American Express Platinum Card End Of The Year Housekeeping; Be Sure To Double Dip Or Apply Now For A Triple-Dip!


American Express is a advertiser.

Every calendar year you can get up to $200 in airline fee refunds with The Platinum Card® from American Express.

Officially these are intended to be used for bag fees, seat upgrades, and lounge passes/memberships. However they also work for items like the $100 American Airlines gift cards or $100 United gift registry contributions.

If you have a Platinum card don’t forget to make a $200 airline fee purchase in 2014 and again in 2015.

Triple dip if you apply now: If you don’t have a card yet you can actually apply now and get 3 fee refunds in your first cardmembership year.  You would be able to get credit in December 2014 as well as in January 2015 and January 2016 before you would have to pay a 2nd annual fee.  Yes, the card has a $450 annual fee, but that’s $600 in potential fee refunds to cover that.

Double dip for 2014: Many cardholders were targeted for an additional $100, $200, or ever $500 fee refund for spending on American or USAirways when cardholders lost access to those lounges on 03/22/14.

That spending must be completed by 12/31/14 as well.

If you don’t recall what your offer was or if you weren’t targeted call the number on the back of your card and ask.  I just called today on my business Platinum card that wasn’t targeted and the rep was able to add the $100 offer to my account!

Others have called about not being targeted and have even received flat-out account credits as a courtesy.

It Platinum worth it?

It definitely is for the first year with the 40K signup bonus. Especially if you apply now and can triple dip the airline fee refund before you have to decide whether to keep the card for a 2nd year.

But what benefits does the card have?

-Centurion lounge access:

American Express has operated Centurion lounges in Argentina, Brazil, India, and Mexico for some time.  Now they are expanding in the US market with lounges operating in Dallas, Las Vegas, LaGuardia, San Francisco, and more to come. Miami will be the next to open.

Originally the US lounges were designed for free access only for Centurion cardholders, you know them as those black cards that cost a ridiculous $2,500 per year with a $7,500 initiation fee that used to give elite status on airline like Continental and USAirways but no longer do.

But once the Platinum card started losing airline lounges they opened it up to Platinum cardholders for free as well. You can bring your spouse and kids into the lounge for free. Or you can bring in any 2 other people with you for free.

The lounges offer varying amenities like premium drinks, showers, and massages.  And as they are staffed by AMEX you can even get help with account issues and access the lounge even if you forget your Platinum card.

-Priority Pass membership.

There are over 600 lounges worldwide that accept Priority Pass and you can access all of them for free.

For example:

-In Newark you can access the Art & Lounge.  That’s the same lounge that El Al provides for their business and first class passengers. It has offers kosher food and Israeli art.

-In Tel Aviv you can access the Dan lounge.

See the Priority Pass site for their complete list of lounges. Note that you can’t access United lounges with the Priority Pass membership that you get from the Platinum card.

You don’t get any free guests, but secondary Platinum cardholders can get their own free Priority pass membership.

Airspace lounges:

Currently there are Airspace lounges in Baltimore, Cleveland, JFK (JetBlue terminal), and San Diego.

These are modern lounges with free premium coffee, bottles water, and self service soft drinks.  Additionally you and every guest also gets a gift card valid towards purchasing premium alcohol, local craft beers, cocktails, and meals.

You can access these even with an inactive Platinum card until the card expires 5 years from the date of issue.

Delta SkyClub:

You can access Delta lounges for free with a Platinum card when flying on Delta.  You don’t get any free guests, but secondary Platinum cardholders can access Delta lounged for free as well.

The Delta SkyClub in JFK even sells kosher meals if you need one!

You can access Delta lounge with an inactive Platinum card until the card expires 5 years from the date of issue.

Secondary cardholders:

You can add 3 additional users onto a personal Platinum card for $175 ($58.33 per additional cardholder per year).  Secondary users do get full lounge access so they will have access to Delta and Priority Pass lounges for themselves and they will be able to guest others into Airspace and Centurion lounges.

Annual fee:

The annual fee on this card is a doozie, $450.  But it’s not as painful as it sounds.

