AMEX Strikes Back With An Incredible New Card: The Blue Business Plus Credit Card From American Express

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Update: AMEX has confirmed to me that this card is considered a new product launch and that you will receive the signup bonus even if you have had received a signup bonus for the Blue for Business in the past.

Originally posted on 5/25:

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-American Express is a advertiser.

AMEX has launched The Blue Business Plus Credit Card and it looks like a real winner for everyday spending.

You can view credit card offers by clicking on the “Other Credit Cards” tab on top of the DansDeals banner to view links for card offers. You can click on the link that says “View all card offers by issuing bank” and scroll down to view all card offers from the bank of your choice. Here’s How To View Credit Card Offers On This Site.

There is no annual fee. That means this is a great card to keep your Membership Rewards points alive. You can also add up to 99 authorized users for free and they qualify for AMEX Offers.

This normal offer for this card will not have a signup bonus. However as a special offer introductory signup bonus you can get 20K Membership Rewards points for spending $3,000 in 3 months. You must use the card link in this post for the 20K signup bonus, the regular AMEX signup link for this card on their site does not come with a signup bonus!

The killer feature of the card is that it offers 2 points per dollar everywhere for up to $50,000 in purchases every calendar year! After you spend $50,000 in a calendar year the earnings drop to 1 point per dollar.

That tops the Chase Freedom Unlimited’s 1.5 points per dollar earnings, unless you spend more than $50K per calendar year.

If you have a Business Platinum card you can even redeem these points at a value of 3.08-6.51% per dollar spent, as described below.

Additionally all AMEX Membership Rewards cards earn an extra 1 point per dollar on Uber, so you’ll earn 3 points per dollar on Uber spending.

All AMEX business cards also include Open Savings for 5% cash back at Fedex, Hertz, HP, and 800-Flowers on top of the 2 points per dollar.

-The Blue Business Plus card offers 0% intro APR on purchases and balance transfers for 12 months.

-The Blue Business Plus card is the only no-annual fee business card from any bank that can transfer points into miles. The only other no-annual fee card that can transfer points into miles is the consumer AMEX Everyday Card.

-The Blue Business Plus card is also the only card that awards 2 points per dollar everywhere that can be transferred into airline miles. That makes it far more valuable than any 2% card.

You can transfer points to airlines like ANA, Air Canada, or Singapore for Star Alliance travel on airlines like United with no fuel surcharges or close-in fees. Points transfer to Aeromexico, Alitalia, Air France/KLM, or Delta for Skyteam travel. Transfer to BA, Cathay Pacific, or Iberia for OneWorld travel on airlines like American with no close-in fees. Other transfer options include El Al, Emirates, Etihad, Hawaiian, Virgin America, or Virgin Atlantic. This can make sense for one-way, last-minute, or premium class travel. The value with airline miles can be under a cent each if used poorly, but properly used the points can be worth 5 cents, 10 cents, 15 cents, or even more per point, the sky is the limit! And you can multiply those values per dollar spent by 2 thanks to earning 2 points per dollar with this new cards. In other words if you use 15K BA Avios for a round-trip last-minute NYC-Cleveland ticket to catch a NBA Finals game that would otherwise cost $1,500, you’ll have obtained a value of 10 cents per point. Since you earn 2 points per dollar spent that’s like having received a 20% rebate on your everyday purchases!

Stack the earnings power with a higher redemption value:

If you have a Blue Business Plus card to earn 2 points per dollar everywhere and you also have an AMEX Business Platinum card you’ll be able to redeem points earned on this card for at least 1.54 cents each on airfare thanks to a 35% points rebate on paid flight redemptions. If you opened or upgraded to a Business Platinum card between 10/1/16-5/31/17 you’ll earn at least 2 cents per points on airfare thanks to a 50% points rebate on paid flight redemptions. You can read more in this post on those changes.

-Getting a 35% points rebate is like getting a 1.54% value per point for paid tickets that means you can earn 3.08% back everywhere and 4.62% back on Uber thanks to the stacked 2 points per dollar on spending and the point redemption rebate!

