working now, see previous response for your other question.


is the best way to SM them or call over the phone to get the matching bonus. Thanks!


SM usually works best, but YMMV.

Shaul Yaakov

For everyone mad at devaluations, its simple economics. More bonus miles chasing the same number of free rooms/seats=higher prices.


dan, can you please explain why everyone wouldn’t downgrade after the first year the saphire to the non prefered? do you still have all the benefits?


if i closed my Saphire preferred in August. can i apply for another one now and will i get the bonus ?


even if I currently have the sapphire preferred mastercard now cant I get Visa now, or would this help just apply for sapphire and not preferred?



You can still apply though you’ll just have to close the older card to get approved.


If I switch my Sapphire Visa to a MC do I get the bonus again or it’s only when you reapply?

Thanx for everything.


I already have a sapphire preferred and a chase freedom with my wife as an additional user. Any way I can get in on any of these bonus offers?


@Shaul Yaakov:
That’s why you have to stay ahead of the game and earn more points and maximize each purchase 😀

No, you would lose almost all of the benefits:

Only new card applications get a bonus.

Of course. Being an AU has no effect on getting your own primary card.


if today is the last day of my first 3 Months will I get 5000 for opening a additional card?


Is there consequence of downgrading the sapphire preferred to the non-preffered? I know that you need either a preffereed or an ink to transfer freedom “points” to UR points. Is there any other downside?


I would call or SM and ask.

The non-preferred does not get the 7% dividend, pays a 3% FOREX fee, doesn’t get 2x on travel, can’t transfer point to miles, etc.


When will the SP 40k bonus offer expire? Does it say anywhere or they’ll randomly take down the offer? I just applied for a card 3 months ago, so I would rather wait a couple months to apply for my wife…


if my wife has the saphire and i am the AU can i now get the saphire make make her an AU?


Can I request for an additional card online?


The 40K offer should be ongoing. I’m not sure if the 5K additional bonus is for a limited time or not.




Re: replacing a CSP with new EMV chip card… there are some reports of folks receiving plastic cards, not metal. Truth is, the cust service rep can choose either when designing the new card. I personally prefer plastic, so when I called to get mine, I asked the rep to customize the card and select plastic. Received it the next day.


I got a SP card last week and it did not have a chip. Would you suggest opening a UA Before SM or after?


Why do you prefer plastic?

No difference.


Can you please advise where as I could not find it.


Send an SM.

how long

I recently downgraded my SP to a Freedom how long should one wait to re-apply for the SP?


@Dan: Thanks! Really I was just worried about losing previously accumulated UR points (like with Amex points when cards are closed…).


I thought they were just offering $200 credit after you meet the $500 threshold spend


Can find the link to apply for sapphire business


It’s been $100/10K for a long time.
Now it’s $200/20K.

No such card.
Chase’s business UR cards are called Ink, there are links to them in this post.


I applied via your link and got the pending decision and email. Then, I logged into my Chase accounts and a new Freedom card was listed.


I downgraded from SP to reg. Sapphire recently. And I have the freedom for a year. How can I utilize this post? Add a user to my freedom and get 20k?



You don’t get 20K for adding a user on an existing Freedom, you get the signup bonus for applying for a card.


What the best cards to apply in an apporama if I currently only have the freedom and am AU on BA? Husband only has slate and old ink card with no benefits. Can he combine business and pers? Preferably do it on his name or mine?


Dan, recently got both the southwest & BA card (last 30 days)Any chance you think I will get approved for these two? Hesitant to take the hit and not get approved


On the sapphire preferred do I need to have a bank acct to get the extra 7%? my spouse has a bank acct I guess if I add my name onto the nank acct that should be good enough?


Any chase cards with benefits to traveling? Need to be in Israel dec 21 weekend and want to combine with europe stops. Will any of these cards’ bonuses already post so they can be used towards hotels or travel?


submitted my Chase sapphire application yesterday(!)… (and approved with a$ 11,800 cl…) but Dan, is there still a way for me to get the additional 5k??


Hey when i write the secure message to chase to ask them to match the signup bonus to my freedom card, what do i say? Do i just ask straightout?


Anyone who has done or is looking to do an apporama might want to freeze their IDA/ARS Bureau reports before applying for any more cards.


Dan, isn’t it too late to sign-up for a chase checking it account to link with the Freedom card and get the 10% dividend… or is it still possible to do that?

I thought that opportunity ended a while back


Lots of good cards, just look in the post for them.

You can combine and do it in either name.

