An Updated List Of Gift Cards Sold At Lowe’s

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Update: While Lowe’s doesn’t sell Visa or Mastercard gift cards, they do sell Staples gift cards.  I finally burned the $1,000+ in Staples gift cards that I got from this promotion on Visa gift cards that are now sold online from 😀
It’s a great way to complete your Freedom spending if you don’t spend that much on restaurants and don’t need gift cards to the other stores listed below.


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Here is a new list (updated as of 04/03/14) of all gift cards sold by Lowe’s.  They have added several new cards since last year.  When buying anything at Lowe’s this quarter you’ll earn 5 or 5.5 points per dollar on your Chase Freedom card on up to $1,500 in spending per Freedom card.

Of course you can always buy Lowe’s (or Home Depot) gift cards with your Ink Bold or Ink Plus card at an office supply store to earn 5 points per dollar year-round on up to $50K in spending. However you can’t buy gift cards at Lowe’s when using a Lowe’s gift card.

For the sake of being comprehensive I have included all of the gift cards I saw, including to non-kosher restaurants.  For what it’s worth, the kosher Subway in Cleveland for example does accept Subway gift cards even though they don’t participate in any other national Subway coupons or promotions.

-AMC Theaters
-AT&T GoPhone
-American Eagle
-Ann Taylor
-Babies R Us
-Barnes & Noble
-Bass Pro Shop
-Bath & Body Works
-Bed Bath & Beyond/Buy Buy Baby
-Bob Evans
-Boost Mobile
-Buffalo Wild Wings
-Burger King
-Cheesecake Factory
-Children’s Place
-Coldstone Creamery
-Cracker Barrel
-Darden Restaurants
-Domino’s Pizza
-Fashion Bug
-Finish Line
-Foot Locker
-Game Stop
-Gap Inc (Gap, Banana, Old Navy, Athleta, Piperlime)
-Google Play
-Jiffy Lube
-Jo-Ann Fabric
-Lane Bryant
-Little Ceasers
-Longhorn Steakhouse
-Nascar Superstore
-Olive Garden
-Outback Steakhouse
-Panda Express
-Pizza Hut
-Papa John’s Pizza
-Playstation Plus
-Red Lobster
-Red Robin
-Regal Cinemas
-Ruby Tuesday
-Sports Authority
-Steak ‘n Shake
-Sunglass Hut
-Toys R Us
-T-Mobile Prepaid
-Uno Pizzeria & Grill
-Verizon Prepaid
-Virgin Mobile

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Thanks Dan.


thanks! how about apple gc, any chance I can find the at Lowes?


Thank you for posting, Dan. This information will come in handy starting in April, when Lowes purchases begin receiving 5% cash back on the Freedom card.

Unfortunately, I don’t see any retailers listed (except office supply stores) that sell large-denomination Visa, MC or Amex GCs.


Are any of these gift card usable on Amazon Payments?


Ah the Amazon Gift card


Any way to make them like vanilla reload? Where you put money on them to just cash out?
Thanks in advance Dan


This may sound like a dumb question but the link says 5% cash back but doesn’t mention anything about points. Am i missing something? thanks


Where does it say that lowes is 5x in q2 2013?

glasses dude

@Asher, read a liitle more of dans posts’ Although they are called “5% categories” you really get 5 Ultimate Rewards points per dollar spent which can be cashed out for 5% cash. For $1,500 in spending you will earn at least 7,500 Ultimate Rewards points.

If you or your spouse has a Sapphire Preferred, Ink Bold, or Ink Plus card you can transfer Freedom points over to one of those cards and then transfer them at a 1:1 ratio into much more valuable airline miles (United, British Airways, Southwest, Korean, etc) or hotel points (Hyatt, etc)
@Dan, Thanx


Is the maximum rebate I can get on the first $1500 of spend thru all categories or is it per category.

Chris D.

Thank you very much. Very helpful


how can we CASH-OUT the GC purchased from Lowes ?


Does anyone know where/if I can buy Walmart gift cards and get 5%?


Can you use Amazon GC’s to send Amazon payment to another person?


??? Chase freedom Q2 is only Restaurants and Movie Theaters!

Buenos Naches

@nanistor – Lowe’s was a late addition to the list of eligible categories – I believe it was announced a couple weeks ago


Can you buy GC with Lowe’s gift card?


