Use Chase Pay At Best Buy Or ShopRite And Earn 10 Points Per Dollar On All Freedom And Sapphire Cards

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You can view credit card offers by hovering over the “Credit Cards” tab. You can then click on “Credit Cards From All Banks“ to find card offers via the logo of the bank you’re looking for.

Just download the Chase Pay app, go to a Best Buy or ShopRite store, click to pay in the app, and you’ll earn 10 points per dollar.

Registration is not required to get the bonus.

The bonus is limited to $300 per card at Best Buy between 1/15-2/4 and $400 per card at ShopRite between 1/1-2/4.

This bonus is not valid on

If you have multiple of the same card, each card can spend the maximum amount at each store.

While all cards earn 10 points per dollar, it’s worth noting that:

  • The effective bonus on a Sapphire card is 9x, as they normally earn 1 point per dollar.
  • The effective bonus on a Freedom Unlimited card is 8.5x, as it normally earns 1.5 points per dollar.
  • The effective bonus on a Freedom card is 5x, as mobile payments such as Chase Pay earn 5x points this quarter.

Note that using a Freedom card will lower the amount of 5x bonus purchases at other locations as it’s capped at $1,500/quarter. You can earn 5 points per dollar in Q1 spending at gas stations and internet/phone/cable spending. That includes 7-Eleven, Cell Phone Providers, Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, GoGo, and more.

More interestingly, Freedom Q1 spending is also valid on all Chase Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, or Apple Pay purchases.

If you have a Samsung phone then you can use Samsung Pay pretty much everywhere. The store may claim they don’t accept phone payments, but if you just hold the phone near the card reader you can use it just about anywhere. That should make this a very easy quarter to max out the $1,500 limit per card as you can spend (or manufacture spend) anywhere.

If you haven’t made any Samsung Pay purchases yet, you can get another $5, just open the app, scroll down to “promotions”, click on referral offer/“new user with a code”, and enter my referral code for $5 in rewards: E44C14

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Dan, per doc i think they took away the referral credits option


For me it never showed up and i never used it before.


Any DPs on whether it works for VGCs at SR? Other GCs at BB?


Yes, bought VGCs at SR and 4000 points shows up on my Chase UR


Do I understand correctly, with my Freedom:
1. First spend $1500 at gas station or with ChasePay/AP/SP etc. but not at BB or SR. Get 5x on $1500.
2. Then spend up to max amount at BB and/or SR with ChasePay. Get 10x.


If you’ve already hit the spending cap of $1,500 for this quarter you’ll receive a total of 6% cash back (5% bonus cash back plus the regular 1% cash back).


I have not been able to get it to work at any Shoprite (using android phone) they just keep telling me their system says “invalid key sequence”. tried with managers, tried everything. Usually just causes their register to freeze and then they move me to another register. Chase says to talk to shoprite and shoprite says I need to talk to Chase.


I’ve had it work at three NYC Shoprite stores with my iPhone.


If you use up the $1,500 on Freedom Q1 purchases first, and then use Chase Pay at Shoprite, would you be able to get the additional $400 on spending at 10x points after the $1,500 at 5x?


If you’ve already hit the spending cap of $1,500 for this quarter you’ll receive a total of 6% cash back (5% bonus cash back plus the regular 1% cash back).

Howard Dimenstein

So you could buy a SHOPRITE GC at shoprite for $400???




Does it work for JPM Reserve?


I used it ta 2 different Shoprites, one earlier this week and one today with no problem.


Does it work at


I just checked the link- it says it does!


Does mail the GCs or is it only ‘delivery’ to local areas?


Q re chase pay app: need to add the freedom card to be used?
How in store can u use same app for multiple freedom cards to split pay? Need to edit app at register e card numbers?
What’s best card to purchase outright a new cell phone?


What if I only have a Kosher phone with no internet/apps. Any way I can get the x10 at shoprite? has a pretty hefty “delivery fee”…


Sad thing is a I bought something from Best Buy on Tuesday 1/16 which is in range of the CSR offer, but before they sent this email and I got 1x points.


If I use Freedom Unlimited on my Chase Pay at BB as an AU will my wife’s account get the bonus?


Other blogs are stressing that only the Freedom is working at Best Buy, not the others. Do we have confirmation on the other cards getting 10x at BB?


Anyone confirm user CS R at Best Buy and x10 posted ?
When buying 1000$ phone , split and lose max cc protection?
Best chase card to buy $1000 cell no carrier?


Do I understand correctly that I can use Samsung Pay and get the 10X bonus (capped at $1,500) for each of my Chase Cards? So if I have 4 different Chase cards, my cap would be $6,000?


if you use the actual credit cards instead of the chase pay app, will the points be applied or you only can use the chase pay to get the points?


I used Chase Pay at Shoprite with Sapphire Reserve on 1/24/18, only got 1X points. Not 10X.


i also only got 1x using my csr at best buy with chase pay!


I tried using Sapphire Reserve with Chase Pay at Shoprite on 1/24/18, only received 1X, not 10X points.


I confirmed CSR got 10X up to $300. Anyone can confirm this promo applies to each individual Chase card or whole account? I got 2 more Chase cards…

Adam Jackman

Yes, for me each card is eligible for 10X up to $300. I got total of 9K+ from 3 Chase cards…


Just to confirm. If you have three different Chase Cards I can earn 12,000 points? Or is t capped as to your other Chase cards when you reach the $400 limit on one Chase Card? For example, if I spend $400 on my Unlimited Freedom Card and then I want to use my Sapphire Reserve Card will I still get the bonus on the Sapphire Reserve car also?


Adam Jackman

Works for me – CSR 3k pts, CF 3k pts, and CFU 3k pts… it’s per card, not per account…