[5/24 Update] Credit Card Alert: Incredible Approval Odds Right Now On The Best Ever 100,000 Point Ink Offer!

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Update: Over the past week, reports have been coming in that Chase is no longer approving applicants that are over the 5/24 limit for the Ink Preferred Credit Card offer.

This data only further reinforces the theory below that Chase will occasionally make exceptions to the 5/24 rule, in line with the launch or end date of a new offer.

The 100K offer on $8k spend is still active though and in general Ink Cards have been some of the easiest approvals over the past year, so if you are under 5/24 now is still a great time to get on this deal!

In December and in March, Chase was approving Ink card applications like they were giving out water.

With the new lower spending threshold for the Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card it seems the easy approvals are active again.

There, are, multiple, reports, from DansDeals readers of approvals despite being over 5/24.

You can read all about this offer in Dan’s post here.

I personally got an Ink Business Unlimited® Credit Card and Ink Business Cash® Credit Card in March, and was just approved for an Ink Preferred today. Keep in mind there are no limits to how many Ink cards you can get!

It seems the easy approvals often align with the start or end of a new best ever offer. Chase likely wants to get a boost in approvals during those periods, but regardless of the reason why, now is the best time to apply for these cards.

We will share more posts on how to best utilize the 100,000 point signup bonus, ideas for meeting the lower $8,000 spend threshold, and more in the coming weeks.

One important factor to keep in mind is that this is a business credit card, but you do not need a registered business to get approval. If you apply as a sole proprietorship and use your own legal name as the business name, you are eligible for this card, assuming you have any sort of side hustle that earns money for which you’d want a credit card.

Have you been approved for the Ink Preferred this month?


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I got an Ink Unlimited and an Ink Cash in March. Both are still open (and maxed out – 0% APR, why not?), and yet not just now not 5 minutes after getting a “your application is being reviewed” response for the Preferred, I received an email that I was approved!




Same here


Got approved for another unlimited after the last one in March.




Hi, can i apply and pay college tuition on this card as i would not have a significant expenses on my side hustle?




How strict is Chase on “Spend” being “Business” related? If college tuition qualifies, how about medical expenses?


Not strict.


I live in EY and put my brother’s address now Chase are asking for a proof of address – any ideas?

World Traveler

Be honest and don’t lie?


Give proof. Bank statement. Utility bill


so back in the last round, i applied for 2 inks for my wife, her first chase business cards, they declined both, but after calling recon, they approved one with a 5k limit, and wanted a mountain of paperwork for the 2nd, so i just dropped it, after reading a previous comment here, i decided to try again, and got the pending 7-10 day response, but 2 min later got an email saying approved!!! i can’t even see the limit they gave, but i need to now pay for my AC installation, so hoping it’s enough and can def use the 0% apr!!




I don’t believe this ink card has the 0% apr, The other two inks do


I have real businesses, but every time I apply for a business card they do a hard pull on my personal credit (even though I use the business TIN they all for my personal info too)
Any way to get around that?


That’s normal. I don’t worry about hard pulls, they drop off soon enough and don’t hurt much.


Dan 8K spend is a pretty steep hurdle you think they may lower that bar?


This is lowered, it’s been $15K for years.
I don’t see it going down more.


It was $5k once upon a time


Not with a 100K bonus.


correct. it was 80k for $5k spend several years ago.


Does each ink card of the same name need to be tied to a different business?


Not necessarily but if you have to go through recon, you will most definitely have to explain to them why you want a second, not that they won’t approve you, but they probably have to ask

The Best guy

My credit score went down does that mean I won’t we approved?

Kermit the Gorf

I actually had to HUCA reconsideration a couple of times, but got approved in the end for the Preferred. So keep trying if necessary.


I’m looking to lease a car for the first time. I have good credit (around 800). Will applying for this card now affect my lease approval?


At that level, it shouldn’t make any difference.

The Righteous

Should I apply even if I got denied for the sapphire?



The Righteous

The reason for denial was due to little credit history and no relationship with chase.
Should I still try?


Try opening Chase consumer/business checking accounts.

