50,000 Point Signup Bonus For the American Express Business Gold Rewards Card

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Update: DEAD!

It’s worth noting that between 12/03 and 01/14 you will be able to get a 30% bonus on Membership Rewards transfers to British Airways Avios. That means that after spending the $5,000 and transferring during the bonus period you’ll have enough points for about 16 one-way short haul flights using Avios on American (or LAN, or Qantas intra-Australia, or even BA intra-EU) with no fuel surcharges. And it’s way more than enough for a round-trip ticket to Israel using Avios on Air Berlin with no fuel surcharges.

Originally posted on 09/05:

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Business Gold Rewards Card from American Express OPEN-50,000 points for spending $5,000

-You will get 50,000 bonus points for spending $5,000 on this card within 3 months.
-3X points on airfare and 2x points on purchases in the U.S. for advertising in select media, gasoline at U.S. stand-alone gas stations, and shipping.
-There is no fee for the first year, subsequent years are $175.

With this business card you will get Membership Rewards points AND automatic cash back on purchases from these select retailers with Open Savings:

Barnes & Noble online: 5%, Epson: 5%, Fedex: 5%, Flowers.com: 5%, Hyatt: 3%, HP: 5% if you spend $200-$999 annually, 10% if you spend $1,000-$50,000 annually, Microsoft Store: 5%, Courtyard/Fairfield/TownePlace/SpringHill/Residence Inn by Marriott: 5%, Office Max online: 5% on purchases up to $250, 10% on purchases above $250.

Getting a business card is simple. If Joe Smith sells items on Ebay or on Amazon, or has any other side business/hobby and wants a credit card to better keep track of business expenditures he can just open a business credit card for “Joe Smith Sole Proprietorship” as the business name.
Just be sure to select “Sole Proprietorship” as the business type and just use your social security number in the Tax Identification Number field as well as in the social security number field.

Some people have reported receiving a financial review after applying for this card, so if you have no income on the books it would not be a good idea to apply for this card.

Membership Rewards points transfer to:
Transfers are at 1K:1K ratios or are otherwise listed.
Aeromexico (Skyteam)
Air Canada (Star Alliance)
Alitalia (Skyteam)
ANA (Star Alliance)
-Asia Miles, Cathay Pacific (OneWorld)
Avios, British Airways/Iberia (OneWorld)
Delta (Skyteam)
El Al (1,000 MR:20 El Al ratio)
Flying Blue, Air France/KLM (Skyteam)
Jetblue (250 MR:200 Jetblue ratio)
Singapore (Star Alliance)
Virgin America (200 MR:100 Virgin ratio)
Virgin Atlantic

Best Western
Hilton: (1,000 MR:1,500 Hilton ratio)
Starwood: (1,000 MR:333 Starwood ratio)

You can apply for both consumer and business American Express cards on the same day with just 1 credit pull.  Other cards you may want to consider include:

Consumer cards:
-Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express
-TrueEarnings® Card from Costco and American Express
American Express® Premier Rewards Gold Card
The Platinum Card® from American Express
Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card from American Express
-American Express® Gold Card
-Blue Cash Preferred Card® from American Express
-Blue Cash Everyday Card® from American Express
-Blue Sky from American Express®

Business cards:
-Starwood Preferred Guest® Business Credit Card from American Express OPEN
-Business Gold Rewards Card® from American Express OPEN
-The Business Platinum Card® from American Express OPEN
-Delta SkyMiles® Gold Business American Express Card OPEN
-SimplyCash® Business Card from American Express OPEN

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Smh. Right after the SPG card they throw this out there which sounds so much better..


Is this a charge card and won’t effect my credit?

Smart Guy

does any know if i got the ink card (old sept ’11) and 80k promotion can i get the new ink 50k promotion?


I applied for the 25k offe last month. Anyway to have it matched?


@bernie weinberg:
Yep, on DDF more and more people are reporting that they are not getting bonus’s.
@dan: You should mention this in your post so people understand this before applying


@bernie weinberg:
Actually it says you can’t have had a business gold or business plat in the last 12 months.

Either way I just did a 4bm with 4 cards I have had before and will be happy to update everyone with the results of it!


And plenty are saying that it is still working just fine.
Way too soon to know either way.


How much would a mileage buyer pay for 55000 AmEx points?


