New Miles Earning

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When it fully launches the site will give you targeted ads that will pay you approximately 20-30 miles per minute of ads that you watch!
Until they launch you can fill in some preferences for miles (I got 370 miles for about 10 minutes)
The company is the same one that owns erewards, so it’s definitely trustworthy.
Miles will be deposited into your account quarterly in 500 mile increments.
Currently you can earn miles on Continental, Delta, Northwest, Or USAirways.
Thanks to Yossi for the heads-up in the comments!

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hey I signed up for this and it looks very interesting, but how can i sign up for e rewards? can u send invite’s? if so can I give you me email address?


hey Dan, I signed up for the e-miles and it looks pretty promising. I also want to sign up for e rewards, can u invite me as well?
Gud Shabbos


I signed up for e miles, it was nice but its not giving me anymore opportunities to earn more miles, whats pshat? also, what is this e rewards?> thanks dan the man, u rock the houze