HURRY! 75,000 (Or Even 100,000!) Point Signup Bonus For Spending $5,000 On The Business Gold Rewards Card From American Express Open!

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Update, 1pm: The 75K offer appears to be dead.  The current promotional offer is back to 50K signup bonus points.

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The Business Gold Rewards Card® from American Express OPEN

A single credit card that will give you more than enough miles for 2 round-trips to Israel without fuel surcharges or more than 15 short-haul round-trips tickets…read on!

Currently when using select browsers you can get 75,000 signup bonus points when using the link above.  It’s unknown how long this will stick around for.

When I clicked on the link in IE and Firefox the offer was 50,000, but from Chrome the offer is 75,000.

Definitely try the link from all 3 of those browsers or try the link from your phone to see the 75K offer.  It may also be a cookie issue, so you can also browse incognito and then click on the card link to access the 75K offer.  To browse incognito in Chrome just hold down Ctrl, Shift, and N and the same time. In IE and Firefox you can access this mode by holding down Ctrl, Shift, and P buttons on your keyboard.  Then just return to and click on the card offer again and hopefully you will get the 75K offer.

Others have had success from their phone’s browser or just trying from another computer.

















Signup bonus:
-75,000 bonus Membership Rewards points for spending $5,000 in 3 months.
Plus this card offers 3 points per dollar spent on airfare, making this one of the best cards to use to purchase airline tickets. You also get 2 points per dollar at gas stations, on shipping, and for advertising.

Having consumer charge cards (Green, Gold, Platinum, etc) , consumer credit cards, or business credit cards will not stop you from earning this signup bonus.
If you have had a business charge card (Green, Gold, or Platinum) in the past 12 months the terms state that you will not receive the bonus. YMMV.
People have been able to apply for the gold and platinum at the same time and reported success.

Upgrading the card: Earn an additional 25K signup bonus points and $200 airline fee credit!
Numerous DDF membersas well as myself have used this link after getting the card and receiving the signup bonus to upgrade the card from Gold to Platinum. The link gives you 25K bonus points for upgrading within just a few days.  There is no credit pull for this upgrade.
Plus you can get the Platinum $200 cash back in airline fee refunds once it’s upgraded as well!

Offer Terms:
-Earn 75,000 Membership Rewards® points after you spend $5,000 in purchases on the Card in the first 3 months of Card membership
-Earn points even faster to get more rewards for your business.
-3X points on airfare purchased from airlines. 2X points at US gas stations.
-Up to $100,000 in each category per year, then 1 point.
-Terms and limitations apply.
-Reduce travel costs, show appreciation for employees and clients, and offset everyday expenses by using points to get something back and grow your business.
-$0 introductory annual fee for the first year, then $175.
-Apply online to qualify for this offer. See offer terms for details

Spending $5,000 in 3 months:
Spending $5K isn’t what it used to be.

With options like gift cards with pins that can be easily cashed out, Vanilla Reloads/Bluebird, Vanilla MVD cards that can be combined and cashed out, and prepaid gift cards sold at a discount there are lots of ways to help you meet thresholds.
And of course there’s trusty old Amazon Payments made even easier with free additional user cards.

No need to rehash everything, Here are articles I’ve already written on this stuff:
Having Fun Cashing Out Gift Cards
-Another Flavor Of Vanilla: My Vanilla Debit Card
-Today’s Escapades
-Meeting A Spend Threshold In One Night.
-Need To Meet A Spending Threshold Deadline? Send And Receive $1,000/Month With No Fees Using Amazon Payments!

American Express Benefits:
-American Express offers the best dispute resolution in the industry. If you have a problem with the item or merchant you’ll be glad if you made the chaarge on an AMEX.
Plus they offer incredible return protection, purchase protection, and warranty service.
With return protection you can return items up to $300 to AMEX for 90 days even if the merchant won’t accept returns.
With purchase protection your items are covered if they break or are stolen within 90 days.
With extended warranty you will have double the manufacturers warranty, up to one additional year, for free. Plus the AMEX warranty year is incredible as they will just refund your purchase price if you have problems with your item, without any hassle at all!

Additionally if you spend $1,000 at Fedex on this card for example you’ll get a 5% automatic cash rebate and 2,000 points (double points for shipping as stated above). $1,000 at HP gets a 10% automatic cash rebate and 1,000 points plus their awesome extended warranty coverage as long as you have any open American Express card at the time of the claim.

What can you do with the points:
-Once you’re done with $5K in spending you’ll have at least 80K American Express Membership Rewards points. Or if you do the upgrade you’ll have at least 105,000 points!