As with annual fees from most banks, they are refundable if cancelled within 60 days.  It is also pro-rated if cancelled after 60 days and you have another American Express card (i.e. if you have the card for 3 months and then cancel you would get a $337.50 refund), and it is pro-rated if you downgrade the card even if you have no other American Express card.

Global Entry/Pre-Check Fee Refund

It costs $85 to apply for a 5 year TSA Pre-Check membership which makes flying pleasant again. Shorter lines, no need to remove your shoes, belt, jacket, or hat. You can keep your laptop and freedom baggie with liquids in your carry-on. And you go through a good old fashioned metal detector instead of assuming the position in a nude-o-scope.  If you charge it on your Platinum card the fee will be refunded.

It costs $100 to apply for a 5 year Global Entry membership which lets you bypass the customs line. If you have Global Entry you also get TSA Pre-Check, which allows you to avoid the nude-o-scope machines and lets you leave your shoes on and laptop in your bag. If you charge it on your Platinum card the fee will be refunded.

Additional cardholders qualify for a Pre-Check or Global Entry fee refund as well.

Starwood Gold Elite Status:

Platinum cardholders get Gold elite status for free.  That gets you free premium Wi-Fi and a 250 point rebate every time you stay at a Starwood hotel-even if you are on an award stay!

It also gets you 50% bonus points on paid stays, and room upgrades and 4pm late checkout on all stays.

Lost Item Protection:

If you buy something on your Platinum card up to $10,000 and lose it within 90 days of purchase it will be fully covered.  No other card I’m aware of offers lost item protection.  Many cards offer stolen item protection, but that requires a police report to be filed and often it has a cap of just $1,000.

Car Rental Perks:

A 4 hour late return fee-free grace period at Hertz and fee-waived Gold Plus membership and National Executive guarantee upgrades and faster free award rentals.

The card also comes with free checked baggage insurance and it has no foreign exchange fees.  And of course it comes with all of the amazing purchase protections that other American Express cards have as well.

So, is it all worthwhile? It’s not for spending.

I value Starpoints earned from the Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express more than Membership Rewards points.

Credit cards like The Amex EveryDay Preferred Credit Card from American Express and The Amex EveryDay Credit Card from American Express earn more points per dollar than the Platinum card.  The American Express® Premier Rewards Gold Card is a charge card like the Platinum card but earns more points on airfare, gas, and groceries than the Platinum card.

But the Platinum card does continue to have very unique benefits. I’ve laid most of them out for you and you’ll just have to decide for yourself if its worth it based on your own situation :D

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I just got approved (2 days ago) Amex everyday and amex Gold I don’t want another pull can I call them and ask them to switch the gold to platinum?


Experian pulls that are that close to each other can be merged into one.


I have the card since October. Since the lounge access ended in March, you think I have a chance to get credit?


Simple question: If one applies and gets a second Amex Plat, one could also get a second Priority Pass. Would that allow one to signin twice, potentially guesting someone for free?


Probably not, but you can always try.

Unlikely, but I guess it would be up to the lounge.


RE: Starwood Gold Elite Status. I am cancelling my card soon. At what date will they extend me for another year of Gold? Jan 1st?


Can be merged? How do I do that or is it automatic?


Its in the best interest of your reader that you mention the no annual fee version of this card. It comes with all the exact same benefits, minus the 40k MR points, plus the ability to add 3 additional cardholders for free who can also get the Global entry. Of course you dont get affiliate commission off that link, but hopefully you care most about whats best for your readers, and not whats best for your wallet. Heres the link to that version;


I bought a $50 aa gift card 10 days ago and was not credited. Dan are you sure aa gift cards still work? can I try chatting with them and get refunded?


It may extend automatically, not sure how that’s working these days as I have Platinum status.

May be automatic, may take a call to Experian.

40K points are worth far more than $450. But either way, don’t you need to be an Ameriprise client for that?

I’ve had some refunds take 3 days and others take 30 days, I’d hang tight.

Is this for the regular $200 credit or the targeted credit?


do you recommend opening new card or if I have the gold (opened in January)ask to upgrade to platinum(for the points and the benefits you wrote)? Then I can always ask to downgrade next year? This way I can save on the annual twice?

Chris S.