The Righteous

I should open first a checking account and then try to apply? Is that what you’re saying?
Being added to a shared account will also help?


Applied after being approved for both cards in March – when submitted it said in review – 30 seconds later get an email approved!
They’re definitely trying to inflate their numbers as much as possible.




Does this card offer 0 APR?


No, but these do:

Ink Unlimited
Ink Cash


I got approved for the preferred in March and a second unlimited in April, is there a chance that they’ll give me another, 3 month later?


Worked for me! Got an email saying it was under review, and 5 minutes later got a call from Fraud Prevention just to verify that I submitted it, and a minute later it was approved!

This is after I was approved multiple times a few months ago


Wife and I each got 3 Inks earlier in the year. Tempted to get more now. Risk of shutdown for overdoing it?


In march i opened 2.
Now i got 7-10 message, but got right away an email that I’m approved.
Thanks Dan!!!


if i got denied last week because of 5/24 should i retry now?


You should call recon now


I spoke to recon last week, and was still denied, should i retry now?




can it hurt to try again. my credit score is 817 the reason for denial was number of recently opened accounts, business structure, insufficient business deposit relationship with us.


Can I apply for this and an ink cash/ unlimited (or all 3?) in one go? 🙂




officialy you can inly get approved for 2 card in 30 days by chase. but on the same day you have nothing to loose bacause they only pull your credit once


I have an ink preferred for my biz but I never got the bonus ( I switched to preferred to move some points to united) if I switch back out to a different ink type card can I qualify for bonus if approved?


Yes, but there’s no requirement to switch with Ink.


We’ll over 5/24. Approved for a Preferred in March but had to call Recon. Just applied for the Cash, got the “review” message and email, pulled Experian and then nothing. Hoping I don’t have to call Recon again.


Any indications of approvals for people who were shut down by Chase?




I have a business but very few expenses related to it. Can I use this card almost exclusively for personal expenses? Will it get me in trouble with the bank or cause problems for me with my other cards with them?


It’s not enforced.


My wife and I applied for and were approved for multiple cards in December, but Chase shut them all down after a few months.

Any point in reapplying now or better to wait longer?


If I use a referral does it make sense that the spending jumps back to 15k ?


Yes, this offer isn’t currently available via referral.


Recon dept must be confused why so many schwartz’s and rosenbergs are calling

m levin

I’m not finding the 8k/95$ offer anymore. Anyone else having the same issue?

m levin

Thanks it showed up. In the small print in the bottom, it says you can not get a new card member bonus if you had the same card in the last 24 months. Is that not true?


Not enforced on Ink cards.


Based on your past experience, how long do these easy approval periods usually last–are we talking days or weeks?


No way to know.


I got approved for both “inks” recently, I just applied for business ink from this link and got a reply that they are looking into this. shortly after i got a phone call to verify the phone details and were approved, thanks dan
how do i remove the credit inquiry it shouldn’t affect my credit?


Inquiries fall off by themselves.


Can the Chase Ink Buisness Preferred card be solely used for personal expenses?


That is not enforced.


I just applied and got approved.
Why when I applied for a United card it was declined? Are they stricter?

I have 500,000 points but no idea how to transfer them. I tried getting a United card so I can transfer them to United a book a ticket that way.

Mr. CC

You can open a united milage plus account w/o getting the credit card


I’m thinking of starting an Airbnb at my house. Would it work for me to get the Chase Ink Business Card and use that to purchase the initial items (e.g. Bed, TV, etc) to meet the minimum spend?




Can I open another card if I already have 1?




officialy no


Just received a notice from my existing AMEX platinum business card, inviting me to apply for a new AMEX Biz plat with a 150,000 sign-up bonus after $15k spend. Are they likely to allow the bonus, or is this a mistake?


Just read the terms, but should be fine.


you would receive a pop up if your not eligible


I have a Preferred (opened in January), Cash and Limited under my name (as Sole Proprietor). I see others on this page were shut down by Chase. Am I risking my relationship with Chase going for another Preferred if I don’t do shtik with spending?


