AMEX Giving More Cardholders Statement Credits Upon Renewal!

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Earlier today I wrote about Business Platinum cardholders that have renewals coming up getting emails about a $200 statement credit.

  • A commenter there got a $50 statement credit email for their Hilton Business card.
  • Another commenter got a $50 statement credit offer on the Marriott Business card.
  • Another commenter got a $75 statement credit offer on the Delta Platinum Business card.
  • There are also reports of their Delta Reserve Business card getting a $125 statement credit.

You may also see statement credit offers when you log into your AMEX card account.

Have you received a statement credit email on your cards?

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36 Comments On "AMEX Giving More Cardholders Statement Credits Upon Renewal!"

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Yechiel Z

Just renewed my Everyday Preferred for $95 this month. Hope to get one on that, since they snubbed that with the recent perks.

Side question, still have $125 to spend on my Platinum Airline Credit, I chose Delta, what’s the best way to get that now ?


offer for $50 on marriott business

More bang for your buck

Amazing! Any updates on extensions for retention offer spending?


Why is Amex ignoring the gold card (formerly PRG)?


Good q! When you get some answers would mind hearing.


Do they want users to cancel their cards? Not exactly sure of their plan?


I have a bonvoy card with annual fee of 125 do this week. How am I going to know if I’m getting a $50 statement credit. After I pay the annual fee?
I was otherwise thinking of not renewing the card because I have a few free nights already, and I don’t know if I’m going to be using them within a year, since they are only category 1-5


You should be able to cancel within the month after renewing.
Call and ask them about it.


My Business Platinum just renewed last month. I called Amex and requested the $200. Not willing to go retroactive. But gave me a $50 credit to “have a meal on us”


I do not understand why the Gold card has been left off everything Amex has done so far? I realize they do not have to do anything, but just seems odd. Spoke to a rep yesterday about a different topic and brought this up. She didn’t really know but said we get perks. I said that is priced into the AF already. Even just a small bump up in something, like 15 a month on Grubhub would suffice. Can’t give everyone something but the Gold. Im a teacher, and I can only imagine I gave every kid but 1 or 2 something, even something as measily as a jelly bean.


Blue preffered??


my amex gold card renewed got a retention offer of spend $4000 get 30,000 points. not statement credt for free.


Where would I find a credit offer when I log in? Thanks for any help.


Just canceled the former SPG business card, no offer whatsoever.


Seems like only the higher annual fee (delta reserve, platinum,etc…) cards and getting
I was not offered anything on
Delta plat
Marriott (old Sherwood)


They don’t do much with black card either. For example, in general, when using points for flights, 35% points back on platinum and 20% on black. May downgrade when I have to renew in January!


Had my Amex Plat Biz Renew on April 9th and Amex refused to offer me the $200.00 Credit as only for cards Renewing after May 1st or when the Announcement was officially made

Makes no sense

Army Rabbi

Join the Army. They waive the fee for for all military personnel


Including Israeli?


chase should refund CSR – 550 WITH NO ABILITY TO ENJOY


epic. retention on gold personal. 30k points with no spend or $200 statement credit with $1500 spend. no brainer


Did you AF posted before you called? Mine is due to post soon. Should I call before or after it post? Thanks!


i dont think it makes a difference. mine had already posted. call today. if no offer wait until it posts


My business platinum renewed in feb I called them if they could give me the credit they told me it’s only for card holders that travel a lot but they’ll give me a 100$ dollar credit anyway


$50 on Marriott business

Alex Torgueman

My renewal membership fees for Amex Business Platinum and Business Gold both hit in April. I got $100 off Business Platinum and $50 off Business Gold a few days ago. I called back for more of a credit but they said no since unfortunately my bill was April and not May.

Chuck Lowenstein

Renewal is not until the end of the year, but received a $125 credit on the Business Reserve for being a “loyal” customer


$50 on hilton biz


I asked for a rebate on the annual fee on my Marriott bonvoy Amex card. They offered nothing so I cancelled the card.


if i get the renewal bonus and then cancel card within 30 days, will it get clawed back?