I just accepted an upgrade offer from PRG to Platinum. 50k points after spending $5k in 6 months. I had an authorized user on that Gold account.

I received an additional Platinum card associated with that authorized user. Should I expect to be hit with the $175 even though I never “asked” for the additional card? If I don’t activate the card, would that help prevent the triggering of the additional $175?


You can try that.

@Chris S.:
Nice offer, still have the link for that?

You’ll probably get hit with it, but you also have 60 days once its billed to downgrade or cancel the additional card.

dan not dan

i have been getting lots of 100k business plat amex offers at my office.


it was for the regular airline credit. is there a beter amount then $50 that has a better chance? any chance of getting it through an email or chat?


@dan not dan:
You can do consumer and business plat offers via 2BM

I’d hang tight. Should post before the end of the year.
Didn’t want to dabble in PGGM territory?

Chris S.

@Dan: I don’t have the upgrade link, but I got a letter via USPS, an email, and an offer on the AmEx website all within 10-14 days of one another. Appears targeted.


should I be brave enough to try the other $150 on aa gift cards? i have another 3 platinum cards, should i be confident to do aa gift cards on all 3?


no it was unchartered waters for me. I am a newbie


@Dan you dont need to be an ameriprise client to get the free version of this card. Thats simply who its advertised to. I have it and my wife has it and have taken advantage of all the benefits, while we are not ameriprise clients. IMHO you should at least present this as an option to your reader, and let them decide if they want to buy MR points at basically 1cpm. Personally ill take 50k MR points from the gold version of the card for free, and then get this card for all the other benefits.


Just got hit with the $450 fee. If I spend now 200 and in Jan 200 on seat upgrades, will I only have to pay 50?


I’ve never seen any reports of it not working.
Can always do PGGM though, read the forum link in the post.

Didn’t realize that, thanks.

However even if you don’t use them for travel any broker will pay 1.5 cents each for them.

Or with a promo like BA 40% it’s like buying those miles for way under 1 penny each.

As far as AUs for global entry…you have 60 days to cancel those as I said earlier.

Those seat upgrade purchases will be refunded up to $200 per year.


thanks so much for all your help, if they research it will they be able to see that it was used on a gift card?


If I’ve had this card in the past, and closed it in October 2013, can I get it again (with the MR points)?
If yes, when?
Does it matter if I’ve had Gold, MB, Green…recently too?
Thank you.


Can an AU also get the $200 airline fee waiver


Dan can you give a quick pros and cons how does this compare to the citi prestige card? Both have the same annual fee. Citi prestige gives $250 credit per calendar year, and that specifically includes airline tickets so with triple dip this is $750 of free airline tickets. Citi also comes with priority pass and global entry. I would love to hear your thoughts on it.


AA won’t sell gift cards to NJ addresses. Any ideas?



Thanks for the info.

Do you have a link to the 50k MR points from the gold version of the card offer? (i see only 25K)


Can I get the Biz Plat if I have had a Biz Green within the past year?


Try the PGGM.
See the DD forums for details.


On my Amex buiz plat they r saying its 300$ for each authorized user. Any idea why that is?


Officially no.

Doesn’t have Centurion, Airspace, or Delta lounge access.
Doesn’t have SPG Gold status.
Doesn’t have lost item insurance.
Doesn’t have good transfer partners.


The 3 for $175 rate is only on the personal plat.


I called American Express and asked if I could use the $500 credit to purchase upgrade certificates and I was told no. Only for incidentals. Can you actually use this to purchase upgrades?


Dan, you’ve got all the angles figured out. This was just the push I needed, because the Gold ain’t so golden anymore with the 15K spend bonus going away. Soooo– I just upgraded my Gold to a Plat for a 50K bonus, no spend needed, no hard pull, and will enjoy my 200×3 airline reimbursements.


Just upgraded Gold to Platinum also. I haven’t yet seen whether the “taxes and airport fees” on an award ticket are among reimbursable charges. Are they?


What is the link to the use Delta to get the $200.00


I highly doubt dan will publish this due to compensation conflicts, but there is a 100k offer for business platinum around. Google it.