It’s doable if you’re a good talker.

Nope, you get the 7% even without a bank account.

It can post if you act very quickly.
I posted the travel benefits in this post.



I’ve never heard of Chase checking IDA/ARS.
Only US Bank does that as far as I know.

The 10 points+10% ended a while ago but anyone can still get the 10% dividend by opening an account.


I got the sp 2 weeks ago along with an au . Any way I can still get the 5k?


And if I get the southwest card today, after I get the 50,000 bonus points can I shift the whole account into my SP account without hurting my credit score?


keep getting non stop offers in mail for business INK cards and have already, do I have a chance of getting another one on same business?


SM them.

Yes as there are many different versions of the Ink card.

Always appreciate if you use my links:


ok so if I have already a bold and plus I don’t have a chance of getting another one? like maybe vise (if current one is m/c)


I just received my Sapphire card a month ago. I SM’d and was told that they cannot match me. The offer is only for applications submitted starting from 11/18. I called by phone and added additional card and was told i will get the 5000.


Thanks for your fast response. So how many can I do in either name? For dh does it make sense to apply for 1 ink 1 united sapphire and freedom w me as an AU and 2 southwests on mine?


All the links in this post are for the Visa versions.

Like I always say, HUCA and YMMV 😀

There’s not really a hard limit, just depends on your credit history, how well you can negotiate ,and what your needs are.


Does chase ever approve on shifting credit line from personal to business?


Yes though it can take some HUCA.



just tried SM for the extra 10k on freedom card. they approved it right away and added the points automatically.

good luck




@Dan: Am I missing something? I did not get any additional 7% on any of my points with Chase Saphire Preffered card that I opened in July. Please advise. Are we talking about the same card?


The 7% posts in February on top of all points earned in the previous calendar year.


@Dan: Oh ok only once a year. Thanks Next time I will read up more 🙂


Got some info for everyone: just spent 15 min on the phone with chase trying to retroactively get the 5k on a previously opened SP card, and after a few holds they confirmed that its a new promo they’ve been getting tons of calls about and that chase just sent out a email to all customer service reps to honor all accounts opened within last 90 days. Thanks Dan. Good luck to all of you!


I currently have Freedom and Sapphire. I just got charged the annual fee for the Sapphire. Is it better to downgrade to Freedom 1)will I get the bonus as a new card 2)will they allow me to have 2 Freedom accounts? Sounds like the benefits of downgrading to Freedom is better than Sapphire non preferred.


can you apply for both the freedom and sapphire at the same time or is that not advisable? thanks dan!


I have multiple Freedom accounts that way.

Of course.



I have a CSP with wife as primary and FY is up next month. Was going to downgrade to Freedom and sign up for CSP for me with her as secondary. Now that they have an extra 10K for the Freedom I am tempted to have her sign up for it straight up instead of downgrading to it. Would Chase allow me to transfer the credit history of the wife’s CSP next month onto the Freedom or will they just close it down completely. TX!


There’s no way to “transfer the history” of one card onto a new app.

However even when you cancel a card it stays on your history for 10 years after cancellation.
And they can move the line from one card to approve a new card so that there’s no loss on your credit report.


I matched the freedom offer even though I have the card more than three months. I did it on the phone.


I was instantly approved for the Freedom Card. Surprisingly it’s my 3rd instant approval for Chase cards even though my FICO score was always under 700. Never hurts to try!


Ok Dan, but it’s still might be good to know about in case anyone ever decides to apply for any US Bank card like the Club Carlson card.


nvm incognito worked


@Dan I closed my SP card 4 months ago can i apply again and get the points?,same closed united card a year ago will that work for me now again? , and will applying for a new SP card and ink bold work for a 3 BM? Thanks


I just applied for the SPG Amex Saturday evening. What do you think ? Can I apply now ?
for how long is the promotion ?


Dan, I had my sapphire closed down last year because someone transferred UR points into the account. Applied last week and received denial due to previous use against terms. was approved for BA card which I applied for simultaneously. Is it even worth trying to call recon for the Sapphire? If I apply for the Mastercard version instead could that work? I was closed down on my Ink Bold and denied on subsequent application but was still approved for the Ink Plus since its a different product. Thanks.


Hi Dan,
I have a chase sapphire preferred card that I got in April this year. I want to downgrade it before annual fee chimes in next yr. So can I downgrade/convert it to chase freedom before 12 months of getting the card or should I wait until 12 months is complete?
Thanks as always for your wonderful site.


what happens to my chase ur points that I accumulated on my CSP when I downgrade the card? r the points on the freedom and CSP the same? or are the points of lesser value on the freedom?


