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Save money while traveling the world. We post the hottest airfare prices, catch the most sought after glitches, and find the best mileage deals available online.

New York To/From S. Francisco For $158+ RT!

NYC-SFO-$158+ RT On Northwest

Columbus To/From S. Diego For Just $100+ RT!!

Can someone say, "Skybus?"Columbus-S. Diego-$100+ RT On United and Northwest

Cleveland To/From Los Angeles For $127+ RT!!!

Fare just loaded-allow up about 4 hours until it's bookable...It's not quite $10, but it's a great fare, especially for the summer travel season.(And...


More Skybus Info LinkySkybus is aiming to become the Ryanair of the USA.They will be totally no-frills, everything that can be charged for, will...

Hurry! A Real Airfare Sale On Spirit! Save $12 Each Way On All Tickets!

spiritair.comIt's good to see a Spirit sale that makes it possible to actually take advantage of the sale!You must book tickets by 04/24-11:59pm edt.You...

More $100+ RT Sale Fares From Northwest!

This is not a complete list of the $100 fares...Los Angeles-Baltimore-$100+ RT On NorthwestLos Angeles-Indianapolis-$100+ RT On NorthwestLos Angeles-Nashville-$100+ RT On NorthwestLos Angeles-Philadelphia-$100+ RT...

HOT! Columbus, OH Airfare Deals!!!

These are only valid for travel in May...These airfares are not yet available to book! They will be bookable within the next few hours...

Phoenix Airfare Deals!

NYC-Phoenix-$118+ RT On MidwestPittsburgh-Phoenix-$124+ RT On Northwest

HOT!!! Airtran 48 Hour Systemwide Nonstop Fare Sale!

Sale Linky (Purchase by 04/18-11:59pm EDT)Airtran is having a massive fare sale on all of their nonstop routes, travel is valid until 05/31.Ctown Prediction:...

Continental Airfare Deals!

Save an additional 5% by using your Chase Continental MC and using the code: OnepassBaltimore-Denver-$96+ RT On ContinentalNYC-Denver-$138+ RT On ContinentalNYC-Salt Lake City-$138+ RT...

BOILING HOT!!! HURRY!!! $25 And $50 Fares On Southwest’s Ding!!!

Update: DEAD!The fares are valid until tonight at 10:00pm edt!This is a nationwide sale, but seems to be really good for Baltimore, Chicago, and...

HOT! HURRY! Houston To São Paulo Or Rio de Janeiro, Brazil For Just $430+ RT!

This is the lowest fare I've seen from the US to Brazil in a very long time...Total is about $585 after all international taxes.Houston-São...

Fare Alert: NYC To/From Burbank For Just $108+ RT!!!!

Update 6: DEADUpdate 5: Don't forget to save 3%-5% on all Delta tickets with Amex business cards...Update 4: I have found the $108 fare...

AAdvantage Credit Card Reduced Mileage Awards For April-June 2007 Released!

Reduced mileage awards is one of the benefits of the AA Mastercard-read about more fringe benefits of the card in the ctownbochur.com knowledgebase in...

Pittsburgh To San Juan For Just $127+ RT!!!

Save an additional 5% by using your Chase Continental MC and using the code: OnepassPittsburgh-San Juan-$127+ RT On Continental

Any Chicagoland Readers Need A Last-Minute Plane Ticket? Get Up To A $600 Rebate When You Fly From Chicago/Rockford(RFD)!!!

Fly on any airline from RFD to any continental US destination besides Denver and get a rebate making your ticket just $200.Depart RFD on...

Pennsylvania Airfare Deals!

Pittsburgh-Tucson-$108+ RT On NorthwestPhiladelphia-Seattle-$120+ RT On Northwest

New York To/From Dallas For Just $78+ RT!!!

Update-03/30-12:30AM-DEAD!This is likely a delayed response to AA's $98 incursion from NYC into Continental's Houston hub...NYC-DFW-$78+ RT On Continental

Super Low Fares To San Juan On Continental!!!

