50,000 Point Signup Bonus For Spending $5,000 On The Business Gold Rewards Card From American Express Open!

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Update: 07/21: Golden indeed after earning a 105K bonus for one card…



-On May 8th I applied for The Business Gold Rewards Card® from American Express OPEN (along with 2 other cards with just 1 pull during a flash promotion that lasted under 24 hours) to earn 75K points for spending $5K. The current signup bonus for the card is 50K, though it can still become 75K or 80K pretty easily.

-After getting the 75K signup bonus I used this 25K bonus link to upgrade to The Business Platinum Card® from American Express OPEN. After making my first purchase on the upgraded card 25K points showed up in my MR account. Plus the Platinum card also gives $200/calendar year in airline fee credits, airport lounge access until the card expires in 4 years, Starwood gold elite status which gives discounted paid and award stays, and a refund of the $100 global entry expedited customs fee.

-There’s also an automatic 5K bonus after making your first purchase if you change to the Business Green Rewards card which is part of the MR program and carries a $95 annual fee.


Originally posted on 04/16:

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The Business Gold Rewards Card® from American Express OPEN

Signup bonus:
-50,000 bonus Membership Rewards points for spending $5,000 in 3 months.
Plus this card offers 3 points per dollar spent on airfare, making this one of the best cards to use to purchase airline tickets. You also get 2 points per dollar at gas stations, on shipping, and for advertising.

This is being promoted as a limited time offer, but I do not know the exact end date.

Having consumer charge cards (Green, Gold, Platinum, etc) , consumer credit cards, or business credit cards will not stop you from earning this signup bonus.
If you have had a business charge card (Green, Gold, or Platinum) in the past 12 months the terms state that you will not receive the bonus. YMMV.

Offer Terms:
-Earn 50,000 Membership Rewards® points after you spend $5,000 in purchases on the Card in the first 3 months of Card membership
-Earn points even faster to get more rewards for your business.
-3X points on airfare purchased from airlines. 2X points at US gas stations.
-Up to $100,000 in each category per year, then 1 point.
-Terms and limitations apply.
-Reduce travel costs, show appreciation for employees and clients, and offset everyday expenses by using points to get something back and grow your business.
-$0 introductory annual fee for the first year, then $175.
-Apply online to qualify for this offer. See offer terms for details

Spending $5,000 in 3 months:
Spending $5K isn’t what it used to be.
I have spent twice hat much at CVS in one night 😀

With options like gift cards with pins that can be cashed out, Vanilla Reloads/Bluebird, Vanilla MVD cards that can be combined and cashed out, and prepaid gift cards sold at a discount there are lots of ways to help you meet thresholds.
And of course there’s trusty old Amazon Payments made even easier with free additional user cards.

No need to rehash everything, Here are articles I’ve already written on this stuff:
Having Fun Cashing Out Gift Cards
-Another Flavor Of Vanilla: My Vanilla Debit Card
-Today’s Escapades
-Meeting A Spend Threshold In One Night.
-Need To Meet A Spending Threshold Deadline? Send And Receive $1,000/Month With No Fees Using Amazon Payments!

American Express Benefits:
-American Express offers the best dispute resolution in the industry. If you have a problem with the item or merchant you’ll be glad if you made the chaarge on an AMEX.
Plus they offer incredible return protection, purchase protection, and warranty service.
With return protection you can return items up to $300 to AMEX for 90 days even if the merchant won’t accept returns.
With purchase protection your items are covered if they break or are stolen within 90 days.
With extended warranty you will have double the manufacturers warranty, up to one additional year, for free. Plus the AMEX warranty year is incredible as they will just refund your purchase price if you have problems with your item, without any hassle at all!

Additionally if you spend $1,000 at Fedex on this card for example you’ll get a 5% automatic cash rebate and 2,000 points (double points for shipping as stated above). $1,000 at HP gets a 10% automatic cash rebate and 1,000 points plus their awesome extended warranty coverage as long as you have any open American Express card at the time of the claim.