@Dan: I SM chase if they can still give me the 5k bonus bec my account was opened in the last 90 days and they responded its only for accounts opened after 11/18/13. Is that true?


Thanks Dan,

I applied for a Freedom about 1½ months ago, I sent an SM and they gave me the extra 10,000 points.


any of you are 21 yrs old and got approved for any chase or discover card?

MY niece is joint user on her mom’s freedom account and she has very good score 742 but that’s her only card. she Got declined for freedom because she is already a freedom holder.

Can she be approved for the chase saphire preferred or DISCOVER card?


Can anyone suggest a good card that does not charge a exchange fee when used in Israel?


I Have a freedom card (besides my sapphire, Ink & Amex) and i also have a chase checking account do i have to do something so that i should get the 10% bonus or does it work automatically?


@dan please add this wp plugin so that comments on a post can be followed!


The points are the same but you or your spouse needs an active Sapphire Preferred or Ink Bold/Plus to transfer them into miles.

Others have had success over the phone. YMMV.


Discover will be easiest:

Sapphire Preferred or Barclay Arrival.

Automatic in February.

Seems like it has many poor reviews.

Comments RSS is here:


I downgraded last year the sapphire preferred to the sapphire. Do you think than I need to close the account before I apply for another sapphire preferred? Thanks.


I just applied for the SPG Amex Saturday evening. What do you think ? Can I apply now ?
for how long is the promotion ?


I downgrade the SP to Freedom about 2 months ago how long should I wait to apply for the SP again?
thanks dan


If I downgrade my sapphire to a freedom, while I already have a freedom, do I get 5% back up to $1500 on both freedoms?


I see no benefit to the metal. I still (even after 1yr+) get comments from vendors, “wow, is this a real credit card?” or “whoa, why is it so heavy?” And the weight adds up. Currently in my wallet I only have CSP and Marriott Rewards metal, but until a few months ago, I had Ritz as well… when they sent me the card with EMV chip, the already heavy (metal) card got even heavier. I get the impression that most people like the metal because of status/”DYKWIA”… if there is a real benefit to it, I’d love to hear it. Until then, I’m happy with all plastic cards with raised numbers.


i SM them and they would not match they said you must apply after 11/18




Lol, no real benefit.
But then again people pay $7,500 to get a black card 😀


I just paid the annual fee for the Chase Sapphire, but I
want to get another bonus, what’s the best way to do this @Dan ?


I opened SP in last 90 days, and called for 5K for already added AU, she checked with marketing and said they will mail me a response in 7-10. Is that a probable denial?


The Freedom offer is available in the branch as well. Dan, do you think that it is better to apply there so if there is no instant approval the bank rep could converse with recon and possibly be more likely to achieve a favorable decision. The last time I applied at the branch I did get an instant approval, but he did mention that usually he needs make a call to recon to get an approval for clients of the bank. I would like to consider your thoughts on this.


There’s no benefit of applying in-branch, it’s the same app process.
At home you can also apply with 2bm/3bm/4bm.

You can call Recon yourself or go into a branch to have them write to Recon if your own efforts fail.



Sending a SM usually gives better results.

I got the extra 10K on my Freedom by asking via SM, and I’ve had it for almost a month and a half.


@Kiooly: uh, I feel dumb but what’s SM?


i sent sm yesterday afternoon & this morning again but never received official response, just acknowledgement response saying theyr eceived my email.

i called chase SP and spoke to supervisor, the guy is rude, condescending and kept saying NO to offer match


@Chaim – I received similar SM, but they did add 5,000 for first authorized user.


@Me & @Chaim – I also received similar SM, but they did add 5,000 for first authorized user.
Funny though that they did agree to match the extra 10k on the Freedom.


“You are a valuable Chase Sapphire customer for us and we
will be pleased to apply the 5,000 bonus points offer
after adding the first authorized user to your account.
Please respond with the name of the person you would like
to add on the account as Authorized user and we will be
happy to apply the 5000 points to the account.”


Just got approved and received CSP (first point card). Only received a plastic version w/ no chip. If I call and request a chip version of the card would that one be metal?


i thought this ended yeserday?


