$100 Visa Gift Card For Just $95 Shipped From Staples After $10.60 Instant Savings!

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Update: DEAD!


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$100 Visa Gift Card Linky

You can buy up to 2 of these “per customer.” The $10.60 per card instant savings will be applied on the final checkout page.

The total for 2 $100 cards is just $190 shipped.

If you have one of the awesome Ink Bold, Ink Plus, or Ink Cash cards you will earn 5 points per dollar.  If you order 2 cards that’s 950 points on the purchase, or more if you’re trying to meet the $5K spend threshold to earn the lucrative signup bonus.  Plus of course you come out $10 ahead besides for the points earned.  It’s also helpful to meet spend threshold on any other card.

You can create a pin by calling the number on the back of the card and then liquidate this card in Walmart by loading it to your Bluebird account (free), getting cash back on a debit purchase (free), by cashing it out for a money order (70 cents for up to 4 cards), or by paying off any bill ($1 for up to 4 cards).

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Thanks Dan!

Any idea if you can place multiple orders with different names/shipping addresses using the same credit card?


What about the 5.95 purchase fee?


So what’s the trick….. Buy 2 in multiple orders then call to add a pin and cach them out at the bank?


What is really enforced in terms of the “per customer” limit?


Do you save $10.60 per card or per order?



$10.60 per card. Just ordered 2 for $190 flat. Thanks Dan!


Thanks for the free $10!!! You da’ man Dan


can i cash these using Amazon payments ?


Hi just curios besides blue bird is there any way of getting the cash out of these cards ?l


Can this be purchased with a staple GC?


Ordered 2 on my name and 2 for my wife. Same billing and shipping, e mail address and same CC. Orders, confirmed via e mail.


In for 2. Thanks Dan!


In for 2 cards.

Thanks Dan


Got two.
Thanks Dan!


hey Dan i used AP for my credit cards and it worked very well, but now that i brought 200$ visa gift cards how do i put it in AP whats the card holders name and its a debit card so please let me know how it can work thanks Dan!


ordered 5 sets of two… for now


thanks Dan


2 for me, 2 for my wife. Cash out via AP.

Thanks Dan, and yitzf!


I just placed 2 seprate orders for 2 GC on my own name and got order confirmation numbers for both for the discounted price, maybe its 2 per transaction limit?


Just ordered $3,000 worth. Got email confirmations for all orders. You think they’ll deliver?


For people placing multiple orders,

“Your order is subject to review and the expected delivery date(s) noted above are pending credit or check approval.”


Usually, 1 per customer means 1 per address. Staples usually enforces it like crazy and can cancels all orders to the same address, incl. the first one. Confirmation email means nothing for this. I would not waste time ordering more then 2 cards per address, unless the first order shipped already before promo is over.

y id

What does “ap” mean


@Yehoshua: How does AP work with gift cards what name do you put for card holder and there is no option for gift cards only credit ect:so please advise! thanks


there charging 6.95 for shipping and the purchase so no discount


Hey I’m sorry I’m not good at this stuff..are these available for cash withdrawal?



do you know how Citi codes these purchases? e.g. Cash advance


25 off 75 coupon worked on this….whoa…$100 for $70….crazy.


Looks dead!!!


@Yid: Amazon Payments


what 25off?


@TheMan: Whats the coupon for that?

ink card

where did you enter 25 off?


Whee@TheMan: what’s the coupon code?


Nuuu what the coupon?
You have to share it it’s dansdeals policy!!!


Got two for me and two for my wife. Thanks!


The 25 off 75 coupons are one-time use sent in the mail probably.
There’s nothing to share.


@Dan: 25 off 75 coupons are available to be purchased all over the place for as little as a dollar. If you’re sure it will work or have something else to use it on if not then you may as well give it a shot


total shows more than $100 per card. why doest it show lower amount?


says it is out of stock!


do u have to create pin when you get these gift cards or i can use it at stores like credit card when received without giving them all my info


Yes, that’s right. If you have one apparently these visa gift cards aren’t excluded. I got one in the mail.


where is the link to the staples site?




