75,000 Point Signup Bonus For The Business Gold Rewards Card From American Express Open!

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Update: The 75K offer link below will expire tomorrow, 03/08, at 1:59pm EST!


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[Link removed, offer is now dead!]

Signup bonus:
75,000 bonus Membership Rewards points for spending $10,000 in 4 months.

Having consumer charge cards (Green, Gold, Platinum, etc) , consumer credit cards, or business credit cards will not stop you from earning this signup bonus.
If you have had a business charge card (Green, Gold, or Platinum) in the past 12 months the terms state that you will not receive the bonus. YMMV.

Offer Terms:
-LIMITED TIME OFFER: Earn 75,000 Membership Rewards® points after you spend $10,000 in the first 4 months of Card membership.
-3X points on airfare
-2x points on purchases in the U.S. for advertising in select media, gasoline at U.S. stand-alone gas stations, and shipping
-1X points on other purchases
-Points are earned only on eligible purchases. Bonus points limitations apply.
-Earn points even faster to get more rewards for your business
-24/7 support for everything from identity theft to travel emergencies
-$0 introductory annual fee for the first year, then $175
-Introductory annual fee for Additional Gold Cards in the first year is $0; then, $50 for the first Additional Gold Card and no fee for other Additional Cards
-Terms & Restrictions Apply.

Spending $10,000 in 4 months:
Spending $10K isn’t what it used to be.
I have spent that much at CVS in one night 😀

With options like Vanilla Reloads, Vanilla MVD cards that can be easily combined, and prepaid gift cards sold at a discount there are lots of ways to help you meet thresholds.
And of course there’s trusty old Amazon Payments made even easier with free additional user cards.

No need to rehash everything, Here are articles I’ve written on this stuff:
-Another Flavor Of Vanilla: My Vanilla Debit Card
-Today’s Escapades
-Meeting A Spend Threshold In One Night.
-Need To Meet A Spending Threshold Deadline? Send And Receive $1,000/Month With No Fees Using Amazon Payments!

If you spend $1,000 at Fedex for example you’ll get a 5% automatic cash rebate and 2,000 points (double points for shipping as stated above). $1,000 at HP gets a 10% automatic cash rebate and 1,000 points plus their awesome extended warranty coverage as long as you have any open American Express card at the time of the claim.

What can you do with the points:
-You can wait for another Avios bonus. These come by every few months and usually range from 30%-50%.
This month there is a 50% bonus for transfers from American Express Canada to British Airways so hopefully that will come down to us soon!
With a bonus you can get to Israel for as little as 20K points each way instead of the normal 30K points each way.
-Once you’re done with $10K in spending you’ll have at least 85K American Express Membership Rewards points.
-A flight from NYC to short-haul destinations (like Cleveland, Detroit, Montreal, Toronto, and many others) on American booked via Avios is just 4,500 each way with no fuel surcharges. With 85K points you’d have enough for about 19 short-haul flights. Or wait for the return of a transfer bonus and you’ll have enough for as many as 28 short-haul flights!
-A flight from NYC to medium-haul destinations (like Miami) on American booked via Avios is just 7,500 each way with no fuel surcharges. With 85K points you’d have enough for more than 11 medium-haul flights. Or wait for the return of a transfer bonus and you’ll have enough for as many as 17 medium-haul flights!
-A flight from NYC to resort destinations like Cancun or Puerto Rico on American booked via Avios is just 10,000 each way with no fuel surcharges. With 85K points you’d have enough for more than 8 of those flights. Or wait for the return of a transfer bonus and you’ll have enough for as many as 12 of those flights!
-A flight from NYC to stunning Costa Rica on American booked via Avios is just 12,500 each way with no fuel surcharges. Of you can fly from the West Coast to any Hawaiian Island for that rate. Or you can even fly from Boston to Ireland for the same rate with no fuel surcharges on Aer Lingus (you’ll have to call to book trips on airlines like Aer Lingus or Alaska). With 85K points you’d have enough for about 7 of those flights. Or wait for the return of a transfer bonus and you’ll have enough for as many as 10 of those flights!
-The only way to fly in Singapore’s First Class Suites, or in their great business or first class products, is with Singapore miles. Book on their website to save 15% of the miles needed. I flew to Europe last month in a couples suite with my wife for about 58K miles each.
-Air France/KLM Flying Blue charges only 25K miles round-trip to Israel during a Promo award or just 50K miles round-trip to Israel on Delta with no fuel surcharges. Plus there are occasionally bonuses to Flying Blue as well, dropping those rates even lower.
-The only way to fly in El Al First Class, which includes the best glatt kosher food in the sky, is with El Al points.
-Air Canada can book you on other Star Alliance carriers, like United and USAirways and many more, with no fue surcharges. Bonus: They also allow for 2 free stopovers, so you can checkout 3 different cities on 1 ticket.