With the current 35% bonus for transfer to Avios, 105,000 Membership Rewards points transfer into about 142,000 British Airways Avios.
With the bonus you can get to Israel for as just 45K Membership Rewards points round-trip with no fuel surcharges!
-A flight from NYC to short-haul destinations (like Cleveland, Detroit, Montreal, Toronto, and many others) on American booked via Avios is just 4,500 each way with no fuel surcharges. With 142K Avios you’d have enough for more than 31 short-haul flights.
-A flight from NYC to medium-haul destinations (like Miami) on American booked via Avios is just 7,500 each way with no fuel surcharges. With 142K Avios you’d have enough for more than 18 medium-haul flights.
-A flight from NYC to resort destinations like Cancun or Puerto Rico on American booked via Avios is just 10,000 each way with no fuel surcharges. With 142K Avios you’d have enough for 14 of those flights.
-A flight from NYC to stunning Costa Rica on American booked via Avios is just 12,500 each way with no fuel surcharges. Or you can fly from the West Coast to any Hawaiian Island for that rate. Or you can even fly from Boston to Ireland for the same rate with no fuel surcharges on Aer Lingus (you’ll have to call to book trips on airlines like Aer Lingus or Alaska). With 142K Avios you’d have enough for more than 11 of those flights.
-A flight from NYC to Israel on Air Berlin booked via Avios is just 30,000 each way with no fuel surcharges. With 142K Avios you’d have enough for more than 4 of those flights.
-The only way to fly in Singapore’s First Class Suites, or in their awesome business or first class products, is with Singapore miles. Book on their website to save 15% of the miles needed. I flew to Europe in December in a couples suite with my wife for about 58K miles each.
-Air France/KLM Flying Blue charges only 25K miles round-trip to Israel during a Promo award or just 50K miles round-trip to Israel on Delta with no fuel surcharges. Business would be just 100K on Delta. Plus there are occasionally bonuses to Flying Blue as well, dropping those rates even lower.
-The only way to fly in El Al First Class, which includes the best glatt kosher food in the sky, is with El Al points.
-Air Canada can book you on other Star Alliance carriers, like United and USAirways and many more, with no fuel surcharges. Bonus: They also allow for 2 free stopovers, so you can checkout 3 different cities on 1 ticket.
-ANA and Singapore also charge no fuel surcharges on United and USAirways.  You can fly round-trip to Europe for just 38K points or round-trip to Israel for just 60K points.

What do you do with your points? Post a comment!

Getting a business card:

Getting a business card is quite simple. You don’t need to be a traditional “business owner” as you might think of one.

For example if Joe Smith sells items on Ebay or on Amazon, or has any other side business/hobby and wants a credit card to better keep track of business expenditures he can just open a business credit card for “Joe Smith Sole Proprietorship” as the business name. You don’t need to file any messy government paperwork to be allowed to do that.
Just be sure to select “Sole Proprietorship” as the business type and just use your social security number in the Tax Identification Number field as well as in the social security number field.

I’ve had business cards since I turned 18 as a Sole Proprietor and never had a problem getting approved with reconsideration if needed. You can reach reconsideration at 866-314-0237.

Best of all, spending you make on a business card won’t hurt your credit score as spending on a consumer card does.

Charge card:
This is a charge card without a defined credit line, so even when you’re ready to close the account you won’t lose that line of credit.

Plus it’s not subject the limit of 4 American Express credit cards per person, as charge cards are not limited in the way credit cards with a credit line are limited.

If you make zero income:
Then why are you applying for credit cards? American Express has the right to ask to see you tax returns at any time. While people have reported passing the financial review as long as they make something (DDF’ers have reported as little as $5K/year) it’s not a good idea to apply for this card if you don’t have income on the books.

Membership Rewards points transfer to:
Transfers are at 1K:1K ratios or are otherwise listed.
Aeromexico (Skyteam)
Air Canada (Star Alliance)
Alitalia (Skyteam)
ANA (Star Alliance)
-Asia Miles, Cathay Pacific (OneWorld)
Avios, British Airways (Currently 1,000:1,350 ratio) and Iberia (OneWorld)
Delta (Skyteam)
El Al (1,000 MR:20 El Al ratio)
Flying Blue, Air France/KLM (Skyteam)
Jetblue (250 MR:200 Jetblue ratio)
Singapore (Star Alliance)
Virgin America (200 MR:100 Virgin ratio)
Virgin Atlantic

Best Western
Hilton: (1,000 MR:1,500 Hilton ratio)
Starwood: (1,000 MR:333 Starwood ratio)


You can apply for both consumer and business American Express cards on the same day with just 1 credit pull. Other cards from American Express include:

Consumer cards:
-Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express
American Express® Premier Rewards Gold Card
The Platinum Card® from American Express
Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card from American Express
-Blue Cash Preferred Card® from American Express
-TrueEarnings® Card from Costco and American Express
-American Express® Gold Card
-Blue Cash Everyday Card® from American Express
-Blue Sky from American Express®

Business cards:
-The Business Platinum Card® from American Express OPEN
-Starwood Preferred Guest® Business Credit Card from American Express
-Delta SkyMiles® Gold Business American Express Card
-SimplyCash® Business Card from American Express

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Any way to upgrade from a PRG with the yearly fee coming up to a Platinum without getting another pull?


