Free International Calling!

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Bery S.(One of the lucky few to get in on the famous Hawaii deal…) commented the other day on a neat site that offers free international calling.
Whats the catch?
I honestly don’t know.
However I do know how to keep your back side covered in case it’s a scam…

The service has you call a number in Iowa, at that point you use it like a calling card, you enter the international number(landline only) you wish to dial, and it connects the call.

1. Always dial *67 before dialing the Iowa phone number so that they won’t have your number!

2. Do not press talk on your cell phone when dialing the international number, as that would start a new call and you will pay regular international rates. Just type in the number when prompted, nothing else.

3. If you’re still feeling wary to use the service from your phone, then just dial it via Skype so you can be assured of not receiving a bill (although there really isnt any way for you to get billed as long as you block your phone number from the company)

4. Enjoy it while it lasts! Linky

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I don’t think anyone should worry about getting a bill. countries that are listed here are the countries that good VOIP plan would give you for free. what this company did is – they have lots of regular lines hooked up to VOIP and thats how its free. incomming calls cost them nothing too. most of calling cards use same type of connection plus billing platform plus they charge you for that…


You may be 100% correct.
However, my worry is that a dishonest company can harvest all of the incoming cell-phone numbers (does anyone still make long-distance calls from their landline?) and then sell them or send premium $10 text messages to them as some sneaky companies currently do.
Blocking your number from these people is an easy way to protect yourself “just in case.”


if you check out the WHOIS database on this site, it looks like the’yve been around for a while, they even have their contact info listed there, so they seem pretty ligit. however i would still block my number just in case they sell it to comapnies like dan said


how do i know that this isn’t a company’s intrnational line that was fond by someone who made a web site to publish it and therefor it whold be steiling to use it.
if the owner of this linky you have is real why is his address in california.
now if this number is a company’s outgoing international line thay will catch up one day and bill evryone who used it alot and the phone companys leagaly will give them your information


a difrent number can be found at

Shlomo Chaim

Update: This number has been disconnected


it doesnt cost anything on sprint to use *67??

Shlomo Chaim

This deal is dead… unless someone has the number and it still works


Yup same here šŸ™ Something must have happened in the last 12 years