If I dont travel often is it still worth it to get the sapphire preferred because of the $95 fee (i would be doing it for my wife who already has the freedom because she loves getting cash back)


Hey i Just made both cards for my wife thanks


is there any way to link accounts with my wife? I have the marriott card and she has the freedom. I would love to be able to transfer out some credit from my marriott to the freedom or preferred (if i get it)




I will be getting 50000K southwest points this month. If I get the freedom and saphire on my wife’s social, can I transfer the points to my southwest account in order to add to 110k points on southwest?


does it make sense to open two sp accounts for my husband and me and get double signup points?


No, but it will end very very soon.

The fee is waived for the first year and afterward you can downgrade to a free card.

There are Ink links in this post.

Direct transfers wouldn’t count for the pass, but you can go through Hyatt, see yesterday’s post.

Of course, signup points are always great 😀


@Dan Is there a smaller chance to get approved for a Sapphire Preferred then a Freedom??


oory didnt see…
thanks a lot


@Dan: what about linking accounts that my wife and i have separately. Will I be able to link the preferred to my wifes freedom card if I make it in my name or will it have to be in my wifes name and therefore it wont be connected to the cards that i have?


@Dan, Thanks for your info! Got approved for Freedom last week 🙂
Is there a smaller % chance to get approved for the Sapphire Preferred then the Freedom??

Dan Torah

@Dan: I applied for both cards for my wife using 2 BM. Sap was approved right away, and Freedom says further review/ How can I expedite the review?


Freedom is probably easier to get.

Not sure what you mean by linking but you can always transfer points between spouses.

@Dan Torah:
Call them?

chaim klein

Yes i am interested in signing up for the New Freedom card


Thanks dan for everything. If I had the sapphire preffered visa, got the bonus when it was 50k, 6 months ago switched it to a MasterCard. Now if I apply for the sapphire visa will I recieve the 40k bonus? Thanks again!


i have most of the chase cards except the freedom. are any of the other cards churnable?





Could someone please direct me to the thread that explains exactly how and why to do a 3BM? Does it also work with business cards? Thanks a lot.


we try to start build our credit and we did mistake with my husband ssn – we try to apply to a lot of c.c and nothing didn’t work (could be that its because we try a lot together also at the beginning i wrote is real salary (very low on the books) and then someone told me to write higher so i changed..
anyway nothing didn’t work
so now i want to know how long you think i need to wait till i would ask again (6 month.. a year?)..

and also i just got ssn for me where is it the better card to start with? how much to write on the income and do you think i will get my fathers card with my name and wait a few month?

thank you for your help


Regarding the travel insurance benefit, i am trying to figure out if this covers me enough to not get travel insurance at all for my trips abroad. However the one item not clear, is if i got sick during a trip and needed to see a doctor or get medicine, or otherwise had a medical emergency, is there coverage? If not, I am still stuck paying $2 dollars a day for travel insurance, which covers all the other benefits offered anyway.


YESSSS! APPROVED! Now can someone please tell me, a Chase Sapphire Preferred VS Amex Premier Rewards Gold, which one is better to use on my daily basis??



YMMV with mixed personal/business 3BMs.

Include your entire household income when applying.
Be added as an AU on someone else’s old card.
Start with easier cards like store cards, student cards, discover cards, or secured cards.

Never bought travel insurance in my life, but call and ask?


dan torah

@dan: is there a special dept to speak with to get review done quicker? Thx


thanks and what about my husband how long you think we need to wait to try again?


Thanks @sam @dan – in general- how long after canceling a chase card can u reapply and get the bonus again? And how about Amex? Thanks !


Dan I have the freedom and the sapphire preffered, and the SPG…which is the next card I should get? Hyatt, AA, united explorer, united club, amex premier rewards gold? please help, even other cards you think of that I didnt mention would be greatly appreciated!


…or British airways?


Hey Dan,
Went to the seminar in L.A.. Loved it! Have been reading some of the forums, but haven’t found an answer to one question: How can I avoid the yearly fee on all the credit cards you recommend (sapphire, bold, amex gold, BA, and so on) without losing the bonus points and other points accumulated from opening the card and the first year?


Do you get the bonus based on when you apply, or when you get accepted? I applied for a Freedom last week, but due to some difficulties, I will not have my application accepted until the end of next week most likely. Just curious if I can still get the bonus?


1. How long after I downgraded last years’ SP can I reapply and get bonus?
2. If I have the freedom visa, is it still possible to get the freedom MC?


Many people have touched on this, but I don’t see a clear comment or answer clarifying the following:

I have a sapphire. I should get charged for the annual fee now.