What can you do with the points:
-You can wait for another Avios bonus. These come by every few months and usually range from 30%-50%.
Last month there was a 50% bonus for transfers from American Express Canada to British Airways so hopefully that will come down to us soon!
With a bonus you can get to Israel for as little as 20K points each way instead of the normal 30K points each way.
-Once you’re done with $5K in spending you’ll have at least 55K American Express Membership Rewards points.
-A flight from NYC to short-haul destinations (like Cleveland, Detroit, Montreal, Toronto, and many others) on American booked via Avios is just 4,500 each way with no fuel surcharges. With 55K points you’d have enough for more than 12 short-haul flights. Or wait for the return of a transfer bonus and you’ll have enough for more than 18 short-haul flights!
-A flight from NYC to medium-haul destinations (like Miami) on American booked via Avios is just 7,500 each way with no fuel surcharges. With 55K points you’d have enough for more than 7 medium-haul flights. Or wait for the return of a transfer bonus and you’ll have enough for as many as 11 medium-haul flights!
-A flight from NYC to resort destinations like Cancun or Puerto Rico on American booked via Avios is just 10,000 each way with no fuel surcharges. With 55K points you’d have enough for more than 5 of those flights. Or wait for the return of a transfer bonus and you’ll have enough for more than 8 of those flights!
-A flight from NYC to stunning Costa Rica on American booked via Avios is just 12,500 each way with no fuel surcharges. Of you can fly from the West Coast to any Hawaiian Island for that rate. Or you can even fly from Boston to Ireland for the same rate with no fuel surcharges on Aer Lingus (you’ll have to call to book trips on airlines like Aer Lingus or Alaska). With 55K points you’d have enough for more than 4 of those flights. Or wait for the return of a transfer bonus and you’ll have enough for more than 6 of those flights!
-The only way to fly in Singapore’s First Class Suites, or in their awesome business or first class products, is with Singapore miles. Book on their website to save 15% of the miles needed. I flew to Europe in December in a couples suite with my wife for about 58K miles each.
-Air France/KLM Flying Blue charges only 25K miles round-trip to Israel during a Promo award or just 50K miles round-trip to Israel on Delta with no fuel surcharges. Business would be just 100K on Delta. Plus there are occasionally bonuses to Flying Blue as well, dropping those rates even lower.
-The only way to fly in El Al First Class, which includes the best glatt kosher food in the sky, is with El Al points.
-Air Canada can book you on other Star Alliance carriers, like United and USAirways and many more, with no fuel surcharges. Bonus: They also allow for 2 free stopovers, so you can checkout 3 different cities on 1 ticket.
-ANA and Singapore also charge no fuel surcharges on United and USAirways.  You can fly round-trip to Europe for just 38K points or round-trip to Israel for just 60K points.

What do you do with your points? Post a comment!

Getting a business card:

Getting a business card is quite simple. You don’t need to be a traditional “business owner” as you might think of one.

For example if Joe Smith sells items on Ebay or on Amazon, or has any other side business/hobby and wants a credit card to better keep track of business expenditures he can just open a business credit card for “Joe Smith Sole Proprietorship” as the business name. You don’t need to file any messy government paperwork to be allowed to do that.
Just be sure to select “Sole Proprietorship” as the business type and just use your social security number in the Tax Identification Number field as well as in the social security number field.

I’ve had business cards since I turned 18 as a Sole Proprietor and never had a problem getting approved with reconsideration if needed. You can reach reconsideration at 866-314-0237.

Best of all, spending you make on a business card won’t hurt your credit score as spending on a consumer card does.

Charge card:
This is a charge card without a defined credit line, so even when you’re ready to close the account you won’t lose that line of credit.

Plus it’s not subject the limit of 4 American Express credit cards per person, as charge cards are not limited in the way credit cards with a credit line are limited.

If you make zero income:
Then why are you applying for credit cards? American Express has the right to ask to see you tax returns at any time. While people have reported passing the financial review as long as they make something (DDF’ers have reported as little as $5K/year) it’s not a good idea to apply for this card if you don’t have income on the books.