Depends on the various bonuses they run, but probably in the ballpark of $900.


I know the answer to this can very likely be found in the forums but wanted to know your thoughts. I don’t most of my flying with AA and try to fly with One World airlines otherwise. Whats the best card to open to accrue AA mileage or accrue points to transfer to AA. Thanks!


Any suggestion how to spend 5k in three month without actually spending?


amazon payments, gift cards, etc.

Approved but

I just did 2 seperate 3bm pulls yesterday for a total of 3 cons cards and 3 biz cards. I got instantly approved on only 1 (premier gold cons). I got approved for another 1 (plat biz) this morning and declined for 2 (spg biz, blue cons)this morning. 2 (delta & spg cons) are still processing. How do they decide which card to approve and which to deny and Can i trade 1 for the other ie: if I would rather have the spg than the biz plat? I should add that I do have less than average credit ie: verizon collection and Citi settlement but that should either get me denied for all or none, correct?


Whats more ways to spend the 5k in three months? i just got approved…
i can do amazon payments, what else can get me closer?


Here is a stupid question: Can the points be transferred to an airline posted and then sit in my account at that airline? For example, if I transfer my points to jetblue, must i use them right then or can it sit in my accunt at jet blue. I ask becuase I have no intention of keeping the account open once the fee kicks in. Thx.




whats diff btwn this card and regular gold card?

Fan of Dan

If I have more then one corporation, can I get the bonus for each corporation?

Dan, help me out man!

Dan, I just got off the phone with chase and none of the reps can get me an application to the saphire preffered world mastercard. They say I have to apply and by default it will be the visa and then I can request to be switched to the mc. Is this something new. Are there more qualificatons to get the mc than the visa?


They can stay by the airline, subject to the expiration policies of each airline.

@Dan, help me out man!:
Mastercard link:



Which other card(s) would u suggest applying 4 together with this card in a 2bm or 3bm?

Thank You


Dan I tried couple of times to get a cc but I always get back denied cuz no credit history (tried Macy’s.etc too ) please help me getting my first card ty


Dan anyway around the annual fee on this or sapphire


Dan, I applied for the spg business and they want financial documents from me proving my income. I told them I make 80000 but in truth its only about 35000. Should I even bother sending it in? will I get into trouble? denied automatically?

bernie weinberg

@Anonymous: this is the secure message i got back from amex
I checked our records and would like to clarify that your new Mercedes-Benz Platinum Card is not eligible to receive 50,000 Membership Rewards bonus points because you had a Mercedes-Benz Platinum Card ending in 71000 with us in the last 12 months. You had cancelled the Card ending in 71000 on April 24, 2012.

Please know that as per the terms and conditions associated with the offer, bonus points are not available to applicants who have had the same product issued by us within the last 12 months.


If i do the 4bm with one of the cards being the amex business gold card and the rest being personal card will it still only be one pull ? (i did the chase ink bold and sapphire preferred and got two hard pulls) or does amex do business and personal card with one pull ?


It’s 1 pull with AMEX, 2 for Chase when mixing business and personal.


whats 2bm 3bm or 4bm????,

Smart Guy

@Dan: Does you know if somebody got the a second ink while still having the first card and getting the promotion?


is buying a airlines ticktet refundable then wait for the statement of the credit card and cancell it will be considere spending money or not ???

Repeat cause ignored

I just did 2 seperate 3bm pulls yesterday for a total of 3 cons cards and 3 biz cards. I got instantly approved on only 1 (premier gold cons). I got approved for another 1 (plat biz) this morning and declined for 2 (spg biz, blue cons)this morning. 2 (delta & spg cons) are still processing. How do they decide which card to approve and which to deny and Can i trade 1 for the other ie: if I would rather have the spg than the biz plat? I should add that I do have less than average credit ie: verizon collection and Citi settlement but that should either get me denied for all or none, correct?


@Dan: Whats the 3 or 4 best amex cards to apply for ? (spending is not an issue)


Ijust applied for this card via the link provided.
I went through the entire application process including the verification screen and then clicked on the final submit button.
After the 60 second hourglass completed twirling I received a message that their systems were down and I should call the regular app phone number to apply.

So what do you suggest I do at this point. should I call?
Dan how are you going to get your referall vig if I call it in?