Should be fine.


I currently have the ink preferred already, will they approve me the same card again for the same business and get the bonus?




Hi Dan I’m currently not in business and in kolel am I able to apply for this card and if yes what do write by the area of the application where it wants the business info when it was started and the annual revenue? Thank you


your not eligible if you have no type of business at all


Kollel is a business. Sole proprietor and your social security


laasok bdivreo torah


Learn to sell on EBay or FB Marketplace (easier-list in 5 min or less), and according to many responders, it’s not tracked or enforced.


If I apply with a sole proprietorship will it go on my credit report. Does it count as a personal consumer card. ( I know chase doesnt report business cards to the credit bureau).
so I just want to make sure if I do it as sole proprietorship it will stay that well.




“We will share more posts….ideas for meeting the lower $8,000 spend threshold”
We’re still waiting!


There, are, multiple, reports, from…
Loved that! 😉


@ dan, is this a temporary offer, or it changed for good?


this changed for good


My score is low low 600s is there any point in even trying to apply?


I applied for ink unlimited and I wrote my private name for business name, now they requested business entity proof is there anything I can do?


I’m at 2/24 right now and I just applied to the INK but I got a “we’ll get back to you soon”


its normal


If you apply as a sole proprietorship , were is this option ?


If I have a ink preferred and got a bonus in march, can I apply today and get the bonus again?




Thanks for requesting a new credit card!

We’ll review your Chase Ink Business Preferred® credit card application and be in touch soon.

What should i do next??


just wait


I can confirm that there was a credit inquiry on my personal credit (using my social and applying for chase ink business)…
I thought this was not supposed to cause a hard credit check?


they check your credit uppon applying, but after your card is approved they dont report to the credit buraus, so they woint see if you max the card, or if you close the card


were is the option of sole proprietorship ?


sole proprietorship


There is a question like business structure, in the dropdown choose sole proprietor

Rivka H.

I’m going to apply for this but also wanted to know – I have had a Chase Freedom card for 25 years; should I upgrade it to Freedom Unlimited, or apply for a new Freedom Unlimited (wait for a bonus)?


dont think its worth a credit pull for those small bonuses, rather open a card with a high bonus offer


I got a notification that they had to review my application and at the same I got an email that I was approved for 5k


What is the minimum credit rating required for this card?


I got declined for having too many recently opens CC. Is that something recon might help with or not worth trying?


if your over 5/24, no point in trying recon


Why do you say that??


going over 5/24 only works by the automatic system, from my experience


But they can override it, as they often do when the 05/24 includes AU cards.


They rejected my application. Too many credit cards, and credit line is too high. I spoke to them to have it reconsidered. She said my only option is to shut a credit card that I opened in January and they’ll approve this application in the place of:
-That existing card
-That existing credit line
She said it’s not enough to just move the credit line. But I know with personal credit cards they consider shutting a card 7 months after opening it, a no no. Does that apply with business cards too??


Hang up and call again likely another rep would just transfer the credit line and not need to close the old card


Same as many wrote above, I applied after being approved for both business cards in January, and then a downgraded reserve and was approved for preferred in May, When submitted it said in review, 30 seconds later get an email approved! BH. Thank you DD!


Thanks Dan! These posts gave me the courage to apply for this Ink Preferred yesterday even though I am at 5/24 and have been approved for 3 of the other Inks in the past 9 months. Even though I at first received the “Under Review” response, I discovered via email that I was approved right away. I called right away to request expedited shipping of the card, which the friendly rep was glad to help with. I was very skeptical, but the picking was right.


If I were to cancel this card in a few months, would it affect me negatively in any way?


Why should you do that, you won’t lose anything of keeping it open until the second AF hits


You’re right. I meant to cancel it before the AF hits. Will it affect me negatively to do that?


You have a month from when the AF posts to cancel. That’s the best time to cancel (or try to get a retention bonus for not canceling).

Or you can just downgrade to a no-annual fee card.