If I downgrade to a Freedom now –

1. Will I be able to open a new freedom and get the 20K?

2. Can I open a new Sapphire right away and get the 40K? Should I wait?

3. * 3. Should I apply for a 2bm and then ask them to downgrade the existing sapphire to a Freedom?

Please advise.


Dan, my husband had a chase sapphire preferred visa , opened 8/12 closed 7/13. We transferred his UR points into my sapphire account. Is he eligible to get the signup bonus if he opens a new sapphire card? Is it preferable to apply for the sapphire MasterCard as opposed to a visa because he had a visa previously?


got chase freedom and approved instantly. Thanks Dan!


@dan i just downgraded my sapphire preferred to regular sapphire. you think if i ask chase to change it to freedom theyll honor that and also be eligible for this promotion?


@Dan: Are you saying that although im not the primary social on the account that i can transfer points to/from that card to one that i have and my wife is the secondary person? Its not what my chase banker thought but he said he will try to look into it for me


With the freedom card do you get -Primary car rental insurance in Israel??


Heyy Dan, your opinion, is the British Airways cc better or the AAdvantage business card?


what does using 3 different browsers benefit more than just using 3 separate tabs in 1 browser??


just did my first 3bm on freedom sapphire united explorer. freedom approved the two other need to be reviewed will receive answer by mail could u pls send me the links/ steps what to do


call reconsideration at 888-270-2127


Which cards, other than the united explorer card, have primary car coverage in the US?


Is there any way to use Delta skymiles to travel on Hawaiian air?


Hi Dan i have a question i have the ink bold card now can i call them and transfer this credit to this Sapphire card so that i can close this ink bold card?

dan torah

Even if reconsideration approves after review, is the credit still one pull if 2bm was used?


to your q, you could not find the answer, cause you cant avoid a fee. some facts of life you need to accept.



Are you expecting any crazy Amex bonuses to be coming soon.. like the 100k platinum or 50k Gold bonuses? Its been a while.

I Signed up for the Chase freedom and sapphire in both my name and my wife but I’m wondering when the Amex offers will be coming as they are much more lucrative offers.



so i am new to all this and i only have a capital one rewards card now so i plan to sign up for chase freedom and chase sapphire preferred but in every day to day use which card should i use and will i have to buy those vanilla cards to spend money on all 3 cards?


Happy new year. Has the HAAS card ever been profiled? Does anyone know if there is anything valuable one can do with those points and avoid losing them to expiration? The card boasts a nice idea (%age to tzedaka in E”Y) but the reward points program seems less than ideal.
Thanks in advance to Dan or any of his chasidim who can help.



Based on when you apply 🙂

Yes, it can be done online.

Yes but the freedom card has a 3% forex fee.
Sapphire Preferred has no Forex fee and earns 2.14 points per dollar.

Depends on your needs.

I’m not aware of any offhand.


Highly unlikely.
AMEX has really cooled down the bonuses.

Capital one stinks. Poor points and 3 credit pulls.

For other spending:

It stinks.
Other point currencies are better for tickets to anywhere, including to Israel.


Which card give primary car rental insurance in the USA ?


Hey Dan, I already have a sp and want to do a 3bm on chase. I’m not a big spender so I just aim for high signup bonuses, can u recommend which 3 cards I Go for? Thanks for always being there


Dan the man, i use the visa merchants site (as per your suggestion) to see which stores are in which category (7eleven as a gas station). are we sure thats where chase looks as well? they told me that quickchek is not considered gas but it is under “gas station” on the merchant site. thnks!


I live in Canada but have a US account. Almost all my purchases are done in Canada, with the exception of some amazon orders to the US. I do have a US billing address but prefer to use my Canadian one. Is it worth it for me to apply for the Chase preferred or the BA? or should I stick with Canadian cards?


@Dan: Re HAAS: Dan, Thank you. Is there anything i can do with the near 200k points i have (other than fly to Israel soon). The points are expiring. I know your reply will help others than me. Thank you again


signed up for myself and got approved for $500 and my wife got $5000!!!!


For car rental in US chase sapphire, chase freedom, or Starwood Amex?


Hi Dan, I recently(within last 2 weeks) downgraded my chase Sapphire preferred to a Freedom card! can I apply again for sapphire preferred right away or better to wait(if so how long?)


HI Dan. Sorry if I’m repeating someone’s question – tried reading through the posts first. I recently opened AMEX cards under my name with my husband as an AU, so wanted to open these under his name. However, he is in yeshiva, so even though I can put our full household income on the application, what do i do about his employment status? Is it very negative to put him in the student category? Or are they only looking at the income amount anyway?


