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-Earn 10,000 starpoints for opening up the card.
-Earn another 30,000 starpoints (15,000 for the 1 point per dollar spent, and a 15,000 point bonus) for spending $15,000 on the card in the first 6 months of having the card!
Need some help getting to $15,000?
You obviously didn’t read my previous post!
Starwood Signup Offer Linky
HT: Asher O.

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Is the starwood 15,000 bonus only for people who sign up now, or would it apply to me as well if I already opened my starwood 3-4 months ago???



whats your previouse post?


“Need some help getting to $15,000?
You obviously didn’t read my previous post!”

im looking for the post u mentioned, and maybe its just that im stupid, but i cant find what ur talking about!


Avremel – It would not apply to the card you applied for 3 months ago as this deal just got released.

Anon 1 & 3 – Accept google credit card payments for free (Hint — All you need is a good friend)

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Two months (and $50,000) later I got shut down for violating their TOS.

In fact, they asked me to send them a whole bunch of personal information, to verify my identity. Stupidly enough, i complied. They replied that they are unable to verify my identity, without specifying why. When I persistently asked, they told me that it is confidential proprietary technology and they can’t tell me. I actually had some real transactions (in a total of 5 accounts) that were pending; they shut those down as well.

Interestingly enough, I’m posting this on a webpage owned and hosted by them…


did you do 50k all into one account?
were you paying yourself?


You can cancel a card immediately after getting the points, but every card has limits on how often you can apply for it.

Look in the credit card profiles for that info.

Also look at the cancelling a card article in the knowledge base


Why doesnt it let me do a short application as I already have an amex card (the other amex cards give you that option)


i read about not cancelling a card instead combining the two cards , very impressive however can this be done with an amex consumer card and an amex business card putting the business card into the consumer card


Anon @ 2:09.

My buddy and i were purchasing services from eachother. I do database work, he does web design.

I got terminated, he got a stern warning.



This is a quote from the aplication form

“You may have more than one Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card account, however, if you have or had any such account you are not eligible to receive bonus Starpoints you may be offered for any other such account.

Do you know otherwise?

Asher O

DAN please answer this very important I read your post about cancelling a card (combine two citi cards) absolutely brilliant now i need to know if i can get the 10,000 for business amex and then combine it to consumer thereby canceling the business please answer

Asher O

IANAE (I Am Not An Expert), but i’m pretty sure you can combine personal and business credit lines. The reason I say this is because you are able to shuffle your credit lines betweek personal and business cards on (assuming the accounts are linked). If you cannot do it when you cancel, just move over the max allowed (you need to leave at least 1,000 on each card) before you call to cancel.

On a different note, having too high of a credit line is one of the factors that will trigger an AmEx financial review. This is a dreadful procedure that will probably result in all your accounts being shut down.


to asher o if im using business amex just to get the 10,000 i can start with low credit line to avoid high credit line problem then transfer over and two months later leave a 1,000 and cancel business

Asher O

Reply to Anon @ 6:47PM:

I’m not sure what you’re asking. If your combined credit line (all your cards combined) is high, it may trigger a financial review.

By high i mean 90,000 +.


is the 15+15k bonus available on the business starwoods card or only on the consumer one?