I’ve been an authorized user on a few cards (csp,citi cards) but never under my own account. what are the chances I’ll be approved for this card (I was denied the csp in the winter du to lack of credit history…)


On a side note, My Brother -still lives with our parents – applied for Freedom Unlimited and they ask him for Proof of Address, he has no utility bills or so on his Name, Any idea?

Thank you


car registration I would think would work as proof.


Hi Dan, I believe I had this card previously and downgraded it to the free ink cash or ink unlimited card. If I apply for this card under the original business would I be eligible for the bonus again? I downgraded at least 4 years ago.


Yes, there are no limits enforced on Ink cards.




I have several Ink cards. With a new business, I use a different email address. Would applying with my biz email (using that new biz EIN) affect my application one way or another?


New update: I applied twice — with two different businesses. Surprisingly rejected on both. Called recon for the first, no luck. Will try again for the second. New question: does it help to put a face to the recon? Is visiting a Chase branch for a chat ever a better option?


Update: my two applications were flagged as a “duplicate” — when I called for the 2nd one, it was a heavy interview, and then a follow-up requesting documents to provide proof of the business, EIN, etc., all of which I provided. And then, approved yet again… for my 5th Chase Ink card. 2 of them from just over 6 months ago, both maxed out to take advantage of 0% APR. 🙂 go get ’em!


I sell online amazon, ebay. In which business category do I belong??


I got 7-10 days online and 2 weeks over the phone. What’s right? Also why is recon closed so early? It’s supposed to be open until 10PM no?

If I do a 2BM or 3BM can I do it over 24 hours or does it have to be same calander day for 1 HP?


I was declined because of 5/24 called recon a few times with no success.


thanks for data point. bypassing 5/24 sounds too good to be true


Are Dell and Best Buy considered office supplies stores to receive 5 points per dollar on the Ink Card?




what’s the difference on the 3 cards

ink preferred
ink cash
ink business’ cash

preferred i see 95$ annual fee
others are free

how many bonus points each gets ?


Thanks. I was approved for the Unlimited in March or so cuz of your post, and gave it a shot today for the Preferred today because of the post. I am way over /24. Instant approval.


sole prop. or business with EIN?


I got rejected at recon also for having too many cards opened in the past few months. They seemed to have clear notes in their system. Would applying for other Ink or other Chase cards be a bad idea?


I have another chase ink but I forgot the amount i put in for how much i make any ideas what i can do?


Does this card help build personal credit ?
If I apply as sole proprietorship?




Approved after a few days via email, even after my recent approvals of the ink cash and ink unlimited. Thanks, Dan and JJ.


I was sent for review. In the past this prompted a letter and after I call, we go over my open cards (all w 0 balance) and I tell them to roll all my credit into the newly applied for card. The analyst seems satisfied as they get rid of unused cards, I get the credit limits I am looking for within reason and shalom all yisroel.

Raphael Rosin

Got denied because “The application is incomplete” like what does that even mean?


I had the same thing. A couple of days later they sent me a letter in the mail to “complete” my application. I called chase and they told me they wanted my physical signature. Got nervous about the whole thing and dropped it.




@dan and JJ
if i apply for this today, do all other cards i apply for today not have any credit checks? or do all CHASE cards i apply for not have any added credit checks?


only chase only business




Do you have to have a business to get an ink card?


Read these comments it literally says a million times you don’t. Follow the link instructions


can you use this as a balance transfer card?


I’m sure this is a pretty dumb question, but I want to get this card but was wondering if I cancel my Chase United, will I lose my United miles?


Not a dumb question


Can these 100k points be transferred to United mileage points? Apologies if this is too simple of question.



Helping Chase pump for shareholders

Yay, approved!
I finally got back in with Chase. I was banned since October 2021. Without any explanation, they shut every one of the many accounts our family held. We’ve always been good paying costumers of theirs. ‍♂️.
I’m glad to again be reaping the benefits of their cards.


make sure to spend your card asap, because a lot of times they approve and after a few weeks they shut it again


I never heard of that, and I frequent the forums.
Can anyone else corroborate this?

m c

yes i had it by the previous ink, i opened both and before i finished my spend on my 2nd card they shut both [i was previousley shut by them]


anything I can do if I was denied and received this message “Not enough accounts opened long enough to establish a credit history”



sarah c lagnado

They ask for an employer identification number and youcan’t finish the application without it.
Please advise.


