We Applied For 9 Chase Business Cards, Here’s How It Went; Roundup Of Our 31 Active Chase Cards

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Chase is offering unprecedented bonuses on business cards like 90,000 points for opening and spending $6,000 on the Ink Cash or Ink Unlimited card. They also have been approving business cards at rates that haven’t been seen before. You can read more about the Ink Cash card here and the Ink Unlimited card here.

My wife Mimi and I already have those cards, but Chase allows you to have multiple of the Ink cards, even for the same business.

And as long as we were applying for new cards, I figured I’d also try for the Ink Preferred and Ink Premier cards for both of us. I also tossed in a Hyatt Business card into my application mix, just for good measure. You can read more about the Ink Preferred card here, the Ink Premier card here, and the Hyatt business card here.

Our Ink Cash and Ink Unlimited applications were both approved automatically within a few days.

The others required calling in and moving around credit lines, but eventually I was able to get approved for all 5 of the cards (Ink Cash, Ink Unlimited, Ink Preferred, Ink Premier, and Hyatt Business) that I applied for.

Mimi was approved after calling in for the Ink Preferred, though her Ink Premier application is still pending.

My current Chase card lineup is:

  • Chase Freedom: 4 (Annual fee: $0, each card offers $1,500 in quarterly 5x bonus spending)
  • Chase Freedom Flex: 1 (Annual fee: $0, offering $1,500 in quarterly 5x bonus spending)
  • Chase Freedom Unlimited: 1 (Annual fee: $0)
  • JPMorgan Reserve: 1 (Annual fee: $10 after $300 travel, $180 Instacart, and $60 Doordash credits, more than offset via bonus points, Priority Pass, Global Entry, Roadside Assistance, primary CDW, travel protections, Instacart membership, Dashpass membership, and increased points value)
  • JPMorgan Ritz-Carlton: 1 (Annual fee: $150 after $300 airline statement credits, more than offset via 85K anniversary night)
  • Chase United Lifetime Club: 1 (Annual fee: $100)
  • Chase United Quest 1 (Annual fee: $125 after $125 United credit more than offset via 10K anniversary bonus and other perks)
  • Chase Hyatt: 1 (Annual fee: $95, more than offset via 15K anniversary night)
  • Chase Ink Cash: 6 (Annual fee: $0, offering $25K in annual 5x bonus spending)
  • Chase Ink Unlimited: (Annual fee: $0)
  • Ink Preferred: (Annual fee: $95, offset by 100K signup bonus)
  • Ink Premier: (Annual fee: $195, offset by $1,000 signup bonus)
  • Hyatt Business: (Annual fee: $195, offset by 60K signup bonus and $100 in Hyatt statement credits)

Mimi’s current Chase card lineup is:

  • Chase Freedom: 3 (Annual fee: $0, each card offers $1,500 in quarterly 5x bonus spending)
  • JPMorgan Reserve: 1 (Annual fee: $10 after $300 travel, $180 Instacart, and $60 Doordash credits, more than offset via bonus points, Priority Pass, Global Entry, Roadside Assistance, primary CDW, travel protections, Instacart membership, Dashpass membership, and increased points value)
  • Chase United Quest 1 (Annual fee: $125 after $125 United credit more than offset via 10K anniversary bonus and other perks)
  • Chase Hyatt: 1 (Annual fee: $95, more than offset via 15K anniversary night)
  • Chase Ink Cash: 2 (Annual fee: $0, offering $25K in annual 5x bonus spending)
  • Chase Ink Unlimited: (Annual fee: $0)
  • Ink Preferred: (Annual fee: $95, offset by 100K signup bonus)

What’s your Chase lineup look like?

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I referred myself to the card and I didn’t receive my bonus


This is the basic dont create red flags for a small win.. people do this all the time where they cancel their bard before the end of the year etc. Definitely a good way to lose the game


How on Earth are you able to manufacture that much spend?


well you have 0 apr for first year and obviously your spending it all on gift cards at staples so you got a whole year to figure it out

Guy R

How can you spend gift cards other than normal creditors?
Painful to buy 8/day for 7 days then try to spend it.

What MS technique?

Shmulies Neighbor

Thats why hes the GOAT


Can you make a round up of your Amex cards?


2 ink cash 3 ink unlimited between me and spouse. Sitting in a nice stash of points. Can’t complain.


Dan-is there no recommended waiting time for Chase between business card applications (assuming you’re under 5/24)? Congrats on the approvals!


What do you buy for $6,000.00 on each card
I have 2 inc & 2 Inc unlimited
1 flex,1 freedom,1united, 1 hyatt
My wife 1 inc 1 Inc unlimited 1 freedom 1 sapphire reserve 1 hyatt

Trump HaMelech Gadol

>What do you buy for $6,000.00 on each card

few dozen eggs is all it takes…!


If you have to call in, how do you explain the need for so many new cards at the same time?

Reb Shmel

How do you applied for the same card more than once if applying as a sole proprietor? I.e. using my name and SS# on the application – it’s still possible to get the same INK card 2x?


