Boiling Hot Free Airline Credit Card Offers!!!

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All of the following credit cards have no fee for the first year, and they all give huge bonuses after the first purchase.
-The United Airlines Visa gives you 20,000 miles after your first purchase-almost enough for a free ticket!
-The Delta Amex card gives 17,500 miles after the first purchase, or 20,000 if you also apply for a secondary cardholder at the same time!
-The American Airlines Mastercard gives you 15,000 miles after the first purchase, the ability to fly on a mileage ticket for 7,500 miles less than normal, plus a free companion certficate!

On a side note, I’ve been asked why i dont post any offers from other “mileage” cards.
There are many huge advantages of the airline cards over Capital One and similar “mileage” cards.
1.The airline cards don’t have any advance purchase requirements-capital one requires a 21 day advance purchase
2.The airline cards do not have a limit on what a ticket can cost-capital one does.
3.The airline cards combine with your mileage account for that airline, so that you can get to the 25,000 mile redemption level much quicker than with a card that doesnt actually give you miles.
4.Airline mileage never expires as long you post some activity in your account every 3 years-plus by getting one of these credit cards it will extend the life of your entire mileage account from expiring for 3 more years–The capital one cards mileage does expire, without any way of extending it.

OK, enough rambling…here are the links for secret first year fee-free versions of the airline cards!
United Visa Linky
Delta Amex Linky
AA Mastercard Linky

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