You can switch that to social security number via the drop-down menu.


If I get this card but don’t manage to get the 8000 spending threshold within the 3 months, is it still worth it to get it and pay the yearly fee for the rest of the benefits?


I just got approved -What number can I call to ask them to expedite the shipping? Thanks!


Got declined, phone rep said “Final, can’t reconsider” due to business being too new, too many recent cards. This is under a real business name.

Should we re-apply and expect different of we try the sole proprietor route?


I got a letter that says I had a new Chase business card opened recently, average length of time since accounts opened is too short, and too many requests for credit. Any advice?


We applied and got the email “Thanks for applying for a new credit card!” followed by We’ll review your Chase Ink Business Preferred credit card application and be in touch soon…
Question: Does this happen????


Will receive a welcome bonus for ink cash buccaneer business card even though I already have a different ink business card?
Will I receive welcome bonus for each ink card??


Yes, yes.


What do you mean by “ $8,000 spend threshold, and more in the coming weeks.” what more can we expect?

yitzy goldfedder

is there an annual fee for this card?




I was approved for this deal after already getting both ink cards early this year as well as downgrading my Chase Sapphire and reapplying for the 80k Sapphire just a few months back.



Random Jay

How quick after getting approved can I transfer my freedom points to this cards to benefit from the 1.25-1.5 value?


Within a day or 2.


Does the Ink Business unlimited card give cash back or ultimate rewards points?




Points, but you can only redeem them for travel if you have a sapphire, or a business preferred


Would I be able to downgrade this card to no annual fee business card after 1 year if I already have Ink and Unlimited?




It requests a an ein number. What can I enter for that?


Change that box to SSN.


Tried applying for business card and didn’t get approved. Any suggestions on what to do?


What do I get a letter asking for verification of Name/Business? I used the wrong name on my wife’s application (used her middle name instead of her legal first name)


You’ll likely need to reapply with a new application


Can I transfer points from a personal account to a business account?’
How about from my wifes account to my account?

Chad Bidoro

Yes and yes if same address or are AU on a UR card


I applied for this on June 10, 2023, got an immediate rejection, and forgot about it.

My guess was that the rejection was because I had opened a Chase United Explorer card account only 1 month prior.

Then, on June 20, I got a notice from Chase saying that my application was approved, and that the card is on its way. (in case it’s helpful info for anyone, my fico is 760)


I had this card back in 2017 and received a bonus welcome offer. I”ve since closed it. Will I be eligible again for the welcome bonus points? (don’t see this answered anywhere online)


If I Apply for this today any other cards I apply for today won’t have an additional credit check? Or ONLY chase cards won’t have an additional check?



Chad Bidoro

Only chase


Will this business card build my personal credit? I”m looking to open a card to build my own credit.


It will not


If i apply via sole proprietorship, what can i write under “Annual business revenue” my regular income ?


what is the annual fee


declined and called the reconsideration. They were surely not as easy as before.
In fact, they wouldn’t reconsider. I recently got both business unlimited and business cash. for one of them, they gave me a high credit line.
the reason they declined the business preferred are:
– too many cards too soon
– too many active accounts
– credit limit grew too fast

I tried to explain that I have transactions that I would like to use this card for and that I don’t need the 10k credit limit on one of the cards and could share/split the credit limit.

he didn’t like that and said if you already have a credit limit, use it.


what does it earn at staples?


Most of the 8000 spend for me would be just 1 point purchases. When compared to Ink Unlimited, 8000 in spend earns 108k points (100k bonus plus spend at 1:1) vs 87k (75k bonus plus 1:1.5 spend). Once you factor in the Preferred’s annual fee ($95), the difference amounts to only about 11,500 points. But the Unlimited offers 0% APR for 12 months which is definitely worth foregoing just 11k points. Am I missing something in my calculation?


Any notice on when this offer will end?


