Airtran+Wendy’s Deal Simplified—64 Coke’s=1 Round Trip Ticket Anywhere Airtran Flies!!!

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A lot of people wrote asking for clarification on the airtran/wendy’s deal, and asking what the catch is…
The simple answer is there is no catch!
Last year American Airlines ran a promotion that if you flew twice from new york to florida you got a ticket anywhere they fly.
Companies do run great promotions from time to time and this is one of them!
Basically, 4 cups (20 oz. size) is worth 1 credit, so 64 cups is 16 credits, enough for a ticket anywhere airtran flies(e.g. new york, los angeles, cancun, bahamas, etc.)
Also 128 cups is 32 credits, which can buy you a round trip US ticket on any airline.
There is a limit of 128 cups per airtran member.
Altough it says you should use a #10 envelope and send it to them, i have clarified with them that sending it via fedex is not a problem, and i strongly reccomend sending fedex rather than usps…
Airtran/Wendy’s Offer Details Linky

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