@GetItForFree: The Ameriprise Amex Plat is fee-waived for the first year only, then it’s $450.


i heard that some people got closed down for “pggm” as they say, the hogs get slaughtered, thanks for the “great idea” though


American Express doesn’t partner with United anymore. So you use your card to use the United Gift registry and then you get back the 200? Have you done this?


Any link for a biz plat ? Since the once per lifetime rule its only plat I can do.


Does the global entry credit reset each calendar yr as well?


Hey Dan:
Thanks for the valuable info.IN addition, to the $200 regular credit per calendar year, is the extra targeted credit also per calendar year? Also, can PGGM also be used for the extra credit in addition to the $200 credit?


Officially only for actual seat upgrades, not stickers.

But I’d guess that if you buy $150 or less at a time that it will credit you back anyway.

No reason you can’t get the personal and business bonus.

Never happened.

AMEX has never been a partner with United.

Do $100 at a time. I have done it.

You can try calling for the best offer for that card.

Officially every 5 years, YMMV.

The extra credit is just for 2014. Can be used for the same stuff as the regular credit.


Customers with select Platinum American Express credit cards may access Delta Sky Clubs when traveling on a same-day Delta operated flight (does not include Delta SkyMiles co-branded American Express Platinum Card).You need to be flying delta in order to access the delta lounge with the platinum !


Is there anyway to check if used/how much of the airline credit in the calendar year? Thanks


If I apply for the card now, will I get it before the year is up?


You can select to view all activity from any card online.

It’s sent overnight.


if i use the united method do my miles get refunded to my account


If you call Amex and tell them you’d like to apply for the 100k offer via phone I have been successful getting 100,000 after 10k spending



Personal or business?



Does have AA admirals club access along with priority pass.
And does transfer to Flying Blue, Singapore and others.


@dan If i do chfggm when I cancel the reservation do the miles get refunded back to my account ?

anonymous 2

Did anyone get the extra $200-$500 use it for $100 AA gift cards and get credited recently?


I looked up the ameriprise amex you posted about and this is in the first footnote: “Your ability to have this Card product is contingent on a relationship between you and Ameriprise Financial, Inc. If no relationship exists, or if your relationship with Ameriprise Financial ends, American Express has the right to cancel your Card account or transfer your account to another American Express Card product that will have different features and benefits.”


How can u triple dip. Why would they let u use the travel 200$ credit in Jan 2016? Isn’t that the next calendar year??

100K offer for biz platinum

Think they’ll approve me for another? I keep getting these in the mail.


Dan, the Amex plat links you’ve posted bring me to a web page that’s “can’t be found.”


Within 24 hours with United.

Um, exactly.

Try another browser.


I upgraded my business gold in December last year to platinum. I then spent $200 in airline GC before Dec 31st and again on Jan 1st. after both credits posted i downgraded back to BGR. Can I now upgrade again the same BGR back to Plat and do it again? or will they say I already got the 2014 credit on this account?


@dan- I got a targeted 100K offer for the personal card. I read the forums but don’t quite understand the gift card angle. Do I buy a $100 AA gift card and then cancel it and still get the credit from AMEX?



I have the AMEX Business Platinum andjust purchased a $200 Gift card with AA. Wasn’t sure If I needed to be enrolled specifically with AA for this or not, but I enrolled anyway. The agent indicated that the gift card wasn’t eligible for the airline credit. what are the options, if they don’t credit me

the other guy

@100K offer for biz platinum: ill take it if you dont use it


any1 know whether the $200 works towards the status booster? i.e. i’m just a bit shy for gold renewal and AA offered me $399 to get status for 2015. wanted to know if the AMEX $200 credit worked


Have aa cc w lounge paid 450
Still in effect
Plus delta one yr lounge tll February
Maybe something for 12/16


I bought a $200 United gift card last year and it wasn’t approved. I called in and they told me it was for incidentals only but on a one time basis they would credit me. Are you suggesting that I buy 2 $100 credits and I should have no problem? I’m thinking of going with AA. Also, I never got a credit for losing access to the AA lounge; you suggest I call and ask for something – any advice on how much?


$200 in one shot never works, I said $100 for a reason…

deal guy

Re: double dip in 2014 for the $100-500 credit. What can someone in New Jersey use the AA or US credit for? I don’t think you can buy aa gift cards in NJ.