What do you do with your points? Post a comment!

Getting a business card:

Getting a business card is quite simple. You don’t need to be a traditional “business owner” as you might think of one.

For example if Joe Smith sells items on Ebay or on Amazon, or has any other side business/hobby and wants a credit card to better keep track of business expenditures he can just open a business credit card for “Joe Smith Sole Proprietorship” as the business name. You don’t need to file any messy government paperwork to be allowed to do that.
Just be sure to select “Sole Proprietorship” as the business type and just use your social security number in the Tax Identification Number field as well as in the social security number field.

I’ve had business cards since I turned 18 as a Sole Proprietor and never had a problem getting approved with reconsideration if needed. You can reach reconsideration at 866-314-0237.

Best of all, spending you make on a business card won’t hurt your credit score as spending on a consumer card does.

Charge card:
This is a charge card without a defined credit line, so even when you’re ready to close the account you won’t lose that line of credit.

Plus it’s not subject the limit of 4 American Express credit cards per person, as charge cards are not limited in the way credit cards with a credit line are limited.

If you make zero income:
Then why are you applying for credit cards? American Express has the right to ask to see you tax returns at any time. While people have reported passing the financial review as long as they make something (DDF’ers have reported as little as $5K/year) it’s not a good idea to apply for this card (or any American Express card for that matter) if you don’t have income on the books.

Membership Rewards points transfer to:
Transfers are at 1K:1K ratios or are otherwise listed.
Aeromexico (Skyteam)
Air Canada (Star Alliance)
Alitalia (Skyteam)
ANA (Star Alliance)
-Asia Miles, Cathay Pacific (OneWorld)
Avios, British Airways and Iberia (OneWorld)
Delta (Skyteam)
El Al (1,000 MR:20 El Al ratio)
Flying Blue, Air France/KLM (Skyteam)
Jetblue (250 MR:200 Jetblue ratio)
Singapore (Star Alliance)
Virgin America (200 MR:100 Virgin ratio)
Virgin Atlantic

Best Western
Hilton: (1,000 MR:1,500 Hilton ratio)
Starwood: (1,000 MR:333 Starwood ratio)

You can apply for both consumer and business American Express cards on the same day with just 1 credit pull. Other cards from American Express include:

Consumer cards:
-Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express
-TrueEarnings® Card from Costco and American Express
American Express® Premier Rewards Gold Card
The Platinum Card® from American Express
Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card from American Express
-American Express® Gold Card
-Blue Cash Preferred Card® from American Express
-Blue Cash Everyday Card® from American Express
-Blue Sky from American Express®

Business cards:
-Starwood Preferred Guest® Business Credit Card from American Express OPEN
-Delta SkyMiles® Gold Business American Express Card OPEN
-SimplyCash® Business Card from American Express OPEN
-The Business Platinum Card® from American Express OPEN

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“If you make zero income: then why are you applying for credit cards?”

That’s an easy question. I don’t need or want a line of credit. What I want is tons of points and miles so I can go on vacation. With the combination of “zero expense spending” (ie. vanilla reloads or amazon payments) and “reimbursed spending” (ie. merkos shlichus expenses), meeting these spending thresholds is quite attainable.

With no out of pocket purchases, I have easily met spending thresholds on several cards in the last two years.


does Amex give u a hard time with charning cards?

eddie c.

Hi Dan, I’m interested in flying with my family to Israel to do a Bar Mitzvah trip in August. I’m on a very tight budget. (6 people. and if the extended family decide to come it could be 15-20 people) I know the price is now $1100-1500 pp. I saw a deal a few weeks ago for $692 pp traveling Aug 19-28 through Orbitz (with a stopover in Amsterdam). My dates were 1 day off because his actual Bar Mitzvah day would be Aug20 and we would’ve been on an airplane for that. We chose to hold-off. I feel terrible that I missed that deal.