If signed up with the offer for 75k points for spending 10k in 6 months will they give me the points if i did 5k within 3 months?


Hi Dan I have a question. Like an idiot I signed up to spend 10k within 3 months promotion with bonus 75k miles. I see now there offering 5k for 75000 miles. Is there anything I can do?


Doesn’t work for 75K. Tried multiple browsers and cookies cleared.


If I file taxes jointly with my wife, will her W2s he me through an FR?


Can i upgrade b4 the 3 monthes are over & still get the 25k bonus?


I just upgraded is it possible to cancel after the points post but before fee?


I just applied and got accepted to this card a few days ago. Any way to still get this bonus?


i browsed incognito and it still was 50000 miles. any other way to get 75000? thanks

Dans the man

Be careful! I got the Gold Business card a month ago and just went yesterday to cvs to spend 3k on vanilla reloads. I got a instant FR! they wanted to know what I was buying at CVS and what it had to do with my business…. now I have to send them my tax return! hopefully it will all work out!
Should I take all the points out before they maybe close my account? I make money on the books but im not a real business owner…


not working for me tried all browsers


@YG: IMO yes. As a stay at home mother, I use household income as my income when I apply for cc’s. I would have confidence that it would pass a F/R. As you point out, it’s all on the same income tax statement.


i just got it using internet explorer regular browsing, not icognito. but i deleted the cookies before.


Chrome & IE both 50k for me


100K here I come!


got the offer but when I press continue on the 1st page nt happens


u slipped in something about a $200 flight refund? care to explain?


just got off the phone with them. They will not let you change offers if you had a different offer, guess chase has the better customer service.


I got the page on IE non private.
What is the current best amex to do a 2bm ??


There’s no known bonus link for the consumer card.



Try another computer or from a phone.
Or from your friend’s house, etc.

It’s an awesome offer!

Yes, you can include household income.



@Dans the man:
You should not spend so much like that so quickly on a new card.
Much better to take it slowly to avoid FR.

However as long as you have income on the books you will probably be fine.

Try other browsers and computers.



Click on the link.

Chase will match, AMEX will not.

Lots of great cards but Starwood is always awesome.


I had an Amex Biz Gold that I closed 2 months ago. Can I open again for a different business and get the signup?


In for and approved for this as well as the SPG Biz. What else should I add to make it a 3/4BM?


I enjoyed the seminar immensely last night. I currently don’t have any credit cards and my credit is less than stellar. I just applied for the 75k through Chrome incognito and I have the 50k app open in two other browsers. Here is what I got:

Your application is pending further review.

Thank you for your application for The Business Gold Rewards Card® From American Express OPEN. We have processed your application but we need more information before notifying you of our decision.

Does this mean they will ask for tax returns? Call me with questions? Can I ask them to give me the card but with a low limit?

And should I try 3BM and apply for the other 2 at 50k each or will that perhaps hurt me because they will see all three and turn me down? Please advise.




You can mix consumer and business cards for just 1 pull, there are lots of great cards.

No, this just means they will let you know in due time.

You can try for more cards with the same pull today, but perhaps try different cards as you have to get lucky to get 2 of the same card approved on the same day.


I opened a few months ago the business gold card and received 75k,if I open another one now on a diff company and tax id# will I get the points?


will it be the same MR number as my personal cards?


should i do a 2bm this and the business plat?


I applied YESTERDAY and was approved for the 50k offer. Does anyone of they’re as easy as Chase with matching offers. If yes should I ask now, when I get the card or after I spend the 5k?
Also, via phone, SM etc?



YMMV, but why does that matter?

People have reported success, but YMMV.

They won’t match unfortunately.

Avraham S

Got it!.
Took some tinkering. I had to clear cookies, clear flash cookies, and then only got the 75k offer in chrome (for Mac).


worked for me on ie not incognito. thanks loads


what cards should i do my 3bm with??



I apologize if this has been asked already. I have a business platinum card and see that the offer is not available to someone who had a business card in the past 12 months. Does this mean I have to close my platinum account and wait a year before applying? Is there a way to keep an Amex business card and get bonus points for applying for a second business card?

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.


Dan i am trying to open it and it wont allow me to make it past the first page. Anything im doing wrong? Thanks


if i upgrade do i need to pay the 450?



i already have an offer from Amex Gold that i got a few weeks ago. should i use that or should i fill out a totally new app?


YAY!!! Got approved!! Thanks dan


Instant approval for 75k! thanks Dan!


I clicked on the snapshot you gave for 75k, I filled out the first page but by the second page (for personal info) it said sorry there’s a problem and can’t continue please call or try again later. Any idea what to do now?


Are you trying incognito?


Any place to buy a mac computer& get extra points as office supply on ink card?





Your application is pending further review.



There’s always Recon, don’t sweat it for a second!


When I upgrade to Platinum will they charge me a fee for the first year?


Hi Dan;
Does the YMMV mean that they might not approve the card, or, they’ll approve the card but not give the bonus?