Is Lowes considered a Department store for AMEX for the Cashback? Can anyone confirm?


My local Lowe’s has BP gift cards as well! Maybe some others not listed here also, have to pay attention next time I’m there.


My email from chase said that gc are not available for five % cash back am obtuse only one? Does it still work?


can i send money from an amazon gift card via amazon payments


1500 on all categories combined.


is there way to check during the Querter how much of the 1500 was used, so i can know how much more to charge?



Abe – I usuall click through to Ultimate Rewards, then on the Rewards Activity tab, click on Statement Summaries. Here you’ll see month by month breakdown of “Bonus points from 5% categories: Apr-Jun” – the max you can receive is 6,000 pts per quarter (4pts x $1,500 cap) so you can work backwards to find out how much headroom you have.


The lowes I went to didn’t allow me to purchase any
Gift cards with a lowes gift card


is there a gift card that works @ BP GAS i dont see it on the list is it under any other name or lowes dosent sell them.TIA


Anyone know if any Lowes in Texas has any non-Lowes gift cards? I have asked a couple of stores in Austin and they never do, so I wonder if it’s a regional thing.


John… I know the one in Bastrop does. I just purchased some there yesterday. I would assume the ones in Austin would have them as well.


I checked again, and I guess they pretty much all have them now!


anyone know if home depot also sells other retailers gift cards?


Went into today to purchase marriot, didn’t work….. Charged me but cards didn’t work, check card prior to leaving pleqae


Can we purchase office max GC and then go to office max and purchase a VGC?


@dan -Where can I buy apple gift cards?

Home Depot

Can I use lowes GC at Home Depot?


Dan is there anyway to cash out on any of these gift cards?


Note that this quarter is also 5% cashback at Lowes and Home Depot with Discover. Same maximum of $1,500 spend.


Dan, some (lots) of your readers/commenters need to learn to do their homework before posting some of the questions they do…….. While I enjoy many of the deals you post, the comments are just horrendous even for noobs. Come on people, use Google…


So dont read the comments. Pple can ask what the want


Is there a really compelling reason to get these from Lowes instead of Staples/Officemax using an Ink? I guess the difference would be 5.5% back on the Freedom vs. 5% back on Ink back but it seems like this quarter isn’t a very useful one.


@CURIOUS: @sky121: why waste your lowes cashback on BP if you can get a better deal at BP with the 5$ off 25$ ??


Discover is also giving 5% back on Lowe’s purchases this quarter.


1. no gc on line
2. no location near by.

Dan's the Man

@Home Depot: No, Home Depot and Lowes are different companies. If you want to buy something at Home Depot buy a home Depot GC at staples or office max using your Ink card.
@J: Besides the extra 10% Freedom bonus (if you have a Chase checking account) you’re also not using up your limited office supply 5% bonus if you by cards at Lowes to use up your Freedom 1500 amount. The premium Ink cards allow $50,000 spend at office supply and the no fee Ink Cash allows $25,000
@Thenewguy: The current Amex promotion is $5 off of $30 and it is only 1 time per registered card unlike last year when it was $5 off of $25 unlimited times per card.
@J: Dan and most people that use points value Chase points more than 1 cent so using your Freedom is better value than Discover.



May be a reason to take advantage if you might max out on your Office Supply bonus ($50k/yr)


@Dan’s the Man: I’ve heard that the Amex 5 off 25 is STILL working

Avrum Yosef

mmmm red lobster….


FYI – Citi Dividend MasterCard has 5x pts this qtr on “Home Depot” and “home furnishing stores”. (The pts are only redeemable for cash @.01 pt) The advantage is, they only limit annual cash back to a $300 ANNUAL amt – So theoretically, you can use the 5% on up to $6,000 this qtr @ home depot, if you don’t use it for other stuff.(I don’t). Need to register for the 5% on the website.
Hope this helps.


Pls clarify:
Do Office Depot and Staples charge a fee for purchasing retailer gift cards (aside fr Amex/Visa/MCard) ? Thanks.


There are different cards at Lowe’s like BP, StubHub, etc.



Any advice if no lOWES Store near us?


Got denied at Office Depot yesterday when I tried to buy a $500 Amazon Kindle Fire giftcard with my Ink. I have been doing this for over a year but was told a new company policy prohibits sale of ANY kind of variable amount gift card by credit card. The clerk offered me ten $50 Amazon gift cards instead. What a pain entering ten codes! Have you heard of anyone else encountering this?