Membership Rewards points transfer to:
Transfers are at 1K:1K ratios or are otherwise listed.
Aeromexico (Skyteam)
Air Canada (Star Alliance)
Alitalia (Skyteam)
ANA (Star Alliance)
-Asia Miles, Cathay Pacific (OneWorld)
Avios, British Airways and Iberia (OneWorld)
Delta (Skyteam)
El Al (1,000 MR:20 El Al ratio)
Flying Blue, Air France/KLM (Skyteam)
Jetblue (250 MR:200 Jetblue ratio)
Singapore (Star Alliance)
Virgin America (200 MR:100 Virgin ratio)
Virgin Atlantic

Best Western
Hilton: (1,000 MR:1,500 Hilton ratio)
Starwood: (1,000 MR:333 Starwood ratio)

You can apply for both consumer and business American Express cards on the same day with just 1 credit pull. Other cards from American Express include:

Consumer cards:
-Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express
American Express® Premier Rewards Gold Card
The Platinum Card® from American Express
Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card from American Express
-Blue Cash Preferred Card® from American Express
-TrueEarnings® Card from Costco and American Express
-American Express® Gold Card
-Blue Cash Everyday Card® from American Express
-Blue Sky from American Express®

Business cards:
-Starwood Preferred Guest® Business Credit Card from American Express OPEN
-The Business Platinum Card® from American Express OPEN
-Delta SkyMiles® Gold Business American Express Card OPEN
-SimplyCash® Business Card from American Express OPEN

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Chaim Cohen

Can I sign up to business plat gold spg I’ve never done it before and get the points for all 3?


You can upgrade this card to platinum after you meet the 5K spend and get the 50K points, get an additional 25K points for upgrading, get the $200 Airline credit, and then downgrade back to gold for free.


Is there any way to apply as Canadian company?


Anyway to find out if I am eligible for the bonus. Amex is not giving a bonus if you received with on the year.


@Chaim Cohen:
You can definitely get both the Starwood bonuses but YMMV on the Business Plat+Gold. Many have had success when applied at the same time though some have not.



Have you had a business gold or platinum card within the past 12 months?


I had this card 6 months ago, any way to get bonus again?


Thanks Dan! approved instantly.


According to the terms you need to wait 12 months now. YMMV.



I currently have Amex Plat Benz and personal Amex Gold. Will I receive the bonus pts since my current cards are all personal?


Dan, how/when can you find a 50k delta mileage ticket to Isreal.
Thank you


im trying to upgrade from gold 2 plutonium but where do u c the promotion of getting 25k points for upgrading?,


How do I use ANA or Singapore miles to book on United? Online or do I need to call?



You need to search on Air France Flying Blue.
They can only book Delta “Low” saver award availability.

You can try the link in the Wiki here

With ANA you can book online.
With Singapore you would have to call.
They can only book United saver award availability.


open this and get ready for an amex review
not worth it for bochurim


Don’t get this card if you don’t make money on the books.


Would calling to find out if eligible a good idea? and can you rely on the information? Obviously I do not have records.


How much cash can you get from these points.


What exactly are you calling for?
Do you not know if you have had a business gold or platinum card within the past 12 months?

At a rate of 1.5 per point that’s $750.
Of course the rate varies and will likely go up when the BA bonus resurfaces.


Do I need business income or any income will help in case I get a f/r?


I am not sure.


How do i create a business name for me?


I am having difficulty with the BA Avios website. I cant get any availability? Is there some trick to it?


Thanks for sharing! I got this card a few weeks ago because I really wanted the 3x on airfare, and there wasn’t any bonus

Does AmEx let people get these bonuses retroactively?


Can I use a fake business name and my SSN like I did with the Chase Ink Bold, or will Amex require more?


Can I combine points from this card with points from another consumer Amex gold card? Ie 50,000 bonus points from this card plus 16k I have with my gold card, to give me a total of 66,000 points to spend at once?


People have passed without business income.
Especially for a new or small business, etc.

So send them a secure message and ask.

Mark YourLastName Sole Proprietorship?

Start an ebay or Amazon business.

This thread’s for you:


Why does it need to be fake?
If you intend to open a side business it’s not fake.



i have 170k miles from my amex premier rewards card, i never used my points and i have no idea how to use it. can u please tell me if i can use it to go to Israel for lag b’omer


I have no income but my wife does and we file jointly the taxes so if I apply on my name would I pass the FR with my tax records because my name is also on it?