Did you ever get Israeli reps at Chase?

Today was the second time I got one!


I already applied for a Freedom twice and so far still not approved. I have a decent income and Chase checking account with direct deposit. I tried again last night through your link Dan, and have high hopes this time. Any suggestions?


I am new to this and just signed up for the Chase Sapphire Preferred. Is it better for my husband to get his own card or to make him an authorized user on mine? Between the two of us, we will spend more than $3K in 3 months, so would be each earn the add’l points?


will the freedom card cover car insurance in isral?


sorry saw the answer in an earlyer comment thanks

Igor Ivanovich

@Dan: re plastic or metal, when I rent from Avis and they imprint/press the card, it does not come out good so they copy it and write the numbers, so plastic would be simpler and faster. Metal is cooler obviously.

Igor Ivanovich

Dan, why is this a final call? Is this supposed to end any day now? I want to first finish some spend thresholds on Amex cards I got before taking on more burdens to share. (I am not in USA to be able to pick up Vanilla Reloads, BB etc. TIA!


United, BA, and Freedom?

If you have a Visa and that site says gas you’re good to go.

Probably very worthwhile to use a US card.

Sell them?


The income is the major factor.

Get your banker to write a letter for you?

Get your own cards so you both get the signup bonus.

Yes, but with a forex fee.

@Igor Ivanovich:
Trust me 😉


I want to get the Sapphire Preferred and another card in the same credit pull. Is it more worth it to get the united card or the british airways card. Do they all have the ability to transfer points between them?



so whats the deal-dan whats the benefit of using 3 separate browsers vs using 3 tabs in one browser???


Only Sapphire can transfer points.
Go for all 3?

If you apply in the same browser it may mess it up.
Better to use IE, FF, Chrome, etc.


Hi dan can I apply right away again for Chase sapphire preferred if I recently downgraded it? please help as i want to do a 3bm(i have freedom, ink bold, BA, United already,)any other suggestions?


@dan is nordstrom considered “select department stores” for Q4?



When you downgrade your SP and move the points over to your spouse…what happens to the 7% annual dividend?

chase guy

@dan Do you think if i apply for the freedom card today they will still give me the 20000 points if i call since the offer went dead today?


I got an email from Chase thanking me for my Freedom signup at 3:54pm. Hope it goes through!
p.s. My other half of my 2BM signup, the Sapphire Preffered, was approved instantly. Why’d the (easier) Freedom card get held up?


@dan check out the PayPal Extras MasterCard

Dan's the man

My wife’s Chase Freedom application was rejected for too many recent requests and too much credit from Chase (she got the Sapphire Preferred, United, and British Air cards in the last few months). We tried a Secure Message to be reconsidered. They responded that we should call. She called and just asked if they could lower some of the other lines to approve her Freedom. Worked like a charm! Thank Dan!

Was anyone successful in asking for the 5,000 Ultimate Rewards bonus points for adding an authorized user for a Sapphire Preferred card? I got the card about 6 months ago so it’s not within 90 days but I figured I’ll send a secure message to try. Did this work for anyone?


@ben yes


so your saying that anyone can get a chase ink plus or bold business card even if you don’t have a business per se – just use your name on the card and then your don’t have the issue of not using your credit limit each month? which card is the preferred one for a novice? ink plus or ink bold?


also now that i just signed up for the chase Sapphire prefered and chase freedom is it worth my while to open a chase checking account? for the 7% or 10% mentioned?

s. fried

hi dan which chase credit card covers insurance in israel i am all confused earlier i sew on your web site that it has to be a chase sapphire preferred mastercard and now i c that all the chase cards cover car insurance please help me and clarify thanks


Hi, I currently have a Chase Sapphire (not preferred) with a long history. Do I need to cancel this card if I want to get the preferred with the bonus and first year fee free?


is it only the mastercard sapphire preferred that has primary rental car insurance?

I have the Visa – and its only CDW.

I checked the Mastercard site -don’t see anything

I’ve never heard of a card having primary insurance.


Hi Dan,

I have the Chase Sapphire Preferred World Mastercard for slightly under a year, which means my $95 annual fee is right around the corner. Currently I am the primary cardholder and my wife is an additional cardholder. I was interested in cancelling my card, having my wife apply and adding me as a secondary cardholder in order to garner the 45K points. Question is this feasible? does Chase allow both spouses to have independent accounts under the same address, do you foresee any other issues?. Thanka


No issue at all.