I upgraded my business gold in December last year to platinum. I then spent $200 in airline GC before Dec 31st and again on Jan 1st. after both credits posted i downgraded back to BGR. Can I now upgrade again the same BGR back to Plat and do it again? or will they say I already got the 2014 credit on this account? anyone?


@ Dan,

I bought a $200 gift card which i see now will not be approved for credit, can it be returned and then repurchase two separate cards for $100 each? I have 8 days left to get the $200 airline credit for the calendar year.


Doubt it.

You can’t return gift cards.
Just buy 2 x $100.


@ Dan,


so I am stuck with the $200 gift card, unless I can get AA to refund or AMEX to refund?


i applied for the card today and they said there is no way to expedite the card to me. what should i do?


guys – any1 know if i can use the $200 credit to offset the AA elite status booster fee? thanks

tiny moshe

i just my amex plat in the mail, taking my first baby steps. bought 2 round trip tickets to TLV to get the 200 credit, EC seats were 139 and 129, i hope this works or im going to have to use all my new points to pay for a new apt…



I got this card on Jan 1 2014 (100k targeted sign up bonus)I had selected aa at the time and they don’t allow me to change it. I just tried to purchase 2-$100 gift cards via email delivery and they wrote that they don’t sell to NJ addresses which is the address that the cc is billed to. What can I do to get the $200 credit?


i was at your seminar in CH and you mentioned using the $200 airline credit on delta for seats, can you please explain how that works?


That just gives me the comments does not show how to do it, can you please post the link where i se how to do it?


Read the Wiki there.


Thank you!!!


I got a 100k offer if I spend $3,000. In order to get the $200 refund, can I just order $200 worth of American Airline gift cards and then automatically get the refund? Is it as simple as that or is there a process?


@Dan:I got this card on Jan 1 2014 (100k targeted sign up bonus)I had selected aa at the time and they don’t allow me to change it. I just tried to purchase 2-$100 gift cards via email delivery and they wrote that they don’t sell to NJ addresses which is the address that the cc is billed to. What can I do to get the $200 credit?


Can someone explain the pggm? I have my credit with united

seminar goer

hi Dan i was by your seminar and forgot how to recive the 200 anual fee refund. can u remind me? also is it too late to get it for 2014?


does the refund work for delta gift cards as well?


I just tried buying gift cards in American airlines & it didn’t allow it. Due to recent legislation it cannot sell or deliver to NJ
Does anyone know about this?
What else can i get credit for the $200 for this year, i don’t want to lose it!


The Business Platinum Card charges $300 per extra card, not 3 for $175.


Confused: I just called to get additional credit for losing lounge access. So the rep gave me $215 in statement credit. Cool. Why would they do this instead of reimburse me for an incidental charge?

I selected United as my choice airline.


@DR: what did you tell them?


I Just called about the credit for loosing lounge access. I’m registered with delta. How can I cash out the $100?


Do you get the credit for buying a delta gift card?


I called and requested a credit for loosing lounge access and was denied twice. They said they offered up some concessions early in the year and if you didn’t take them at that time you lost it.

Dan's the man!

I bought a gift card on this link for $200 please tell me if I’m gonna get my credit because I bought it a while ago and still didn’t reflect on my account


As I wrote several times, you will not get credit for $200 purchases.


FYI – I ordered two $100 AA gift cards on 12/31 and already received credit from American Express.


@SHAYA I told them that I wanted credit for loosing access to the lounge.

@Dan why will they give credit for AA cards and not United cards?


thank you..

i changed my airline to DELTA
i then booked a flight through the amex travel site
i then went to and purchased 2 comfort seats that totaled $208. (one at $109 and $99).
do i cancel the flight through DELTA site?
or do i call AMEX to cancel the flight?.. amex told me i have until 10pm tonight to cancel the flight by calling them without incurring fees.

even when i cancel, how do i get refunded for the comfort seats i paid for?
and when i do, how do i get an extra $200 credit? i don’t see how it adds up.


Joel Rafinia

can i still buy a gift card and get amex platinum airline credit with american airline?