Yes. I have been product changing my cash card to unlimited/ vice versa before applying for the new card so it doesn’t come up that I have it already. (ie if I have a cash and unlimited I’ll change the unlimited to a cash before applying for a new unlimited) I don’t even think you need to do that but I do it to be safe

Guy R

I have BOTH…..CIC dec 22′ , CIU Jan 23…..so if I want anew CIC…..I product change to a 2nd CIU right not merge with current CIU? Is there a balance , CL issue? what was your wait time between cards?


I don’t like Chase bc they make you have a premium AF card to transfer to partners. AmEx, Cap1 don’t 🙂


We applied and were approved for 5 new Ink cash/unlimited.
Now I have six Inks and 3 Feedom cards.
Wife has 3 Ink and 3 Freedom.

Used your link for 3 but referred each other for last 2. Is referring a spouse a trigger for Chase?


Not a problem. I did it. Got bonus. On a persona card.


How can I get a bunch of inks for the same business? And does that include if I apply as sole proprietor?


I got new Ink cash and unlimited cards for sole proprietor even though I already had them both for sole proprietor


Did you wait an x amount of time ?

moshe teller

Nice! Did you apply for all of them during the same time?


No. We both previously have both free Inks.
We then both applied end of 22 for 1 card each and then again a few months later for the other. All under sole proprietor.
(So I have 2 each now under sole proprietor)
U also got an additional Ink under a separate biz.

I try!

Me- freedom flex, sapphire preferred, ink cash, ink unlimited.
Wife- freedom unlimited

We don’t travel often, so this Quinfecta seems right for us


Can you share how you keep track of spending on so many diff card do you use a program or keep a simple spreasheet?


And the 5/24 question returns?

Mia flyer

How do you justify the yearly fees vs the benefits post initial signup bonus ? Also which chase cards have the 3-5x points for office supply spend (I have 2 old ink’s that give 50k (250k yield per year and love them ) I spend 250k in office supply


Do you have a Premier write up? Premier vs. Preffered.
Is it worth the extra $100? Are benefits better?
Can you Alger Premier and then exchange for Preferred or Cash/Unlimited?
I currently only have the free Inks and Freedon and need a redemption card. Waiting for a good Sapphire Preffered bonus or can get an Ink.


No cards for your children yet?


By law, only someone 18 yrs old can enter into a legally binding contract such as a credit card agreement.


So you applied for 5 cards on same day? Or waited month between every 2?


Random question but which cc do you choose to keep in your wallet or are you always switching cards?


Apple or Google pay from your phone you can select any card to use


Are you worried about a Chase shut down? I currently have 7 personal and 4 business cards with Chase and would like to keep them all while getting more as I’m back under 5/24. Think I’m pushing my luck?


The JP Morgan Reserve card has a $10 annual fee? When I Google it that isn’t what comes up


It’s basically a Sapphire Reserve with free United Club access. $550 AF minus $540 in credits = $10 net fee. I personally wouldn’t quite value the credits that way (I don’t value Instacart and DoorDash credits at full face value), plus the ancillary benefits are a lot less valuable on the second card (how many Instacart/DashPass memberships can one person use already?), but that’s the way Dan values them.


Jp Morgan reserve has united club access?

Bart Kranz

Same Question. Anyone answer yet?


“$10 *AFTER* $300 travel, $180 Instacart, and $60 Doordash credits”


I noticed there’s no sapphire, curious why not



What’s the difference

Because he has the jp morgan reserve card


The reserve pretty much covers that


Cuz he has the jp Morgan reserve, which is the same as sapphire reserve, so he doesn’t need a sapphire (a sapphire by any other name …..)


In the recent 90K round, I got 1 Ink cash and 1 unlimited for me, and 1 Ink cash for DW. I’m about to finish the spending on the 3rd one. Should I apply again for the same card I got a few weeks ago?


To be safe, I’d product change your unlimited to a cash before applying for another unlimited. I’ve gotten approved like that but I’m not saying you won’t if you don’t.


Sure! As the saying goes: if it ain’t broken don’t fix it.
You can get many Ink cards, just put it under a different business… the annual fee sitting at $0 definitely helps the cause too…

Trump HaMelech Gadol

I got two of each for the same business in the last few months, although Chase called me for extra questions on the last one (only needed to move some credit line from existing card though and got approved). Good luck!

What’s the difference

Dan can you please write on how you got the J.P. Morgan reserve card


I’m up to my 11th ink card within the past few months between my social, my wife’s, and an LLC I have. Dan you’re the goat

Trump HaMelech Gadol



Myself- Freedom, Sapphire Preffered, United Explorer, Ink Cash, Ink Unlimited
My Wife- Freedom & Sapphire Preffered, will apply for Ink Cah & Ink Unlimited

Used a lot of my points already, yet still have a lot BH!

Thanks Dan for all your expertise and assistance


You write my wife and I already have those cards and then when you write the lineup you each only have 1 unlimited? Did you close the old one?

Blacklisted by Chase

As Dan posted elsewhere, be careful. My issue, my fault but I amassed all sorts of cards and wound up deep in the hole. I’m out of it now thank goodness after negotiating settlements with everyone. Since many places do not take AMEX, I was able to get Discover and a Mastercard which are paid in full every month.


