Alaska Airlines Miles Already Posting


Update #2: Alive again with this link.

Update: DEAD!


The Alaska Airlines credit card currently has a 50K signup bonus.

I haven’t posted about it yet as it was a targeted offer sent to Washington residents (where there is an epic battle heating up beating them and Delta.)  It also says that people who have applied in the last 12 months are ineligible.

But several non-targeted DDF members not from Washington have already gotten signup bonuses for the card even though they have applied in the past 12 months.

You get 25K miles for signing up and another 25K for spending $1,000 in 3 months.

The annual fee is $75 and they will not waive it.

The card is issued by BOFA which typically checks your hard-hit Experian credit report.  DDF members have had success freezing that report and getting approved by calling reconsideration at 866-530-9829 and having them pull a report with fewer inquiries.

Note that with BOFA you will only get the bonus if you are approved for a Signature level card with a $5,000 credit line.  If you only get a Preferred or Platinum level card you will only get a 3,000 or 5,000 mile signup bonus.

What makes Alaska unique are their partner airlines.  They aren’t part of any alliance but their partners include Aeromexico, Air France, American, British Airways. Cathay Pacific, Delta, Emirates, Fiji, Korean, KLM, LAN, and Qantas. They only assess fuel surcharges for travel on British Airways.

Every partner airline has their own award chart when using Alaska miles and many are very good.  The good thing is that you can book one-way tickets and they can even have a free stopover.  The bad thing is you can’t mix airlines on a single ticket, so forget about flying Emirates first class from JFK to Milan and then flying another airline to Israel.

When flying Delta for example it’s usually a good idea to credit the flight to Alaska as Alaska miles are far more valuable than Delta Skypesos.

Alaska is also partners with Starwood, so you can transfer 20K Starpoints into 25K Alaska miles.

HT: MilesNpoints, via DDF
There are several other mega bonus credit card signup offers going on now:

-Chase Ink Plus offers 50,000 points for spending $5,000.

-Chase Ink Bold offers 50,000 points for spending $5,000.

Learn more about getting a business card like Ink in this post.

-Chase British Airways offers 50,000 Avios for spending $2,000.

-Citi AA Mastercard offers 50,000 miles for spending $3,000.

-Chase Sapphire Preferred offers 40,000 points for spending $3,000 AND another 5,000 points for adding a free secondary user.

-Barclaycard Arrival Plus™ World Elite MasterCard® offers 50,000 miles for spending $3,000 (plus a 5% rebate every time you redeem points.

-Chase United Explorer offers 30,000 points for spending $1,000 AND another 5,000 points for adding a free secondary user.

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You can still get 55,000 miles and $50 cash back on the United Explorer card.
Just got matched to that via secure message yesterday.


Dan, seems they require a R/T when using Delta Airline

good morning


Greg Z

Anyone have two of these open at the same time?

Wondering if I should close the wife’s after only 4 months and try for this one in a few weeks or just try for it now.


Dan i applied for the card and called recon. to approve it. they were able to approve with a credit line of $2000 only. Now the question: is it possible that they didn’t approved me for the Signature level card that the application was for???


Can you do 2bm with this?


Bob who did you ask united to match?


Is annual fee waived for first year? Also how does the companion pass work? Can we book a ticket with award and get a companion pass to go along with it? Any idea where details are for that?


Hey dan, i just got a sapphire preferred. I see you wrote that you need to spend 3,000 in order to get the signup bonus and it also states it on But when i called to activate my card the guys said i only needed to spend 2,000$? And i asked are you sure? And he said yes.



@good morning:
This was a targeted offer.
The last thing I need is people applying for a card and then finding out they won’t get anything.

Now that people got the bonus I wrote this post.

Feel free to follow DDF for more breaking news.

I did cover the card by referencing the DDF thread last week in this post:

@Greg Z:

You are probably not getting a signature card so you will not get the bonus unfortunately.
Try calling back and see what can be done.

He said he sent a secure message.

It’s $3,000.


Any other decent offers with BOA? Do 2/3bm’s work with them


What’s if you get approved for less then 5k and ask them. To move more credit to that card from a different will you still get the less bonus or the higher bonus?


@good morning:

Read DDF!!! Separates the men from the boys.

Greg Z

@Yaks, they have a business Alaska card with a smaller bonus, as well as the Virgin card with a 50k bonus


@Dan: I just applied for the chase freedom and was denied due to “not enough accounts opened long enough to establish a credit history. I have a card from bofa 2k cl, amex 2k limit, discover 2500 cl. I have called reconsideration 12 times, and they have sent me 3 reconsideration letters in the mail all restating the same reason, I have tried every reason in the book why they shouldgive me the card including with a 500 limit, any suggestions ?

a european

@good morning:
He actually did post here
“Credit cards: Lots of fun with Alaska Air. Hope it works out for everyone and we don’t get burned!”


any success waiving annual fee first year?

good morning

@Freedom: a see that dan said you need to spend 3000 but there is a sapphire with 2000 spend only and on that card you will not eaRN THE 5000 BONUS FOR ADDING A USER


oops reread the post disregard last comment

good morning

@good morning: here is the link for thesaphhire with $2000 spend only that won’t earn the 5,000 point bonus for adding an additiona user.


