American Express $130 “Goodwill Credits” Have Posted!!!

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    Update: Read the comments for a totally bizarre discovery, to top off this entire bizarre affair, posted by “the credit.”


    Back in December 2006 Amex ran a promotion offering $250 cash for applying for select AMEX business cards.

    For old time’s sake, here are the original threads:

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    The lucky ones were the people who applied for the Amex Business Platinum, which at the time was $300/year, but should’ve only been $50 after the $250 rebate.

    At the time that card’s main benefits were

    -Free Access to Continental PC/Delta CRC/Northwest WC/AMEX Airport Clubs.

    -Starwood Gold Status.

    -Reimbursement On Lost Items.

    -Platinum Concierge Services.

    Since then, the card has gone up to $395/year, and added

    -Free access to Regus business offices worldwide.

    -Free access to AAmerican AC Airport Clubs.

    -Free companion ticket on all $299+ domestic tickets.

    This is where it started to get strange.

    As far as I know, AMEX has not yet charged the annual fee to anyone who applied for the Business Platinum card during the promotion, so the card until now has cost me negative $250.

    Then last month I received a cryptic letter from AMEX, apologizing for losing my original application, and offering a $130 credit and asking me to call them back to apply for a card. (I didn’t)

    Today my Business Platinum account online is showing a $130 credit as a “Goodwill Gesture!”

    Total cost of the amazing card to date: Negative $380!

    Airport clubs accessed, year to date:

    Continental (and affiliated) President’s Clubs: Chicago/ORD, Cleveland, Houston, Los Angeles, NYC/La Guardia, Newark, Tel Aviv.

    AMEX Centurion Lounge: S. Paulo, Brazil.

    Starwood Gold Upgrades: Herrod’s Vitalis Spa Eilat, Le Meridian Haifa, Sheraton Jerusalem, Sheraton LAX, Sheraton Tiberias, Westin LAX.

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    First, I too experienced it just as you described it.
    I was wondering though why you don’t mention using the card in general.
    For purchases, I have used mine sparingly, since it is my understanding that when I redeem the Membership rewards points it will cost me an exchange fee to turn them into miles. While my regular, fee based, delta amex goes for free.
    I have used the card numerous times at airports. (so far, i think Orlando, FL has the nicest delta club room!)



    The fee for transferring MR points into miles is relatively small, 50 cents/1,000 miles.

    The reason that I rarely use the Platinum card is not because of the fees, but because Starpoints are so much more valuable and versatile. In the end of the day, I carry the Platinum card for the benefits, and the Starwood card for spending.

    Continental’s Terminal E lounge in Houston is so over-the-top it is incredible-if only all lounges were half as good as that one!!!

    On a separate note: Why you would use the Delta Amex instead of the Starwood AMEX??? The Starwood card is cheaper, and offers more hard-to-use Skymiles for the buck than the Delta AMEX, if that’s the currency you so desire?

    the credit

    my goodwill credit is listed as coming from airtran (when you click on details) whats up with that?


    The Credit:

    Nice Catch!!!

    I have absolutely, positively no clue what is up with that!?!?!

    If anyone else wants to see it on their online statement, click on the plus sign, and then click on more detail…

    Here’s what it looks like:

    Transaction Description: GOODWILL CREDIT
    Charge: $-130.00
    Merchant Address:
    1800 PHOENIX BLVD STE 126
    ATLANTA GA 30349-5547
    Merchant Type: DOMESTIC LOCAL AIR


    yup….. same thing happened to me… except i took the annual fee free one… but i got my 130 🙂


    woo-hoo! easiest $130 ever!


    Dan, can i still sign up for this amazing offer?


    Honestly, I have never done an independent indepth comparison from delta amex to starwood amex. However, since you have, I am basing myself on a previous reply that you gave me.

    the comment was in the article titled – clarification on what makes the starwood card the best cc to use – (11/5/06)

    I noted – >

    and you kindly replied – >

    so until you are sure…..and/or I take the time to investigate….the Delta Amex has been providing a lot of promos…like extra 5K miles and 10K miles for diff. spending levels, dbl miles…companion tickets..(which aren’t really too good…business amex has much better one)

    I would love to hear your thoughts though!


    oops…it doesn’t appear that my copy came through. either’s your comment that was important. here it is, re-typed.



    sorry about this…oh well its the angles symbols that are doing it…


    your comment – If you don’t mind having your miles locked to one carrier then it may make sense to use the delta card during the promo times…


    these credits are a mistake and are being removed. I called to have a check sent to me and they said the “goodwill credit” was a mistake and is being investigated.


    They’re not a mistake, they sent letters out last month that they were giving the $130!

    Pit Fan

    I have the business platinum for negative $250 and the starwood business. Last month I got this on my starwood business and I do not recall getting anything in the mail!
    08/31/07* -130.00
    Reversal of Debit Adjustment for Purchase Balance

    Thanks dan again


    dan i got 2 of the $130 letters but i cancelled all my cards dues to the fact that they were puitting me on investigation….any help?????


    yep me too on the delta amex card

    been there

    1. When i got the letter i called them to find out what is up. THey told me that if i apply for teh card they will not only give the 250 but also the 130. They also told me that if the card is canceled then i dont even get the 130.

    2.I got 3 letters. I applied for one, and let teh other two go.

    3. THen i got the dreaded investigation. I canceled all my cards.

    3. I got 2 credits of 130 on canceled accounts.

    air tran credit?

    maybe Airtran is the first “big” merchant in their database.

    Starts with “A”.


    hi been there. you can still call up and ask for a check 0f 130 on the cancelled accounts as there is a credit balance now.