There’s no easy way to answer that.
You would need to start for searching for availability on all of the different sites and work from there.



hi, can u please give me ideas how to spend the $5000, i cant seem to reach the threshold. what r smart ideas? thanks


Read the post and the links in the post.
It’s not hard at all.

mr G

DAN i have lots of points all over. whats the least amount of points that i can use to fly business to Israel even with a stop (elal and delta are to much)


Just got it, the whole process took less than 5 minutes.
Thanks for the tip!!!!


what are your thoughts about canceling credit cards?
If they are not willing to waive the annual fee and not give bonus points for keeping the card, is it worth it?
If you have pain on time will it look bad on credit reports for canceling cards?


@mr G:
See the related posts at the top of this post.


It’s not a big deal to cancel a card, more on that topic in this post: http://www.dansdeals.com/archives/23410


i got an error message what does that mean?


hi, i sigend up this week for the American Express® Premier Rewards Gold Card what i got an offer by mail,
am i eligible for this offer to get the points??


I have a personal American Express blue card and open a gold business card will I be able to combine the points from the blue card to the new cards for airmiles?


Try browsing incognito.
In IE and Firefox you can access this mode by holding down Ctrl, Shift, and P buttons on your keyboard. In Chrome you can access this mode by holding down Ctrl, Shift, and N. Then just return to DansDeals.com and click on the card offer you want.


Depends on which blue card you have. If it has membership rewards it should be able to be combined.


Off topic ( not sure where else to post) would like to know info about the w hotel mattresses. I’m getting married and debating bout either buying the queen pillow-top or the plush mattress & would like some guidance . Also I know there is a 35% coupon r there any 40% off floating around? Thanks

Business 101

Thanks for the info Dan, just applied and got approved. 50K from the Chase Bold and now 50K from the Amex gold, my new business in LA will be taking off!



You can sell them. 1.4 cents per point to various companies out there. Maybe more?



Can you apply for this card and the Mercedes Platinum at the same time?


How does one avoid the annual fee?



@Business 101:

Or more.

Throw in a 3rd as well like SPG.

It’s free the first year. Don’t keep it or downgrade if you want.


I just got the card lest week so I called in now to ask if I am eligible for this offer thy sad as long as I spend the 5K in 3 months I can get the bonus


Thanks Dan – Do you think that’s one pull or multiple?


Better get that in writing…or at least note the exact time of the call so that they can pull it up when they deny you.

Should be one.



Should I sign up for this 50k offer or wait for the 100k platinum offer?!

I’m planing to fly Singapore A380 suites in october 2013


The 100K was a glitch, it’s probably never coming back publicly.


Congratulations, jacob …….! You have been approved for The Business Gold Rewards Card® From American Express OPEN.
A confirmation e-mail has been sent and you will receive your new Card by mail at the business address you provided within two business days.

Remember, you can always order Additional Cards for your employees simply by calling 1-800-492-3344.


Thanx Dan you are the best!


Don’t forget you can apply for other cards today (like Starwood consumer or business, etc) with no additional credit pull!


hi, i when i decided to close one of my chase cards i asked for the credit line to be moved over to another card. they replied that out of $4000 credit line they can only move over $3000, the rest i will loose. this was thru sm. is that ok deal or should i demand for the whole credit line to be moved over and how?


Rather than doing that apply for a few new cards and use the card you want to close as leverage to get approved for the new cards.


Open another Chase card or 2 and offer to close the BA or shift over part of the credit line to get the new ones approved.


Thanx dan. Do they wave first year fee?




There isn’t really a hard time limit, just depends on your leverage/negotiating/HUCA/SM skills.


so the bottom line is to open new cards, move credit to approve them and explain why i need new ones approved? do you have a post to boost up my HUCA/SM skills? generally is HUCA or SM more effective? i never know what to say when they say “too many cards open in the last _days” for example


if i currently have a united chase card and would like to open it again with a new mileage #, do i first have to close the old one or just apply for a new one and then call recon?


