Pick Up Your Sprint Voicemail Form Your Cellphone For Free!

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This is an oldie but goodie, i originally figured this out, and posted about it on a cell phone forum website back in 2001,on the day after when sprint started free sprint to sprint calling, and amazingly sprint hasn’t stopped it yet, so here it is…

Option 1(does not work everywhere in the country)

Simply add 11 before a friends sprint cell phone number, i.e. if his number is 216-222-2222, dial 11-216-222-2222, this will take you directly into his voicemail, without ringing his phone, then dial **, enter in your number and password when promted, and this wont cost you a single minute, and long as you have the standard free sprint to sprint option.

Option 2(a little more of a pain, but works everywhere)

Call a friend, say hi(never hurt to say hi, did it?), and tell him youre going to call him back in a minute, and that he shouldnt answer, or if he has a newer phone tell him to send you to his voicemail when you call, when you reach his voicemail dial **, then your number and password when promted and voila voicemail without costing minutes…

Note:this may work with other carriers as well, but ive just never had the chance to try and test it out…

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