It’s Back! Chase Offering Existing Sapphire Reserve Cardholders A $100 Statement Credit Due To COVID-19

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Last April, Chase raised the Sapphire Reserve‘s annual fee from $450 to $550. However they also offered cardholders a $100 statement credit due to COVID-19 to offset the increase.

A couple months later they simply lowered the renewing annual fee to $450, which they have done for renewals through March 2021.

My card just renewed for $550 yesterday, but Chase sent me a secure message today letting me know that they “recognize this is still a difficult time for many people” and will once again post a $100 statement on my account within the next week!

JJ received the same message on his card that renewed yesterday as well.

The message reiterates that the card’s annual fee will be $550 going forward.

Assuming you are able to take advantage of the $300 travel credit, $60 Doordash credit, and $100 statement credit, and other benefits, that will likely make the decision on whether to renew the card a little easier.

I reached out to Chase for comment to see for how long they will continue to offer the credit to existing customers and will update this post when they respond.

Will a $100 statement credit get you to renew your Sapphire Reserve for another year?

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Mine renewed in December and nither was offered nor given anything after i requested via phone


Didn’t you just downgrade the card in order to get approved for another sapphire reserve last October? Why are you up for renewal ?


Do I need to proactively message them to get the credit, or they are doing it automatically?


I was given a $250 statement credit to keep it open. Been a cardholder since 2011


It definitely seals the decision for me.

With the $300 travel credit and $60 DoorDash credit, the $550 is essentially $190 vs $95 for the Preferred. That creates a real decision for many people, myself included. Especially with the Freedoms earning 3 points on dining, paying $550 for the Reserve is tough.

For many people it comes down to if they will utilize the extra redemption value the Reserve offers on the Portal (x1.5 vs x1.25)

With this $100 credit, it’s actually cheaper than the preferred after all the credits.


Is this offer for people who paid 450 as well?


We got charged $450 at end of October…plus $150 for additional user card. Really rethinking that extra card (except that I’m the additional user and incur most of the charges lol.)


My renewal was yesterday (4/1), though no secure message yet.


renewed Sep at 450 after calling. any other $100 gift avail? not using any travel benefits


Does it apply automatically or you need to call customer service.


I got charged 450. Does that mean I won’t be receiving the additonal 100$ on top of that

Janet Dyer

I was told that if you buy the additional card, then both card holders are covered for the medical insurance while traveling. Is that accurate?


Misleading headline IMO, I’m an existing card holder and did not receive a $100 statement credit.

“It’s Back! Chase Offering Existing Sapphire Reserve Cardholders A $100 Statement Credit upon renewal Due To COVID-19” would be more appropriate.

Matt B

I’m about to renew and was thinking I was going to cancel, but this $100 is probably just enough of a difference for me to renew for another year. Thanks for the heads up.


I got charged 450 (FEB) Is there anything I can say to get anything better from them? I still feel a bit ripped off even with the added benefits….


got the $550 charge yesterday but no secure message.?…


I got a $250 Statement Credit in December to keep it open.


How did you get this $250?


I am keeping the card. I haven’t had to pay for groceries for the last 2 or 3 months because I use the rewards program to remove them from my statement. I believe it’s four and a half cents per dollar spent when I use the reserve to pay for groceries, and then use points to buy them back? In any case, it’s been very helpful, especially since I haven’t been able to travel, so I’m happy I can use my points in this other capacity.


does anyone know when the grocery perk ends?


if i downgrade my reserve to freedom unlimited in order to get the preferred, and then upgrade CFU back to the reserve will the annual fee be $450 or $550?


See response I received when I sent secure message.

the $100 statement credit is only for customers who previously received the 2020 Change in Terms. Hence, we are unable to apply it to your account.


Renewed Mar 1 at $550
Should I try calling?


If I apply now for reserve or upgrade my preferred will I receive the $100 credit?


I had a renewal charge 4/1/21 for $550 + $75 AU. Received $100 credit on 4/5/21. Called and requested product change to Freedom Unlimited on 4/9/21 and was given the same number so I didn’t have to change auto billing items. Then I received credits for $550 + $75 and so far they haven’t clawed back the $100 covid credit.