Hi Dan, first THANKS 4 all ur great info & helping out so many people including my self, i got approved last week 4 my wife for the American Express® Premier Rewards Gold Card with 50k points which she got offered by mail, so i wanna apply 4 this offer now 4 her. wanna ask u since im already applying for amex “if i should also apply in same day for starwood spg consumer or business??” or please tell me if there is any better cards then spg i should try she had an SPG card & i closed it due to the annual fee. so i decided to leave open & pay for MY spg account only, (not sure if its a FULL YEAR already since i closed her spg. i can call them n check)


also, if i don’t have a business do i enter that “Sole Proprietorship” info on all amex business cards like u advised on this offer now?
thanks so much in advance!!


I mistakenly added amazon gift cards to my amazon acct thinking I can redeem it through payments what can I do now? It’s $1500

Dans the man

Hey just want to let everyone know: I Called up Amex today to cancel or downgrade my consumer premier rewards gold card, because my annual fee is coming up next month….. Get this! They offered me 27,500 MR points if I keep my card active and spend $3k in 60 days! I took the offer! I think that’s worth $175!

Headed to Venice

Hi Dan,
Thanks for making the whole process more manageable! My husband and I are trying to collect enough points to get round trip tickets to Venice in the summer. I make an income but right now he doesn’t. If we file jointly and his name is on the account can we EACH apply for the card separately? Also if my income is from employment rather than a business could we still enter “Sole Proprietorship” even if no income was collected through our Amazon or Ebay business? Would you recommend that we both open additional cards through the one credit pull perk?


Hi Dan,

Just wanna get this one clear, I do not have any business on my name, I do sell things on eBay but not as a business account just a private account, can I still get this card and how? Tx!


@Headed to Venice:
You can each apply separately.

Yes, it’s in the post.


What do I put in the Annual business revenue field?


Hey Dan
You mention Air Canada allows 2 stopovers. Is this only when transfering rewards points to Air Canada or can you also use ulitmate rewards points transfered to United then book Air Canada as a star alliance member and get the two stops. If so does the entire trip have to be on Air Canada? Thanks in advance


i got a amex plat bizness card with 5k threshold for 50k mr points. can i use amazon payments or is amex on to that?


Congratulations! I got approved, I send in my credit report and proof of income and a nice later where I explain why I need this card and after a few days I got approved, and to apologize that I wait so long to get approved they gave me 2 day shipping for the new card.

Now I need to start spending the 5k, which gift cards is the best to by whit this Amex card? And is there different stores where its better to buy gift cards whit Amex?

And thanks Dan for all your posts that helps me a lot.


@robert: Unless they do a financial review youre ok.


@papa: what would trigger a financial review?



Does transferring a CL on Amex Personal cards trigger a pull?


Does the upgrade to a business Platnium work anymore?


is the 50,000 points on delta to israel a deal that always exists or only during promotions.


Only with Air Canada miles.


Yes, you can still earn another 25K with that.

That’s the rate that Flying Blue charges.


When I select the 25k platinum upgrade bonus and login it seems to say there is a $450 a year membership fee.
Doesn’t say anything about waving it for the first year.
Do you have any website info that shows the fee is waived ?

Also assuming it is waived, does the year start when I got the GOLD card (back in February) or now when I do the upgrade ?


The annual fee on any card is waived if you cancel or downgrade within 60 days.

Joe S

Is there another credit hit when you upgrade from business gold to platinum?


Is there a hard pull on the Platnium upgrade?


@Joe S:


Thanks! Dan!


HI Dan, what is the best way to spend the Amex on AP so they shouldn’t ask for FR?


if i upgrade to the Business Platinum Card and earn another 25,000 Membership Rewards point, will they charge me $450 annual fee right away or will the honor the 1 year no annual fee from the gold card?


@fred: they charge you right away, but if you downgrade within 60 days they credit it back to your account.


Wouldn’t it make sense to wait with the upgrade to Platinum till the end of the year, so you can get $400 in airline fees before downgrading to green?


Better to downgrade right away and cancel to reset the 12 month timer.


It says it takes 6-8 weeks to get the 25k bonus credited to your account, if you cancel within 60 days, will you get the 25k bonus ? and when you do will you lose it as soon as you are cancelled ?


Just do it slowly.

