Which Bills Have You Paid With Plastiq To Earn 3 Points Per Dollar?

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Update: Plastiq no longer offers 3 points per dollar on the Ink Preferred card.

Plastiq allows you to pay bills for a 2.5% fee.

If you signup via this referral link and make a $500+ payment, you’ll get the fee waived on your next $500 payment. That’s a great way to help meet a spend threshold on a credit card.

The really neat thing is that if you have a Chase Ink Preferred card you’ll get 3 points per dollar spent with Plastiq. That card offers 80,000 bonus points after spending $5,000 within 3 months. Click Here to get more details on this card and compare to other cards! 

People have gotten 3 points per dollar for rent payments, tax payments, or even buying a car!

Plastiq will send out a check for any bill payment to any business, though they reserve the right to ask for an invoice for the bill.

You are effectively paying 2.5 cents for 3 Chase Ultimate Rewards points if you have an Ink Preferred card. That’s a cost of 0.83 cents per point, while the points are easily worth 1.5-2 cents each.

The annual cap 3 points on the Ink Preferred card is $150,000. If you made $150,000 in payments you would pay $3,750 in fees, but you would get 450,000 points that are easily worth $6,750-$8,000. Plus the $3,750 in fees may be tax deductible.

Another potentially worthwile credit card would be the Barclays Arrival® Premier World Elite Mastercard®. That card offers 3 miles per dollar everywhere if you spend $15K or $25K in a cardmembership year.

What bills have you paid with Plastiq and what card do you use?

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How is it. Tax deductible?


I’m currently paying my mortgage with my JetBlue Plus MC. IIRC, Plastiq wouldn’t allow Visa for mortgage, only for rent. The post doesn’t mention mortgage, so I suspect I am correct, but CMIIW.


You can pay a mortgage with a credit card?


Can I get 3x points for mortgage payments?


Can I get 3x points for mortgage payments? Are these points shareable with Sapphire Reserve points?


I used your link, made a $500 payment, tried to make another one & its not free. Please help


The $500 fee free dollars is only after the first payment. The first payment needs to process through before the $500 fee free dollars are applied.


Is this the same as a Business preferred ink?


@Dan Surprised that this is your first post about Plastiq. I have been getting 3x on as much as I can since i signed up for the CFU 3x first year promo (no longer available). There is also the Masterpass promo until September 30 that gives you no plastiq fee on bills up to $250 if you use a Mastercard through Masterpass.


I am currently using the Plastiq masterpass promotion to pay my mortgage until September. They are waiving the fee. Unfortunately, the only card that I had that they would accept to use for a mortgage was my American Airline Citi Card. But hey an extra 15,000 points for four months of payments I would make anyway is great.


Will this code as 5% with Chase Ink Cash?


3 point on the ink bold as well?


there is a limit on paying tax or others with VISA? or just the mortgage?


what category is this for 3x on the ink pref?


3x on Ink Plus?




Can you delve in more on how they work ? Does my landlord need to do anything besides for getting the checks ? Will they contact him/her ?


So you can use it back and forth between two credit cards, earning unlimited points on the same balance?


You can’t use Plastiq to pay credit card bills.


They check. I tried sending a check to myself and they cancelled it.


I have a business loan that I’m still paying off and have about $30k that I still owe… I’m wondering if I use this Chase Ink Preferred card through Plastiq if that will trigger the 3 points per dollar. I will also check with my accountant in order to see if the fees would be tax deductible. Thanks, Dan!


Im I making a mistake? It seems to me that the barclays gives 2x points not 3? Is there some other version?


What is Plastiq coded as? Under which category is it getting 3 points?


Can I get 3 points per $ when using chase reserve card for plastiq payments?


I’m reading in online forums an issue of being charged a cash advance fee if using a Visa, if the landlord doesn’t have a relationship with Plastiq.

Wouldn’t that mean that using my Ink B Preferred will go through as a cash advance?


12 days later, no free $500 available to send. Please comment




would the fee be waived on a $1,000 payment by using the link


i got an email from plastiq after applying for the chase preferred that’s saying its no longer coded at 3x when you paying for rent through plastiq can you clarify


Correct, and I just made my first payment too… too slow to the show.

Referral Code

Hi Dan,what’s your referral code as the link did not apply the money to me, only $50.