If you get 35% back and have a AMEX Consumer Platinum Card and a AMEX Business Platinum card and redeem points for a paid flight using your consumer Platinum you’ll get 4 points per dollar redeemed, making for an effective 1.64% rebate, meaning you’ll earn 3.28% back everywhere and 4.92% back on Uber thanks to the stacked 2 points per dollar on spending and the point redemption rebate!

-Getting a 50% points rebate is like getting a 2% value per point for paid tickets that means you can earn 4% back everywhere and 6% back on Uber thanks to the stacked 2 points per dollar on spending and the point redemption rebate!

If you get 50% back and have a AMEX Consumer Platinum Card and a AMEX Business Platinum card and redeem points for a paid flight using your consumer Platinum you’ll get 4 points per dollar redeemed, making for an effective 2.17% rebate, meaning you’ll earn 4.34% back everywhere and 6.51% back on Uber thanks to the stacked 2 points per dollar on spending and the point redemption rebate!

Those numbers will be even higher if you find insider fares that offer discounted flights for using points. You can read more in this post for those calculations.

AMEX business cards don’t appear on your personal credit report.

That’s great for several reasons.

First of all they won’t count against your 5/24 count for opening new Chase cards. Only cards on your report that have been opened within the past 24 months count for that.

Second, when you spend money on personal cards your credit score will be hurt even if you pay your bill on time. A whopping 30% of your credit score is based on credit utilization. You can pay off your card bill before your statement is generated to avoid that, but that takes effort and laying out money well before you have to. Additionally it’s good to have the statement close with a couple dollars to show the card is active and being paid every month. On an AMEX business card it’s just not reported, so you can wait until the money is due without it having a negative effect on your score.

Third, if you close a business card it won’t ever have an effect on your personal credit score.

The Blue Business Plus looks like an awesome card for everyday spending, will you be signing up?

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I have a Amex Platinum (personal) which I would like to cancel as its about to get hit with the annual fee, but I have 100k of points which I don’t want to lose. If I open this (business) card will the accounts be linked and my points stay after closing the Platinum? Thx


but the downside is the lack of 30% relationship bonus with no limit that came with the old blue for business.

for the 50k limit we could apply for a few of these.


Recently got the Blue for Business, do you know if AMEX would upgrade and match offer?


Does Amex give checks for balance transfers or they’d only pay your bill?


How is this better than the current Amex blue cash preferred that offers 6% cash back on grocery stores and 3% back on gas and dept stores until $6000 or is that the main benefit?


How does this compare to the Citi double cash card for someone who is more interested in simple cash back?


Would need to offer a larger signup bonus and a higher cap on the double points to make this a worthy challenger to the Reserve card.


So it’s the same like citi double cash


If I have an existing blue cash business, do I get this benefit?


looks like the regular blue for Business is being discontinued


Dan, how would you say this card compares to SPG (personal or business) for everyday spending? I think I’m asking how you value Starpoints vs. MR.


Hey Dan What is the value of these points?


Why is this better than the citidouble card?


Quote from the link

” Get rewarded for business as usual. Earn 2X points on everyday business purchases such as office supplies or client dinners. ”

Your sure its 2 points for every type of purchase?

dov bennish

last i checked cleveland is playing in the eastern conference finals tonight


just signed up for the edp yesterday, should I get this card as well or with the 50% bonus there pretty much the same??


Is there a business equivalent card to the The Amex EveryDay Card that has no fee?

My question is, just like this new card cant transfer to miles but if you have the EveryDay Card it does, is there an equivalent business one? I’m looking to not have it show on the report.



Will I get the signup bonus if I downgrade from the platinum?


If you don’t transfer to miles what do the points get you. I assume cash back ?


Can I downgrade my Amex Biz Platinum to this card?


Looks like a solid card, worth waiting for a better signup bonus?


I’m not sure that you clarified the answer in your responses. Even though I have the Blue for Business, this is an entirely new card and therefore eligible for the signup bonus (despite AMEX’s lifetime rule). Is this correct?

Eli C

“Additionally it’s good to have the statement close with a couple dollars to show the card is active and being paid every month.”


If it’s to make sure the company doesn’t close out the account for non-usage, so then making a small purchase ($0.50 Amazon gift card purchase?) every 12-18 months (depending on the card) will suffice.

But otherwise, I’d argue it pays to keep your card consistently at a $0 balance, which reduces your CUR, as you pointed out.