It posts within a week of spending $1.


do i need to transfer my 50k points first before upgrading?




Is that a typo about the lounge access for four years? (Especially if you have cancelled the card?)


Is this still nogea? Didn’t do anything yet, what can I do now?


Not a typo.

Of course it’s still good. Read the update again.


Is there a fee free card to downgrade to ?
If not do I need to get my points out of MR before I cancel ?

Joe s

@yoss: does yu anglish verry vell?


I passed FR and they put a credit line on each of the cards, does that mean I can’t close them “harmlessly”? should I be moving over the credit line to another card?


does AMEX and Chase pull from the same agency in Illinois?


just want to double check. I currently have the gold , if on Dy 1, I upgrade to the Platinum, make a purchase, and within 60 days downgrade to the Green card. I won’t get charged? Also, if one were to use the 200 in Airline credits within those 60 days, one would have gotten the 25K in points and 200 bucks… seems like a win-win… 🙂


If I upgrade to platinum from a biz gold, and eventually downgrade back to gold, is my spending cumulative as far as reaching 30k spend towards the 15k bonus? In other words, will my spending on the card from before my upgrade count towards that threshold or is it like starting with a new gold account?


Yes, unless you have another consumer or business card.

If you can, sure. But charge cards don’t have real credit lines.



There is no 15K bonus on the business gold.


We’re sorry. The system is currently not responding. Your application is important to us. Please try again later. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Don’t login, type in your card number.


Oh I must be confused then, which amex card earns a 15k bonus after 30k spend?


Consumer Premier Rewards Gold:


Oh, ok. Thanks for the quick response.


Was wondering ( sorry a little off topic here) the promotion to upgrade a biz gold to platinum is said to expire 7/31. Does this mean that after that the option of upgrading will no longer be offered or that the bonus will be 25k until the 31st and after that it might just change, i.e. increase in bonus or decrease or no bonus at all, any clue what the expiration date concerns specifically?


That expiration has been extended every month since I originally posted about it 2.5 years ago on DDF:


Thanks, Dan. You’re the best! All of my future credit card sign-ups will go through your affiliate links.


Always appreciated 🙂


I see. Any liklihood to get a better signup when applying for the platinum directly? Have signup bonuses ever been higher than 25k for the plat card?


Nope, previously business platinum had no signup bonus.
Now you get the 25K and the $200 of course which you can cash out: http://forums.dansdeals.com/index.php?topic=3802


So, I currently have all the amex cards. Is there any way I can still be eligible for this offer?


If you already have the business gold then go for it. It’s got nothing to do with what cards you have.


How about higher bonuses with targeted offers? Is that common with the plat card?
Thanks so much


@Dan Can i be eligible for the bonus if I already have a business gold?


I just upgraded and was immediately charged the annual fee, do I pay it in full and then get it back?

Also if I downgrade to Green how much do I pay in annual fee, is that free for the first year?


@dan. if i upgrade from gold to the Business Platinum Card and earn another 25,000 Membership Rewards point, can i then down grade to the Blue for Business Credit Card which does not have any annual fees?

if so, after how long you think its a safe time to down grade from Business Platinum Card to the Blue for Business Credit Card?


Hi Dan

I got the Benz plat & downgraded within 60 days to green, is there a link or way to upgrade to gold/plat & recieve a new bonus ? Is there a time frame to wait? It’s 95$ fee is only worth it to me if I can get another bonus out of it.



I actually received 110k – made sure to answer no when they asked about EXPO when activating card & then I used a link which gave 5,000 points-

So 75k sign up-
& THEN 5K FOR GREEN which was a total surprise 🙂


One more point – I had gold – they gave me 25k link for upgrade to platinum – then I downgraded to Green-

a few weeks later the 25k upgrade to platinum showed up in a banner ad & email –

Will I get it again the T&C’s say 1st time only but they sent me the offer?


@dan to clarify, if downgraded within 60 days they will automatically credit the $ 450 platinum fee?


i applied by the 75k promotion and only received 50k. i did not take a screenshot. what should i do now?


I have gold free for the first year. If I upgrade to plat to get 25k, can I later downgrade back to gold and still enjoy the first year AF waiver? Thanks, Dan!


