1 Week Left For 40K Barclays JetBlue Consumer And Business Card Signup Bonuses

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Offer expired!

Barclays JetBlue Plus Consumer Card

Barclays JetBlue Business Card

  • Both the JetBlue Plus Consumer Card and the JetBlue Business Card are offering a 40K signup bonus for signing up by 6/28 and spending $1,000 within 90 days. The regular signup bonus offer is 30K points.
  • Both cards give you a 10% rebate on JetBlue award flights and the best part is that this is stackable! If you have a JetBlue consumer and a business card you’ll get a 20% rebate on awards booked!
  • JetBlue points are worth about 1.5 cents each on average. With a 10% points rebate the 40K points will actually become more than 44K points, worth about $660. With a 20% points rebate the 40K points will actually become more than 48K points, worth about $720.
  • Both cards earn 6 points per dollar on JetBlue flights and 2 points per dollar a restaurants. The consumer card also earns 2 points per dollar on groceries while the business card also earns 2 points per dollar at office supply stores.
  • Both cards offer a free checked bag for you and up to 3 companions on the same reservation. Officially it says you need to use the JetBlue card to buy your tickets for that benefit, but that’s not enforced in my experience.
  • Both cards have a $99 annual fee, but that is mostly offset by the annual 5,000 point anniversary bonus that both cards offer. With a 10% points rebate the 5K points will actually become more than 5.5K points, worth about $82.50. With a 20% points rebate the 5K points will actually become more than 6K points, worth about $90.
  • JetBlue points never expire. JetBlue also allows families to pool all of their points together.
  • The Consumer Plus card offers an annual $100 statement credit when you book a $100+ JetBlue vacation package.
  • If you spend $50K in a calendar year on either card then you’ll get JetBlue Mosaic status for the remainder of the calendar year and for the following calendar year.
    Mosaic status includes fee-waived changes and cancellations on JetBlue tickets for the Mosaic member and for everyone on their itinerary, free day of departure upgrades to even more legroom seats, 2 free checked bags, 15K bonus points for earning Mosaic status every year, free even more speed checkin and security access, early boarding, 3 additional points per dollar spent, free alcoholic beverages onboard, and a dedicated Mosaic 24/7 customer service line.
  • Both cards also offer a 50% rebate for in-flight purchases of cocktails, food, JetBlue movies and other eligible purchases.
  • Both cards offer no foreign transaction fees.

Do you have a JetBlue card?

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is this the highest offers Jet blue has on those cards?


Just a note , there are a portion of applicants who are being asked to send in proof of identification. No reason is given for this. It will take a week for processing. You should be able to find out before hand if you were In fact approved and given your credit limit.


How are these cards impacted by 5/24?


Does Barclay report business card to credit report (and affect 5/24)?


Dan, I’m actively shopping for a new credit card. In your opinion, is it better to get an airline specific card if I regularly use that airline (but not exclusively) or something more general like Chase or Capital One with travel related benefits (Sapphire/Venture)?


can we pay off annual fee with the miles?


@Dan are they easy on approvals for small (extra small) business (think EBay)?


is this the highest offers on the jet blue cards?


How are they with applying for both together?


The 3 additional points per dollar spent that you say that you get by reaching mosaic status, is that only if you actually spent 50k on the card? or even if i got the status by any other way like status match ? also is the 3 add. points on all purchases or only on jet blue? also is this on both cards?

Tony c

“If you have a JetBlue consumer and a business card you’ll get a 20% rebate on awards booked!”

Same household ok?


Can jet blue miles be sold to one of these places that buy your miles? I don’t fly so it’s only worth it if I can sell it


It takes some time for the JetBlue cards to link to your account. I flew with them before it was link and they manually refunded it to me via Twitter with one tweet. It shows up in your itinerary as having one free checked bag even if you book via a TA and with another card, once the card is linked.


Can 2 household members combine their 10% rebate through the family pooling (i.e Husband gets business card, Wife gets the Consumer Card) or it must be a single individual to get the 20% rebate


How do you get the rebates


How can you get the rebates?


how come I got a hard inqury for the biz?


I’m afraid of getting a hard pull from applying for the business card. A lot of posts saying that they sometimes do a hard pull even for business


Wife and I are both over 5/24 but each got approved for Personal and Biz. Easy $2940 ($735×4) value for a $4,000 spend. Awesome deal!

I do find the jet blue biz card website to be super basic. It seems to be run by an entirely different division than the personal one. I had to send them a message to set up automatic payments as it’s not on option online.

I know it wasn’t the highest offer ever for these cards but I applied for both at the same time because I wanted to leverage “all-or-none” in case they gave me hard time with approval. Other than a cumbersome ID process (mailing in a photocopy of license/SS card/Utility Bill), this was very easy. They told me they wouldn’t ask for this info if they weren’t going to approve you. It was more for the bank’s Know Your Customer/Fraud Dept. process.

Dan is the Man!!


I finally got approved for biz after 2 months of mailing/faxing/calling. Wasn’t the easiest process.

Will I have issue you getting the promo with only 1K credit limit?


Wife and I each have both Jet Blue personal and biz cards. We pooled the points and booked award tickets. So far only got 10% rebate even though Jet Blue shows us having 2 cards per person. True Blue dept. saying they’ve never heard of double 10% rebates. I spoke with multiple operators all giving same info. Has this been a change? Anyone ever confirm getting 20% back?

William Starbuck

Buyer beware!!
Barclay offered a 5,000- point bonus if you opened a savings account with $10,000. I did that and they refuse to give me the points. The reason: I had to be an existing JetBlue card member with one billing cycle. This was NEVER disclosed. I am still fighting city hall.
It took 3 phone calls and over an hour of wait time for them to tell me this.. I’m going to the top. They will loose me as a customer.