Have The American Express Platinum Card? Enroll Now For A Free Priority Pass Membership, A $399/Year Value!

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Click here to read about all of the incredible benefits ($200 in airline gift cards, rental car and hotel benefits and status, lost item coverage, and so much more) of the AMEX Platinum Card and for application help

AMEX Platinum 50K MR Points Offer Linky (Still alive!)

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Free Priority Pass Membership Linky
After enrollment you will be mailed a Priority Pass Membership Card. Only primary cardmembers can enroll online, but you can also get free membership for all of your additional cardholders! Just call 800-525-3355 to enroll them!
You can add up to 3 additional cardholders onto your AMEX Platinum account for just $175 total. Like with the primary Platinum annual card fee of $450, this fee is refundable if you decide to cancel within 60 days or prorated if you decide to cancel after that point.
Priority Pass Lounge Directory Linky
Priority Pass Mobile Lounge Directory Linky

Currently you can use your AMEX Platinum card to access the lounges of:
-American AAdmiral’s Club
-Continental President’s Club (Ends effective 10/01/11)
-Delta SkyClub
-USAirways Club
Besides for the USAirways Club You need to be flying on the airline in order to be able to access their lounge.
Lounge access is free for you and your spouse and kids, or for you and 2 companions.
With Priority Pass you’ll have access to over 600 lounges worldwide and you don’t need to fly that airline in order to access their lounge!
You will get the Prestige Select level of access, which normally costs $399 per year. With this level you can access as many lounges as you want for free. However it is only free for holders of a membership card. Additional guests will be $27 each.

With this new benefit you’ll be able to use lounges like the Dan Lounge in Tel Aviv, United Red Carpet Clubs, or hundreds of other lounges worldwide! Effective 10/01/11 you won’t be able to use the membership to access Continental or United lounges, but it will still work everywhere else.

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Done thanks Dan


Is there any downside?


what is the definition of airside? landside?


None at all, it’s free!

Airside means after security. (For example, the Continental President’s Club in CLE)
Landside means before security. (For example, the Continental President’s Club in LGA)


Will it get cancelled automatically if you cancel platinum card membership? The terms and conditions mention that amex will send the card information to Priority Pass.


No idea yet, this benefit just started today,

The regular AMEX Platinum lounge access does still work even after its cancelled.


do you think i would be able to enter as a priority pass member even if i dont have the card with me? just an amex confirmation.
going next week ord-tlv.


I don’t think you’ll be able to get access to the TLV lounge without the actual card.
You can try calling AMEX or Priority Pass to see if there’s any way to get the card expedited.

sam the man

thanks dan got it


In JFK Terminal 7 its United Lounge, would the Platinum AMEX Card be enough to go in, or Would need this Priority Card? LHR Terminal 5 doesnt show any lounges would the AMEX card have any lounge that will give access?


Do I have to sign up for Priority Pass or it will come in the mail as im a Platinum AMEX Member?


You need Priority Pass to access United clubs.
Check AA, Continental, Delta, and USAirways to see where they have clubs. AMEX Plat can access all of those.

You need to enroll separately.


do u think if i just cancelled my card they let me get the pass?


Did you try enrolling?


I must be missing something. Does this give you access to something beyond what the Amex platinum gives you?
Besides United and continenal clubs.


Yes, hundreds of lounges worldwide can be accessed with Priority Pass that can’t be accessed with the AMEX Plat card itself.

See the links in the post for the list of all the lounges.


ya i tried signing up with my canceled card it says that it is not valid so i guess you have to have an active card to sign up


where does it say that You will get the Prestige Select level of access and not the basic level?


Is there any lounges outside of airports like to do work in a quiet office in NYC?


Because it says that access for yourself is free and unlimited, and that’s the only plan that matches up.

Yes, I’ve updated the “related” links in this post.


does anyone know if terminal 4 in jfk means the new terminal 5 for jetblue?


Is the card valid for only one year or as long as you have the AMEX card? Will it work if you cancel the AMEX card?



what does this mean ”
Note: Members holding a Priority Pass Select membership card will not be allowed access to this Lounge effective 01OCT2011″


Read Dan’s post again.
“Effective 10/01/11 you won’t be able to use the membership to access Continental or United lounges, but it will still work everywhere else.”



My bad, sorry


Awesome!! USA Platinum finally catches up with the UK!

yankee d

can you use a family members card, or you have to show matching id?


Used the AMEX Plat to get into a continental lounge today. The desk agent swiped the card for some reason. Is it possible that they’re catching on to cancelled cards, and checking if they are still active? Mine hasn’t been cancelled yet. I wonder if anyone has had an experience where s/he was turned away due to a non-active card…


Thanks Dan. Gonna enroll tomorrow. Do you think the deal will still be alive then? Toodles


If i cancel my AMEX once i am enrolled, will i lose my priority pass?


does the platnium card help with baggage (besides the $200 airline credit)


See comment 6.

@yankee d:
You need to show ID for lounge access.

They always swipe it. It still always works even if its not active.

It’s a new permanent feature of the platinum card.

See comment 6.

No, just the $200 fee credit that can be used for baggage.


thanks dan got it do you know if spouses get in for free? thanks


They do into the regular AMEX Platinum lounges, but not for the Priority Pass lounges.
You can always add your spouse to your Platinum card and get them their own Priority Pass membership for free.


dan-new benefit for platinum card members:
amex will kick back the $100 fee for globalentry.gov :
a way to bypass customs lines upon reentry to usa- using automated kiosks
valid for 5 years. (info from an amex representative)


got priority pass- thanks


Do i need to cancel anything once i sign up or is this fee waived forever ?


dan can you confirm this?
also how do yo get reimbursed?


Did any one get the card besides being approved, I was approved and flying next week so wanted to know if card arrives fast or any way this with out card.


@MIKE H: My card arrived in just 4 days. I think they’re pretty darn fast. Speedyfast.


@Matityahu: You got yours from signing up with this offer?


got mine 4 days later


Does this work for additional card holders that are not platinum members?


Do I have to pay $5 for each aa card to be mailed to me? Is there any way to get around it? Can I get the emailed ones?


I cancelled my AMEX Platinum and got a letter from Priority Pass, dated the same day as the card cancellation, telling me my card is no longer valid. Has anyone got the cancellation letter and tried using the card? Are all the lounges worldwide on line to the Priority Pass Center?


I remember seeing a comment saying that he was told that as the card membership fee had been paid by AMEX, the card was valid in any event.


I just applied – but only got a 25K reward if I spend 3K in the first 3 months…


Shalom S

Dan, i recently signed up for the citi prestige card and got a priority pass select card free from that. due to the hefty annual fee i am considering canceling to get the annual fee refunded. the expiration on the priority pass card isn’t for 3 years.the credit card expires in 4 years if i were to cancel the credit card today how long do you think the priority pass card would be officially active for? how long realistically? does the credit card company pay for a year at a time? do they get refunded if i cancel before the end of the year? i don’t want to do anything that is not yashur even if i can get away with it. also if i just signed up a month ago for the prestige what can i expect as a retention bonus? if i want to sell the prority pass guest additional user cards to friends (or strangers) is it possible to sign up for the additional user credit card (for $50 each without them haveing access to the spending or credit card info even if they call up the cc company?


chag samaich

I just came back from Israel I went in the lounge with my whole family I gave my Priority Pass card and she put the whole family on the card is there a limit to how many ppl can come in to the lounge with me will I be charged for the 8 ppl that came in with me

is there a way for Priority Pass to charge me anything I have the card thru sapphire reserve?