Why keep the gold? Canceling it will reset your 12 month counter for a new bonus.



Because this is my first biz card, and I think it might not be a good idea to cancel it so soon. Back to my question, anybody cares to answer? Thanks!


On the business plat? I never got one.

The upgrade? Sure.
For the gold card itself officially you need to wait 12 months though I had another within 12 months and got the points…YMMV.

If you downgrade you get it back.

I don’t think you can downgrade to Blue.

No, this stuff is just for the business cards.

Which link did you use for the extended payment option?

Haven’t gotten up to that stage yet…

If it doesn’t you can always just message them.

Always take a screenshot!

You don’t lose any credit by closing a business card.
But yes, you would keep your free year though officially you need to wait a year from when you last head the card to get a new bonus.


I used the above link to upgrade to Platinum for the 25,000 point bonus and I see that there is a $450 fee that comes along with it. Is there a way around that? Thanks Dan.


Read Dan’s replies to my exact same question above


A bit off topic- when closing a card, do i need to transefer my credit first? will i be losing all that credit if i dont?
what if i already closed an account? any way to get the credit back?
do business cards work the same way?


I think I made it in life! I did it exactly like Dan ! I got the extra 5k for the green too. I didn’t know what it was for until I saw this post. However it would have been better to go back to the gold and not have to sy 95bucks


So cancel and don’t pay the $95.
Did you also get 25K to make it Plat and get the $200 fee refund?


@ dan. so after i get my gold card i can then call (or through website) and upgrade to the Business Platinum Card and earn another 25,000 Membership Rewards points. after the 25k points has posted, i have to call again and downgrade to the Business Green Rewards Card to avoid paying the $450 annual fee and get another 5k Membership Rewards points???


if all of this upgrade and downgrades works out, are they going to be suspicious about all these activities on an account?


after the 25k, when i downgrade from Business Platinum Card to the Business Green Rewards will they charge me $95 right away? or will they honor the $0 introductory annual fee for the first year?


So you get 5K to downgrade?
Why didnt you wait till the end of the year to double the airline bonus?
Did you move out the bonus miles before you downgrade?


if I opened a delta card together with this one, what is the best use of delta points? they are pretty cheap to sell…


do we need to have the exact date closed an amex card 12 months ago in order to get the points again? does it go by the open date or close date?


also, if I don’t have the exact date I closed the amex card, should I call amex and they can tell me or how can I find out?


did the sign up for mercedez benz change recently? before you had to spend $1000 to get 50k points and now it’s $3000? is there an old link anywhere?


if I apply for the amex business card and for consumer card is that 1 pull or 2?


@Dan: this card more than other amex’s ?


thanks dan for the 75k screenshot. should i call or sm them to up it to 75k? thanks


Anyone having any luck using the amex link to upgrade.. I have been trying for 2 days and getting systems issues on Amex side.. Called customer service and they stated since they cant see offer, she cant help.. Thanks


Just SM them to find out.

Try both?

1. Don’t login just use the card number.
2. Try incognito if that doesn’t work.



After I downgrade to the Green, do I just close the card to avoid the 95 dollar annual fee or can I change it to Gold again to get another free first year?


Either way.


I just used the link. I did log in & was approved instantly.
This is the message that I got:

You have been approved. You will receive your new Card(s) within 7 business days. You can continue using your existing Card(s) until you receive the new Card(s). For your protection, your Card will arrive in a plain, white envelope displaying Omaha, Nebraska, as the sender’s address.


Thanks Dan for the link. I basically owe almost all of my rewards points cards knowledge to this site.

If I want to make the $200 airline purchase do I have to wait for my new card or can I still use my gold card as long as I have been approved for the Platinum?

Also, for recon Chase Ink Plus can I SM? If yes to whom?

Thanks again.


just used you link to upgrade. tx
can i buy AA gift cards for the $200 credit?


I just got my wife gold business. Should I wait to spend the 5K before upgrading to the platinum for the added 25K.?


I applied with 50k offer. Can I try getting it moved up to 75k with your screenshot?


i tried a while back but dan you fail to say that if you havea gold card already then your not eligible for the promo


You can spend the $200 as soon as you can register.

