AMEX Devalues Authorized User Point Transfers And Improves Gold Card Restaurant Spending Benefit

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  • Effective immediately AMEX authorized users can no longer have their own Membership Rewards accounts. You must redeem these points by 10/31. This won’t affect people with authorized users who accumulate points in the primary cardholder’s Membership Rewards account.
  • Effective 6/6, you will now earn 4 points on dining on the AMEX Gold Consumer card worldwide, previously this was limited to US dining.
  • Effective 9/1, you must pay the minimum amount due by the due date, or else you will forfeit points earned during that billing period.
  • Effective 9/1, you will need to wait 90 days after adding a authorized user before you can link that user’s frequent flyer account for mileage transfers.

The last change is one that is clearly an attempt to clamp down on mileage brokers. They typically will add someone as an authorized user in order to transfer points to their mileage account. As of 9/1, they would have to wait 90 days after adding an authorized user in order to transfer points.

We’ll have to see if other banks clamp down on transfer as well. For now you can transfer Chase points to an authorized user and you can transfer Citi and Capital One points between users.

Will these changes affect you and what cards you use?

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So if p1 and p2 have AMEX cards that earn MR points, and both are AU to each other’s account, who needs to get rid of their points by Oct/31? Both?


4 points worldwide is a nice improvement. Might switch from CSR.
Hope they follow suit with their other bonus categories,as for me that is one of amex’s biggest weak points

Alon Lankri

how will they even know I’m eating at a restaurant in Israel? I’m doubtful that they can really keep track.


What is the first change? Since when do AU earn their own points? I’m so confused….
Can you please clarify?


will the grocery bonus points also work worldwide?

Jeff B


When are these changes effective?

Also can you provide more details on how to transfer points from amex to Citi or capital one, you did not provide enough details on that part.


– Dan on each point Dan start with a date !

– you can’t transfer from Amex point to an other bank program, only to Airline/Hotel or convert them as statement credit/cash.

Grouchifier 1.0

Pad18 how can one transfer from amex points to spg hotel points? Dan did not provide details.


Good grief, Jeff! Dan listed an effective starting date for each change!


Honestly, I can understand why airlines are fighting the brokers. But why should the banks fight the brokers? They’re getting their money from the airlines anyway.
Unless they think this will convince people to start redeeming through amazon…. LOL


Your facts are backwards. The banks pay the airlines


4x points also for gold au from plat?




Does that mean u wont be able to reinstate them as well?


You must pay mininum … does that count for all charge cards?… as in i usually pay my platnium business card by closing date not by please pay by date … will that cost me my points?


what if I an a secondary user on my husband’s account, but I have my own primary account?


On the business charge cards there is a “please pay by date” if I miss that day will I forfeit the points?




I just spoke to a Superviser (recorded) she said if I pay before the closing date i won’t forfeit the points (if I don’t use the pay over time feature)


And if u do use the pay over time feature?


She wasn’t clear. But it seemed like you would need to satisfy the minimum by the please pay by date


How about if its a charge card?


So if the AU can’t use their own points independantly, and can’t link to the primary before 90 days, how do you use the AU’s points before 90 days? Just can’t?


I believe it also said that people with Corporate Cards can no longer earn membership rewards points unless they have another AMEX card (i.e. you can still tie it to your rewards account, but if the Corporate Card is the only AMEX card you have, then no more points for you)


Does this apply to Centurion?


does it pay to upgrade hilton amex aspire and pay $450 and get 150,000 If i know I will need points for waldorf in israel