Hot! Spirit Flights From $9+Tax Each Way!

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I saw this earlier and suspected that it was just their typical gimmick that if you buy one way at regular price, you get the other way at $9. But I just tried it out for kicks from West Palm Beach to Atlantic City and it priced out at $35 round trip including everything, so it looks like a legit deal!
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it is takes a while for the web site to upload. i’m sure many people are trying to log on to for the same reason.


i just caculated a complete ittenarary and it isnt so cheap after all.

Airfare: $18.00
Passenger Facility Charge: $7.50
Security Tax: $5.00
Federal Inspection Fee: $5.00
US Immigration Fee : $7.00
International Departure Tax: $28.20
International Fees: $38.96
Total: $109.66


for the record that was international from ny to jamaica


for me it came up 116 from providence!


yeah you gotta first find available flights for $9 then with all the taxes it ends up costing just over $100,
which is cool but not enough of a reason for me to fly to jamaica…at $9…maybe!