Do you foresee another $400-800 pp deal in August again, or prices staying the same, or going up? (I would like to book before May.) what you advise is the cheapest way to fly there, then? ANA miles? Flying Blue? just wait?


The offer page states “Welcome bonus offer not available to applicants who have had this product or any other Business Gold, Green or Platinum Card® account within the last 12 months”. Does this requirement follow the business name applying for the card or the person applying?


I applied of the card the last time it was that offer and I put on the 10k charge right away, and still no sigh of the bonus points, it used to be after the charge. Anyone with expriance ?


Fair enough, but it is a risky game for someone with no income to play with.
And the cc companies aren’t going to tke kindly if they find out you have no income.

@eddie c.:
August is high season, you’re going to need a lot of luck!

Person, though it’s YMMV in my experience.

It’s probably pending, charge cards take an extra cycle to post points.. You can SM them to have them posted.


Hi Dan:
While I apply for this one I would like to do a 2bm or 3bm. Does it make any sense to apply for another starwood business or consumer if i currently have one already. (Just got it a month ago.) If yes, what do i answer to recon if they ask me why do you need two of the same card?


Dan, you need a EIN #.


Dan- how do I apply for two specific american express cards under one pull?


I applied in September but never opened the envelope or called in to confirm receiving the card.

any chances of getting the 75,000p ?


Any cards you apply for on the same day should work under the same pull.

Highly unlikely.
Might as well cancel it and apply again and not ignore it this time 😉


Dan you think that if I’m a trucking broker and I pay off trucking companys with this card will i get 2 points per doller??


The Terms and Conditions state that you can’t do the vanilla shtick: “Eligible purchases … do not include … purchases or reloading of reloadable pre-paid cards”.


No idea. Depends how it’s categorized.

Blah, blah, blah.
What works, works.


Amex only allows 4 personal cards per account holder? I have 4 now, I got a blue cash card way back when… probably my longest held card…I want to upgrade to Blue Preferred, think that it would entail closing that account?

Will be applying for this biz card


Dan – While I apply for this one I would like to do a 2bm or 3bm. I already have Amex Consumer SPG and Consumer Gold. What others would you recommend?


I get an error after submitting:

Currently, our systems are not responding. Please try again later or call us at 1-800-519-OPEN (6736) to apply for a Card. We apologize for any inconvenience.



Currently, our systems are not responding. Please try again later or call us at 1-800-519-OPEN (6736) to apply for a Card. We apologize for any inconvenience.


4 non-charge cards.
There’s no limit for charge cards.

You can close your oldest AMEX without worry, they always report the oldest date.

Starwood business is an easy one.

Try browsing “incognito” or “in-private” to see card offers.

In IE and Firefox you can access this mode by holding down Ctrl, Shift, and P buttons on your keyboard. In Chrome you can access this mode by holding down Ctrl, Shift, and N.

Then just return to DansDeals.com and click on the card offer you want.

eddie c.

dan, so what do you suggest? i will need 6 tickets to TLV. I don’t mind stopover. what’s Best miles deal?



what do you mean with “Amazon Payments made even easier with free additional user cards.”?


@Dan: in a amex financial review how would you explain purpose of large cvs purchases. also do they ever take back points after they’re posted, due to vr purchases


@eddie c.:
It’s not about the best deal, it’s about first searching to see who even has availability.
Try using DDF for tips.

AUs=More Amazon Payment accounts=More $1,000 free spending monthly.

Buying gifts for friends/familiy?


Dan noted:
If you have had a business charge card (Green, Gold, or Platinum) in the past 12 months the terms state that you will not receive the bonus.
Do I have to kill my current Amex business cards to be eligible?
Or do you mean that if I applied for a business card in the last 12 months using my name for a different business it will lose me the points on a new card applied for now on a totally different business name?


how can i have more than 1 amazon payments account?


if i already have 1 Amex business gold card can i open a 2nd with a diferent business name?


If I had a business Starwood Amex in the past 12 mos, will I be eligible for this bonus?


Always worth pointing out that if you want to use for Hilton, launder through Hawaiin so you get 1:2. (Hilton sucks now that the gutted the program.


