Living Social: 1 Year Of Costco Membership Plus $20 Costco Cash And A 72 Pack Of AA Batteries For $55!


Update: This offer is scheduled to end soon.
Originally posted on 02/03.

Living Social: 1 Year Of Costco Membership Plus $20 Costco Cash And A 72 Pack Of AA Batteries For $55!

-New members only.
-Limit 1 per customer, up to 3 additional as gifts.
-Each membership includes a free Household card.
-Your Costco Membership Activation Certificate will be emailed to you immediately after completing your purchase and redeeming your voucher online.
-To activate your Costco Gold Star Membership you must bring the printed Costco Membership Activation Certificate email or your printed redemption confirmation page to your local Costco location.
-The Costco Cash Card will be provided after presenting the Costco Membership Activation Certificate and completion of the Costco membership application for a Costco Gold Star Membership.
-Coupons will be mailed to the address provided by purchaser and will be mailed within 4 weeks after redeeming your voucher online.
-Limit 1 Costco Cash Card per household.
-Promotional value expires on 05/31/16.

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what brand of batteries?


If I am currently a Household Member on a Business Membership, am I eligible as a new member for this promotion?


Is this for existing members or only new members?


Scratch that I noticed it says new members only

Shmata head

How many cards can I get on one account ie my son and I ?


is there included in this deal that if u refer us that we get $10 off this purchase?


I have been wanting to join and waiting for a good deal(like a true fan of Dan).Is this a good time to join or should I wait for something better?


“Not valid for those with a current Costco membership or for memberships that expired after October 1, 2015”, as per FM.

@joy, this is a good deal, you are unlikely to encounter anything better.

LeBron Levy

@joy: Keep waiting “for something better”. Let us know what you find!


@anon: Once you get them, post in this group the brand! make sure they are kosher!



Is this special only for the first year of the membership or its $55/yr for the lifetime of the member?

Thanks and great work as always!


@anon: In the details at Living Social it says Kirkland brand.


Is a cancelled / returned membership considered as a membership that expired?


I noticed on the living social website that it is a Washington, D.C. deal. Does that matter and will my local Costco honor this offer? I see in the fine print that the “Offer valid at U.S. Costco locations only” so I assume I should be fine?


This is the full list of what it includes

1-Year Costco Gold Star Membership
$20 Costco Cash Card
72-Pack Kirkland Signature AA Batteries
Kirkland Signature Food Court Pizza
Kirkland Signature Organic Tortilla Chips
$25 off $250+ at (included in coupon mailer)


I currently have a membership. Can I use it for upgrade to executive?


How do I activate it on the costco website


@debra: you cant in store only

@Sasha: nope


I”m a household member (not a card member) can I get the deal?


If I had a membership 2 years ago and haven’t had it since am I considered a new member?


Just spent 1 hour at Costco redeeming this. Its the first day and they have no idea what they’re doing. The system bills you as if you haven’t paid and they need to credit you. You will need to pay the tax due. They will offer you another $20 cash card on top of the original $20 if you take the Executive Membership. As a long time Costco shopper, it is well worth it! “Costco, everything you never knew you needed!”


What do you gain by going executive?


@anon: Kirkland brand.


Do they allow 2 names on the membership (husband and wife) or can only be one name affiliated with each membership?


Looking for a strategy to delay starting the membership until April 1 when they start accepting visa CC.

Do I delay entering the code received by the email on the living social site, or just delay showing up at costco with the voucher ?


Can my wife (who is an add on) get her own account?


Does Costco accept Visa/Mastercard yet?