Warning- i applied for this card 6 months ago and my income I make on the books is fine but I had just started working (as an OT) so my tax returns did not show income yet. Anyway, they did a financial review on my account and closed it. 🙁


Dan, How can i take advantage of the AA airline credit without flying? (gift cards, redeemable on some website?)


Hi dan. Where is the best place to find out my credit score? Thanks.


@Shani: hi I had same-however they initially promised me that they would allow me 2 close if it came 2 that.So after much fuss they re-opened my accnt 4 me & allowed me 2 close it..& pull out my unused miles:)..


could i do a 2 BM 75k with 50k?
what about the fact that i just opened a business and i just got my first AMEX 2 month ago.
would you recommend me to apply for those?


i has the platinum and platinum mercedes benz in the past (feb) applied again in aug did the spending and it doesn’t seem like i will be getting the bonus points because last time on the mercedes benz i got a e-mail congratulating and so far i didn’t receive the e-mail, at mr they don’t see the promotion attached.


Got approved but I can’t afford spend 5k in 3 month any suggestion??


Dan: i have applied in the past already fro an American Express 2 times and was declined i do have good credit and have Chase sapphire card and other cards, do you think i can get approoved on Business Gold Rewards Card from American Express ? if personal income is not 60K ?


Dan, I am responsible to pay the bills in the compnay that i work for. In the past i had a personal credit card (SPG) to pay the bills. I want to get the gold business card- does Amex automatically give me (personally) the points or because its now a “company” credit card does the company get the points?



can i transfer these point to SPG? because i don’t plan on keeping this card open


Sorry I am new to this and this might be a dumb question
I have to place about $20,000 on a credit card for a large purchase at work. Should I get the Bus Gold reward with the 75k bonus or a Starwood?


to clarify.. I already have a starwood


I canceled my spg business amex about 2 mo. ago. Now got a new personal spg. card. How can I set it up so the new membership points combine with the previous ones?


Thank you for this website/blog. I received the Starwood AMEX card last week upon your recommendation. Will that preclude me from participating in the 70k points promotion on this card?

Thank you,


@Mitzeahnow, I got the same message, so I decided to switch browsers. I was using Chrome when getting the message, but then switched to IE and it worked. Pending for approval though 🙁

Good luck!!


Attention Dan:
I just got this card two Weeks before you published this sign up bonus, does secure msg work with Amex like it does with chase?


why is n one answering us?


“Some people have reported receiving a financial review after applying for this card, so if you have no income on the books it would not be a good idea to apply for this card.”

have people had the same experience with the starwoods or chase business cards?


Dan i was gonna try a 3bm AMEX business should i hurry and do this or wait for a better offer (guessing something else will be after this), also if I do 3bm should I mix like 2 business and one personal or all business, thanks.

sam the man

why do u need mc over visa ?


If I signed up for the platinum(consumer) a couple of months back, will I still get the signup bonus? Someone told me you can’t get a bonus on the gold even though it is a different card then the platinum being that I just had the platinum…

BA 25% discount

Why arent you mentioning the 25% discount on redeeming Avios points from now through May 31? its expirng tonight.


This is business so consumer bonuses don’t affect it in my experience.

@BA 25% discount:
Because it applies to longhaul BA flights that have heavy fuel surcharges, I don’t think too many people here are interested in that.


But the consumer PRG won’t give me the bonus?


I’ll let others chime in with their experience, because I have applied for a couple of consumer PRG cards, a platinum card, a couple Starwood cards, and a couple Delta cards and have received the bonuses on all of them even after the changes they’ve made to their wording.
YMMV in this business is the name of the game.


I was planning on opening 3 gold biz cards for different llc, can I do that at the same time. I just got a ink bold for one llc this month. Should I rush or will there b another offer soon?


please clarify the 25% discount as i am booking a trip to HK.
Avios, British Airways/Iberia (OneWorld) (Limited time 1,000 MR:1,400 Avios ratio)
is this still available?


You can always try.

If you book a longhaul on BA metal today there’s 25% off the miles (though not the insane fuel surcharge) automatically.

For HKG you’ll be better off flying Cathay Pacific even without the 25% off.


the business gold card 175 fee can that be downgraded after year?


It’s free for a year and it can be downgraded afterward.


