Matisyahu On Leno For The First Time…Kimmel For The 4th Time!

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    I’m zonked from driving…I’ll be back with regular stuff again by Sunday.

    This is what makes YouTube great…The day after Matisyahu is on Leno I can watch it right from my computer.
    He did a whole concert at Jimmy Kimmel-Below is just the televised portion-I’ll post the whole concert when I find a link for it…
    Thanks to loyal fan A.G., of whom I’m quite jealous of in this case, for the heads up…

    Jimmy Kimmel-Message In A Bottle/Beat Box/Time Of Your Song.

    Jay Leno-Jerusalem

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    8 Comments On "Matisyahu On Leno For The First Time…Kimmel For The 4th Time!"

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    he is soooo not into it! wat a listless perfomance…


    nice. thanks.


    What happened to his hat?


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    danfan – this was by far the best TV performance he’s ever done. In the past TV performances he’s lacked energy, personality, and even had a tough time hitting every note. He never performed well in front of cameras.

    Something has changed – These performances were freakin’ awesome.


    To: What happened to his hat?

    It was auctioned at Tzivos Hashem about a month back…


    Great vid.