Wow yes it’s so important to realize the risk of credit cards and it’s very easy to be careless and not realize how much you can get overwhelmed I’m curious why did Chase Blacklist you if you settled with them why can’t you still use them can you have a regular banking account with them ✅


Dan, thanks for the post, informative as always. If I currently have a specific Business Ink, can I open another one under a different EIN and get the signup bonus?


Dan, do you any Amex cards ?
What is better, chase cards or Amex ,
For a non travel person ?


What is the best chase card to get points on bon voy


@dan do you close the cards ever or these inks end up being converted? If so what do you convert them to that allows the reopening ?


How does Chase Ink react if charges include significant grocery charges?

Shmulies Neighbor

I applied was denied for an issue from 2007. Called.. we resolved the issue that arose, they placed me on the reconsideration list. Said they will have an update in 5-days.


how do you do all the spending that’s needs to be done for the bonus


Hi- you wrote that the United Club card is only $100, but the site link says $595. How are you getting it so that it is only $100? Would Love to get it! Tx


Surprise no one commented on this, but Dan I see that Out of all of the hotel cards you choose Hyatt. Is there a reason why you choose them over Marriott or IHG?

gary rosen

Hi Dan,
Do you and wife use same EIN?

Steve from San Diago

Dan Thanks so much for all that, so lovely written! You Mentioned that you can have multiple Cards even on the Same Business/EIN, I wonder can I do the same when I apply as Sole Prop. Using my SSN, for same or Different Businesses?


I received a mail invitation for the INK unlimited, and it says the promo will expire on 4/3/23 does that mean we have an official expiration date for this offer, or is this just for my personal invitation?


@Dan its just fun to read how your is accumulating so many points/miles!!

But we need a post on how to spend 80k in 3 months..


Better figure out how to pay for 80k after you spend it

Trump HaMelech Gadol

Chase Freedom Unlimited – 1 (many years)
Chase Amazon.com – 1 (many years)
Chase Sapphire Pref – 1 (80k points bonus 5/2022)
Chase Business Ink Cash – 2 (each with 90k bonus points – 11/2022 and 1/2023)
Chase Business Ink Unlimited – 2 (each with 90k bonus points – 11/2022 and 2/2023)

+ numerous Amex, Citi, and a few other cards

I use Microsoft Money (basically a fancy spreadsheet, and yes it still works fine, I maintain all accounts by hand) to track all spending/bills (I pay off all cards on the due date each month) and Google Keep for notes on which cards to use at any given time.

Trump HaMelech Gadol

* Chase Freedom (not Unlimited)


I have a headache just from the thought of managing so many cards


Pay it off, put it away and forget about it. There’s no annual fee.


On the ink


Why do you get the J.P. Morgan reserve over sapphire reserve?

Guy R

Just hit my CIU with MSR today with SUB message to post next statement (100,090) pts!! If I wait 90 days….can I apply for another SUB? . I have CSP/C1VX/CFU/CIC/CIU,,,,,,3/24…CIC 12/22 CIU 1/23 were 45. days apart. If I waited 3 months since CIU open what is my best option in getting easy approval? IHG biz or 2nd CIC(4+ months from first cic) or even C1 Venture which is last choice for a SUB? .Velocity and balance are concerns as & CIU which I can pay off but don;t want to unless jeopardizes my approval of a new biz card.


Hey Dan, I wonder how you meet multiple $6000 purchase requirements on so many Business Chase Ink cards that you and your wife were approved for? I got one approved and bought GCs from OfficeDepot GCs promotion but I still have a hard time to liquidate all of my GCs. Can you please share some hints/tips on how to meet the purchase requirement?


Dan are you getting a welcome bonus on every time I every approved app? I have all 4 ink cards currently and if I applied for a second business unlimited one would I get the 90k again?


If I create a lot of EIN numbers, does that up my chances to get approved for many cards or it would be exactly the same if I used just one since they are linking it to my social?


If we already have the business ink plus, do you think we can still apply for these 2 additional cards, or just one?


Also, because this is issued as $900 (which we plan on converting to UR), does this mean Chase will send a tax form?


No. And you get 90,000 UR not cash. They just market it like that.

Chase ing points

Thanks Dan helpful as always.

I’ve been following your advice and have been going through Chase Ink card signup bonuses (and a few Amex) more rapidly than I thought I’d be able to. My question is: if I can manage the spend, is there a limit to how many business cards I should have if I get way above the numbers you’re mentioning in this post?

Context: I have a small business LLC plus me and my wife, meaning I can apply for any given card 3 times (or more with Ink, as Chase allows multiple cards on the same business)… And because I have to book events and travel as part of my work (and then get reimbursed), I’m able to cover the spending requirements easily and can probably handle 2 new Ink cards a month.

I have to call into Chase to get credit moved around each time but it’s pretty easy to get approved.

At this rate I’ll have 24 Ink cards by the end of the year.

A good problem to have, I know.

So I’m wondering, am I doing anything risky? And problems I should foresee? Credit issues? Chase will have a problem with it?

Trump HaMelech Gadol