Have An AMEX Platinum Card And An iPhone, iPod Touch, Or Blackberry? Get A Regus Office Club Membership For Free!

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    If you have the AMEX Plat card you can get free access to the AMEX Travel App.

    When you download and login to the AMEX travel app from your iPhone or Blackberry you can create a free TripIt Pro account or upgrade your current TripIt account to Pro for free.

    With TripIt Pro you can get a free membership to Regus’ 1,100+ Office Clubs in 500 cities worldwide!  Just login to your TripIt account on your computer after upgrading on your phone and then follow the link for the Regus membership offer.

    Regus US Locations Linky

    Regus Worldwide Locations Linky

    So you’ll not only get 51,000 miles, 4 years of free airline club membership, and a $200 airline fee credit, but you’ll also get a free Regus membership!

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    where can i find a list of business lounge locations?


    What does the club membership usually cost? What is included with the membership?


    According to this page it’s called the Regus Executive Club, for which more information can be found on this page.


    I signed up for the American express app and tripit how do I get the Regis card


    What do you need to do to setup the airline membership?

    How do you setup the 51000 amex miles?


    I have a TripIt account and the AMEX iPhone app and an AMEX Platimum card. How do I upgrade my tripIt to tripit pro?


    Any way to get the Regus membership w/o a blackberry or Iphone? What about an Ipod touch?


    Login to your TripIt account on your computer after registering/upgrading on your phone.

    Do you have the Platinum card yet?

    Just login on your phone and it should upgrade your account to Pro.

    Yes, iPod Touch works as well!

    Deal guy

    Dan, how do you get ‘4’ years of airlines club membership?


    does it work on android marketplace


    @Deal guy:
    It comes with having the AMEX Platinum card.


    I don’t have a iphone or blackberry how can I get it?


    I logged on the phone and logged into tripit and it did not upgrade me to pro. It says in the amex app I can signup for $35. Am I doing something wrong?


    Use someone else’s phone.

    Do you have an active AMEX Platinum card?
    It upgraded my account to pro.


    I have an I Pod touch that is 2 years old. AMEX app will not load on it from the app store. Bummer


    if i cancel my plat card will i still have tripit pro and regus access or will i lose those?


    Sorry for the newb question, but what exactly are regus clubs? Are they just a different type of airport lounge?



    i don’t get what this regus thing is
    the platinum card gets you in to most lounges already doesn’t it?
    what’s the office and virtual office thing
    how useful is it for an average or even avid traveler


    I don’t think you will lose them.

    It’s got nothing to do with airport lounges.
    These are offices in cities around the world that you get free access to.


    What is the best way to redeem my amex points that I got for the Platinum card and get the most out of my points?


    Depends where you want to go!

    Take a look at http://www.dansdeals.com/forums for more in-depth info.


    Where do the 51,000 miles come from? Didn’t see any mention of this.


    Clear your cache and cookies or use a different browser if you don’t see the 50,000 (plus 1,000 for spending $1,000) offer.


    you automaticly get a Regus membershib by being a AMEX platnuim member, whats the need to get it thru Tripit?

    in fact i recently got my AMEX Platnium card and called AMEX requesting the regus membership card, they told me i should get it within the next few weeks in the mail, i told them i need to use regus immediatly and it was one of the reasons i am paying an annual fee to AMEX, he aggreed to give me $99 credit so i can purchase a regus membership and not have to wait for the mail.

    anyone wants to use regus and di not get the card yet, try getting a $99 credit from AMEX.


    this is the link for free Regus with AMEX platnium


    The Business AMEX Plat comes with Regus.
    The consumer AMEX Plat does not. But you can get it via Tripit Pro.


    Thanks Dan. You are right I got Plat. Business

    Is there any other difference between Plat. Business and consumer?

    e. Weinberg

    Dan, I already have a platinum consumer card. If I apply now for a platinum business card, is there any chance that it will be approved ?


    You don’t need Amex platinum or Trip it. Just go to http://www.regus.com/tripitpro and type tripitpro as the promo code. That’s all.


    Hi Dan,

    Would love to see a summary of the Regus free benefits and paid plans.


    For how long is the free Regus membership?