1 Month Left To Enroll Your Ink Card For A Free Lounge Club Membership


Update: Today is the final day to enroll!
Originally posted on 03/29:

Letter sent to cardholders without an existing membership (Thanks MC):







Letter sent to cardholders with an existing membership (Thanks yls2011):





The Chase Ink cards come with a free Lounge Club membership that gives 2 free annual lounge visits. Here is a link to find valid lounges worldwide. Lounges include the Dan Lounge in Tel Aviv and the Art & Lounge in Newark which both have kosher food.

Unfortunately that relationship is being discontinued.  As the letters above that were posted by DDF members show, existing members can use their card until the expiration date.  Existing memberships will not be renewed past that point.

If you have any primary or secondary Ink cards that aren’t yet enrolled you can enroll them here by 04/30/15 and they will each get a free 1 year membership.

If you don’t yet have an Ink card yet there is still time to take advantage of this benefit.  You can add free additional users to your account who can each get their own membership.

Or you can apply for a new Ink card.

The Ink Cash and Ink Plus cards are business cards, so after clicking on “business credit card offers” just scroll through the pages until you find the card offer that you’re looking for.

Of course the main benefit of the Ink cards (aside from the 20K or 50K signup bonus) are the 5 point per dollar categories good for shopping at office supply stores and on wireless, landline, and cable bills.  Staples sells everything from Amazon to Whole Foods gift cards and $200 Visa gift cards that can be loaded onto a REDcard while earning 5 points per dollar.

Oddly enough in my experience you also get 5 points per dollar when using Paypal to purchase gift cards via GiftCardMall on eBay or Paypal Digital Gift Cards. If there are other places where you find yourself earning 5 points per dollar please post a comment!

Another benefit of the Ink cards is that spending on business cards (aside from Capital One business cards) doesn’t hurt your credit score when you don’t pay off your bill before the statement generates.

HT: mochada, yls2011, and MC, via DDF

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I can enroll for both my ink bold and ink plus? Correct?


Thanks, Dan. Do you know if the 2 free annual lounge visits remain valid after you’ve canceled the card (e.g. I request the Lounge Club card this week, cancel my Ink in June–can I still use it to access a lounge for free in, say, August)? Thanks in advance.



Should still work, but why cancel the card?


I have an Ink card and have never signed up for Lounge Club. How do I get an invitation code to sign up for the pass? I also haven’t received the letter stating the benefit is ending – Do I need to wait for that in order to get the invitation code?


I know it’s a long shot, but any chance it’s just gone for plus or just for bold? Has it been confirmed canceled for both?


i never got any invite code???

invitation code

Where do i fine the invitation code?


Yes, I never received an enrollment code either…


Hey Dan the signup website is asking for a Invitation Code, where can I get that?


Anyone know where we can find the invitation code that the reg form asks you for?


I have the same question as the poster before I never received this invitation code. Any idea were we might be able to find it Dan??


Dan, I clicked on the link. Where do I find an invitation code? Thanks.



Woops! read the picture screenshot and found my answer 🙂


🙂 code”chaseink”


Is change coming to the Fairmont card as well?


According to what standards is the food at the Dan Lounge kosher?


2 lounge tickets per account or per card (I have several cards for my INK)?


Hay Dan random but could you do credit card roundup what and which to use on what things
I wish you do it fit every month


Can I bring a guest with me in the lounge?


yes you can bring a guest.


each card member can get 2 free access. Can guest use one of them? thanks


It’s two free visits per card, I got 2 from the main card and 2 from auth user.

I’m pretty sure the invite code is just chaseink or inkplus, something like that.


Flying Aeroflot to Israel, which is the best participating Lounge there?


Am I able to order new cards for people in my family and register them for a lounge pass as well? If so up to how many?


Thanks enrolled!!!


Hi Dan,
My local Target in NorCal will not load my Redcard.
How do I load this card now? I’m afraid to buy a visa
Gift card in hopes that Target will load it for me.


Mine never gets me in anywhere!
Didn’t work at AAdmiral Lounge in Boston or Lufthansa in Frankfort. Useless.

Dan's the Man

@Avi: You have to look at the list! They don’t claim to work at AAdmiral clubs!



that’s the code


When I tried to enroll my card it asked for an invitation code. Can I enroll if i do not have one?


Thanks as always Dan I just enrolled myself and my husband as well as the authorized users. Just got the offer today in the mail!!!!


I just enrolled and it still went through.

Does anyone know how many people can bring along as a guest?


My wife received hers in the mail a week ago and I haven’t yet.
I called Chase and they said that only the primary card owner will receive the lounge club card and not the additional members. Did anyone get for the additional members? Is there anything to say to them to get it?



Just try applying again


Hmm enrollment link doesn’t seem to be working. Does “until April 30” mean ad v’lo ad b’chlal?


Hi I tried the code chaseink and it didn’t work. Anybody know why


Can you add an AU today and still get the club membership in time? Is it pretty much instant?


Worked for me just now. Had no problem.
Can I enroll with an additional card for someone else or will the membership card have to be issued to the same name as on the Credit card?

chana k

It’s working for me. I’m signing up using my last AU.


I have a INK card. Where can I obtain a invitation code?


1. Already got in mail a few months ago, so expiration would be sooner, any way to sign again, so i get a full yr from now?
2. need help finding hidden city JFK/LGA one way to LAS – Anyone with suggestions? (know a particular destination that would likely be better priced)


Thanks for the reminder. Just approved for my 1st Ink, very cool benefit.

David R

Thank you for the reminder.

beth p

Thanks Dan! You rock!


Dan, I just called chase for an additional AU but they will not give me the new CC number over the phone, will take 3-5 bus days. any idea how i can still enroll an additional card?


Just called their south african call center and figured it out. It needs to be done on a PC. Mobile browser doesn’t work.


DAN!!!! I just enrolled! Thought I had missed it, and never ordered an AU but turns out I did and it worked. You da best.


seems not dead yet


Its Still working..

talmid chuchem

Still working….


Seems dead.

We are no longer accepting new LOUNGE CLUBTM enrollments from Ink® from Chase Cardmembers.

If you are currently enrolled you may continue to use your membership until the expiration date printed on your LOUNGE CLUBTM card. If you have any questions please call the phone number on the back of your Ink from Chase business card.


got one for me, but my AU card never came in the mail like others.

was gonna try again, but looks dead:
“We are no longer accepting new LOUNGE CLUBTM enrollments from Ink® from Chase Cardmembers.

If you are currently enrolled you may continue to use your membership until the expiration date printed on your LOUNGE CLUBTM card. If you have any questions please call the phone number on the back of your Ink from Chase business card.”


Can I get into the lounge if it is in a different terminal than my flight? For example, the lounge in MIA is in terminal F and J. If I am flying out of terminal D, can I get past security to get into the lounge in the other terminals?