Is $31,000 annual income enough for this card. Also, can I send my W2 as my total business revenue if I get FR?


“Your application is pending further review.” Does that mean i should contact Recon? or wait for a response? How do i contact recon anyway?


Question For The Man Dan

Dan, I switched the amex gold to platinum earlier this week.
Can I reapply for the gold card now & get the 75k signup bonus?


I called they said they’re checking my info that I put on my application with what they have internally

me ;)

dan, i applied. if i go for the upgrade to platinum will i lose the free year and get charged the annual fee?


I had to try 3 or 4 times to get it.

Keep trying
I was successful with chrome


Dan thanks for the reply, if the seller is amazon, it will bill on the INK BOLD as office supplies??


Thanks!!!! Approved through IE,


Can my wife apply and get the bonus points even If I added her on to my current gold card?


I am stuck at the bottom of the first page where it says continue, it will not continue, help!





You can always downgrade/cancel.

You need to buy Amazon GCs from an office supply store.


Are you in Incognito?


Costa Rica here I come:)))


BTW I tried all different ways and it only worked via IE in private window…


Which is worth more, delta sky miles or mr points ?



Seems to be YMMV 🙂

Being that AMEX MR points can become dozens of different types of points including Delta, but Delta miles can’t become anything else and must remain by Delta I’m not sure what your question could possibly be.


worked for me only via IE not in private.

got PENDING though


If I got FR’d from Amex 7 months ago , should I take a chance and apply ?


I got 75k in firefox but after I fill in the first page and click submit to go to the second page nothing is happenning
I tried chrome/ie and get 50k
Any ideas?


Did you try Incognito in those browsers?


did a newbie… how much should i state income? (technically a student)


My question is, if I have a choice to open a delta card & get 30,000 miles or open a different card & get mr points, & i wanna sell it for cash, which is worth more ?


people on boardingarea are reporting more success using safari browser. but again, ymmv


@Dan But if i upgrade will they charge my card the annual fee right away? or only after the first year?


Got pending….
I callled they said they don’t have an answer yet

Deal lover

I have SPG personal and Business, what 2BM can I do with this card?

Deal lover

I mean, what’s the best signup bonus besides for the SPG cards?


Dan, Thanks for all you do, I have gained a lot from your posts. Is the rule one offer per year per person or per the company ? I already have a gold card under one company name and I apply under another company name but I am the signer will I still qualify for the points ?


i applied for this & mercedes benz they said the MB is on hold as they need to wait 5 days for it to pull my report?

Deal lover

Will they approve me on the PRG and BRG if I have the SPG business and personal, and blue cash?


Close all apps and tabs and start over incognito from dansdeals and dont open anything else.


just got approved!!! you the man Dan!!


A friend had trouble getting the deal…went on with his iPhone with no prob. I JUST signed up for 50k biz last week…so pissed! Sm, call and live chat none would match. However, I was really polite to the live chat lady, had a long convo and she gave me 5000 points for the trouble 🙂


for those experincing problems with the continue button that nothing happens try duplicate tape the info will all be there already then just click continue on this page should work worked for me 5 times f(different ppl) works wonders!!!
Thanks dan ur the best!


Enter all info, however, alwasys got “Please make sure all required fields are complete and valid”. Anyone know what’s wrong.


Dan,I keep seeing you post about 60K avios via air berlin nyc-tlv, and 50 with Delta. Do you know of any eligible dates? I search but to no avail. Please advise.Ty


So I just got approved for 75k as a Sole Proprietorship…
Can I do the exact same with my wife now or is this gonna sound fishy?


I am new to this so if anyone can help that would be great! How much can you sell the 100k points?


Thanks Dan, I closed all the browsers and started again. My request is pending- I’m being hopeful
Incognito actually changed it to 50k. So I tried regular and got the 75k

Separate question- regarding going from SP MC->Visa I remember you saying last night in Lakewood then you change from one to the other and get the bonus points. They said they didnt pull a credit report since they saw I have the card and offered to change from MC->VISA will I get the signup bonus- if not what should I have done to change and get the bonus


It's me

I already have the card, can I have this one twice or can I only open it/get the bonus for my wife?


I’m confused. The offer seems to be for MR points. Then in the writeup, every program, like SPG, is mentioned.I never had MR points, or Avios. I have SPG and a regular and business AMEX cards for that. Should I start collecting MR points? Should I signup for Avios? Are you also saying do this a number of times even though it’s the same card? Or is there a similar offer for a personal card vs. business card? HELP!


I have no income( im a student) should i apply?


I have alot of hits on EX
If i freeze it, will amex biz pull EQ?


Got accepted!!! With 15 month total history! Thanks Dan!


thanks a lot dan i just got approved thru IE i’m babysitting at my children’s house and i figured i’ll try and amazingly it worked wiuth the first try!!!Have a great Yom Tov!!!!


Dan, if i applied to chase visa sapphire and chase ba card, got approved for ba but in order to approve sapphire visa i told recon to close mastercard, however they are telling me they will do another hard pull. is that ok or should i HUCA?


what do you mean “amazon payments made easier with free au cards”? how does that work?