Any recommendations for conversions? Which AMEX products would allow us to convert to this card?

Would like to wait for a better sign up bonus than 20k to open a new one.


I currently have 2 biz and 2 personal Amex cards. Any reason why I shouldn’t apply for this one and maybe 1-2 of the Delta cards?


cant wait for the chase response…


I don’t see the signup bonus anywhere on their website.


You mentioned in the article about opening a new bus plat card in order to maintain the 50% rebate for another year. If I already have the plat card on one bussiness, can I open on another business and then transfer points?




BTW i applied for both spg’s on 04/05 (the last day of the 35k bonus) and they asked me to send in a 4506 T form, so i sent it in even though i made just $4700 in 2016, then it was pending for a long time and yesterday i got a email saying that i was denied because i reported much more income on the application than what was on my tax returns, so i called them and asked them to reconsider because the 4506 T form was from 2016 but now i have much more income, so they told me to send in my most recent pay stub, but today in the morning before i had a chance to send in my pay stub, i got an email saying that i was approved!
thanks for everything dan!


If I have an LLC with an ein do I apply as a sole proprietor and put ein in when it asks for social security or do I apply as corporation?


are there foreign transaction fees on this one?


Dan, I was just approved for this card (via your link)! As always, thank you so much.


If i have any card via conversion, but never received the sign up bonus for that card , will i or will i not get the bonus if i apply for it on a new application?


2 Biz Plats, 1 PRG and 1 SPG personal. Thanks.


I opened AMEX SPG business during bumped sign up bonus. Prior to applying I was on 5 count on Chase website FICO summary for credit inquiries. After I applied Chase site bumped to 6. Is that what Chase uses for 5/24 rule? I imagine not inquiries would include car/home loans, but just looking for reassurance.


If I don’t have any other amex cards how much are these points worth for me?


Thanks. I guess let us know please when you hear from Amex.


Thanks, I got approved for 9k credit limit, I have the SimplyCash card with a very high credit limit, would you know if I can consolidate some of the credit from the SC card to the my new Blue BP card?


Best everyday card abroad?


I assume we can do a product change from the regular blue?


How are people signing up for all these new cards (delta and this)
isn’t there a limit how many credit cards amex allows you? Are people closing down all their spg, delta, everyday etc old cards to open these?


Dan would a 2bm work with this if the other card I’m applying is a personal card ?


@Dan: Is it kedai to proactively close a card, or wait for recon? Thanks.


@dan yes i know that, was just wondering if its worth closing down cards and then never able to resign up for them (okay……. for 7 years)


@Dan: Thanks.


Applied, approved, thanks!


I see someone mention foreign transaction fees. What do you recommend that has the best conversion rate & the lowest transaction fee? Thank you.


Whenever I tried to offer recon to close a card in order to get a approved for a new one, they always said I gota first close the card then then call back to recon , Like they couldn’t promise me before closing that they will approve me if i close


Dan, I feel that when you claim Amex allows people to have 5 credit cards, you should mention that many, many people have been unsuccessful getting more than 4. Also, you should advise your readers of Amex’s rule that you can’t get more than 2 new cards in 90 days.



i got 2 cards in the same day.



I HUCA’d several times they kept saying irs 2 diffrent departments.

Also when doing a 3bm with amex they always put on a hold
on the other 2 applications an pulled again my credit. When i tried to dispute the pull with the beauru theu said that the pull us from another dept. Then the first pull so they can’t dispute it


any idea as to when the offer will expire


@N: @Hello: 1% now and 1% when you pay… not the same…


Dan, Are you sure these are not transferable points? Where do you see that ?


@Dan: Some people might want to forgo the bonus and not use up an inquiry for just 20,000 points but want to get 2 points on anything instead. That’s how I happen to feel about it.


Thanks, I got approved for 9k credit limit, I have the SimplyCash card with a very high available credit limit, would you know if I can consolidate some of the available credit from the SC card to my new Blue BP card?

Dan's the Man

Dan, do you think they will come up with a higher bonus anytime in the next few months?


does opening a business card affect your credit score via a hard pull check that is being done?

If it will, what 2 other business cards should I get to maximize it (3M method)? Already have chase ink business and starwood business.


