American Express Brings Back Online Credit Reallocation!


American Express has finally brought back the ability to move credit lines between their consumer credit cards.

To do so just logon to your account, click on “recent activity” and then scroll down under your recent charges to click on “Transfer available credit to another Card.” You can drop the credit line of a card down to $1,000. It’s a good idea to keep a high credit line on the card you use the most so that the credit utilization ratio on that card stays lower.

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For some reason, I don’t see that option for my account…


Do you have 2 consumer credit cards?


For some reason i do not see that option on my blue card only on my spg


If you see it on SPG you should be able to click on it there and then move credit from blue to spg.


Were you actually in Chicago to make those purchases as the Hatbox?
Also how did you get the get the Amex bonus twice? (one for hatbox and one for Chabad)

And the most curious thing is how did you get so much credit in one month? and the -725 from the month before? returns?


Thanks i just did it hey said 7-10 days does that mean most probably no….or they say to all 7-10 days ??


Not seeing it on any of my cards — I have 4 consumer accounts SPG, HHonors, Blue, Blue Preferred.

i wish

i wish i would have known that the $10 amex credit would have worked at the chabads in those cities (chicago…)


-No, I used the form I posted here:

-AMEX promotions work for additional users…makes annual fees pay for themselves!

-Lots of additional users 😀

It means they’re processing it, don’t worry!

Go figure?

@i wish:
All you had to do was read DansDeals:

Of course it helps if you have dozens of cards like I do 😉


They’re asking for our income. Will this make a hard credit pull, too?


There should not be a hard pull for reallocation, but feel free to call or SM them to confirm.


Not showing by me on SPG and Delta.


dan ive heard about amex roing reviews and shutting down cards on people who did 3bm method is that only buissness acctc or is that always a risk what about platinum and mercedes benz platinum will those get flagged?


ya dan do you recoomend the platinum and mercedes cards and can either of those be downgraded to a simplier card to drop the fees for it

Dan Fan

how often do you reccomend applying for a credit card and is amex different than the rest and what about having to much credit how much is bad and is amex different than the others Thanx


Dan i have amex on personal with a high limit. I also have S corporation which is %100 me. i was having dificult time last year to get a credit card on my business. I have great Credit score of 790 with no issues other than a Tax len 2 years ago which was satisfied right away. Anyhow i can transfer some of the personal SPG Amex Limit to business? I will try again to apply for a card as its been a while.


@Dan: When I spoke with Amex on the phone they said it’s pretty much the same credit pull when either requesting a credit line increase or just doing a credit reallocation



In response to you earlier, I have a Delta Gold and SPG, both consumer cards. For some reason, doesn’t show up.


Is this a permanent move of available credit or just for the current billing cycle?


Did you also get a ‘we will consider and write to you in 7-10days’ response? I assumed as I have the credit anyway, the transfer would be immediate.


I have three American Express cards not showing on any of them

Robert S

The reason why it is not showing up for some is because an account has to be open for 13 billing cycles. If it has not, you cannot move credit around. I called them and that is what I was told by AmEx.


@Robert S: My shortest one is open for more than five years and it’s still not available for me


This option has been available for a long time, but it is not available for everyone. For example, it is available on both my account and my wife’s account, and we used it numerous time in the past 2 yrs, but it hasn’t been available for either of my parents for a long time. It seems to be on an account by account basis. The only thing that is new is that it is available for you 🙂

dont have that option

is it true its only for some ppl?


This ios a bit off topic but I was wondering if adding my spouse to my Amex account will be a hard pull on her credit? I tried avoiding giving her SS# but now theyre asking for it? If its a hard pull I’d rather cancel her card, and use the credit for a 3BM…