Actually you can match the $3K offer that earns 45K miles with the added user down to just $2K spend.
Just apply for the 3K offer and send a secure message to Chase to get matched to the 2K spend requirement. Then you get the best of both offers.


Does it hurt my credit to cancel a fee card after 12 months if it has $0 balance?

If so, how do you approach 3BM strategy with fee cards after 12 months? Do you just continue to pay the fee?

blue sky

dan — are close-in fees avoidable on partner airlines when booking thru alaska?


just got approved for 12,500 credit. thanks

ddf addict

So true!


Hey Dan,

How long is this deal on for?

My 2 Ink cards (Bold & Plus) fees are due this month. Should I cancel and reapply as Visas for the 50k bonus? Chase has become very rigid in approving biz applications now, so I’m scared they will not approve as they recently would not approve SW biz despite several appeals. Thanks.


Is it better to credit delta flights to Alaska or to Flying Blue? I was planning to credit upcoming Delta flights to Israel to FB so that I’ll be about halfway to a 25K award flight next time it comes around. But is Alaska more worth it for someone who generally only travels to Israel?


why do I pay over $200 when using Alaska miles to London with American airlines.


Any idea where they pull from in OH?

Chaim mayer

I got a sapphire preferred two months ago. Will they match the bonus for the au?

Joe S

Need advice here –

So I usually handle my wife’s credit card signups, and I handle all finances for our house. Last night i signed up for the BOA Alaska Airlines card. She already has 1, but I know you can have multiples. When she spoke with them this morning, they asked her a couple questions she was unsure of, and they tagged the account as possible fraudulent. We’ve been going back and forth all day with speaking with the credit analyst department and the fraud department. Finally it seemed that we’d have to prove something in the mail (which we’d get in 7-10 business days), and then it could be approved. However, the credit analyst said my wife could try to convince the fraud department on the phone that it was her, and worse comes to worse, she’d have to wait 7-10 days. The credit analyst emphasized that it wouldn’t hurt to try. So my wife called up, got some things right but some things wrong (including things I wouldn’t even know the answer to, such as old loans from a long time ago). They then said that we called up too many times today, and they wouldn’t even be sending out the form in the mail, but this account was closed. They said the decision was final. Now from looking online it seems they closed her old credit card also. I’m wondering what to do here. I’ve tried speaking to them on the phone, but even conferenced in with me and her, they wouldn’t let me speak to the fraud department. I explained that I’m the one who knows everything about finances of our house, but they said it was BofA policy. Now I’m not sure where to go from here, as there obviously is no fraud here, but I don’t want them closing out all of her accounts (which hurts her credit). Any advice, I’ve never had this happen in the last 5 or 6 years of this. They were asking a lot of questions about her identity that were very, very specific (about charges on specific days, something an average person wouldn’t remember). We followed each person’s instructions today, but kept having to call up when the the credit analyst department said things that the fraud department said were not true (this happened on 2 occasions today).


Dan, what’s a good card to do a 2BM with this one? Thanks!


How can you keep Alaska airline miles from expiring without the credit card?


I tried to search your site for more info on Alaska Miles but it looks like you never really analized it like other mileage programs. I tried to look myself at the link you provided in this post and it looks like a pretty expensive award chart. For Example- 32.5k miles one way in First NYC-LAX with AA etc…. Theres no real great deal there. Also theres little availability.

Can you please elaborate more about any good uses for Alaska Miles?

Thank you!


Hi Dan,
First thanks for all< just wondering how long it takes to transfer spg to alaska? And any other miles tranfer to alaska?

Missed it

I just signed up for Alaska card 3 weeks ago for 25k! Any idea if they’ll match?


@good morning: and who do you think you are?


@Missed it: i just online chatted with boa, and even though i applied for the card in november for me and wife for 25,000 miles and $100 statement credit for spending $1,000, they still applied an additional 25,000 miles and will reflect in the next billing cycle.


@Hannah: it expires after 3 years of inactivity


@Dan: so the guy didn’t know what he was talking about? Thanks good to know (im not doubting you)




tried a few times it’s not there anymore


See the wiki on DDF – looks like it is alive again.


thanks live again just signed up


I just saw today that in my BOA account i have the alaska airlines platinum plus visa card however i never got an email or letter saying that i got accepted?


Was finally going to do my next round of apps and new link not working. Anyone else have any luck?


If the application status says it was approved, does that mean it was approved for the signature card or not necessarily? Forgive me if this question was covered already.


Looks like the application link has stopped working again.