Dan- What’s your opinion on Amex not honoring a full year of 50% redemption benefits for existing platinum card holders, yet they are offering a full year to new members.

Anything legally wrong about what they are doing?


Does Amex have a good reconsideration line like Chase does? Or do they just take your info and send for manual review and get back to you by mail? What’s the recon phone number?

Return protection

Just an FYI, I got stuck with this on another Amex business card, but it seems the Amex business cards offer extended warranty and purchase protection, but NOT return protection like other Amex cards


@Dan Based on this link:
It’s possible to transfer MR to miles with this card


Thanks Dan!
Just got my wife her 3rd biz platinum 2 days ago (before 05/31) so it was no-brainer to grab this on the same inquiry. Approved for 30k



“Card Members have the choice to redeem the points for travel, statement credits, gift cards, or merchandise, and they also have the option to transfer points to one of our participating airline or hotel loyalty programs.”


I have 4 Amex credit cards in addition to 2 charge cards? Recently., I’ve been reading that we can have up to 5 credit cards but I get the impression that this is a YMMV thing. Is there a consensus?


Yeah but if you have Chase Freedom Unlimited w/ CSR you get 2.25 points per dollar spent on everyday purchases and a better sending flexibility


Eli, with Chase FU and CSR, you still only get 1.5x but you get 2.25c value when using CSR to book travel.


@Dan, what makes this card even better than you originally thought?


is 2bm or 3bm possible on amex biz cards thanks


@DF Dan said its even better than thought because it transfers to miles even if you dont have another amex card


@Dave: Right. Which is still a better deal if you dont have the oh so costly amex platinum biz.


I like that it is with my business & does not effect personal credit, I was approved in 60 seconds & added my wife too. thx Dan..


It was a business card together with personal cards.
They even mentioned to me the diffrent codes how they saw its from diffrent dept.


if i apply at the same bank within the same 30 days for 2 diffrent cards , not a 2bm , can i still dispute that pull since it was within the same 30 days ?



The card comes with 0% intro APR for 15 months (not 12 months)


Can a business card help improve your credit score?


Can I upgrade to the new card from the blue for business card?


can i do a 3BM with any other Amex cards? only with Business Cards? can you please suggest a card or 2 with No/low AF. I currently do not have any Amex cards. Only Chase and BoA cards

Thank you

Amex Open?

Whats is the difference between amex and amex open?


Wondering how you came up with these points being worth only 1.5 as you mentioned:

I value AMEX points at about 1.5 cents and Starpoints at about 2.2 cents each, so this would be better.

My thought is that if you earn 2 points for every dollar shouldnt they be worth at least 2 cents each? starwood gives us the 5000 bonus but here we earn a full point bonus for every dollar point earned. Would love come guidance before jumping.


Are there any limitations when booking through the AMEX website? For example, can you book an economy plus seat?


What’s the story with AUs for this card? No mention in the post. Thanks

Your Update

Your update is that the points can be transferred to miles, but you also say here that only your link will give the welcome bonus. So, I’m just wondering if through your link the points will not be able to transfer vs. the on amex direct


I have the everyday card but I dont have a business.
Can i still open the card?
you mentioned i need a tax ID?


@Dan: because I already have 5 amex credit cards. Although I guess I can close the blue and reopen a blue plus





Was wondering if anyone can help I just applied for a business platinum and have a corporate platinum and a personal gold card I already linked all the cards including the business platinum to one MR account can I book already and get the 50% back before I get the physical card? Thanks


looking for a Amex MR card to do a 2BM.
Are there any MR cards with no annual fee? or are there any cards with fee waived for first year and down-gradable do a free card while still retaining the MR points?

Thanks in advance


I have an LLC (sole proprietor) but never opened any business credit cards. Do they run a credit check on business, or they don’t? Or do they run a personal credit check as it’s a sole proprietorship?


So this is better then the capital one spark or Spg Amex Card for the first 50k
This card 50k in charging is worth about $1500 correct ?


This is an MR card!

Thanks, so if i apply for this and another MR card with an annual fee waived 1st year and than close that card before the AF kicks in i’ll still retain all the MR points from the closed card?