Save an additional 5% by using your Chase Continental MC and using the code: OnepassDetroit-San Juan-$116+ RT On Continental (03/29-1:00pm-Now Dead!)Washington D.C.-San Juan-$127+ RT...

Chicago To/From Ontario, CA For $138+RT!

Chicago-Ontario, CA-$138+ RT On Various Airlines.

More Hub-War Activity…

NYC-Phoenix(USAir hub)-$118+ RT On MidwestNYC-Milwaukee(Midwest Hub)-$118+ RT On USAirwaysNYC-Atlanta(Delta hub, retaliation coming?)-$118+ RT On USAirwaysNYC-Denver(United hub, retaliation coming?)-$128+ RT On Delta

Muy Caliente! Hurry!!! Los Angeles To San Salvador For $150+ RT On United!!!

Update: 2:30pm-DEAD!Los Angeles To San Salvador-$150+ RTCurrently only bookable on Travelocity so find valid dates on farecompare using the above link and then plug...

HOT! NYC To/From Houston For $98+ Round Trip!!!

NYC-Houston-$98+ RT On AA


Remember to save money by using the right credit cards while flying Continental or Jetblue...Also dont forget about the free Jetblue companion ticket offer!Cleveland-Chicago-$70+...


Reminder: Free Companion Tickets Must Be Booked By 03/31!There's still time to apply for a Jetblue card to catch this deal!Have a Jetblue Amex?You're...

NYC-S. Fransisco For $158+ RT!

Save 5% by using your Chase Continental MC and using the code: OnepassNYC-S. Fransisco-$158+ RT On Continental

AA, NWA Offer $118 Fare From NYC-Milwaukee, Midwest Retaliates!

I love hub attacks, it's quite fun to watch the airlines battle back and forth with ridiculously low prices.Yesterday AA and NWA published $118+...

As Promised: Continental Returns The Favor…

Update: Continental isn't finished with United and their $94 hub attack just yet, they just filed a $94 NYC-DEN fare, which will be bookable...

Pittsburgh To/From San Juan For Just $127+ RT!

Seems to be quite the day for low airfares...This fare should be bookable by 1:00AM EST.Pittsburgh-San Juan, PR-$127+ RT On United

Fare Alert 03/08: United Strikes Continental’s Hubs!

United just published $94+ RT fares for travel in between any of Continental's domestic hubs, Cleveland, Houston, and Newark.The fare should be bookable at...

Pittsburgh To/From Fort Lauderdale For $98+ RT!

Pittsburgh-Fort Lauderdale-$98+ RT On Northwest

NYC To/From Phoenix For $109+ Round Trip!!!

Update: DeadNYC-Phoenix -$109+ RT On AAHT: nanojew

Akron, OH To/From Denver Or Kansas City For $118+ Round Trip!!!

Fare is valid through the end of United's schedule!Akron-Denver-$118+ RT On UnitedAkron-Kansas City-$118+ RT On United

Airtran Rebrands "X-Fares" As "Airtran U," Adds New Benefit!

Airtran has rebranded their popular x-fares program as Airtran U.The program allows 18-22 year olds to hop onto any flight for a flat rate.In...

Pittsburgh To Phoenix For $83+ Round Trip!!!

Pittsburgh-Phoenix-$83+ RT On Northwest

Delta Fare Alerts!

Save an additional 5% on these fares!Pittsburgh-Phoenix-$98+ RT On DeltaIndianapolis-Los Angeles-$134+ RT On DeltaColumbus, OH-Portland, OR-$134+ RT On Delta

Today Only! Save $10 Off Each Way On USA3000!

Usa3000.comUse code: Warm

NYC To/From Denver For $118+ Round Trip!

Save 5% on Delta tickets by using their business Amex. Save 3% on Delta tickets tickets by using a Starwood or Jetblue business...

HOT! Pittsburgh Or Philadelphia To/From Phoenix For $98+ Round Trip!!!

Pittsburgh-Phoenix-$98+ RT On UnitedPhiladelphia -Phoenix-$98+ RT On United

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