Chrome only showed 50K but firefox showed 75K, applied, was “under review” called up, got accepted and they are expediting my card to me for free. Can’t wait!


Not getting the offer in chrome, FF, IE, all in incognito. Gonna try somewhere else.


can i apply for 6 amex cards on the same day for 1 pull?


Instant approval, thanks Dan! I actually got the tweet from MMS, but I went through your link because you are a WEALTH of information! 75k!

its me

I got approved but I’m afraid of a FR Ywhich I won’t pass…) Q: how do I try to avoid it? Maybe I should use only $1666 a month? or 1st month $1000 2nd $1800 3rd $2200 ??? any help DAN SAY SOMETHIN PLEASE!


Dan the 75k waives the $150 fee in yr one…..does the 25k upgrade increase or change the yearly fee?


Does the 12 months of not having a particular card in order to get the bonus points mean 12 months from open of old card to open of new card.. or closing of old to opening of new?



No, if you freeze it, they will pause your application until you unfreeze it.


hey dan want to do a 2bm I have a reg starwood and biz starwood how do I go about getting another starwood card? tx!


dan if i have already a amex business card on my name can i do i on my wifes name ?


They will charge you a fee sometime after upgrading. You can then downgrade or cancel if you want.

You can also use’s calendar search to find saver dates and then book those dates on Flying Blue.

Of course you can.

About $1,500.

If you have an AU then they can have an AP account and spend $1,000 for free per month.

It’s appreciated!

@its me:
You got it, don’t spend $5K right away, just take it slowly.

Of course you can.


doesn’t like something about my info- saying the “Please make sure all required fields are complete and valid.” will my ss# work in the tax id format? (i don’t have a tax id #. i am a private contractor.)


Yes, as a sole-proprietor you are supposed to enter your SS# in the tax ID field.


@Dan: any ideas what i might have messed up on?


Dan the 75k waives the $150 fee in yr one…..does the 25k upgrade increase or change the yearly fee?


what does this mean??? i applied for the card… and this is what it said
(Thank you for your application for The Business Gold Rewards Card® From American Express OPEN and any Additional Cards you may have requested. We have processed your application but we need more information before notifying you of our decision.)


I’m not getting any 75k offers online. Can I apply by phone and give them the 75k bonus ID?


I ended up trying again & got it. thank you. I think any time you make any error at all on the page, it doesn’t let you get to page two. I retried for two businesses & got one approved right away, the other was in review, I called & they approved me on the phone. Thank you!!


Dan I see you wrote that if you upgrade to the platinum card you can cancel or downgrade in order to avoid paying the fee once they charge the fee…. will I still get the 25k points once I cancel and don’t pay the annual?


@ab just call the number and they will verify some info……


Is this card available for Canadian residents? How about the other AMEX cards? Thanks


Call Recon.

The points post within a few days, do what you want them them.

You need a SSN.


shouldnt i wait for a platinum offer of 100 k points and aplly with the 2 browser methad together with the gold card 50 k points offer so i got a total of 150 k in once?


You mentioned last night you have 25 authorized users. Did you give social & birth dates?


@Dan: i just applied for this card and starwood business and did sole proprieter and left tax id blank and both were approved. guess you dont always need to?


@Dan: Your not tired from the seminars??


ok I’ll ask anyone out there since apparently Dan won’t respond? The 75k card waives the $150 fee in yr one…..does anyone know if the 25k upgrade increase or changes the yearly fee?


That’s not coming back.

You don’t have to over the phone.

Guess so!

Exhausted. But the show must go on.

I didn’t answer you because I already answered that same question twice in these very comments!


I got a Business Card and they put it on the same MR account as my personal cards. I want them separate so I called and they split them.


I got one. Do I need a US address?


Dan I looked through all 120 comments and nowhere do you talk about whether or not the Platinum upgrade raises the annual fee to the usual $400 or not? The 75k card is $150/waived 1st yr but you don’t specifically address what happens upon upgrade? Sorry if I missed it but your response is not obivious.


I’d assume so.

Comment 20 @ Josh
Comment 58 @ Ari
Comment 104 @ Ari


Dan, if I’m going to sell for cash, which is worth more, delta miles or mr points ?


I already answered your question as well, albeit rhetorically, in comment 62.


Dan… if I had a gold card this year & upgraded to the platinum can I apply & get the points again? Please be patient with us rookies




Dan, If my first card ever was as a co-signer on someone else’s card about 6 years ago & about half year later I opened my own card, how much would it hurt my credit to take my name off his card now ? ( I totally forgot I was still on his card)


dan after reading the comments and not seeing anyone answer this i just wanna know when do you upgrade stil b4 you get the 75000 then probably u wont get it since rhe platinyn cones withthat benifits dan please be more detailed on this part of the offer. thank you .


Dan I called recon they said they are sending me a letter and need more info?


looks dead to me


Shouldn’t hurt for at least 10 years.