If we signed up for the Blue for Business card back when they had the 2.3 points per dollar and 10.6 points for restaurants (for 6 months), would you suggest we use that card for the first year and then switch to this new Plus version?


Is it worth applying now 2BM for the 50k Premier Rewards Gold Card or Business gold card or should i wait for a better signup bonus on those? (i need a card with annual fee waived cuz i can’t afford ant more AF’s right now)


Do the 3 months to get the signup bonus start from the day of the application, or the the day that I confirm my card (even a month or 2 later)?


Just signed up and tried to add it to my personal account for online management but got a response that it can’t be added
Is it because my existing account is for personal cards (gold and platinum) and this is a business card?


At least you finally updated it 😉

My wife got it through her favorite blogger’s links already!


Is there a limit on the bonus award if one already got a business platinum 50,000 miles award for opening a Business Plat card in the past year?


how is it that it won’t be counted against Chase 5/24 at all?


If I have personal amex cards, is there a way I can move the line over to this card, so it won’t be considered closing a line?


Do you think Amex will allow a conversion from the Simply Cash business card into this Blue Business Plus? Both have no annual fees… I don’t use the Simply Cash much, and I’d rather get 2X MR points…I wouldn’t mind foregoing the bonus, as I am already maxed out on all Amex cards… Would a conversion trigger a credit inquiry?


@Avi: I’m on the same boat…Does anyone know if Amex will allow a conversion from the Simply Cash business card into this Blue Business Plus? Both have no annual fees… I don’t use the Simply Cash much, and I’d rather get 2X MR points…I wouldn’t mind foregoing the bonus, as I am already maxed out on all Amex cards… Would a conversion trigger a credit inquiry?



@Dan: yes I agree , but isn’t shutting down soon?

Just speculation

Assuming Amex was ready to launch this new product for a few months, i wonder if their decision to cut back on the business Platinum 50% rebate was based on their concern that an unconditional 2 points per dollar card would greatly put a strain on their bottom line.


No foreign transaction fees is actually a deal breaker for me. I would rather pay an annual fee to waive foreign transaction fees than this. Most of my payments are abroad 🙂


I called and was told that I can’t upgrade from the old business blue. Should I huca or can others confirm they have been told the same thing ?


I got approved for the blue for biz when they had the 10x promo for restaurants. what’s the diff between that and this card? if I recall correctly they also were offering 2.3x for 50K no?


My daughter currently doesn’t have any credit cards (only store cards). Is this a good card to sign up for given that it’s her first one?


if i have the everyday card that gets me the 20% bonus, how do you determine what to buy the everyday card and what to buy on this card?


How many amex cards are you allowed to have at any one time 5 or 6?


Dan, i want to get my first AMEX card, for personal use. Is it ridiculous to get this business card for personal use? Any down side? Thanks!

Point lover

@Dan I don’t see what’s so great about this card that your pumping it so much the max you can get of this card is 20k signup which is a joke comparing to other signups they offer. As per the 2 points per dollar the most you can make is 100k points as it’s capped at 50k and then you just get 1 point as per platinum you can make 100k signup plus 5poimts per dollar I really don’t see the gadlis of the card as you might say the platinum has $450 af but then you have the $200 airline credit $200 Uber crest plus the $100 global entry so this card is a real standard no need to pump it so much!!!


Do you know when the signup bonus will end?


If I have to pick one, would you recommend this card or the Chase business Ink?


Thanks for the update that Amex got back to you. 🙂


Dan you said above that this is not the card to use abroad, sonehat card do I recommend to use abroad if I don’t want to pay annual fees?


Any chance Amex will honor the 15 month 0 Apr that is offered now w/o the bonus.


@Dan: but doesn’t Starwood have an annual fee? Also is there any business card that has no annual of foreign transaction fee?


@Dan: My credit score is not so great right now due to high utilization from some promotional balance transfers and I don’t want to waste a hard pull. But this and the Chase Ink Preferred with 100,00 bonus offer in branch would be the first cards I go after. I also want to get below 5/24


@Dan: Thanks! GS!