Anyone know if these cards expire?


orderd two for $190.00. thanks dan

Jack L

Seems in stock still. I just ordered some. Thanks Dan!


can somebody please tell me where is the link to the site in this article or post it? Thanks!

ink card

you can get the $25 off coupon on ebay


I just ordered and used a coupon, got email confirmation, BUT when checking order status it says “order may be delayed and u may be contacted by customer service”



were do you get for $1?


just got a phone call from them offered to let me keep one cancelled the other eight! diff cards diff names diff addresses same computer… just saying…..


out of stock 🙁


says out of stock


deal dead



Same Phone number?

ink card

thanks dan i got 14 cards

Chaptz Shnell


Jay Rubinstein

Thay are now out of stock


It may come back in stock, once staples cancels the orders of all the pigs who ordered 20 or 30 of these.


Yeah, thanks pigs.

ink card

i also used a $25 off coupon


out of stock.


any way to apply 25 coupon a few hours after purchase?
worth buying at ebay? btw its not a $1, it is more like $9


why no twitter alert on this? thought that was the whole point in that???

ink card

they just called me that i have to cancel 2 cards 🙁
but i still have 12 more to go

Moish Quipon

The $25 coupon specifically excludes both gift cards and instant savings. Expect the discount to be reversed if used for these cards as both exclusions apply to the Visa card.

†Valid online at staples.com® or by phone at 1-800-333-3330. Not valid in store. Limit one per customer, nontransferable. Minimum purchase requirement of $75 must be met with purchases to which no other coupon or INSTANT SAVINGS offer applies. May not be combined with any other coupon. No cash/credit back. Not valid on any desktop or laptop computers, netbooks, tablets, eReaders including Amazon Kindle® and NOOK®, Apple® products, Epson® ink and toner, custom printing orders placed online, services, promotional products, GIFT CARDS, Staples Industrial purchases, prior purchases or any purchases on other provider Web sites. Tax and shipping not included in calculating minimum purchase. Expires 4/27/13.


Got 2 for me and 2 for the wife. Now I’m $20 and 1,900 UR points richer and $380 closer to 50,000 UR points thanks to my Ink Bold. Once you get started on this game, it’s hard to let go!


staples rep called me to verify CC info and she told me they are honoring the orders from people that ordered doubles, (i ordered 20) but i should not do it next time….


Is this deal available at retail staples store?


it is really unfair for those of you who ordered more than the 2 you are officially allowed and that you are bragging that you beat the system. You should follow the rules so the rest of us can benefit from it as well.


@aK: Don’t be a SHLEMAZEL you had enough time from when Dan posted it…………………….


@ak i feel your pain, and guess what if the deal wouldn’t come on exactly at my lunch break i also probably wouldn’t be able to get it. but what you need to understand is that if all DD readers would buy only 2, you anyway would not have had it, because some other “crook” would have bought more then 2, and yes it’s unfair, and believe it or not we don’t live in a fair world, and if i wouldn’t have done it someone else would. and again i’m not saying it’s right, but you got to be practical.


The comments on here are hilarious!

Thanx Dan for posting an article that provided a good laugh!

Guys, Its a regular staples purchase, so no, citi will not code it as a cash advance.

Re coupons: They used to be available for $1 from a few sites, but they were all shut down and no longer exist.
Your next best bet would be ebay for $10.

Staples is pretty on top of these things. Order 10 orders and they’ll all get canceled.

If you think the commenters on here made it go out of stock – you are living in a sheltered world.
This has been posted on every deal site and many many people took advantage/abused this deal.

Good luck!

Jason Smith

I’m not annoyed at the people who ordered 20 of them , I am annoyed at Staples for not cancelling their order and giving them nothing, which is what they deserved.



Looser looser

You are not on school and you can’t go to the Principal to complain.


Perhaps staples should be clued in


Agree with Jason!!


Deal is dead. There is now a fee with cards


Anybody copy down the code for no fees on the gift card, or was it not a code?

ink card

just called back staples and resubmitted my order for
04/23/2013 Pending Staples, Inc. $193.90

ink card

maybe you can still try ordering over the phone for $96.95 each


I ordered four in my name. Didnt get a call. I hope it works. Thanks Dan! To all the cry babies: GROW UP!!


got my 19 sets all with the same name and e-mail, no phone calls thanks dan i neted $190 in cash + 25k chasa points 5 for using the ink buisness + 2 additional for doing it through ultimate rewards.
thanks again


I got my cards. how do I cash them out for a money order at 70 cents for up to four cards?


card were shipped to wrong place, and I called to void transaction, will they duplicate price since it was shipped wrong?