Chase Has Been Approving Applicants Over 5/24, Which Chase Cards Have You Been Approved For, Despite Being Over 5/24?

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I wrote in November about many reports from people getting approved for some Chase cards, despite being over 5/24.

Incredibly, that doesn’t appear to have been a glitch. There are still lots of reports of Chase card approvals, despite being over 5/24. Most of these reports are from Chase co-brand consumer cards, but if you try your luck on any Chase cards, post a comment with the results!

Chase co-brand consumer cards include:

The Chase 5/24 rule has been around for years. If you have been approved for 5 or more consumer cards in the past 24 months, you would be automatically denied when applying for a Chase card.

While the policy was unofficial, it did show up on the Sapphire Reserve application very briefly, though it was quickly removed:

5/24 doesn’t look at card applications. It only counts the number of credit cards (on the single report that they pull) that have been opened within the past 24 months. The report that Chase pulls can vary from card to card and state to state.

You can get all 3 of your reports (Experian, Equifax, and Transunion) for free on to see how many cards you have that have been opened within the past 24 months.

Do you think Chase will continue to wind down the 5/24 rule or will they reinstate it? Share your data points on applying for Chase cards despite being over 5/24!

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A friend and I both got the IHG Premier a few months ago when it offered 150K +$50 credit and first year no fee. Both of us over 5/24


I tried for the same card late last year at 8/24 or 9/24 and got rejected for too many cards.


I currently have the chase ink on my social security as a sole proprietorship, it has been more then 24 months since I got the bonus. Can I apply again on the same social, and get the bonus again [automatic system approval without needing to call in ? )

Dr Moneybags

The Aeroplan card is missing from your list. Any reports on this? I’m 7/24 including an AU and my application is currently pending. Does 5/24 usually lead to automatic denial or is the “we’ll get back to you in 7-10 days” a common outcome even when over 5/24?


Look up the phone # for reconsideration and call now, don’t wait, you’re credit pull is only good for 30 days, those letters take a long time to arrive sometimes. Yes, I personally call after 4-5 days!


Approved for Southwest Premier Personal in December. Over 5/24

Phil ddf

I applied this year for ink unlimited card for new business after not having applied for CC in over two years. They forced me to take credit from existing card credit line. They said I had too much outstanding credit with chase.


approved for United consumer card despite being over 5/24 back in late 2021


Unfortunately I can’t get a Chase card as I got kicked out from Chase 3 years ago for exceeding my monthly limit (would buy then pay off then buy then pay off). Guess I will just have to keep using my Amex Centurion and Capital One Venture X until they let me back in. I apply every 6 months for United card but get rejected! I’m persona non grata! Almost as if I had filed bankruptcy!


Interesting. MS-ing?


Sounds like he was cycling.


What’s MS-ing?


Manufactured spending – i.e. buying visa gift cards


Read about my mistake on Dan’s Forums after I got the boot!


manufactured spending


I was making real purchases!


Link? Would like to read about it if you don’t mind. Thanks


I tried several times to apply for chase cards while over 5/24 relatively recently with no luck. However, I previously did that and got no credit pull. These past couple times they did a credit pull annnnnd denied me.

Rufus T. Bass

I’m at 8/24. Applied for Aeroplan Mastercard today. Application did not go through, and I received a message on the application site that they were experiencing technical difficulties and to try again later. Tried again later and got the same message. I didn’t receive any emails or any other notification from Chase, but oddly, I received a message from my Experian app that an inquiry from Chase was reported. I called the application status line and got the message that they received two applications from me within the last 30 days, they they were under review, and that I would be advised of a decision in writing within the next 7 to 10 business days. Very strange. In any case, it doesn’t look good, but I will report back when I hear something definitive.


I applied for the united explorer and got approved on the spot for a 12k credit line I’m 5/24 but one is a store card (capital one Walmart card) not sure if that counts.


Was denied first from Captal 1 venture x and a few months later approved great card the really do price match airlines car rentals etxc