You can SM.

You can buy 2 x $100 in gift cards.
Or you can do the PGGM

I’d wait.

Can you try? I dunno, can you?
Will it work? Doubtful.

The post clearly says “If you have had a business charge card (Green, Gold, or Platinum) in the past 12 months the terms state that you will not receive the bonus.”

Even if you have had gold/plat though you can get 25K for the Plat upgrade and the 5K for Green.


i called them to get the 75k instead of 50k. they told me theyll contact me. in the meantime i mistakenly upgraded to platinum. is that a problem? what can i do about it? can i undo my upgrade


so after upgrading to the platinum, how do u downgrade to the green?
Do u have to call them or is there an automated system online as there is to upgrade to platinum?
If you need to call then do they give the 5k bonus automatically or do you have to ask for it?

Also, my 75k from the gold posted, but i still have about 2k in pending status from lst months charges. If I upgrade now do I lose the 2k pending or does it carry over?

Lastly, is this upgrade promo really expiring on 7/31?


Dan, I have this card – and got it during the 75k flash sale.
if i upgrade to the platinum – does that give me free access to those lounges its says (delta etc) or do i still have to pay?


Also, if i upgrade, and downgrade back to gold after – will that still give me access to the lounges etc, as long as i keep the actual card?


I just called to Amex to downgrade my gold cuz of the annual fee and the issued me a $100$statement credit. $50 right away and $50 after spending$500


How did you get the Green card welcome bonus if you didn’t apply for the card straight up? I thought those welcome bonuses were for new applications only? I just downgraded business Delta Plat to Blue for Business, wondering if I can get the bonus for the latter too?

Avraham S

Dan, I got the 75k signup for gold, then 25k for upgrading to platinum, now converting to green, and they say no 5k for conversions, only new signups. any ideas? should I HUCA?


SM to downgrade to green.

Free access.


It’s automatic, not a signep bonus per se.

@Avraham S:
Just SM to make it the $95/year Green rewards.
They don’t need to say the 5K, it’s automatic a week after a purchase.


Hey Dan is the upgrade offer gone?? link is taking me to uk travel insurance site for amex


Hmm…try it now.


@Dan: ok it works now thanks.. got my upgrade.. do i need to wait for the card for the 1st purchase?


is the card eligible for the $200 airline reimbursement before or after upgrading it to BPLAT?


No, just wait until it switches over when you login to your account.

When it’s Plat it’s eligible.


Dan, You rock.. Thanks…


First time commentor though definitely not first time user thank you Dan! I have the business gold and have not yet recieved the bonus ( I just made the 5k spending) Do i have to wait for that to post b4 upgrading to receive the additional 25k??


How long until the bonus 25K points show up after the purchase.



@marty: disregard.. just got my bonus points.. How do i down grade to green card next.???


how long are these taking to arrive at home? I got approved last night(7/28) and am leaving on a trip thurday. Think it could arrive by Wed (7/31)


@dan if i apply for global entry and by the time i get accepted have already downgraded my platinum (to avoid 450 fee) will i still get the $100 credit?


The link to the Plat upgrade bonus is still working.
Can anyone answer whether or not I could pay for AA awards to be put back into my WIFE’S AA account with my card, and still get back the credit for it with this card under the $200 annual credit for incidental airline fees benefit ?


When might the next Avios transfer bonus come up?


@dan – I applied for the platinum 25k MR upgrade, made a purchase, and received the MR points in my account. I have not yet activated the card – when will the annual fee be charged? If I do not activate will I not have to pay the fee and be able to keep the points?



I upgraded card and they have to look into 25k bonus. They mentioned I need to spend 10k in 5 months to get the 25k points. Please advise what I can do to push them to give me the upgrade points after first purchase.

Good news is they waived the 175 renewal fee for Amex Business Gold so It couldn’t have been better timing.


Dan, I went the Gold/Platinum route and have already reaped most if not all of the benefits. I have not cancelled/downgraded yet. When I used the US Airways Lounge at both DCA and BOS the receptionist swiped my Platinum card and made a reference to them ‘getting paid by Amex’. Is there any kind of check on the current status of the card?