If I have to recon this app can I offer to close personal card to get this (if worst comes to worst)??

any ideas would help

I opened this card last time this offer came up, however, I have been to a few walmarts, CVS’s and office Depot’s but have not found any vanilla reload or my vanilla debt cards, just “one vanilla”. any idea on how to meet the spending requirements? amazon payments will not be enough


instantly approved. Thanks


Dan in the past you have recommended transferring Amex points to British Airways and then using Avios points for US domestic flights on American. The problem with BA avios is availability during peak travel season, especially to book for large family. I tried now to book newark to san diego roundtrip for July but nothing available in economy for like a 2 month stretch! Any advise or other ways of using AMEX points to book this route for summer travel for family???


@any ideas would help:
My local CVS has them. You can ask a manager to reorder them if they’re out.


Search on connecting routes.
For example search for tickets from NYC to Chicago or Dallas and then from Chicago or Dallas to San Diego.
It will cost more Avios, but there is just 1 flight a day between NYC and San Diego.

Alternatively fly into a nearby airport like Orange County or Los Angeles.

Igor Ivanovich

2 points worth mentioning. There is a foreign transaction fee 2.7%, and it looks like maybe the promo is until March 14th.

Can you mention btw which of the other cards have a signup bonus now?

As always, Thanks Dan for the great coverage on all the facets of getting the deal!


If I got 50k points for this card a few moths back, can I SM or call them and get the other 25k by asking them to match it?


can i apply under my wifes name and get the points in my MR acct?


I want to go to israel after passover whats the best way to fly and i see you mentioned ddf where and what do i look for would ae be the option for a 20K each way please some idea thanks appreciate it



I tried to apply for the gold card, when I go to verify and actually submit the application – it takes me to an error message.
I tried it with different browsers and the same response, any ideas? Has anyone else had this?


@Igor Ivanovich:
I was told March 8th, but who knows? Why chance it?

AMEX won’t match.

Why would you want to?
You can transfer the points to anyone’s mileage account.


Try browsing “incognito” or “in-private” to see card offers if you get an error.

In IE and Firefox you can access this mode by holding down Ctrl, Shift, and P buttons on your keyboard. In Chrome you can access this mode by holding down Ctrl, Shift, and N.

Then just return to DansDeals.com and click on the card offer you want.

It seems to work in IE incognito the best.


@Dan: nice sense of humor but how to explain vr purchases of tens of thousands’ in cvs. that would make one generous guy giving so many gifts. what would their reaction be if told that points is all you’re after. after all why should they care what your motivation is. don’t they get their cut of the transaction regardless.


Why are you buying tens of thousands?
They will probably tell you to stop as it looks like a cash advance.


second time I tried to apply and i get a page saying their sytem is down… any other ideas? another link? ty!


See comment 41.


Hi Dan I have a bill of about 4000 dollars but they only accept visa or master any ideas 4 me as I still need to spend about 15k on my combined amex cards (thanks to you)


I have a credit score of 773 but its only bc i opened a gap card like 5 years ago and have had clean monthly statements since opening (i spent on it only the first time and never used it afterwards) . Do you think they look into why one would have a score like that or would they instantly approve me? Do you think theres a difference if i would apply thru internet link instead of calling them up?


Dan if you know or anyone. I would like to understand the 3x points on Airfare.
My business purchases over 30k in airline tickets every year some online but most through a travel agent. What does Amex count as airfare? How do they know it is a airline ticket? I’m not sure how my agent is listed.


Is this offer still active? because it doesn’t appear on the website or the application form at the moment


Buy GCs/VRs/MVDs?

You should be able to get approved.
No diff phone/internet, though I get a credit if you apply online which is always appreciated 🙂
You can apply for multiple cards from the same bank on the same day with just 1 pull.

If you book from the airline or from an online agency like Orbitz which passes it onto the airline you get 3x.
From a travel agent you likely will not get 3x.

The app says on the right-hand side:

“Limited-Time Offer

Get 75,000 points after you spend $10,000 on the card in your first 4 months of Card membership”


I’m happy to apply through you just a clarification- do they see why I have 773 credit score or does it just pop up on their computers what score you have. Bc last year before I even started researching cards I applied for a Southwest Visa and was declined but never pursued it


They will see your score and report.
A denial means nothing, a quick phone call or 2 can easily change that into an approval.
Silly to waste a hard pull and not pursue it with reconsideration.


