The Jewish Response To The Airbnb Boycott:

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Please note: This is a  sponsored post. was launched within days after Airbnb singled out Jewish owned homes in Judea and Samaria as the only homes in the world it refuses to list. Koshnb serves as a portal of Jewish-friendly guest rentals around the globe

In an interview on Israel’s Channel 10, co-founder Tzvi Arnstein highlighted the tremendous relief has brought to Jewish hosts in Judea and Samaria whose rental units were deleted from Airbnb. “Its not only the locals that are upset, Jews all over the world are closing their Airbnb accounts and coming over to” It’s been 4 weeks since launched and hundreds of people have signed up, with rental listings spanning the US, Israel, Canada, Europe, South Africa and beyond. “Additional listings are being added daily” says co-founder Hershey Landau, who, as a world traveling businessman, had used Airbnb frequently.

Israeli government officials had met with Airbnb staff to attempt to resolve the situation, and Israeli media initially reported that a solution had been reached. But soon after, Airbnb clarified their position that although they do not support BDS, they will still refuse to list properties from Judea and Samaria.

“At this point, it’s no longer about whether or not an agreement is reached,” explains Arnstein. “We need to send a clear message that this is not a negotiation, an attempt to get them to see our way. Airbnb, and any other company, needs to know that if they take a stance like this we will simply create a suitable alternative. We’re not here to debate. We’ve moved on.” gives Jews all over the world a tangible way to express their disapproval with Airbnb, by leaving that platform and joining an alternative that aligns with their values.

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Necessity is the mother of invention! Great response!


Dan is not a journalist and reporting that Airbnb had reversed their decision was irresponsible—no established news organization had done so. There are still frum Jews who don’t read the news that think the reversal happened. Koshnb is not a suitable alternative. Corporate anti-Semitism needs to be dealt with at every turn.


I agree here! All these new pop ups run on small system is laughable to think they are like VRBO as competition to Airbnb it is like saying let us open our own Pepsi if Pepsi goes Anti Semitic

we should all help legislators in putting pressure like the Governor of Illinois has done giving them 90 days or else they are banned in the state of Illinois
I do not think it is Dans fault for the reporting he never claims to be one


If he is not a journalist then how is it irresponsible. You should know this is a blog and not a news source.

Aryeh Sonnenberg

I posted my guest rental in Ramat Beit Shemesh! is a great resource!

Human Rights

Its amazing the length to which the Israeli people go to declare themselves victims in all and every aspect which challenges their “chosen one” attitude to do what they like. One would think given their terrible history, throughout history, that they would learn compassion and empathy for their fellow man. But no, they treat all others as cattle. And when they get called on it they resign to calling them anti-Semitic and proclaim their being singled out unjustly. Apartheid is not acceptable. All it takes is a few google satellite searches to see the destitution the Palestinians live in. While the world accepts their right to have their own nation, the world will not accept treating their neighbors as dogs as they slowly but surely continually infarct on their homeland. I’m happy that a corporation like Airbnb has chosen to speak with their money and not give in to media narratives of being anti-semitic with their stance. Im a DDfan but this hypocrisy will always be unacceptable.

-Love for the Jewish people, BDS movement and DD, not the Israeli government.

Liam K. Nuj

1. The deplorable situation the Palestinians live in is of their own making.
2. The continuation of the deplorable situation the Palestinians live in is their own fault.
3. There already is a country for Palestinians. It’s a country that occupies 78% of the original mandated Palestine. That country is Jordan.
4. No other country in the world has shown or would have shown the immense RESTRAINT that the Israelis show when faced with an enemy bent on their destruction.

Josh green

Lololol “is of their own making”. We steal their land. Take credit where it’s due. We are the new nazis


JJ how did this troller get on here?

Satellite image the surrounding Arab countries who never wanted or welcomed their Palestinian ‘refugees’ to create and perpetuate an ongoing ‘crisis’… All in a never-ending attempt to end the Jewish state of Israel

Human rights . Quit trolling and do your research.

Take a satellite image of Gaza before it was handed over and after


Here here, well said!

I sincerely hope DD can focus on deals and community, and not feature putatively right-wing (“sponsored”) political posts.


Does automatically identify the properties listed as Jewish making them easy target?


Wondering same thing…

What\'s good for the goose, is good for the Gander

I’m signing up now. Thank you for providing this.


I think it is great. I read AirBNB’s long winded response. So they don’t support BDS, but they won’t list properties owned by Jews in Judea and Samaria. It makes sense TO THEM. I made an account on and hope to use them sometime. I think it is a great way to support a new business. Sadly, Jews have been excluded from many places and institutions. That is just a fact and unfortunately even though we don’t like it, it is a reality. It is part of the pervasive nature of anti-semitism. Sure we can fight against it, but ultimately we adapt. This is why we need a Jewish state.


@Dan – not sure if you’ve thawed from Antarctica yet.. but you better get a hold of your site.

are you sure you want political comments?

what exactly is being moderated?