Important: New Email Policy!!!


Stickied: This will remain at the top. Please scroll down for new deals!
One of my favorite things has always been to help people save money. As any of my friends can tell you, it really bothers me when someone buys a 512 MB SD card at Best Buy for $50, pays $400 to get from L.A. to NYC, or gets locked into a bad cell phone plan for 2 years.

That being said, I have really enjoyed personally answering everyone’s emails over the past few years about every kind of question under the sun, however due to:
-The growth of this site,
-The ever increasing amount of emails, (literally dozens per day now, or even hundreds when i post a “contact me” deal)
-My current highly limited time constraints,
I will unfortunately be unable to personally answer any more of these emails.

The only exception for the time being is to get a “contact me” deal, like for the sero email address.

You can always leave a comment under the most recently posted deal (please don’t post it on a deal from last month!) and hopefully some of my helpful readers will post a response and if I have the time I will chime in as well.

Thanks in advance for your understanding!

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Hey why don’t you make a forum??? That way half of the questions can be answered by other reader’s, and your email wont get swamped!

Also, there is a website called that sells one item a day (like except they sell music stuff, and they are having a “fall refresh sale” which is similar to a wootoff. all you have to do is refresh and a new item comes on.


Yes Dan, the forum idea has been mentioned before in the comments, and is a great idea. If you could pull it off, ‘twould be gr8.


I’m a little torn on this…
Does everyone think making a forum would be a good idea?
Don’t pretty much all forums die off?
( was extremely popular and then just lost steam.)
What would happen to the comments section here?
Is it worth making a whole new forum, or should it just be a part of another forum, like frumspace for example?


if you see any bonus deals for transfering AMEX MR points to any airline, could you please post it?


A forum is a great idea like slick which is the best but I dont htink it will work here simply because there are not enough people to be part of it so maila it will die out.
Plus there is a maala of seeing each deals by itsef explained. If you want forums for sales there are a hundred of them (although if oyu go to slickdeals you dont need anything else).

The fisrt comment

I was going to say the same, that it should be like the slickdeals format, but i disagree that it will 1. die out 2. that it even matters. See the ones that die out (like bochurim, etc..) are SOCIAL forums. What I am proposing, is not a social forum, but a forum under each deal! that way, every deal can be discussed separately, without us having to resort to email, and possibly getting our answer’s in the forum’s from you or someone else, before we even ask! it’s really just like the comments you already have on the blog, just so much easier to use. ok I have said all I can on this matter and now it’s up to you!


Thank you -the site is very helpful and I have made a donation…
I would like to see more delas on cell phone plans….
Thank you


Looking to buy an ipod 60 – 80 gigs. Can you direct e to where I can find the best deal out there?


Hey just wanna say your site’s really great I visit every day and love it . Myself and lot of bochurim I know are trying to get some good deals on Laptops, Notebooks so if you could keep on eye out for some good deals on Laptops,Computers it would be great !

keep up the good work !


Hey i hope you wouldn’t consider this advertising but i wanted to give the community a heads up. I noticed some mention of a kosher subway in Cleavland but i wanted to enlighten everyone of my people from Brooklyn or the surrounding areas… Theres a kosher Subway in Brooklyn! Its located right on Avenue J and East 15th Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11230

Enjoy guys!


what do u get in a woot bag of crap?

monsey woman

Has anyone tried to get chase to match the saphire preferred card to get 75000 points??

monsey woman

I was able to get all the other cards matched like continental and united but I would like to get more points for the saphire preffered but I want to know of it is possible to get more than 50000 points

monsey woman

By the way I should’ve complimented Dan on this amazing website. I made a bar mitzvah in israel and was able to take my whole family to Israel on points. Now my brother is getting married in Israel and with all the tips I got on Dansdeals I will hopefully be able to go with the whole family again on points. So thanks for a great site


who remembers when 512MB flash drives were $50!! 🙂

Pyrate Baruch


Falafel in Paradise in Kona set up a Indiegogo account seeking help to stay open. I would much appreciate if you would show your support and add a linky or comment about them. They are the only source of kosher food on the Big Island.

Here is the linky:


i posted two questions in furom and wasnt answered. should i close my amex charge cards now in order to get new starwood card and amex card a year from now or is it a year from when i got my points


looking for new credit card with most miles offered at signup. Also are these miles able to be converted to Star-Alliance partners like united


What are Delta MQM’s worth? If I have 30k Delta MQM’s that I can give anyone what are they worth?


I see the Israel tickets for $350 but how can I purchase som eright now???


@Anonymous: are those deals for pesach still on(from nok website)?


please subscribe me on your airline tickets whenever comes up please



Subscribe me on your airline tickets whenever great deals comes up.



why is the forums not working!!????


what is the best credit card to sign up for now to get enough points for a trip to Israel? is british airlines a good choice?


Hi Dan
I went to priceline and was looking for tickets to miami. Tickets were quite expensive as I was planning to travel over Jan 1st weekend. I saw another tab which showed ‘name your own price’ I put in 10 dollar for the kicks of it, and it gave me a round trip ticket for 36. Is there a catch to it, or something I am missing?


im trying to find the deal for pesach tickets (from tel aviv to jfk) that were posted on Nov 25. How can i find them?


Hi Dan, Im looking to get a ticket from new your or new jersey to ft. Lauderdale in Florida, from December 24 until 4th of January. Can you please help me find some deals?
Thanks a lot


hi dan
i need your advertise rate for first page?


Hi there a ratio one should have between his credit limit and annual income? it bad for your credit to have credit cards which are collecting dust(not being used)?


is there a way to get around the airline fee for changing dates?


The kosher Subway on Ave J in Brooklyn have closed few years ago


how does the amex everyday compere to the amex cotco card?


ozzy wrote that comment OVER 8 YEARS AGO!!!!!!!!!!


Why don’t you try disqus? It will combined the normal comment section with a forum. Also you can see people reply without refreshing your page. This will prevent a lot of repeated questions. If you have any questions on this you can email me.


Dan, can I suggest that your emails have keywords in the subject line to do with the contents, rather than just ‘’, which is the same as the sender name.
This is done by MSE in the UK, which gives people a glimpse of the content, allowing a quicker decision about opening it. It would probably increase your open rates. Your current practice seems a wasted opportunity.