Credit Card Profile #3-American AAdvantage Citibank Consumer And Business Mastercard.

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American AAdvantage Citibank Consumer MC
American AAdvantage Citibank Business MC

I ranked the AA card as follows in the following categories:
Best Credit Cards To Use And Spend To Earn Miles: Tie-#4
Best Credit Cards To Have For Miscellaneous Benefits: #2 and #3
Credit Cards Good For A One-Time Bonus: Unranked

Key facts:
-Signup Bonus: 20,000 miles for the consumer card and 20,000 miles for the business card.
-Annual fee: None for 1 year, $75(business)-$85(consumer) subsequent years.
-Signup Bonus Earned: After first purchase.
-Maximum points that can be earned in 1 year from spending: Consumer-100,000, Business-150,000. AAdvantage Elite Members-Unlimited.
Maximum Number Of Times The Signup Bonus Can Be Earned: Currently Unlimited!
Maximum Number Of AA Cards You Can Have Open At One Time: No clue, but I have gone up to 3 of both the consumer and business at one time without a problem!
Minimum Wait Time Between Applying For The Consumer And Business Card: None, you can apply for both on the same day.
Minimum Wait Time Between Applying For The Same (AA Consumer Or Business) Card Again: 60 Days.

Reason for the #4 ranking in “Cards To Use And Spend To Earn Miles” category :
-AAdvantage miles are arguably the most valuable of the mileage currencies, making this the best non-Amex card to use. You get 1 mile per dollar spent.
The recommendation to use this card to spend and earn miles only applies to where an Amex is not accepted!
(All purchases that can be made with an Amex should be made with the Starwood card as then you will get 1.25 miles per dollar spent, and those points are fully transferable into any airline program that you want. Plus items bought on the starwood comes with all of Amex’s exclusive return privileges and other purchase benefits)

Reasons for the #2 and #3 ranking in “Miscellaneous Benefits” category:
-Having the card allows you to redeem select mileage awards for 7,500 miles less than non-cardholders.
-Once per year Consumer card holders (Hence the reason for the higher consumer card ranking) can ship 2 pieces of luggage door-to door for free!

Reason for being unranked in the “Credit Cards Good For A One-Time Bonus” category:
-You can earn the bonus more than once!

Other facts:
-When you threaten to cancel the card they will sometimes give you a special offer like triple miles, 5,000 bonus miles, or a free AA companion ticket…

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The REAL Anonymous

CitiBank has 5 AA Cards with a signup bonus (i got them all, and cancelled 2 so far):

Platinum MasterCard 20,000
Gold MasterCard 15,000
American Express 15,000

Platinum MasterCard 20,000
Platinum Visa 20,000 (Promotion ends in mid-december 2006)


if you know of any Amex transfer bonus (to any airline) please post!!!!!!!!


So, I just want to clarify the following: I can open up the Citi Advantage Platinum Card and make the qualifying purchases to get the signup bonus miles, I can get either close the account or merge it with another alrady existing account and do it all over again?
I can keep opening the same card and keep earning the signup bonus, correct?

Btw, Great site! Thanks alot.


are there any ccs from aa where one can get 25,000 miles for signing up?
if not aa which mileage card gives you 25 thousand?


theres now available 40,000 miles for citi.

200 after 750 charge. then 10 after spending 10,000$ in first year and the same thing the second year..

if you spend about $1000 a month this can be worth it…