I have had the business SPG in past 12 months. Am I within the YMMV, or am I good?


For@henche: forget, you answered that at 31. thanks

any ideas would help

thank you for the idea last night about asking the CVS manager to order more VR, cards, if he refuses or cannot do it for some reason, do you have any other ideas on how to meet a spending threshold? thank you


approved, thanks


Is there a cheap way to buy $4000 in gc thru my amex ? Or will I have to pay 10 bucks for every $500 increment ? Thank Dan the man ! I still remember u from Ctown bochur days !


can i have 2 amazon payments account under my name?


Dan few months ago when you posted that the Bold card will go up in spending requirements I applied and spent 3000 I did sm and ask for the points they tell me that it needs to be 5000 spending first, anyway I pan prove to them that it was 3000 at time of application ?


@Dan: Tried connecting flights and LAX no luck. You mentioned Orange County but Avios webside said they do not fly there? which airport are you referring to?

also if i am looking to book this route for 7 people do you think more seats will become available later on, close to July?


I’ve been trying and trying – including in incognito browsing – and it keeps resulting in an error and telling me to call them. So I even called them and they have no clue of the promotion of the bonus signup points. Any direction?


@Dan: the truth about buying so many vr is to earn the signup bonuses plus regular points. just recently, thanx to you i opened chase sw times 2, sp and freedom. also amex spg, prg and dl. alot of spending but thanx to vr pretty minimal effort. now to get back to my original question, does anyone have experience with amex giving trouble for cvs gc purchases



Two quick questions:
1) Can I later on close this card and transfer my points to “Costco Business Amex” or ” SPG Business Amex”? (trying to see if I can avoid (or reduce) the $175 fee after 1st year)

2) Getting “Aemx gift card/s” would count for the 10k I have to spend in 4 month?

ty! 🙂 (i got approved today)


I realised that the 75K offer is only available if I go via your link. Why is that?
Anyway, I am approved – thanks so much Dan


I have a business with a EIN, and I want to do a 4BM for The 75k business gold card and starwood business
1each as a sole proprietor and
1each with my EIN
Will that all be one pull on my personal credit?


You’re fine.

@any ideas would help:
Prebuy gift cards and cash them out over time on Amazon Payments.


There are codes to get fee-free gift cards from AMEX.

I do.

Ink Bold was always 5K or 10K.

Try searching for fewer people and taking different flights.

Which browsers have you tried incognito?
Seems to work in IE best but try them all.

1. You can transfer the points to airlines or another charge card before you close.

2. Yes.


It’s a DansDeal 😀

Should be just one pull.


@eddie c.:


General question for offers like these: when is says spend $X in X months, when is the cutoff for the X months — from when you apply, receive your card, activate it, statement closing date?


got 2×500 MVD.
Do i register both as separate account w same info to activate?
how long does it take for funds to be available?
for card to arrive?
cost of cash advance?


Generally from when you’re approved, though they usually give a few extra days, so in essence from when you receive it.

You can always SM them to find the exact deadline.


Register separate. Available right away just walk into a bank.
No cost.


@jb – wondering if ink would ask about MVD purchases…
anyone had experience?


would like to transfer MVD to amazon for bill payments. is it an easy transaction? does name have to match on accounts? any reason for amazon to close account if paying bills? dont want to risk wife account…


Dan, get casg advance 2 x 500 on one visit?
what is the max you would do?
does Chase NYC do it?


in you experience when do avios award miles for american flights, route Newark to san diego, become the most readily available if one is planning on travelling this July. is it worth to wait a little if nothing available now or is it lost cause for 7 people in July?

also you mentioned searching for fewer people how does that help me if i ma trying to book for seven people and we need to be on same flight(flying with children)


AA doesn’t fly nonstop from Newark-S. Diego, so you’re gonna be searching for a long time for that on BA.com.


dan, how would amex like a new card with purchasing MVD, VR for k on first months?

btw, may I ask what type of work you do when you dont do ddf?


@Dan: d@Dan: Dan also willing to fly with stops also from JFK, Laguardia, or phil but checked all those out with negative results. My question is whether something is likely to open closer to July for 7 tickets from any of those airports with stopovers?