So many people recently have been asking questions on Chase approvals.

Found this great flow chart to help.



Applied and was denied. Called reconsiderations twice. They said that I opened 5 credit cards in the last 24 months (4/5 were not chase cards, and one of those is already closed) and there is absolutely no way around this. Does anyone know otherwise?


I was also denied – too many cards open recently, too much credit line used, and 1 other similar reason. Doesn’t seem like they’re so generous with approvals as the post indicates


Is the offer still going on




New Chase business card recently opened
Average length of time since accounts opened is too short
You have too many active accounts or too much available credit
Your current amount of credit is enough in relation to your income


Ask them to move some credit from your other cards

Ronit Tannenbaum

Do we need to get an ein number to apply for the card?

Anthony C.

Any data points of people getting approved over 5/24? I’m currently at 6/24 with 763 score on Experian, debating if I should apply or not. Have 4 inquiries in the last 6 months


I am only at 620 Fico but I have an EIN. Is it worth applying?


I was denied originally. I called up when I had a chance (3 weeks later) and asked nicely why they said please hold while we look in to it. 5 minutes later they came back on and said I was approved. Lesson is even if you are denied/declined call and and speak to them with respect and you will probably get approved


Am I able to change this card after it is open to another that doesn’t have an annual fee such as a feedoom or it doesn’t work with a bussiness card?


if i just opened a new ink preferred card 3 weeks ago, can I open another one this week or is there a limit on how close can you open an additional card?


@Dan I want to apply for this card as a sole proprietor but how much money can I enter that I make a year?


can i pay my mortagage with this?


Thank you @Dan and @JJ. Between me and my wife, we were approved for 5 inks and 2 preferreds. Still boggles my mind that Chase handed us 650K points on a silver platter.


Is the top part supposed to say chase is no longer DENYING applicants that are over 5/24?


No, no longer approving. They were not approving people over 5/24, when they lowered the spend amount they started approving people, now that seems to have mostly ended.


can i apply for the same credit card twice. i applied once a half year ago and got approved now, i want to apply for the same card. May i do so?


i got approved in June for business unlimited, and in July for business cash, will they approve me now for the preferred?


B”H approved!


I was approved 7/5 does it make sense to apply for another one?


I opened and hit the 15k spend on the preferred 3 months ago. I just applied for a second preferred card and got approved. Safe to cancel the original one or just keep both active?

Jamie Dimon

No reason to cancel until next annual fee. Which is best practice anyhow because it is a no-no to cancel a card within a year of opening it.


Did you apply under the same business name?
I’d like to apply for a second one too (applied for first about 2 months ago) but would love to hear from people who have done it too.
Thank you!


Can confirm. I’m above 5/24 and got approved. And that’s on top of the ink unlimited and ink cash I opened a mere few months ago.


Hey Dan,

I applied for the ink preferred on July 25th. The following day I received a request for additional documents. I provided all documents required and sent back to them on July 27th. I still haven’t gotten any response – does it normally take this long for chase to review documents and approve the application? What other issues could there be? Should I reach out and follow up?


Call them of course.


I applied and was denied they were saying I’m over 5/24 I tried recon and after 3 times and proving to them that I’m not over 5/24 (was only 3/24) they approved me but only for 3,000 is there any way I can get them to raise that or is it risky to do ask for a credit increase so soon after approval?


Hi I applied for the chase ink preffered, and got rejected. my credit score is very good. they told me that the reason for being rejected is because I only have one credit card. Do you know if there’s a way to have that reconsidered and what do I do? I had already asked them to reconsider it once.

philippe l

applied for chase ink business preferred card on July 4th… after signing a paper they sent me in the mail I got approved on aug 1st.
I applied for the bonus of 100,000 points after spending 8k in 3 months. I just passed 8k and am surprised to see I didn’t get the bonus.
called chase. spoke to a manager. They say that the only correct answer its that when I applied it was at 15k spend threshold. I dint believe that because I applied when it was 8k.,. they can’t do anything for me… anyone have ideas?


HUCA, otherwise try a CFPB complaint.