Entire Ipod Line Refreshed-Get Ready For Deals On The Old Ipods!


The only time to really get a deal on an ipod(besides from buying it from costco where you have a lifetime warranty on it for free) is right after new ones are released.
Apple today has refreshed the entire line, so be on the lookout for some awesome deals on the older ipods!
Ipods announced today (according to news.com and ilounge.com):

Ipod Video-Now brighter and with many other features.
30 GB-$249
80 GB-$349

Ipod Nano-Now thinner, in aluminum(like a thin version of the retired ipod mini) with 24 hours of battery life, and in colors.
2 GB-Silver Only-$149
4 GB-Silver, pink, green and blue-$199
8 GB-Black Only-$249

Ipod Shuffle-Now in metal with 12 hour battery life, and is now the world’s smallest mp3 player

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i was wondering if you know of any way to get out of a cingular gsm contract that still has 6 months to go that are available now


well im Dan Jr yes there is go to the search box and type in get out of contract and the only reason that im not going to put on the site hear is because Dan wont and I will be Dan jr


dear dan or dan jr

im in a cingular contract right now on a family plan and its going to be up in jan i dont want to pay the canceling fee how can i get out of it


If i go to Costco I would get an ipod for these prices posted?


hey dan what’s dan jr’s name well if anyone wants to know email him I emailed him and I hope he will respond


8 Gig is the only one to come in Black but it also comes in other colors.


Wow, Dan Jr!
Who knew?
But the man gives good advice…

the 8gb is unfortunately in black only


hey I’m dan jr well if you go to costco you can get it for a few bucks less but you get the lifetime warranty and also like I sed go use the serch box for your cingular plan that ends in january

Lucky Wolf

how long you think till costco will have the 80 gb ipod?


give them about a month or two to refresh their ipod lineup…