Getting Out Of A Cell-Phone Contract?

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From my inbox:
“Do you know of any ways to cancel a cell-phone without paying $200?”

There are a couple of ways.
1. If your provider ever changes any terms or adds any fees you have the right to opt out of your contract for free, however you cant just continue using the service like when your contract ends regularly, you must actually cancel the service. Look for the fine print hidden in your monthly bills for these kinds of notices. Depending on your provider you’ll have 30-60 days from getting the bill to cancel for free.
2. You are always allowed to transfer a contract to someone else with no penalty, and you’ll be totally off the hook for any future bills.
Cell Trade has a service that arranges transfers of liability to another party, you offer your current plan and phone for a cheap price, or free, and the buyer gets a plan with a shorter contract that normally would be required. The cost for sellers is $20 and you only pay if you find a buyer that your satisfied with! Cell Trade doesn’t charge anything for buyers. You can even keep your old number, and get the buyer a new number when you do the transfer!
The last time I wrote about Cell Trade a few readers emailed me that they completed the transfer, so it’s tried and tested!
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Or you can just ask politely and state your issues with your provider. Generally they are understanding and will waive the fees. Another neat trick is to ask to waive the starting fees and even the price of a phone. Providers really, really want people and will generally waive most fees. Cingular users: If you want a new cell phone for super cheap, when you call cingular (611) ask to be redirected to the save department. They just give out deals like water.