I would wait until getting the 75K.

Still working.
Try another browser/incognito/computer/phone.


@Lcyitz: What information? It’s my first time opening this card and I don’t really have a business. .


Thanks Dan! If I did the plat upgrade to my gold account can I purchase the airline credit from my gold card? or do I do it from my plat card? what happens if I cancel my card before they refund me the 200$ credit?


You are allowed to apply for a business you want to open.

As long as you can register for an airline online you can use your gold card.
You need to wait for the refund.


@Dan: what is Recon? What should I tell them? I’m really new in this stuff and I hope I’m not messing around


is the upgrade bonus also a temporarly thing or is it allways availble. and is there a time frame for til how long after opening the gold u have to upgrade?


Can somebody please tell me the Bonus ID code on the bottom of the page of the 75k offer? All i can get (trying everything…) is 50k (Bonus ID A3W3).

Thanks in advance!


Dan, you said it works if I ” want” to open a business, but it wants to know what kind of business & how many employees & how much money a year ?


@Yide: again, thats all theorhetical. If you were to have the business that you currently want to open, how many employees would you hire? ect…


Anonymous, can’t they prosecute for lying ?


I did a 2/b mb platinum and this the mb was approved and for this I got pending need more info. Should I call. Recon or wait it out?


@yide you don’t wanna open a business with lots of employees and make lots of money? everything can be a projected amount as far as i understand.



It’s been around for years.

I’d assume you are the only employee and that the business doesn’t make anything yet.
There’s no shame in that, you want a card to buy items to start an ebay business-that’s completely legit. If you have good personal credit they should be willing to give you a card to help start a new business. There’s no lying in that at all.

Either way credit card companies don’t prosecute anyone unless they fail to pay their bills.

Call, what’s to lose?




@Dan: I tried they said they are closed. The funny thing is I also got instant approval for the Starwood personal card. This is fun 🙂 thanks


I applied for this card & delta gold. I got the same message “thank u for your application, in order to provide u with an instant decision we need to speak with you”. Any idea what could be the problem ?


Hi dan
Is there any business credit card that are not asking my personal social security, just tax iD?
My personal credit is to low to become approved, and I also wanna build the business credit,


When I received my last Amex business card (another entity) they asked if I want authorized users that I was entitled to 100 or free. I liste a dozen names & they sent them to me. Three weeks later I got an email & a letter in the mail that they want socials & DOB. I’ve ignored until now. Any ideas? Another card I called up & on the phone they asked me for SS & DOB.


Dan, if I use the link to upgrade to platinum immediately after receiving my BGR card, will that affect the 75k offer, or can i spend the 5k on the platinum?(once i upgrade).


I just did some mortgage rate shopping two weeks ago….my credit is great, but I’m wondering if the pulls from that will prevent me from being approved for this card. I know that the credit pulls will be combined into one, but is it too soon to apply for a new card?


Dan, if I had this card within the last 12 months under my ssn, can I sign up for it with my business tax id number?


I see the offer but it doesn’t let me click continue after first page of application. Please help!


Dan can you transfer amex points to anybody’s airline account or only immediate family members?

also when you do the upgrade to Platinum you think they will charge you annual fee


Is there a time frame for til how long after opening the card, u have to upgrade?


is the upgrade to plat on gold that I have a few months already? the 12months wait time is it from opening or from closing the card? and is the 12months only for the plat remember for the gold was only 90 days am I correct or they changed to 12 months? Thank you!


50k bonus here too. chrome.


Has anyone been successful this morning in still getting the 75,000? I can only get 50k, tried all the tips above


Me n my wife! Thanks Dan


I can’t get it to work, I tried all three bowsers


Is there a time frame til how long after opening the card u have to upgrade?


i just upgraded my Gold Business to Business Plat via the Link. how long does it take for the account to show the upgrade online?


@Dan: thanks a ton Dan! I just called and tried to be very nice ane they approved me with in 2 mints:-)


Still working, got it. Thanks Dan


hi dan i have credit for 1 year and 18 months my equifax fico score is 727 never maxed out cards or late payments currently having 2 cc but have several hard pulls do u think ill get aproved for this card?


can i aplly for this card together with the amex delta gold card thru the 2 browser m?


as of 1030 thurs 9 may chrome offer is 50k not 75k


correction: i have credit for 1 year and 8 months not 18


dan i opened an amex card for 50k miles a month ago, any way to get amex to honor & upgrade to granting 75k miles; what do u recommend i do? i have one for me & my husband


@Kertz PLEASE LET US KNOW HOW YOU DID IT? which browser private or not etc.. yesterday it worked for me trying everything not working now.


No matter what I do, only getting the 50K offer. Please share any add’l tips for the 75k offer.


For those not getting the offer in any browser, try your phone it worked for me.