Hi good day i got spg blue platinum delta platinum in i got gold bus i applied in didn’t get approved instantly should i call the recon or do i wait ? Please thank you


Hi just applied in didn’t get instantly approved but i do have the spg blue cash delta platinum platinum card in also bus gold card how to go about it


I do not spend to much time playing the miles game. But if I only signup for this card and spend the 3,000 to get the bonus. Please tell me what the cash value is if this is the ONLY card I will ever use.



so can I upgrade/downgrade from my current blue for biz card to the blue plus and still get the 20K sign up bonus?


i read in the article you linked that barcleycard business card doesn’t appear on your credit report. what business cards does barcleycard have?


I will only redeem for cash back. How much cash will I get from the bonus? How much cash per $1 spent? Right now I use the Blue Cash card. Is this a better card for cash back?




Hi! Aside from this card, what are the other best biz cards that won’t effect my personal credit score? And do the cards need to be opened concurrently? Ideally, I would use points for family travel domestically and to/from/in Israel. Thanks!


Hi dan what’s ymmv stand for please Thank you



what are the pros and cons of calling or waiting?



Your Mileage May Vary


Approved thanks! Question – what to do with my sapphire preferred now that I don’t need a freedom unlimited? Also, for my wife, is there a cheaper card than the sapphire to be able to transfer her freedom points into miles?


can i still get the old amex blue for business ?
i swipe approx 20k+ per month and since my transaction are for general merchandise and most of it are under 5k
i think 1.3 amex points per dollar is the best possible for business cards…
any idea ?


Even though I have taken issue with the tone in which you lately have been addressing your readership, I applied through your affiliate link and was approved. Please remember that this is a two way relationship – you bring us great deals and helpful commentary and we support you through your affiliate links and site advertisements.


Also, any idea why your link shows 0% APR for 12 months but Amex direct shows 0% APR for 15 months?


I know im late to the party and probably won’t get anything answer, but I may have accidentally applied using the wrong link… Is there a way to check the sign up bonus I’m getting /change it?


Signed up yesterday. Note that you Get 1 additional point per dollar spent at selected merchants through 12/31/17.


Hi Dan, i have a regular Amex Blue Cash (looks just like this one). I believe it gives me 5% cash back at grocery stores after i spend $1500; not even sure). How can i take advantage or rather what is the best way to get rid of that card and get this one? I have the reserve and its become pretty much my everyday card of which i use the rewards for airfare and hotels. Do i need this one if i plan on keeping that one? The link in you post seems to take me to a different card. Not the one advertised. FYI.


Do we need a new login for the business card or can it be accessed through the same login as personal cards?


If i do not have a business can i still apply for this card?


I have 2 Questions: I don’t have a business, i hope to open one up soon, a sole proprietorship. What do i enter as my business info, when applying Now? Q2. I may eventually want the consumer AMEX everyday card as well. Since this will be my first time applying for an AMEX card, should i apply for the consumer AMEX everyday card NOW simultaneously? In order to avoid opening too many cards yearly/quarterly (whatever the penalty may be). Thanks


Hi. I am new to building my credit and this will be only my second cc. I was just approved today for this card today. Is there any other card I should apply for? Should I use this card to make flight purchases and everyday purchases as well?


How is this card better than the Hilton Honors card?


Dan, Per AMEX they limit the number of accounts they allow for each customer to 5. How exactly do you have so many open accounts?


Approved, thank you
With this card, should I keep my Amex Rewards Gold and Business Gold? The annual fees are coming up in few months.
You used to say that Amex Rewards Gold has other benefits, but I also have Business Platinum, SPG and EDP; so should I still keep my Gold cards with $195 and $175 fees? I’d rather keep Platinum.
Your opinion is very important for all of us.
Please advise


@Ben: through amex u wont get 20k points


Saying offer no longer valid


I applied for 2 of these at once, 1 got approved right away, the 2nd was pending 5 days then got approved, they advised me by phone that they do it when they get more then 1 application so wont hit my credit to many times at once………. Believe will get to hard pulls , anyway to combine them? how about getting at least twice the bonus , any chances for that? don’t wane just work hard to spend on both cards for nothing.




I dont see the link in this post to sign up for this card?
You said the 20,000 pts bonus offer is only if you sign up through your link (not directly with amex) can you please repost the direct link to apply through your website and get the 20,000 bonus amex pts?


hi, is this 20k offer still avail?