Dan, Is the business Gold Rewards the same as the Business Gold Amex? The 175 fee is for the first year what is the charge to add additional users? Also, How long would it take me to get the AU cards to use for the available promo’s



Introductory annual fee for Additional Gold Cards in the first year is $0; then, $50 for the first Additional Gold Card and no fee for other Additional Cards.

If you apply for them right now at the time of the app it should come right away.


Dan, or someone else, can u explain how its possible with 65,000 points (50k sign up +30% extra) one could get 16 one-way trips on avios using american airlines? Is it a different point system then AA? When i go to the AA site short flights are 12-17k each way….is it less points bookie through avios?



They denied my 50K when I applied for the platinum saying that I already got it for the Platinum. They even wrote me a letter to that effect.

arrggh – frustrating.


ur link seems to be dead!!!


Works for me.
If you ever get errors you can browse incognito:


Hi Dan, just applied for the amex business, and they emailed me that they need a Federal Tax Identification Number. What should i tell them?
Thanks Dan you the man!


Just use your social as the tax ID number. That’s exactly what it is for sole-proprietors.


I was turned down for amex gold buisness on an llc and then got it upon further manual review.I want to now go for a 3bm with 2 buisness cards on my ss#(starwoods and delta)and one personal(starwoods).Please advise.
Also i want to go for chase buisness on my ss# and personal.Should I wait on amex or does it not make a difference?


how can i get amex gold to increase amount they will approve?


Can I apply for this business card as well as a personal starwood together? (and it will only do 1 credit pull?)


Go for it.
You can apply for AMEX and Chase at the same time.

Yes, 1 pull in my experience.


where can i get information on how to spend $ 5,00 without buying too much I’m already doing the amazon payments thanks you are doing a gret servic and a superb job!!!!!


So i did a 3BM for business cards. Not yet approves. We’ll wait and see and hope for the best.

If I am not approved immediately, uifht as well apply for a consumer card (or 2 foe good luck), no?

I have not seen you (yet) advocate that if you were not immediately approved, go ahead and apply for more cards! It will all (hopefully) be only 1 pull!!

Is this assumption correct?


There are lots of ways like vanilla reloads or look on DDF for other suggestions.

Additional apps on the same day don’t generally cause more pulls. Buy be prepared to call Recon for cards that aren’t approved.


hi Dan, just wondering if I should convert Amex points to ba with the 30% bonus or should I wait for something better (like 40% or maybe even 50% bonus) in the near future ?

dave 23

dan if i just closed my gold card a month ago will i still get the 50k for singing up


not sure where to put this. long story short i enrolled in BILL ME LATER. s/t i would not have done normally. i have enough credit cards. should i have them close the account or just leave it open . i currntly hv: about 4 cc cards. and mistakenly opended this not realizing it was a credit account w/ hard pull?


i applied for chase bus. ink and next day they said i didnt have long enough credit history w/ ovr $5000 limit. i did HUCA and was told “prev. person alredy explained and there was nothing they cd do”. shd i try writing to them?


Do you have other Chase cards?


yes a freedom (abt. 8 months) and united sig. explorer $7000 limit (abt. 6months.) they said they cant move credit line from personal to bus. card.

also prev. Question. was. acc. opned BILL ME LATER ACCNT. close or not.? idnt need it/want it. ?


You were misinformed, you can transfer the line from personal cards.
Call back to business recon and negotiate that.

Once you opened it just leave it open.


Dan, what is the best way to improve chances for instant approval? I have a biz and personal SPG Amex now; should I cancel, wait some time (how long) and then apply or just go for a 4BM now (2 laptops, 2 browsers, hit “submit” simultaneously)?


Dan, or anyone, is there something special about Hyatt 48lex? There are many Hyatts in Manhattan, do you know which are the nicer ones?(want to use my hyatt award anniversay night…)



4BM it now, definitely don’t cancel a card, use it as leverage.

@Avi: 48LEX is the only one eligible for the anniversary night.


Oh, yes I see now, thank you Dan.

dave 23

if i just closed my gold card a month ago will i still get the 50k for singing up


How can I meet the spend for a 3B or 4B? The Amazon payments is limited and the Vanilla Reloads have become difficult besides being limited as well. You seem to have more good ideas.