Works for me in IE8.


just tried and got message system not responding



I tried to call they would not do it they said it is only an online offer so I guess I will HUCA if you had success, what did you tell them


I dont have a Federal Tax ID number. (Or at least I don’t think I do). I’m living in Canada but I have US citizenship as well. Can i get the card without an ID number? What are my chances or being approved?



You can ignore them it seems.

I’d wait until you spend $5K and get the 75K points posted.
SM to have the 75K expedited once you’ve paid off the $5K.

You should be fine.

Close your incognito window and start again.

They will charge it and you can then downgrade it back for a refund or close it.


Still getting 75K in Incognito and on my phone browser.


Try another computer or incognito, it still works.

Nothing to do.

Try on another computer.

Try incognito. Close all browsers and open incognito again.

I think ya means that he got the offer on his phone’s browser.


applied last nite – when called cs to get it approved – rep wanted to know whats up with this card as everyoes been calling to apply for it last nite!


Just tried (@11:30)in internet explorer by clicking link above and got 75k offer! Applied for wife and got approved. Went back to Dans DealS, clicked same link (again in IE, without deleting cookies, going incognito or anything) and got 75k offer again! After applying a second time, just checked again and 75k offer keeps on popping up!


called them they said they are fixing it should work online regular


If I had this card a few months ago as a sole proprietor, can I sign up again with a business tax id number?


chase closed my saphire back in nov, because i did ur transfers to people. i applied again now. recon said “no, we know your game”. any ideas?


I’ve tried the 75 with all the methods – no go.
Please advise


Does the 12 months of not having a particular card in order to get the bonus points mean 12 months from open of old card to open of new card.. or closing of old to opening of new?


i tried IE Chrome Firefox Dolphin ( android ), none of them gave me the 75k 🙁



Fix it back to 50K or fix it to 75K….that is the question.


They’ve never asked me that, but people are allowed to change their minds.

You can try disputing the account with the 3 credit bureaus so that it will be wiped from your record and then try again.

Are you trying incognito?
Try from your phone or another computer or maybe even a friend’s house.

Officially closing of old to opening of new…YMMV.

Incognito as well for all of those?


Can I borrow amex points and pay it up with the sign up bonus? (I don’t want to miss the Avois offer)

Thanks in advance


Yes, but you can only borrow 15K on the gold card and 60K on the plat card.
If you have both you can borrow 75K.

The Avios transfer offer returns several times per year. It varies between 20% and 50%.


@Dan: did it in IE AND Chrome


btw can i apply for a biz card with a on my social under my wifes business if im not employed there?


Yes – Dan – I’ve tried control-shif-P, as well and still doesn’t work. Called AMEX. They claim there is a glitch in the system that they are working on.
App by phone is only 50K


Can an additional card help meet then spending minimum?


Time to become an officer in the company 😀

Try control-shift-N in Chrome on your computer and on your smartphone.



@Dan: I dont chap ;), you mena become employed on the books or so? goto have an income on the books from that biz? ( sorry for x understanding ur 1st respond )


One of the options for role in company is “other authorizing officer”


Tried all options, not working. Maybe glitch was fixed?


Called reconsideration, they said they’re sending a letter asking for more info. Does that mean I’m not accepted?



Enter all info, however, alwasys got “Please make sure all required fields are complete and valid”. Anyone know what’s wrong.


No, it means they need more info.

You’re probably forgetting to fill out s required field.

Sam W

I have tried IE, Firefox, Chrome, control-shift-P, control-shift-N, Blackberry, Galaxy S4 (in Chrome and the original browser), friends PC,
i am doing since 9:00 AM
Nothing works for me, Guess not my lucky day…


Have been trying all day from all different browsers devices didnt get it is it still valid?


I applied for a business gold card didn’t get an approval right away I had to call them to verify information,when I called them they said they denied it right away because I tried to apply for a few different cards this month already. I never tried to apply for any amex cards under my name or social before!! what to do now? Can this be a case of identity theft?


Same here, i’ve tried every conceivable browser, incognito and not, on multiple devices, no luck 🙁


@Sam W:
Was working for me until a few minutes ago. Now I’m just getting 50K.


Seems dead to me as well now.
Anyone still able to get the 75K?

Dan k

excuse my ignorance, but what is incognito


@Dan: @Dan I called them 3 times, they are sending my application for reconsideration. The only thing I’m concerned about is how they had all my information including my ss on file before yesterday? I never tried to apply for amex before, Can this be a case of identity theft?


@Dan Does the 3bm have to be in the same second to be one pull or is the same day enough, also how many amex cards are allowed, buissiness and personal. Thanks


Same day works. I’ve done 4 in a day and mixed business and personal with 1 pull.


hi thnx dan i got it yest. does the AU green card help towards spend? Also when upgrading later to plat do u get 25k if u have MB?




@Dan: Dan Amex rep said that when you try and transfer amex points to a mileage account they can see name on mileage account and if name does not match they will not process transfer. Any truth to this?


None at all.