I was browsing (very quickly) through DD responses and did not see Amex / Twitter synced deals mentioned for Lowes GCs. Sync you Amex cards on Twitter (#Amexlowes) and get $50 GCs, less $10 (1 per card synced Amex CC, and synced account).

Also, #AmexBP and others !!!


ALSO on facebook you can 10 off 50 when you use your amex at lowes


Staples stopped carrying Marriott gift cards, it would be great to be able to get them at Lowe’s!


@John: I’m in El Paso, TX and our Lowes sells “non” Lowes gift cards. They have most of the ones listed above.

Mark (@palmerlaw)

Marriott GCs are exclusively sold in-house (that’s why any ones still found on the rack at Lowe’s, Staples, etc. will not ring up).


staples is telling me that I cant use the staples gift cards to buy visa cards


@Mark (@palmerlaw):
Yup, updated the list now (which was last updated earlier this month).

I just did it online.


will it only work online or also in the store


Online only.
In store you can’t use gift cards for gift cards (the computer will allow it, but most cashiers will not).


Hate to rain the parade dan, but staples will likely cancel your order.


Don’t see anything but Lowe’s GCs online on their site. Can you post a link?


Lowes in the Dallas Area stocks TomThumb/Safeway GCs. 5x UR for groceries this quarter.


My lowes never has BP cards any way to find out which sores have them


OH wow, if they stock tom thumb, that means you can use it for gas cause tom thumb operates gas as well


@Dan I can get a Lowes GC with my useless Capital One miles. I dont believe they allow u to purchase GCs with a Lowes GC. Am I right? Any suggestions for those usless miles?


What I love about this deal is by getting BP GCs I get my Gas on credit card (plus bonus), in the “Cash” price, w/o having to give them my CC to clone.

Confess: I do give them my Amex CC when they offer Credit statements.


Unfortunately, Staples will cancel the order using Staples GC online. I tried to buy a $100 visa GC and had a $20 Staples card. The online system took it but a day later, I got a call from Staples saying couldn’t do it and cancelled the order. Maybe I had an overzealous “Customer Service” rep but it doesn’t appear these can be used all the time so either you got lucky or you have a technique that we don’t know about? 🙂


Can you purchase Staples GC at lowes online via lowes website?


Can I use amazon GC in Amazon payment ?

Linda Simms

@jack: sell cards on works wonderful


Can I buy gift cards at lowes with my lowes Credit Card?


@Sammy: yes.


I bought a BP gift card in a grocery for 5% in points using Chase Freedom, but the BP station charged me the cc price and not the cash price. Is anyone getting cash prices at BP gas stations with BP gift cards?



How do you get $5 of $25 at BP? Didn’t that deal expire at the end of 2013?

Juanita Stogsdill

Our Lowes were out of the shell cards please refill asap Somerset Ky 42501 ty


@Juanita, you are funny!


Need. Hep


Can you buy gift cards at lowes with the lowes credit card?


@Silentcrow: yes


can i buy giftcards with lowes advantage credit card?

Gretchen Brooke Dennis

Can u purchase a gift card with Lowe’s merchant card

David R

Because there is a current Lowe’s Amex offer in effect, would you be willing to update this post again?



charles e gale jr

what are the amounts of shell gift cards sold at lowes

Lukas Geo

You can’t buy VGC from staples with Staples GCs ..


Do any other stores besides Lowes let you use a gift card to purchase other gift cards? This is fascinating and I had no idea. Thank you.

Becky Cantrell

Lowe’s sells Sunglass Hut gift card or an office supply store does?

Lela Kluck

You don’t you sell local gift card? Like WalMart, Tractor Supply, Rural King. ?
Very disappointed

Lela Kluck

Why not sale local business cards, Tractor Supply,Walmart,Rural King?


If I buy bass pro or any other gift card at lowes can I use that gift card at lowes also


I bought a 500 dollar Nike gift card a few weeks ago I went to purchase items at Nike they said the card has 0 balance on it I called Lowe’s they said it was activated and no refunds on card I tried to go to Nike online and order and they said no money on card so now I’m out 500 and I feel I got scammed from your company I have card and receipt what can u do before I talk to lawyer