OK, it did not expire, the offer is still there, presumably until 11-26. BUT when I did a 3BM (the 4th kept hanging up saying could not process request), only 1 of 3 was intant approval; the rest are “pending” (I will call the acct mgmt people Monday).

I applied as sole proprietor with 3 identical apps, one on a laptop aand 2 on a desktop (one with IE and the other with FFOX).

Should I have listed 3 different business names, varied the applications?


UPDATE: 2 of the 3 applications to the same 50K AMEX rewards biz card were Cancelled. What should I have done differently?


Dan the business gold rewards card can be downgraded to what card after the first year?


Need idea for a 4 bm thinking 2 Starwood and 2 gold but I think personal only has 25 k any ideas


You need to apply for 3 different cards, not the same card.

Just use it as leverage to get approved for another card after the year.

25K Starwood is worth over $500, nothing to sneeze at.

Gershon Dubin

I know this has been asked, but can someone summarize how to spend $5k without spending it, in simple terms for a newbie.

Also, I neglected to apply for a second card for the promotion; can I save that? Customer service told me no??

Gershon Dubin

Never mind second part of previous post; the bonus is per account, not per card. I still would like to hear how to spend without actually spending to qualify for the bonus points. TIA.


@Gershon Dubin:
Amazon Payments, Vanilla Reload+Bluebird, etc.


Is anybody else having this problem, when putting in all my info and then waiting for a response this shows up “Currently, our systems are not responding. Please try again later or call us at 1-800-519-OPEN (6736) to apply for a Card. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

And can i do the application over the phone even if im using my SS for the tax ID number?

Gershon Dubin


I need it in simple newbie terms. Sorry. Is there a post/posts on these you can direct us newbies to?

Gershon Dubin

I get the Bluebird, and I get the Amazon payments. AISI they’re very similar; send money somewhere that you’ll get back, such as a friend or paying off the credit card account that funded the BB or AP in the first place.

Where does the Vanilla come in (and where in NYC do you get it)?


@Gershon Dubin:
CVS, Walgreens, 7-11, etc.
The problem is in NYC they are generally stricter about taking credit cards than the rest of the country so YMMV.

Find more store locations here: https://www.vanillareload.com/

mr g

hi if i aready have 1 card from before can i apply for more and get additional 50k ?

Gershon Dubin

Are those places that you can get an original vanilla card or only reload?

I still don’t “get” where Vanilla comes in where Bluebird can’t do it on its own (load Bluebird from the cc to be used and then pay with Bluebird, either a friend or the cc bill)?


You can’t load BB with a cc.
You can load BB with a Vanilla Reload. A Vanilla Reload can be loaded from a credit card.


Hey Dan,

Assuming i fly Delta just as much as United, isn’t the Gold Delta SkyMiles AmEx just as good as the United Mileage Plus Explorer, if not better? Since you only need to spend $500 in 3 months for the Delta card as opposed to $1000 for the United card?


Dan, I applied for 3 business cards with the 3bm I go approved for the gold Card but declined for the statwood and delta because of too much of my credit being used. I want to call reconsideration, I just want to know if all else fails, can I ask them to move some of the $9200, credit line from my personal spg, or will that not work? And if not is there a better method to try and get approved?


is the deal dead? even incognito it says the deal is dead. thought it was valid till the end of the day.


tried the business gold its dead


it looks dead


Game is over!
Doesn’t work anymore!


I forgot to take screenshot of the offer, does anyone have one and would be willing to share with me? Uploading to imageshack.us would be good enough. Thank you.


Is there a way to transfer AA Miles into Avios miles?


i have 100000 united miles and 100000 chase miles i wane fly busniss or first class from ny to isreal for lag bomer whats the best way to do it ?


@ dan or any other professional – i got 100,000 amex points, and need to get from NY to LA for pesach (6 tickets). what’s my best bet? i can’t figure out this avios thing – seems like they only fly 10 locations worldwide????


Hi Dan,

Just a quick question, I hope you answer…

I just got an offer for 50k miles with the united Mileage plus card. I also saw the deal for the Marriott card.

Im a young girl and will only open ONE card.I will not be spending much on it at all. Which is the smartest way to go? Do you have an even better idea? what will get me the most in terms of air travel?

Please respond as I have none else to ask for direction.