Clarification On The Citibank Offer…

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I’ve received tons of email asking for clarification on my post about the citibank 10,000 mile offer including many people asking the same questions, so i figure it’s worth a post…

1. How do I link the AAdvantage credit card to the citibank account?
Here’s how to do that:
-Login to your citibank checking account online
-Go to “Accounts”
-Go to “Link An Account”
-Go to “Link Accounts to an ATM/Debit Card” (Yes, I know it says Atm/debit card, but this is how you link a credit card as well.)
-Enter in your AAdvantage credit card number.
-Check back the next day and when you login it should display the AAdvantage card balance.
-Don’t forget to fulfill all of the other conditions, and then get the miles!

2. How do I get the account with no monthly fee?
Citi waives the monthly fee if there is $1500 in the account, if there is direct deposit, or if there are 2 payments paid per month.
To make 2 payments is easy, just pay off 2 credit card bills/month.
Don’t have credit card bills to pay monthly?
Just have it automatically send out 2 checks for $1 each to other members of your family, to set that up:
-Go to “Payments”
-Go to “Add A New Payee”
-Type in the name and address of the family member.
-Go back to “Payments”
-Go to “Set up a recurring payment”
-Set it up to send out a $1 check on the 1st of every month.
-Repeat this process for 1 more person and never worry about the monthly fee again!

3. Do I earn 5% now on all of the money in my checking account?
To get the 5% interest you must transfer the money out of your checking account and into your e-savings account.
To do so:
-Go to “Transfers”
-Go to “Make a One-Time Transfer” under the “to your linked citi accounts” tab.
-Select from checking to e-savings
-Type in the amount, and it will be instantly transferred.
You can still withdraw money from it from any atm machine using the savings account option.

4. Does citi offer free atm access to other banks?
If you apply online with an address in a county in which there are no citibank branches then you will be allowed 5 free transaction per month.
Citi will waive their own fee, and reimburse you for the other bank’s fee.
Citi also has thousands of atm’s in 7-11’s nationwide to withdraw money from.
Want to get money into your e-savings account, but don’t have a citibank in your city?
You can just deposit your money into a local bank, then logon to your citibank account online, go to the “transfer” section, then “link an external account,” and then specify the amount of money you want to transfer from your local account into your e-savings account. There is no charge for this ACH transfer.

Hopefully that cleared up some of the confusion…

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Here I am posting once more. offers free checking and esavings at 5% apy with only 1 dollar min., no 2 transaction thing necessary.


Citi-10,000 free miles.
Wamu-0 free miles.

Citi-Free atm+atm reimbursement
WaMu-Free atm, but no reimbursement.

Citi-Thank you reward points
Wamu-No reward points.

Need i go on???


Dan, they only let you link ATM cards, how do you link a Credit Card to the account?


just follow my instructions


WAMU offers free (albeit) small rewards on the debit card. Plus if CITI isn’t international so I doubt they will reimburse you there, on the other hand WAMU only charges the 1% xchange fee, no fee of their own…


Wamu gives 3 pennies per transaction on the debit card…wow…
Besides who in their right minds would make a purchase with a debit card??? You get none of the protections, extended warranties, or miles that a credit card offers!

Citi is international, i have personally used them in Brazil and Japan. And yes they do offer reimbursements even internationally…