@Dan:How does the Avios system work(for a flight on AA to Costa Rica when the lowest points aren’t available? The next best is 30000 AA points/miles each way.I dont want to transfer my Amex points to Avios and find out I cant use them


Amex Platinum card holder for LLC 1. Amex Gold card holder for LLC 2. Both “tied” to my social, but both have separate EINs. Neither one has been opened in the last year, but both are still active. How can I qualify for this promotion?


sorry for the ignorance, what is 4bm?


Do these points expire? does 3bm work for multiple business cards? what if they ask why I need 2 business cards?


how long to hard pulls stay on report? i need to apply for a maortgage in about 8-9 months

Lior Harpaz

Dan…If you get denied for a credit card…When you call them…how do you then get them to reconsider…what do you have to say?


More of a general question..When applying for a business card using an EIN#, do I need to give them my SS# and if so, does Amex also hard-pull from my personal credit?


I am a housewife. We are planning to buy a house very soon. If I apply for credit cards will lower my credit, will it hurt our mortgage application?

Will they check my credit when we apply for the mortgage? Or they only care my husband’s credit?

y id

Dan,If i have Amex Premier rewards Gold,Can I still get this offer ?


I wanted to know the opposite of yid (@2:49) if I have the gold business can I now sign up for premier rewards gold and still get the bonus?


Finding 7 seats on the same flight in peak travel season is going to be tough.

You can search BA.com without Avios in your account.
Only sAAVer awards can be booked.



Yes, but be prepared to explain the benefits of the different cards.

Pulls effect your credit the most for 3 months, after 6 months they don’t effect it very much at all, but they do stay on for 2 years.

@Lior Harpaz:

Yes, yes.

Depends how soon, but if in the next few months I’d hold off.




got approved thank you

how does avios work with amex business rewards card do u have a link for dummies like me:-)


Just open an executive club account on BA.com and you can transfer points from your AMEX to your BA account.


I have a personal Platinum Card that I want to cancel, but I have 103K Membership Rewards Points. Does anyone know if I can add this card to my personal account so I retain my points and will be refunded the annual fee when I cancel the Platinum Card?


where can i check my credit score and report for free or cheap?

any ideas would help

1. thanks for the advice about redeeming gift cards via amazon payments. I will open one for wife but how do you open a 2nd amazon payments account in your own name- new email address? different bank account? they dont mind same name & social?

any ideas would help

2. I am just getting started here (in case you couldnt tell) general question. At the end of the year,how do you avoid paying the annual fee on all of your cards? (without closing them and getting a ding in your credit score)


if i ask amex for a credit line increase, does that get a pull? a hard pull?


if i request a credit line increase, does that doa pull or hard pull?


hi dan can you explain me if I want to do a 3bm with amex is it better to do all three in one second or it doesn’t make a difference as long as it’s same day which may be better cause maybe three apps coming at one time will trigger no chance of instant approval and does it have to be different browsers thanks


thnks for your response but im looking for the low down about how amex and avios and ba work i know nothing or understand nothing


what other cards will get 1 pull?


I just gor approved for this offer but i forgot to take a screen shot of it just incase tgey don’t give me the bonus, does anyone have one they can share?


is it possible that amazon payments do not count towards the 10,000 threshhold for the 75,000 Point Signup Bonus For The Business Gold Rewards Card From American Express Open?

Jay B

Sorry, Not sure what you meant.
I have a gold business card with my name and credit behind it for Business “A”.
If I want a card for Busines “B” with my name and credit behind it, and I want the points, I gotta kill Business “A”‘s card?
Are there drawbacks to canceling my business “A”‘s card to do so?
Thanks again.



I just realized this is a Charge card, not a Credit Card..

1) The only practical difference is that every month I have to pay the balance in full right?

2) Would this prevent me from getting another CREDIT Card right away? Ie: if lets say my credit is not so great so I can have another 4th CREDIT card, so if this CHARGE card was my third CARD, can I still get a CREDIT card? or all the same in this regard?(sorry if im not being clear, hard to explain in writing) ty!


I followed you instructions and i used my social and they called me for my tax ID what do I tell them??


hi dan.
I was wondering if u know of any credit repair establishment? or any solution for people with not such a great credit?


I got denied for the Amex business gold card (75k signup bonus). I called and sent a SM and they keep telling me that all they can do is a “review” which will most likely include another hard pull (although my credit is excellent and they said that’s not the reason i was declined).
Any advice?


amex is now ofering 50k bonus for bus. gold