@Dan, using the bluebird trick which visa prepaid’s do you recommend purchasing that will set off the least amount of flags. I know the vanilla $500 cards are hard to come by nowadays locally. Is it worth splitting the 5k over the 3 months?


hi dan
will asking for a credit limit increase hurt my credit


i applied for the 75k yesterday, it still says pending. should i be worried?


@Shloime: I got a credit report and over the last 2 months someone opened a few accounts and leased a car under my name, I’m definitely a victim of identity theft!! What to do now?????


I was approved for this card this morning. Thanks!!!
Just wondering what would be a good go-along for the same credit pull. Already have Delta Biz & Consumer, and SW Biz & 2 Consumers.

Monsey Guy

@sara no, worrying wont help you anyways. Tracht gut vet zayhn gut


Sure, split it over 3 months.

They will pull your credit.

Call Recon.


What about the consumer gold or platinum cards?


@sara Ever heard of reconsideration? You can reach reconsideration at 866-314-0237. Most of the time, all they need is to verify your identity.


yeh but for the credit linit pull will it b a hard pull or a soft one?


Though shifting over credit lines from another card doesn’t require a pull.


done through incognito and still can’t get the 75K


the cc rep always told me that its just a soft pull but from experience i would believe dan…. hope i didnt mass up my credit with so maby credit limit icrease requests when i thut its not gonna hurt me thanks again dan u rock!!


@Sam: Just to update I got all 3 approved. Thanks man

Dovid Egert

Hello Dan,
The seminar was amazing. I just want to say thank you very much. Also, I applied last might for the Amex 75,000 and was approved. Thanks!


dan- was just wondering if you have screen shots and promo codes for when amex MB got 50k after spending $1000
or amex business gold 50k after spending $5000 back in november time?


woops, it says “in progress” does that make a difference?


never mind, approved 🙂


@Dan Do canadian cards also have 30 days to cancel a card before paying the annual fee?


@sara: was that approved with a phone call or just by waiting?


if i applied for 2 cards and only i got approved. the second one i called recon and they said in order to approve it they need to do a hard credit pull. does that sound ok or should i HUCA? does it matter chase or amex?


i called, severe lack of patience. just spoke to a regular person. the guy did ask my questions about my business, not sure if he was trying to make small talk or asking for the application.


@dan, people on the forum said that using VR and AP on this card will more than likely trigger a FR, whats your take on this?


Hi Dan,

You wrote “With the bonus you can get to Israel for as just 45K Membership Rewards points round-trip with no fuel surcharges!”

When I search for flights to Israel, there are “fuel surcharges”.

How do I avoid them?


Why don’t you use multiple businesses. I did it when I saw this post. I called when the second one went into pending & explained they are two different entities & they approved me on the phone. Why limit yourself to these offers?


One more question & maybe this is what you keep saying… If you can buy a vanilla card & pay with bluebird bill pay so you can pay your Amex bill of the vanilla cards & in essence your not buying anything. No?


@Minestrone: When I call American express, they tell me it is 98,000 points to Israel. I have points with another Amex. Is it really only 45,000? Which airline is that? Is it a direct flight?


@Rachel: 45000 is with the current promotion that gives now for MR points a 35% bonus when transfering to BA

Be aware

Guys be aware dan wrote that you should consider spending the 5000$ in 3 months rather then all in the first month. but you should take in consideration that the offer to upgrade to the platinum for the additional 25,000 bonus points expires 7/31/13 so if ur gonna wait to finish spending the 5000$ until july you are very likely to loose that part!
(1) To be eligible to receive 25,000 Membership Rewards® points you must apply for this offer by 07/31/13, make your first purchase with the Business Platinum Card by 07/31/14 and be enrolled in the Membership Rewards® program at the time of first purchase. Offer is available for first-time upgrades to the Business Platinum Card only and for one Card account only. Additional Card members are not eligible. Extra points will be credited to your Membership Rewards® account 6 to 8 weeks after your first purchase. Offer limited to 25,000 additional points per Card account. Offer may not be combined with any other promotional offers. No minimum purchase required. Bonus ID: 8556. Membership Rewards® Program Terms and Conditions apply. Visit or call 1-800-AXP-EARN.


did anyone have success using the link to upgrade to the platinum? i tryed severel times every time it came up the same msg that the systym is down now???…


Dan, can i buy 3k amex gift card to help meet 5k spend?


Hi Dan, I got approved for the 75k Thanks!
do I have to spend the $5k before I upgrade to the platinum, or can I upgrade and then spend the $5k?
also, when i upgrade/downgrade, does the cc number stay the same or does it keep switching?


I called customer service to try to get the 75,000 bonus offer since I applied for this credit card just 2 days before the 75,000 Promotion. they offered me to add 25,000 MR to the 50,000 for spending additional 5,000 in the 4th month.


Thanks! Hit my 5,000 spend and just got instant approval for the Plat with an additional 25k MR points after first spend.

Thank you!


is there a way to fly kids into canada with global entry from platinum card? (very expensive to buy passports for lots of kids)


The link is down… Any other options for the upgrade from biz gold to biz plat?