A Simple Churning Strategy…


You guys let me off easy with this one, some of those other articles would’ve required way more time and effort!

After being denied a signup bonus from United/Chase, I went right back and reapplied for the card but just left the mileage plus number blank.

United/Chase automatically generated a new mileage plus number for me and deposited my bonus into that account. Then United had no problem merging the account into my existing mileage plus account…

Good luck!

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hi dan
i have a friend who is getting married in a starwood hotel.
i want to get the points. he is paying for 15 rooms. spg tells me i can only get credit for 3.
also do u know if i can get 3 points (i am a gold) for every doller spend at the hall.
(by the way a quick call to spg and just a request to be a gold member.they told me that they will do it only this one time?


i’ve done this before. you can improve the odds of this working by changing your middle initial.


Dan I was expecting better. The vote should have said a churning tip. It’s almost like a voting for president.


Big deal, I figured this out on my own too. with delta though, when you try moving the milege you lose them because your real account allready has the sign up miles and thats only allowed in a delta account ONCE.


I never promised anything earth-shattering here guys…

Stern-There’s no such rule that a Delta Skymiles account can only have 1 AMEX bonus, you definitely shouldn’t lose the miles in a merge.


Do you think this will work for Chase Continental Card?

Avid Reader

Dan, Thanks for the info. Will try this…

Avid Reader

Dan, is there any AA card offer that does not require you to spend $750 in the first 4 months to get the mileage bonus?


I’m dissapointed dan I was expecting somthing more exiting after all we to vote on it
Q: I got blacklisted from avis for no good reason does anyone know if signing up for a new preffered account with a different adress and cc number will allow me to rent or do they base it on license number


Found this out 2 weeks late!

After reading that United CC’s are the best to churn, I signed up for a 2nd, and only later read your post that united no longer gives a 2nd sign up bonus. Maybe you should add a comment to your credit card profiles, so others don’t go signing up for extra cards….

Is there any way for me to get the bonus anyway?


would this work for the starwood card also? (or am I the only one that didn’t receive a second starwood bonus form amex)



The only way to rent again is with a different license number, and obviously different address and phone number. Because they go by license number.

Why did they blacklist you? Whats the reason?


There are different ways of being blacklisted.
Did they blacklist your license number? It is possible that they just blacklisted your wizard number, I have experienced with both. If you can offer more info I may be able to help you out.


well I’m under 21 therefor I had to use an Awd number that allowed me to rent with no age restriction I had rented around 5 times alleady using this awd number I went to newark which is notorious for making trouble, my bad anyhow they didn’t let me rent because I didn’t have corprate Id I got on the phone right there and try to get help that’s when I relized I was dealing with the reganel manager to cut it short I got a letter in the mail 2weeks later saying that due to misuse of a awd number on a previous rental they will no longer rent to me thank in advance sorry about the spelling I’m typing from my phone



If that is the case, then the name is blacklisted with the license number, try to get a new license with a slightly different name (one letter) so it doesn’t raise red flags in the computers


how about a middle enitial


dont get a new license dont make any changes to your name just post your email address and i will send you an email with some very helpful information (i am assuming the person at newark that gave you problems was the nightime manager ALI ELLI??)


email me at gjmptw3@gmail.com ill then give you my real email address and no it was some other guy i have his name and number somewhere cant find it at the moment thanks


Send me the info too: